Fox’s ‘Simpsons’ mocks the crucifix, calls Christianity a ‘dopey religion’

Hollywood treats Islam with kid gloves, but never hesitates to mock and attack Christianity.

On Sunday, May 20, 2018, an episode of Fox’s The Simpsons, “Flanders’ Ladder,” mocks Jesus Christ by making the crucifix a fetish and calling Christianity a “dopey religion”.

In the episode, Bart Simpson is struck by lightning and, while comatose, he begins having vivid nightmares that he has died and is being haunted by ghosts. Upon awaking, although he isn’t Christian, Bart places crucifixes all over his tree house to “ward” off the ghosts — a jab against Christianity, implying that Christians are superstitious.

Then the episode went into a direct attack.

A friend of Bart’s, Millhouse, pops into Bart’s tree house and asks what’s going on. Millhouse expresses astonishment that Bart is “going to God now”.

Bart retorts that he doesn’t “believe in some dopey religion,” but that the crucifixes are “to keep out ghosts.”

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property has a petition to tell Fox Broadcasting that mocking Jesus in The Simpsons is unacceptable.

Too many Christians are wimps. Just remember what our Lord said:

“Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.” -Matthew 10:32

To sign the petition, go here.

H/t FOTM‘s Alma and lophatt


31 responses to “Fox’s ‘Simpsons’ mocks the crucifix, calls Christianity a ‘dopey religion’

  1. If we don’t buy, watch, subscribe, etc., they won’t produce such vile
    anti-white Gentile garbage. Imagine Simpsons mocking the Talmud
    (which badly needs savage mockery). The Self-Chosen people would
    be opening a dozen more holocaust “museums” in a week while
    the mainstream media would condemn Gentile anti-Semitism 24/7
    nonstop. We are debased occupied country.

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    • “If we don’t buy, watch, subscribe, etc., they won’t produce such vile
      anti-white Gentile garbage.”
      On the contrary, Gary, oh YES, THEY WOULD. They are graceless creatures who do nothing BUT mock Jesus Christ, as any creature under satanic control would do. Since money and media are firmly in their control, they don’t care whether we watch or buy because they no longer need to pretend that what we do matters. (Mind you, I don’t watch their filth, nor should my comments be interpreted as encouraging anyone else to watch their soul-corrupting garbage.)
      Speaking of what J e w s think, this should be of interest to FOTM readers.
      I suggest the article is read very carefully. (And I suggest we think about whether Holy Wood ever truly mocks rabbis.)

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      • They don’t do what they do for sponsor money or “ratings”. They are paid by their owners to help establish the parameters of “acceptable” thought for the NWO. They DO that.

        If nobody paid them their owners would as long as they think it helps them advance their agenda.

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  2. Reblogged this on Carlos Carrasco and commented:

    The Simpsons go Know-Nothing

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  3. Love animated movies, but never watched The Shitsons, never will. Ugly drawings, totally unappealing. And apparently the content isn’t worth my time either.

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  4. Signed and never watched the stupid program anyway adult BS is what the show is about anyway. Man should tremble when he is in Gods hands. How big is hell anyway is there enough room seems a lot today are booking there spot ahead of time it seems.

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  5. I’ve never watched them, never intend to, the hatred for Christ is on display throughout America and the world. The pulpits have failed not only their congregations, but our God.

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  6. Carl R Hassell

    I signed it.

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  7. The future does not belong to those who slander Jesus Christ and fail to repent.

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  8. Well, but they do sometimes take on radical Islamic terrorists:


  9. I signed, thank you Dr. E. and lophatt, this petition needs to be routed. Blasphemy is a capital sin.

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  10. traildustfotm

    I signed. A few years ago I tried to watch the Simpsons again, but was disgusted by their endless attack on Christianity.

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  11. First, petition signed (and site bookmarked).
    Second, the Simpsons USED TO BE funny. Frankly, I think 25 years of it is enough.

    But there is something else going on. It’s been going on for as long as I’ve been alive. (Thanks to Frankenpope, some Catholics are FINALLY beginning to rebel, against this impostor who calls himself Francis). That something is the absolutely MASOCHISTIC attitude of Christians in general and Catholics in particular. It appears as if we’ll take any abuse we can.
    I call B.S.! It is HIGH TIME we STOOD UP to the abuse and STOP being everyone’s favorite whipping boy! Other than His Passion, did Our Lord take any abuse? I don’t think so!

    We have every right to be here and to participate in the public discourse. We’ve been taking the abuse all these years, and the next step is to take the censorship. Google, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube have been censoring the right and alt-right; Next they will censor the Christians.
    And I’ll say it: It’s HIGH TIME we went after the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL, You Tube’s newly hired fascist censorship goons, too!
    Most people fight because they hate. Christians, however, are supposed to fight because they LOVE. This is why we must never be masochists and always fight back.

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  12. Dr Eowyn . . . . Thank you so very much for the opportunity to sign this petition. I am definitely forwarding it to others.

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  13. What’s the problem? It’s not like they made a Planet of the Apes joke…/sarc

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  15. Is this hard enough for ’em?

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  17. Why should God be any different to the Simpsons? The Simpsons have insulted just about every group/celebrity/entity/ideology/organization/etc. And if they haven’t insulted you they’ll probably get around to it. They will always have enough useful idiots around them willing to pad their pockets.

    That’s why there’s only a stairway to Heaven but a highway to hell. Goes to the expected mount of traffic.

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  18. Petitioning fox doesn’t seem like it works, remember that network has run “family guy” for quite some time, the same family guy that made a “joke” about a children’s TV host sexually being able top have any 3 year old girl (shades of talmud there, perhaps?) he wanted. The same fox that ran a series unashamedly titled “lucifer” to popularize the devil, and has been doing similar things, serially, for a couple decades now, that kind of behavior demonstrates the network has a real goal in mind as a company, and that is doing evil. Mind you, family guy got a lot of complaints which was largely ignored, and then when fox did axe it, it got immediately picked up by another network and carried on as normal, which seems to indicate the whole thing is all theater, and possibly indicates the networks are all run by the same bosses, only the brand/logo changes between them. (As a side note, just saw a new “gorillaz” music video, and one of the things one sees prominently in the middle in part is a “choose pazuzu” bit of graffiti*, and it also features jack black, who you might recall lead a prayer to satan, and then it features a character from the old “powerpuff girls” cartoon from cartoon network as a guest cameo. It seems like “pop culture” is meant to be satanic in nature)

    When petitions don’t work, what else can be done? At this point I’m surprised their signals haven’t been pirated, even for a joke by some kid so incline, anyone ever notice that? For all the hullabaloo about “terrorists”, have you ever noticed TV networks are never compromised, their signals always streaming the same satanic garbage 24/7, uninterrupted, except by natural phenomena.

    It would be nice if we could successfully petition the broadcasting agents or something to quit carrying the networks, instead of trying to get the networks to behave, (As they obviously are out for an agenda, and will religiously adhere to it) since those carrying them are the delivery system for the filth.

    *You might recall that pazuzu was the image of the devil chosen for the exorcist movies, this isn’t the first time this “band” has used the image, either, and it seems to be part of their “image”. The mythological character is a king of demons, and actually worshiped by some in babylon and assyria for “protection” against lamashtu, a vampiric demoness who would attack pregnant women, and children. Which makes no sense of course, the devil has no mercy, so appealing to the devil for protection from another devil is crazy.

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  20. Michael J. Garrison

    Fox’s Simpson’s mock everything Godly, and is one of the main reasons are children are punks and brats today. The Simpson’s was created to destroy kids’ brains much like Islam was created to destroy Christianity.
    Matt Groenig is a freemason piece of scum, so this should answer any question you may have about “how can this satanic-trash be put on tv?”

    As for the implications of calling us “dopey.” All I can say (do) is (yawn).

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  21. Patrick Cornell

    Low brow entertainment, pure rubbish.


  22. Since 99% of media & “entertainment” is “of the world,” it’s not surprising they have no problem with mocking the Lord & Christianity.

    I’ve never watched the Simpsons. One look at their ugly-drawn characters was enough, & what adults want to watch cartoons anyway? I did see a YouTube clip once of when The Simpsons supposedly “predicted” 9/11.

    In other FOX news:

    –Tweets seen this past week… This one gives the new CEO’s name but others are more specific re the Muslim Prayer Rugs:

    –Disney is still in the process of buying a lot of Murdoch’s Fox holdings; the buy-out talks began last year & it would include The Simpsons. Headlines today are saying it won’t be finalized until Summer 2019.

    –Comcast was also originally in the competition to buy those Fox holdings but dropped out. But an article dated “9 days ago” quotes Reuters saying Comcast is back in the game offering ALL CASH vs. Disney’s offer of ALL STOCKS for the Fox goods. Comcast said, however, that they want to first see what happens with the ATT & TimeWarner merger.

    –Lastly, one of the articles said Disney’s (((Robert Iger))) was considering a 2020 Presidential run but that he planned to stay with Disney until 2021 afterall. (Good grief. The last thing we need is a Satanic Lefty Media Mogul!)

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  23. “As Disney/ABC Fires Roseanne for Racism, They Have No Problem Hiring CONVICTED Pedophiles”

    “Both Brian Peck and Victor Salva were convicted of several sex crimes against children—yet went on, after their convictions, to enjoy lucrative careers within Disney’s corporation. Peck, who starred in X-Menand in all three Living Dead films, served 16 months in prison and he still works with children on Disney film projects. According to court documents reported by the Daily Mail, detailing Peck’s crimes against a child actor known as “John Doe” to protect his identity:

    The documents show Peck was originally charged with 11 counts including: lewd act upon a child; sodomy of a person under 16; attempted sodomy of a person under 16; sexual penetration by foreign object; four counts of oral copulation of a person under 16; oral copulation by anesthesia or controlled substance; sending harmful matter; and using a minor for sex acts.”

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  24. I can’t even remember the last time I watched this show.

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