Twice-deported illegal alien held in connection with missing NY toddler, mom’s death

illegal gutierrez reyes

Separating innocent children from their parents: Illegal alien Donoteo-Reyes

From NY Post: A twice-deported illegal immigrant alien from Mexico was being held Tuesday in the disappearance of a 14-month-old boy who became the subject of an Amber Alert last week after his mother was found dead upstate.

Evarardo Donoteo-Reyes, 25, is currently charged with tampering with evidence, but prosecutors expect to file more charges against him once cops determine how his 18-year-old girlfriend, Selena Hidalgo-Calderon, was killed.

The young woman’s son, Owen Hidalgo-Calderon, is feared dead following an extensive search of the couple’s home in Wayne County and surrounding areas. The toddler was reported missing on May 23 after his mom’s body was discovered near their residence.

Authorities canceled his Amber Alert on Tuesday morning but continued to look for his body.

Donoteo-Reyes and Hidalgo-Calderon both lived and worked on a 350-acre farm on Joy Road in Sodus.

Hundreds of volunteers have combed through the property in search of Owen and nearby waterways have also been checked. His mother’s body was found in a wooded area not far from their home — buried between two logs and covered in sticks and dirt, cops said.

Donoteo-Reyes was later arrested at an undisclosed location outside of Wayne County, according to prosecutors.

He appeared in court Tuesday on the tampering with evidence charge, which came after he confessed to moving Hidalgo-Calderon’s body.

Assistant District Attorney Christine Callanan told The Post that Donoteo-Reyes admitted to cops that he buried the young mother, but didn’t kill her. He allegedly did this because he was worried about being deported or blamed for her death.

Prosecutors plan to present his case to the grand jury, but Callanan said they are only focusing on the tampering charge for the time being. Reyes will continue to be held by police in lieu of $25,000 cash bail or $50,000 bond.

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the young man has been living in the United States illegally and using an alias.

“On May 24, ICE lodged a detainer on Everardo Donoteo-Reyes aka Alberto Ebavardo Gutierrez-Reyes, an illegally present citizen of Mexico, with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office following his arrest on local charges,” the agency said in a statement. “Donoteo-Reyes was removed from the United States on two previous occasions in 2016 and 2017. Donoteo-Reyes has a 2017 federal conviction for illegal entry.”

Selena Hidalgo-Calderon was also an illegal immigrant — who was in the process of being deported — but her family has pending applications for asylum. She came to the US from Guatemala and reportedly had her baby with another man, who still lives there.

Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts told local reporters Monday that while he hoped Owen was still alive, investigators highly doubted it. “We have to look to reality here that he is concealed somewhere here on the farm,” Virts said, according to the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.

“We will bring justice,” he added. “We are going to keep after this until we get the evidence and the information we need.”


25 responses to “Twice-deported illegal alien held in connection with missing NY toddler, mom’s death

  1. Say, maybe Andrew Cuomo might step in and pardon him for taking Ambien!

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  2. Democratic Party = Enablers of criminals.

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  3. If guilty, drop him off back home. At twenty-thousand feet without a parachute.

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  4. they need to use cadaver sniffing dogs

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  5. Your tax dollars at work. Do I condone the murder, possibly more than one murder? No, obviously not. But this wouldn’t be our problem if all THREE hadn’t been here illegally in the first place. Now, we get to investigate, prosecute, and incarcerate, ALL at the expense of American tax payers. WHY aren’t Guatemala and Mexico FORCED to pay AND to repatriate them all and to JAIL the guilty?

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  6. I hold George W. Bush and Barack Obama personally responsible for all the crimes of all the illegal aliens for this reason: When President, each man did everything he could to open the floodgates and let these criminals into this Country. Their acts of commission and omission truly are crimes against humanity.
    As for New York State, I call its current governor, Andrew Cuomo, a THUG: He is the one who said, “If you’re a conservative or pro-life, you are not welcome in this State!” Yes, so he says. But letting this POS in here is apparently O.K. by him! This THUG, along with his father, who was also Governor, is categorically against capital punishment for any reason. Well, we have the death penalty every day: Only the VICTIM receives it!

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    • OH—HELLO steven—goes double for our “American” state here of “Mexifornia.” WE, TOO, have experienced the degenerative situation of the generational/divine-inherited “GUBENOR” in our ship of State ( something like 40 or 50 of the last 60 years of the Brown generational Dynasty). Thanks for articulating it all!

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  7. justin trudeau calls illegal aliens ‘irregular entries’…trendy word-speak hey!

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  8. It is surreal that now almost every day or so, we read the stories of the murders and atrocities that illegal aliens commit on the unsuspecting American citizen. It is beyond outrageous.

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  9. DCG, thanks for bringing this story to a wider audience. I came across this a few days ago while reading The Daily Freeman out of Kingston, NY. My first question was: what’s the point of deporting these guys when they return again and again? Obviously they know how to bypass the system in place, for whatever the system is worth. Not much apparently.

    As long as people from south of the border continue to come here unabated, finding work and housing, we’ll continue to read sad stories like this one. NY papers show a photo of the little boy and his young mother. He is an adorable toddler who no doubt was done away too, or perhaps sold for money? Only a monster could kill this pretty young girl and her cute little boy – illegal or not.

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    • Part of your narrative is what I’m constantly complaining about. How can the U.S. be in trade agreements with Mexico and send them aid and have them do absolutely nothing to slow or stop the traffic?

      This fact is undeniable. They even have organizations that are permanently located near crossings to assist those who have decided to enter illegally. When they are returned they are not arrested.

      So those who would contribute aid to Mexico could use their influence to get Mexico to better care for its own.

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      • EXACTLY, lo—my “solution” would be, as POTUS, to have someone to sponser a bill in Congress (keeper of the foreign “aid” purse-strings) to deduct a MILLION (life time costs of each illegal to this country’s tax payers) from their foreign “aid” for each person intercepted (caught/released or otherwise until their “case” has been “settled” by our immigration judges….IF THEY REPORT….if they DO NOT—well then….another million…..)

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  10. And liberals are still in denial.

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  11. If they were illegals and no papers or green card how did they get jobs? I hope Americans looking for cheap labor and who ignore the law are prosecuted as aiding these illegals in breaking the law..

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    • The murdered 18 year old, her missing toddler and the arrested man lived on a Sodus fruit farm, specifically on Joy Road. One source stated a 300+ acre apple orchard in an area with several fruit farms.

      This is from the Sodus Historical Society, not the same farm, but it tells us how these farms managed the crops over the years – from student fruit pickers to migrant labor. How many are here illegally is an easy guess.
      “The present owners began in 1911 to set out extensive orchards. During World War I student fruit pickers were put up in the stucco building. There now are additional facilities, including housing for migrant labor.”

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      • My point was that American employers are supposed to make sure whomever they hire is here legally and their papers are in order and they make copies of those documents and keep them on file. It is said that these people come here to work and make money?? If they are here illegally no one should hire them. If American employers adhered to the law don’t you think it would discourage illegal entries if they can’t find jobs or work?

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        • Absolutely. My post was to illustrate how times have changed from Americans being employed here to hiring migrants. There can’t be any doubt that employers know the illegal status of the hires, even if they present false papers. It makes the employers just as guilty, but the system lets them get away with it.

          The “system” needs a thorough cleansing from DC on down to “coyotes” and complicit employers. The question that begs an answer is how much do politicians get paid to turn the other way when it comes to illegal employment.

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      • It has been illegal for employers to employ people who are here illegally at least from Ronny Ray-Gun’s era. I remember it quite well and all of the kerfuffle over it.

        There are heavy fines and/or prison time for violators. They absolutely do not enforce it. There was a strengthened version right after the 9-11 show that made it mandatory (again).

        With all of the parsing and creative interpretation ongoing in the gun-grab fiasco, it should be obvious that those interpretations are FAR more extravagant than these. The so-called “Patriot Act” makes it illegal to harbor these people. But still, they openly flaunt federal authority and nothing happens. Why? Because the New Odor doesn’t care.

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  12. I can definitely see that “spark of divinity” here that nutjob Pelosi was so empassioned about.


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