Liberal Insanity: Square dancing is racist

Before you read further, allow me to first ask you this question:

In school, were you required to attend a square dancing class?

A website called Quartz describes itself as a digital news outlet “for business people in the new global economy”. Founded in 2012, Quartz compares itself to a contemporary version of Wired of the 1990s and The Economist of the 1840s, publishing “bracingly creative and intelligent journalism with a broad worldview, built primarily for the devices closest at hand: tablets and mobile phones.”

Quartz claims a founding team of “veterans of some of the world’s highest-quality news organizations who have reported in 115 countries and speak 19 languages. Our main office is in New York City, and we have correspondents and staff reporters in London, Paris, Indonesia, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.”

Source of pic: Facebook

A December 12, 2017 Quartz op/ed, penned by Robyn Pennacchia — a Chicago-based freelancer who “regularly” writes for Friendly Atheist — calls square dancing white-racist:

[T]here’s an unusual reason why so many American students spend their formative years learning to do-si-do. Twenty-eight out of 50 states have declared square dancing their official dance. This is part of a coordinated campaign—a dancespiracy, if you will—to make square dancing the official dance of the United States, in the hope that doing so “would give square dancing and its related activities more visibility and have a positive effect on recruiting new dancers.”

But the institutionalization of square dancing isn’t just about the joy of dance. It’s also about America’s legacy of racism and anti-Semitism—and the surprising tools that get used in the effort to uphold whiteness.

Pennacchia then goes into a rant about Henry Ford — how he was racist against Jews and blacks, and that Ford promoted square dancing to supplant jazz because he saw square dancing as “intrinsically white, and thus more intrinsically wholesome.”

Pennacchia concludes:

As innocuous as state-sponsored square dancing may seem, it’s just one of the many small ways that oppression has shaped the history and culture of the US. If Henry Ford hadn’t been a racist and anti-Semite who believed jazz would be the ruin of our country, square dancing would probably not be a state dance anywhere. And you almost definitely would not have had to do it in gym class.

For the Left, multiculturalism — the celebration of the cultures of non-white races and ethnicities — is cool and must be actively promoted by government, schools and media. But woe be it if white people claim an ethnic identity and solidarity, or engage in “white” cultural practices.

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57 responses to “Liberal Insanity: Square dancing is racist

  1. I first square danced over 50 years ago and not once did I ever hear anyone say this is for whites only or that it is our culture. Heck, I would lay claim to rock and roll first.
    But, there are all kinds of dances brought to the US by all cultures and all color of people, even having massive programs on some of the biggest stages about African dancing promoting the culture of blacks and never have I heard anyone say white’s cannot participate.
    What Ford may or may not have said has nothing to do with the majority. This is just another liberal trying to keep racism and prejudice alive. Her explanation is lame.

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  2. Another blatant divide and conquer tactic from the left. There’s a huge culture of Black and Hispanic people that square dance, this chick lives in her self inflicted dystopia, she should get out more. Or she knows darn well, and just decided to write a fiction piece anyway, she probably needed the $50. Has anyone noticed that it’s mostly the liberal white that loves to divide? I know that in my life, we all pretty much get along, it’s nothing like we see on the News. Everyone has a touch of racism, no matter what culture, but we’re mostly polite to each other…unless we get pushed by an outside agenda, like identity politics.

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    • We’s better all start remembering that we’re all Americans…and we only have one common enemy, the left, which also includes every race, and they’re trying to gut us by any means necessary. I think we all should start wearing uniforms so we can start knowing who’s who.(sarc)

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      • “we only have one common enemy, the left”
        I’ve been saying that the DNC is,hands down,the largest Domestic Terrorist Organization in America-and things like THIS serve to point out WHY.

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  3. Michael J. Garrison

    It’s got to be hell being a leftist. Where even common sense makes no sense. It’s too bad these people have the life they have.
    Maybe a late term abortion will help (at 40 years old).
    Can someone please clarify whether or not we have to ask them before we change their nappy?? These leftist-children today……just like the joke about Politicians and diapers.Now these pukes are smelling like,,,,,
    When you think about it, EVERYTHING controlled by Freemasonry sux. KILL IT!!!!

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    • And the ones in the “blue” level are mostly ignorant morons who don’t realize their ‘dues’ goes directly into the devil’s pocket. They are so dumb they don’t know they’re worshipping satan.

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  4. When I was in middle school in upstate New York we did square dancing as part of our physical education curriculum. Her racism point is immediately null for me, our instructer was a good looking Latino man who we loving called Mr. Clean (their was an uncanny resemblence). He was a hoot! Made the lessons very fun and enjoyable. White liberals especially need to stop already with the everything’s racist viewpoints. I refuse to believe they are living in the real world, because if they were they wouldn’t waste breath on non- issues such as this.

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    • Am I the only one seeing a distinct “Boy who cried Wolf” situation developing here? I no longer consider ANYTHING said by a Democrat/Liberal/Leftist/Marxist/Socialist to be even remotely credible.

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    • Their end point is to make people afraid to say anything, in case it might come out as ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ or ‘anti- whatever’. It’s how they’re making people question everything and shut down their rights to free speech. Communists hate anything that smacks of freedom. Speech, religion, guns, you name it.

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  5. I Love Lucy – Square dancing in the Jailhouse – with Ernie Ford

    The skinny goofball in the hat is a young Aaron Spelling.😀

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  6. She would prefer twerking to be state and national dance.

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    • Crazycat, you got it right….. and of course they’ll want a giant blow up dildo like what’s-her-name…Miley Cyrus had at her concerts, probably in public schools. And if the pedophiles get their way, ugh I can’t even imagine it.

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  7. I think the thing to zero in on is the “permission” aspect of this. These silly demands are designed to condition us to see The State as the decider of “acceptable” behavior. This applies to all manner of nonsense. The gender “confusion”, queerness issue, “alleged racism”, indeed, all political correctness efforts.

    The message is “we will decide what is proper for you to do or say. Your behavior is our business. WE know what is best. You are hereby condemned until you submit evidence of your understanding of error and an apology. If you are white, you are unworthy”.

    As disgusting as this is, I find it more disturbing that people actually care what they say. My “polite” response is, “screw them”.

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  8. traildustfotm


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  9. Atheists lives are so miserable and empty that they must make everyone as miserable as they are. This makes them feel like they did something great and feel better. These people are stupid morons. She is white, so, what is her excuse to? I am white and proud of what God made me. Every race should be proud of what God made them. Let us get along and enjoy having a mixture of friends and races.

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  10. I had a German professor years ago who lived with a NAZI tatoo on his arm who was a christian. After the war he lived in East Germany and somehow managed to escape. When he told us about culture under the communists he said that you had to be careful not to smile in public. If the communists saw people smile they would be jealous and suspicious. It was the business of the state to be sure the common man was to show no joy in life. Happy people were considered a threat. Thus why would atheist be any other way. Is there any reason an atheist would want christians to enjoy life? No they want us all to be as miserable as they are. Jealousy is a sign of the worst kind of evil. Satan is jealous that we are made in God’s image. He is incensed that Christ would die for lowly humans. Fallen angels are given no chance to repent. So it is sad that humans chose atheism. They reject the privilege of repentance.
    Let us thank God we can repent and be joyful.

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  11. Thank you for the information, I will stop at once! That partner swapping leads many to wife swapping, so it should not be allowed. I will look for twerk dancing instead. (Sarc.)

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  12. Allemand lift with your old left hand and then a right to your honey and the right and left Grand. I also remember ballroom dancing somewhere in the fourth grade. I liked that the best, cuz they gave me an opportunity to hug Patty Robinson.

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  13. The best reaction to these incredibly ignorant dullards is to point and laugh and taunt them for every single one of their idiotic beliefs. Their lives have no meaning and no joy. They will not take my joy in life from me.

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  14. Every country has its national dances, i.e. folk dancing. Square dancing is popular here because it is “country, folksy fun and good exercise.” It seems Ms. Pennacchia doesn’t like anything normal, white, or American. I suspect she would be more in her atheist element if she moved her unhappy self to a communist country where her complaints might be more legitimate. Sorry, but the commies would never allow you to write or publish such blather.

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  15. I won’t let my wife out of the house wearing her grass skirt.

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  16. Libs will find something raaaaaaaaacist in everything white people do…

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    • “Yo mama so racist, she drink okra milkshakes!” We are rapidly approaching the level of dialog expected of cattle. I tell you, the ZOG is up and running.

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  17. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Dammit! My tires are racist! I caught them racing last week! This is totally out of hand!

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  18. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Sorry all of you folks that don’t like square dancing – just stay at home – because you all are squares and would fit in nicely.


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  20. And now, so is making sarcastic tweets, such as saying someone from the Obama regime is a cross between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Planet of the Apes. Which the left says is “…comparing (her) to an ape”. FOUL!

    So now Roseanne is gone. Not gonna defend her except for the fact there’s this thing called the 1st Amendment, and that MANY on the left have said far more vile things publicly and yet NOT been excoriated in such fashion.

    I may have to find another network to watch. Other advertisers to support.

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    • Oh, well it can’t be Mooch, “she’s” a he.

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    • What gets me is that ABC hired her knowing full well of her Nazi picture where she was baking gingerbreads in the oven. Apparently THAT was ok but attacking Valerie Jarrett is where they draw the line. HYPOCRITES.

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      • Sure, it just shows that the New World Odor is up and running from Kalorama. She lives there. They handled that just like “Uncle Joe” used to handle dissent. This goes all the way through Sessions. Did you know that today he threatened to resign if Trump fires Rosenstein?

        It’s just indicative of what’s going on. They are putting their policies into place. At some point they will simply declare that they’re in charge.

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      • The longer CNN Money article I read said that ABC’s chair is a black woman, the first/only in charge of a major network. I wonder how that played into the decision?
        They have since (minutes ago, most recently) re-written the article online, and that bit was deleted. It now says she was also dropped by her talent agency.

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        • Channing Dungey, who is in charge at ABC Television, cancelled the show. She’s the first African American woman in charge of a major network.

          I’ve read she is close friends with Shonda Rhimes, an actress and producer who supports BLM, gun control and has TDS.

          Channing also likes cancelling ABC’s hit shows. She cancelled “Last Man Standing” even though it was their #2 performer on Fridays. That show leaned more toward a conservative angle.

          When Channing was asked about the second season of Rosanne and the show’s politics, she said, “ABC’s goal is to be “as diverse and as inclusive as possible … across all metrics.”

          As I noted earlier, EVERYONE who hired Rosanne and worked with her KNEW of her past. In particular, the photo shoot of her dressed as a Nazi baking “Jew” cookies. Apparently an African American woman is OK with anti-Semitic jokes but not Planet of the Ape jokes.

          All of a sudden Rosanne’s actions are now “abhorrent.”


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        • “They” will re-write a lot. Google Brian Peck and ABC.

          Brian is a convicted child sex abuser who got a job after his conviction in Hollyweird. ABC hired him for one of their shows on another station. See “An Open Secret” documentary.

          They are all HYPOCRITES.

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      • ABC is also the home of Keith Olbermann, and Jimmy Kimmel, among others

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    • The word on Twitter is that it was MOOCHELLE who was incensed at Roseanne’s tweet re Valerie Jarrett so Moochelle got Roseanne’s show canned. The tweet, however, merely said “sources say,” so it could be a fake story.

      Worse, Roseanne is groveling too much now. She has apologized several times. She tweeted that it was 2am & she was “AMBIEN TWEETING” (sleeping pill) when she made the “joke.” She asked fans to stop defending her because what she had tweeted was very bad, not nice, etc.

      Also, VIACOM has pulled ALL of her old Roseanne show re-runs! (I guess when a member of the Tribe offends the [Agenda of] the Tribe, they are punished to an extreme.

      @Saboteur365 has all the tweets in this post (not a “Christian” blog, so the language & comments can be “raw” when it comes to “race relations.” Otherwise, he does a good job of keeping up with “anti-White” news):

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  21. So their message is that we should be ashamed of the United States and its history. THEY have a whole new “history” they want to begin. This just happens to be one of Poppy Bush’s favorite themes as well. “The End of History”.

    They are actively jerking their base into alignment. They don’t care about us geezers. We’ll be dead soon enough, and if they have to “help” with that they don’t have any problems with it.

    Now they are going for empty-headed Millennials that they’ve conditioned for years. Just show up with a purple butt crack and call yourself a “pan-sexual baboon” and they’ll smother you in disease-laden kisses.

    I think the next phase to look for is when they really assert themselves. It’s already happening. Trump’s appointed secretary approved grant funding for Sanctuary States today. It’s just another example of how nobody’s in charge.

    Soon we’ll see them, and what passes for “news” simply flipping the government off and doing what they will. So far there have been zero consequences.

    If I were king I’d be square-dancing all over their sorry arses.

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  22. Hey everybody, a good one to try cha-cha-cha!!! Mambo, Conga you name it!

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  23. We were forced to square dance in elementary school. I figured it was just another torture foisted on us kids by sadistic teachers. I don’t know where or even how these loonies are equating square dancing with racism or ‘anti-semitism’…that’s a weird one.

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  24. My parents began Square Dancing when I was about 10, & they continued going to the weekly dances just to visit their friends long after the folks no longer danced (in their late 80’s). As long as my father (the sick one in his old age) could walk to the car, Mom continued to drive them there. They only stopped going in very recent years, either 2016-2017, when it became harder for Dad to get around. So that’s about 54-55 YEARS that they went SQD on a regular basis!

    In prior Summers all those years, they would travel with the group to the annual “Square Dance Conventions” held in various places around the country.

    Mom had all the girlie girl SQD outfits, blouses & wide skirts with the crenolin petticoats & dancing flats, & Dad with checkered shirts & SQD men’s ties. Since Mom used to sew, she probably made most of her own outfits.

    I told Mom yesterday about this article; asked if she realized SQD was now considered “racist.” Lol. She was like, “WHAAT??!! Pffffff!! WHAAT?!! That’s ridiculous!” 😀

    As for us kiddies, I can’t recall if there were SQD classes in school, but we did take SQD lessons via Group Classes for Kids, an off-shoot of the Adult group the folks belonged to. I flunked out SQD.101 because I could not “think fast enough” to figure out the fast-paced switching back & forth > Right Left Right Left, Left Right Left Right, Round & Round, etc., & was always offering the wrong hand to the boy partners who then had to reach way over & grab my other (correct) hand, lol. It made my brain hurt so I quit. 😀

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  26. I had to square dance in grade school, junior high & high school. In junior high, they substituted disco dancing for square dancing, and I absolutely hated it. I even used to like disco music, right up until we were forced to dance to it. In high school, my partner most of the time was a girl almost as tall as I was, and her nickname was “Trucker”. She probably coulda whooped my ass back then, too.

    But most of my gym classes were all white, so we never knew if it was racist or not.

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