Catch & Release: Oregon so concerned about assault weapons that they release man caught with an AK47

vazquez with ak47 portland police bureau photo

Outta jail in less than a day: Emanuel Venegas-Vazquez/Portland Police Bureau Photo

Oregon is very concerned about citizens getting their hands on assault weapons.

Politicians there are so concerned that back in April, Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblumfiled a draft ballot title for an initiative petition that would ban assault weapons except for military/law enforcement purposes.

So when a man was arrested with an AK-47 what did Multnomah County do to him? They released him the same day he was caught.

On Saturday, Emanuel Venegas-Vazquez (unknown if he is an illegal alien) was arrested and taken into custody after he fired a gun into the air while sitting in a vehicle. According to Oregon Live, investigators seized two firearms: a Browning 9mm and an AK47, which were located in the vehicle.

Someone had called the police and reported the make and model of the vehicle as well as the location of the gun fire.

Police arrived and caught Venegas-Vazquez still sitting in the vehicle. He was booked in Multnomah County Jail on 5/27/18 at 1:18 am on the following charges:

  • Domestic Violence Menacing (Class A Misdemeanor)
  • Two other counts of Menacing (both Class A Misdemeanors)
  • Theft I by Receiving (Class C Felony)
  • Unlawful Use of a Weapon (Class C Felony)
  • Two counts of Unlawful Possession of Firearm (both Class A Misdemeanors)

Venegas-Vazquez was released from jail on the same day: 5/27/18 (no time noted). The amount of bail listed on his booking? A BIG FAT ZERO.

Do tell me #GunControlNow crowd, what is the point of having more gun control laws when individuals who break current laws are not held for any amount of time and quickly released?

And why is a man arrested for domestic violence, who was caught with an AK47, being released? What about the woman he violated? Aren’t you concerned about her safety?

You know that if this guy had an AK47 he can easily get his hands on another weapon.

Oregon politicians are so concerned about assault weapons and victims of domestic violence that they allow perps to run free after less than 24 hours of arrest.

I guess we need more gun control laws for criminals to break in order to make citizens feel “safe.”


22 responses to “Catch & Release: Oregon so concerned about assault weapons that they release man caught with an AK47

  1. This just goes to show the real agenda of gun-control advocates is really not about curtailment of crime. It’s about disarming lawful citizens for state control.

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  2. So-I wonder which Officer will get to carry the newly acquired AK47 in his police car….

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    • The answer, Truckjunckie, is whichever officer is trying to fill a hole in his gun collection. I was an investigative reporter for 33 years, so I hung out with cops a lot. The confiscated weapons that were not sold by the D.A.’s office, were taken by police officers. Some of these guys had collections to die for–rare WWII German Lugers, Japanese Arisakas, AKs. and ARs, etc. It is a sure bet that the confiscated AK-47 was not scrapped. I would never accuse a libtard of being rational or showing good sense. The release of Venegas-Vazquez is par for the course for these idiot snowflakes.

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      • They usually only ‘give back’ the cheap crappy shotguns (like our neighbor used). Of course they stole them to being with, but that’s okay, their welfare trash and don’t have any real ‘property’ to confiscate.

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  3. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Total insanity! Domestic violence alone should have a longer retainer and the whole list of charges should have some jail time involved. Maybe the sheriff is letting him stay at his house for a while? Ya Think?! Asshats. Wanna bet this goombah will be at it again soon?

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    • He’ll probably end up coming back, shooting her and then maybe the cops will catch him and let him go due to ‘lack of evidence’ or ‘the jelly donut got all over the police report so we had to throw it out’.

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  4. Well, that’s their “base” now. If whitey does this however, look out! It has truly gotten to a point where they are utterly shameless. There are only two choices. Either learn to tolerate this (which I don’t recommend) or get them out of there by any means available. Wretched curs!

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  5. They released him ‘cuz he’s BROWN .. and a future voter for the Dhimmicrats. Ain’t politics just grand?

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  6. If he’s already a criminal (?) eh, they usually let them go. Our neighbor pointed a shotgun at my DH unprovoked, she even admitted doing it for no good reason, they took the gun and NOTHING ever happened either. We got a letter from the “detective” stating that they were basically going to do nothing. It may have also been because at the same time a drunk stepson of the DA hit our car (and almost hit me) when it was parked outside of a house we owned in town and we had that pending too.

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    • We could have a long conversation. I know exactly what you mean. That’s the “Just Us” principle. While I am gratefully free of the trash that used to occupy the lot next to ours, I won’t soon forget how much trouble a gaggle of ex-cons can create.

      A guy bought the land next to ours. He was a bounty hunter and as it turned out, he liked to let his felon friends stay on his land when they were out of jail. We started losing things, and running into them at all hours. They were out there hooting it up and firing full-auto weapons,

      I gave up calling the cops. I only go there about once or twice a week. I’ve got ten acres on a little lake and its really private. They are gone now but I learned a valuable lesson. I don’t even consider the cops anymore. If I can’t handle it myself it isn’t going to get handled.

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  7. The last Bass I caught and released only had a 38 special were do I fish to get the AK’s? Want to add to the collection. Could possibly mount it and put up on the wall loaded of course what good would it be even mounted on the wall. Stupid is as stupid does and dumb and dumber are what is acting as the ruling class out there.

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