Next to blame for UK knife stabbings: Wealthy drug users at middle class parties

As I have said before, the UK is toast.

From Express UK: DavidGauke has claimed that “middle class dinner parties” are to blame for the recent surge in knife crime across the capital (London).

He told Sky News during a wide-ranging interview that wealthy cocaine users should feel guilt for fuelling the recent spate of stabbings in London.

Since the beginning of the year, at least 37 people have been fatally stabbed – and 62 overall killed – on the streets of London. Earlier this year it emerged that the London’s murder rate had overtaken New York City’s for the first time ever.

Mr. Gauke took aim at the middle class for not acknowledging their own role in the horrific stabbings. He said the wealthy drug users who complained about the soaring violence on their streets only had themselves to blame.

The Government minister told Ridge on Sunday: “People who do that have to recognise they are fuelling the industry that’s resulting in the knife crimes, resulting in the difficulties we’re having in prisons. The violent crime we see inside and outside prison is strongly linked to drugs trade.

“There’s a responsibility for middle class people that take cocaine at a dinner party that when they see a story of a 15-year-old boy stabbed in Hackney they should feel a degree of guilt and responsibility.”

Tottenham MP David Lammy has warned buying drugs in London was now easier than ordering a takeaway. 

He said: “Drugs are prolific. It’s like Deliveroo – they’re as prolific as ordering a pizza.

“You can get them on Snapchat, WhatsApp. That in the end is driving the turf war and is driving the culture of violence.”

This is not the first time that leading figures in Britain have targeted the middle class.

Police Federation deputy treasurer Simon Kempton blamed the wealthy for creating the demand for cocaine. Security minister Ben Wallace warned the UK was “fast becoming the biggest consumer” of the Class A in Europe.

On Monday a man was stabbed to death in Upper Street, Islington as the city’s knife-crime epidemic continued.

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13 responses to “Next to blame for UK knife stabbings: Wealthy drug users at middle class parties

  1. Jesus Christ walked the earth and warned people about hypocrisy and sin, therefore, Jesus Christ was a sinner and hypocrite. Since He was also guilty of His own demise, and was killed because He would not shut up, He was in fact guilty of murder (His own) and His followers. It was also Christ’s fault that the disciple lied and denied Him thrice before morn. Peter only lied because of his association with Jesus, hence, He was also one who promoted lies. Etc. That’s how liberals and commies reason. Is there anything they won’t spin and twist till they heads are so dizzy and screwed up they can no longer tell black from white, right from wrong, high from low?

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  2. What do they have in the water over there. They have completely lost their minds I think. All in the name of humanitarian treatment of animals. Why throw way your country and your history dumb and dumber. Feel sorry for the folks on the ground level they have no options.

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  3. This article implies that there is some sort of drug dealing war going on in London. If that is the case then the dealers are unorganized….


  4. In response to your last sentence, amen.

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  5. Living across the pond calls for a survival kit, that’s why we broke away long long ago.

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  6. noreen cerino

    Any stats on how many knife attackers are on coke? How about putting the blame where it lies…..unhinged people with knives and a disregard for life?

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    • noreen cerino . . . . Your are absolutely correct. It truly is the “unhinged people with knives and a disregard for life…” How stupid can some folks be?

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  7. The Globalist-minded rulers of the UK will blame anything but the real cause; Jihadism.

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    • marblenecltr . . . . You are hit that one right in the bull’s eye . . . just look at the UK jailing an individual who has spoken out against the Muslimes grooming young girls for sexual attacks by Arab men. They don’t want the rest of the citizens to come up with a “bad view of the Muslimes” and be prejudicial against them.

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      • Your comment on Tommy Robinson and the rest is the truth! There is the illness of psychopathy increasing among the extremely rich and powerful in the world, they hate the less well off so much that they would want to destroy them, as in Lucifer’s destroying the work of God’s hands. The UK has an autoimmune disease, it is destroying itself, but it can grow here if we don’t speak up. (Not to mention other depravities.)

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  8. I think its “mold”. It must be mold. ANYTHING but Mudslimes (I mean Muslims). Maybe it was Cameron and that pig. Whatever one blames it cannot be related to the Brown Invasion and the lovely Mayor of London.

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  9. He might be at least partially right, you know. Sometimes privilege leads to abuse.

    I don’t use drugs; nor do any of my close friends (to best of my knowledge). They lay one open to attacks of spiritual warefare, which can lead to violence.
    Anyone who thinks drugs are “recreational” has their head in the sand.

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  10. The “Intelligence Agencies” of “first world countries” are the ones who originally brought in the drugs en masse:

    First to corrupt black communities, their patriarchs & fathers, thereby destroying their families & communities.

    From there the drugs spread to white communities with the same results.

    To finish off those societies, Fast Forward 70 years or so to the “Tinted Invasions” of peoples with zero consciences & we are in the present age of “unusual” murder, crime, & mayhem.

    Here’s one idiot UK judge’s “solution” to the knife-wielding problem:

    5/27/18: “With Knifing Crimes on the Rise, British Judge Proposes Grinding Down Sharp Points on ALL Knives”:

    Can you believe it!! SMH! Commentors asked, “What next? A dulling of screwdrivers?”

    Original source, excerpts included, was the UK’s The Telegraph.

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