California Senate OKs bill raising age to buy shotguns, rifles from 18 to 21

anthony portantino

Demorat Anthony Portantino: Ensuring that criminals follow gun control laws.

Good news! Sen. Portantino has solved all the 18- to 20-year old gun violence in California!

From Fox News: The state senate in California on Tuesday reportedly voted in favor of legislation that would up the legal purchasing age for rifles and shotguns, and would set restrictions on long guns.

The measure, proposed by Democrat Sen. Anthony Portantino of La Canada Flintridge, moves to make 21 the legal age to buy rifles or shotguns, up from 18, and seeks to prevent people from exceeding more than one long gun purchase per month, according to The Associated Press.

The 23-10 vote in favor of the legislation allowed its passage to the Assembly. It extends age and purchase limits that currently only apply to handguns.

Following its senate approval, Portantino tweeted, “Good news #SB1100 to raise gun purchase age to 21 & limit gun sales to 1 per month passed the #StateSenate – if DC won’t act CALIFORNIA will.”

Republican State Sen. Jim Nielsen of Gerber, on the other hand, thinks the state would be better off focusing on criminal gangs and those with mental disabilities, who he argues will be able to get their hands on guns regardless of age restrictions, The Associated Press reported.

Gun control-oriented legislation has been a hot-button issue throughout the country following the deadly Feb. 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., that left 17 people dead.


22 responses to “California Senate OKs bill raising age to buy shotguns, rifles from 18 to 21

  1. The proverbial frog-stewing-in-the-pot: Bit by bit, law by law, the relentless march of “gun control” toward eventual gun confiscation.

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  2. This encroachment of our rights has to stop NOW. President Trump, we know you’re busy, but can you ORDER one of the 500 numbskull SES compensation adjudicators in DOJ to start suing these various nit-picking, gun-grabbing States. “SHALL not be infringed” is the operative term to focus on. Please hire an advisor part-time who is a Constitutional expert (e.g.Frank Easterbrook) to interpret legal texts for DOJ. Then fire 2/3rds of the Department.

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  3. So let me get this straight. At 18, a person is legally an adult. He or she can sign contracts, buy a house, or join the military without anybody’s permission. A guy can enlist and ship out to some God forsaken, third world, sandbox country, where he will be issued a fully automatic AR-16 (a machine gun, a REAL) assault rifle. He will carry hand grenades and perhaps drive a tank. He will put himself in harm’s way, and perhaps pay the highest sacrifice in defense of this country.

    And yet, California Sen. Anthony Portantino, a Demorat who obviously never met a doughnut he didn’t like, thinks he has solved the crime problem by denying that same young man the right to buy a shotgun. What a Scheißkopf. He, and the two-thirds of the State Senate that voted with him are not fit to tie the boot strings of the young man who has gone to war.

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  4. I’ll bet this punk was never in the Military, I’ll guarantee it. I’ll also bet he’s the moral authority on cheeseburgers and male prostitution.

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  5. Michael J. Garrison

    I say we make the age of 4 legal for buying firearms. Imagine how many politicians and cops and Freemasons we would lose due to the children killing the very faggots who molested them.

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  6. And so it begins how long before bleeding hearts in the rest of the states start this and more, I would suggest doing inventory and have a plan in place for its just a matter of time, and we all know what they are after so just be prepared when the time comes.

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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    Can’t see it accomplishing too awful much considering most men receive their first firearm as a birthday or Christmas present, often by or before the age of eight years old. Are they going to charge fathers with “straw purchases” for teaching their sons or daughters proper safety rules and to hunt?

    Their is only one solution to this nonsense. That is to demand that the second amendment be honored as it is written.

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    • Kevin . . . Amen to that!

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    • Yes, again, we don’t need permission. They must explain precisely HOW they got their authority to pass unconstitutional laws. The Constitution enumerates their authority. This isn’t one of them.

      There is zero ambiguity in “shall not be infringed”.

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  8. The criminal element, illegals, and MS13 (Mara Salvatrucha) don’ need to wait to buy rifles, shoguns and guns, they own them before age 21, the legislation is intended for law abiding citizens.

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  9. I hope the effects of this move are EXTREMELY closely watched and documented so we can “beat them to DEATH” with the fact that it’ll do NOTHING to protect ANYONE. Also,ANYONE between 18 and 21 who is victimized by a robber,rapist or burglar needs to sue California for preventing them from being able to defend themselves due to being DENIED their SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT. Might even be worth banding together with others of similar circumstances to file a Class Action Suit for EVERY penny the State can beg,borrow or steal,or better yet,LAND,which they could kick all the illegals,Democrats and Political idiots off of. (They’re already broke so,really,suing for MONEY is like urinating in the breeze….)

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  10. He’s a senator and he dresses like that?? Mr Portly, you need to update your wardrobe, you look like a streetbum. Not like you don’t get oodles of stolen tax dollars as it is, you can afford it!

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  11. We’re saved!!! Don’t send a child to do a man’s job I always say. I must be too stupid to understand what this piece of repression is designed to “correct”. Once people get used to “retard” they can go “full retard”.

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  12. Judging by the looks of him , he may consider some food control , namely for himself . Pillsbury dough boy wanna be .

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  13. I feel safer already.

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