Beware of CA gun laws: Bakersfield man arrested after registering his AR-15

molon labeThere are some questions I have about this arrest that are not answered in this report. And I’m not having any luck finding more information about this arrest on the internet.

Suffice it to say, if you are a gun owner in California you are in for a world of hurt and confusion. And you are required to soon register your “assault weapons” with the state.

According to the book, “California Gun Laws: A Guide to State and Federal Firearm Regulations (Fifth Edition),” the laws in that state are rapidly changing. From author C.D. Michel’s book:

“Updated to cover all the new laws passed during the 2017 California legislative session, the Fifth Edition of California Gun Laws: A Guide to State and Federal Firearm Regulations explores, explains, and summarizes all the new and existing federal and state laws that will affect California gun owners in 2018, including the new regulations for “assault weapon” registration. The Fifth Edition also contains brand new sections that discuss the legality of gun trusts and “bump stocks,” and it contains a number of technical revisions, case updates, and expanded explanations of the law. In this long awaited update to the most comprehensive legal guide to California’s firearm laws, renowned firearms lawyer C.D. Michel draws on over twenty years of experience to educate gun owners about California’s complex firearms laws and the potential legal “traps” into which firearm owners often unintentionally fall.

There are over 800 California state statutes regulating the manufacture, distribution, sale, possession, and use of firearms. There are thousands of overlapping federal laws regulating firearms that apply in California. And there are hundreds of administrative regulations, local ordinances, and California Department of Justice written and unwritten policies that also apply. With all of the overlapping regulations, it’s no wonder that confusion runs rampant among California gun owners, police, prosecutors, and judges. The Fifth Edition was written to dispel that confusion and equip you with the tools and updates you need to avoid mistaken arrests and prosecutions.”

KGET reports that on Thursday, May 17th, the District Attorney’s office filed a dozen felony gun charges against a member of a prominent farming family.

The California Department of Justice raided Jeffrey Scott Kirschenmann’s home in Bakersfield last month, after he tried to register an illegally modified gun online through the state’s website.

What they found in his home, led to the DA filing charges: a dozen guns, 230 rounds of ammunition and two silencers, which they seized.

Records from the Secretary of State’s office list Kirschenmann as the CEO of Scott Kirschenmann Farms, Inc. — with the same lamont mailing address as Kirschenmann Farms, Inc. — the local grower known for its potatoes used by Frito Lay to make chips.

Kirschenmann is out on $150,000 bail, accused of 12 felonies for possessing assault rifles, silencers and a multi-burst trigger activator. 

We went to Kirschenmann’s home Thursday afternoon to speak with him about the case, but there was no answer.

According to court documents, the DOJ began investigating Kirschenmann when he electronically submitted photos of an illegally modified AR-15-style firearm.

Retired KCSO Commander Joe Pilkington is a court recognized firearms expert. He could not speak directly to Kirschenmann’s case but says the laws are changing so frequently, it’s often hard to keep up with the latest regulations.

“Just in the last few years, there have been lots of changes in gun laws,” he said. “Making an effort, a good faith effort to comply with these really complicated laws, should count for something.”

A new state law requires assault-style weapons be registered by the end of June. 

Pilkington recommends anyone who isn’t sure about the process go through a federally licensed firearms dealer. “There is this self-registration application on the Department of Justice website, but it may be better to talk to an FFL. Someone who has a license, to talk through whatever these complications are.”

Kirschenmann is scheduled to appear in court Monday. (This article was dated May 17th and I couldn’t find any information about what happened to Mr. Kirschenmann’s scheduled court appearance.)


34 responses to “Beware of CA gun laws: Bakersfield man arrested after registering his AR-15

  1. Sounds like California is becoming a catch 22 in registering your guns. If they require registration, it would seem you would be exempt from confiscation. Less and less is making sense these days, except we know for sure they won’t be happy until they make everyone of us gun free and open season on us can be declared.

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    • They just want to confiscate guns. Period. Anything they take won’t be given back– even if they have to write a “fair market value” check.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    There is absolutely no confusion, ambiguity, or complexity of purpose in our second amendment. Oppression and chaos thrive with in the infringements.

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  3. I’m a law abiding citizen, of Constitutional Law. If I was a gun guy, I would never give the enemy my name to put on a Database list, so then they know right where to come to get the items that you put on their list for them, just ask a Canadian.

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  4. the fruits and nuts in commiefornia’s legislature are doing everything they can to prevent citizens from practicing Constitutional rights to self protect.
    ca legislature should be arrested not well-meaning citizens.
    another reason why we don’t need a full-time legislature.

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  5. I have said many times that I find ALL such efforts unconstitutional. That said, registering guns does nothing other than to identify where to go to round them up and to provide an avenue for possible future prosecution as we’re seeing here.

    They are attempting to criminalize a Constitutionally protected right. They want to damage anyone who has guns. All of these laws must be repealed and their authors chased through the streets.

    Once they have these it becomes impossible to actually use your gun. If you are stopped and they find a gun that isn’t registered, its a felony. So, if you try to go shoot somewhere, they’ll come and get you.

    Once these things start they spread. They want us all disarmed so they can really crank the screws. This should make every freedom lover furious. They can put their New World Odor where the sun don’t shine.

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  6. If I were so inclined, I would ONLY purchase a weapon on the black market. It gets tricky, though, as one most certainly does not want to be in possession of a stolen weapon or one that was ever used in the commission of a crime. It’s doable, though, if one has the proper connections (or so I’ve heard).

    I will NEVER voluntarily register a weapon or seek a concealed weapon permit. My “permit” comes from God, as does yours.

    During a recent “town hall” meeting in the sector of the city where I reside, the Chief Of Police said this (paraphrased, but this is very close to verbatim): “California is essentially lawless. Local police is woefully underfunded and understaffed due to the state’s poor handling of funding allocation. Citizens are advised to protect themselves because we [the police] can’t.”

    We have a homeless crisis to rival large cities like San Francisco or Seattle. Google or YouTube “Santa Ana Riverbed homeless for a glimpse of the magnitude of the problem. The oft-overlooked, solidly middle-class enclave in which I live has been stable since its development in the ‘60s: many who live here have lived here their entire life: my husband is one of them. With the recent passage of Prop 57 (generous parole allowance for “nonviolent” felons) and the previous passage of Prop 47 (ironically entitled the “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act” which reduced penalties for “nonviolent” crimes including drug possession and “petty theft” [$950 or less]), we have seen a horrifying uptick in property crime. Homes, vehicles, and businesses are being burgled blind, $949 (or less) at a time. Shoplifting is now a ticketable offense.

    I’m not suggesting that burglars be shot on sight; however, if a person is willing to invade another’s home for what sometimes amounts to pocket change, it’s not such a leap before they’ll hurt you for the same. I’m not going to be a willing victim: not of some marauding addict, and not of the state.

    And never forget: the cops work for the state, not for us. We are owed no protection or care from law enforcement by virtue of the US Supreme Court.

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    • I confess to having both. I used to say I’d never register one, but then I wanted a particular one that I couldn’t get any other way. Nonetheless, I’ve said before, I’m old and forgetful. Sometimes I “misplace” things.

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      • Lophatt, It isn’t gun-related, but these might be helpful to you (and others reading here):, and Books on how to do/make & repair things. I’d also recommend any youtube videos by a guy named “The King Of Random”:

        These things all seem to provide ample instruction for all manner of important skills and how to actually do things, all things I imagine the NWO filth loathe (because they want to make people dependent on them and machines, obviously.) I also suggest these resources for the rest of the staff and commenters here as well.

        Also it might be worth learning a couple martial arts, for one’s build and type. (Jeet Kun Do being a “take whatever works and use it” sort, Wing Chun being more street-fighting oriented, Eskrima for when you want to do a lot of hurt with a stick, etc. forget about the “chi-building”/internal & “meditation” stuff, its all occultic hokum, not to say you won’t run into that in other types, because its pretty pandemic in martial arts in general, but you get the idea, take out the physical things that work and use them, throw away the rest.) Judo is useful for learning how to fall without taking too much damage, (But be careful when training with that, it can injure pretty well as well, even if one is young and spry, a wrong landing can do damage.) or so I hear, regular western Boxing for defense of face etc. some ninjitsu for the stealth principles and hidden weapon use, and soemthign for defense against gun or knife-wielding attackers. But do your own research, and be sure to screen any would-be teachers yourself, so that you don’t get snookered. If they do get the guns by hook or crook, its good to know how to tie some jack-booted thug into a pretzel that cries for mommy, or pound ’em into submission after jumping ’em. (and then you can take their gun, instead. haha)

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    • WOW, it must be pretty bad if the Chief is telling the truth, the cops won’t protect you. So why are they being paid at all (I muse).
      We live in the poor “boonies” and I tell you, anyone with half a brain knows to not call the cops out here. They get royally PISSED if you do (no donut shops on the way, I imagine). Lucky for us most of our neighbors are total cowards and wouldn’t break in since they know we’re always home (due to the criminals around here- the booners are very crime ridden, you’d be surprised).

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      • I totally agree with that. If you have to shoot some “cultural enricher” your first call should be to your lawyer. Let him call the cops. Better still, if you don’t already own one, check the ads for used backhoes.

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        • One of them were trespassing on our property with his quad (he also got them to do surveillance via helicopter by lying and saying we were growing stuff- he was a police informant among other devious perverted things), DH called the useless 911 operator, and they lied and said that we had to inform them (verbally!) that it was ‘no trespassing’ (actually a lie, big surprise), even though it was posted as such. They just do not care, which is why the criminals get away with a lot around these parts.
          We don’t have the $$ for a lawyer, and the ones in town are a friggin’ JOKE, but that’s another story. 😉

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          • Hey, that sounds like OUR cops. I’ve got trail cams all over our little hideaway. I have shown the cops pictures of thieves and they know who they are and they won’t do anything. Useless, and expensive. Losers!

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      • Our PD has requested (over and over again) to call about ANYTHING/EVERYTHING. If we had a fully-staffed department, I’d worry about a police state; as it is, all it allows is for easy identification of the homeless/gang members who come in from surrounding cities.

        My family has a couple of full-sized gun safes that are bolted to the concrete slab; every single time we leave the house, we lock up any guns, pharmaceuticals, and jewelry. It’s such a PIA, but better than the alternative. Sorry will be the burglar that breaks into this house…

        I suspect that it’ll just take two or three dead criminals (what a shame that would be!) and things will quiet down substantially…but the damned homeless! With California’s single-use plastic bag ban, they’re crapping on the streets. It was NOT like this even 10 short years ago, and I’m afraid things will get much worse before it gets better.

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        • I can imagine the smell, especially in the summertime….eeeewwww! I guess they don’t have the tax money for a police department, or probably the crime has gotten so out of hand they’re swamped? Where we are (in the city, not the country), cops are numerous, and they have nothing else to do but generate $$ for the state, pretty much.

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  7. I would think that knowing about this egregious episode, that anyone who currently owns “weapons” that the state says you must register . . . will think twice about putting their neck on the chopping block!

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  8. Although it’s still far from a forgone conclusion,it makes me think,if I have to register a gun,I might as well just hand the gun to the officials at that time,so they won’t have to go through my messy house to TAKE it. We SHOULD also be DEMANDING the Citizen supervised erasure of ALL records (and whatever copies are hiding elsewhere in Government files) acquired via Background Checks since the inception of this fraudulent policy. It was,we were told back then,strictly to look for conditions that would preclude a person’s right to buy a gun,and the info submitted during this BC was to be completely DELETED at the point of a decision approving or denying the purchase. We all know how THAT turned out.

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  10. “Registering” means then they then have a “list” of gun owners. And just wondering of course why they want a list of them to begin with….unless they’re planning something, of course. Welcome to Commie-fornia!

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  11. This guy should have gone to Oregon!

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  12. Kafka would be proud… or, at least, say he told us so.

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  13. How long before this spills over into other states. Until we the people stand up and demand they respect the Constitution this is going to keep on going who do you sue at state level when they violate the Constitution if I lived there I would be screaming at the top of my lungs every day.

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  14. Correct this if its wrong, but doesn’t “registering” a firearm = telling the largest criminal element in the U.S. what you have, and where to find you?

    If that’s the case, why would anyone “register” a firearm in the first place, what use or benefit is there in doing so?

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  15. I live in California. If you live here or visit, never, never, never register or let anyone know, or even think you own a firearm. Especially law enforcement or state employees. I believe in the rule of law but criminal Democrats have created a situation where it’s impossible to believe or trust state employees at all levels through out the state. The Governor, the state A.G., sanctuary city mayor, senators, congress, teachers or college instructors, if Democrat, cannot be trusted and do not care about the California residents in any way. They don’t care about the constitution or the country. Any voluntary information you provide will only be used against you in the future. Like every state, we have good cops and bad cops.. They let the bad cops do whatever they want.Legal or illegally it does not matter. The state will even help and participate in the illegal activity. If you become a victim of a crime do not call the police. Only as a last last resort. Never know what might happen when a cop shows up. Like I said some are dirty cops and some are clean cops. Hard to tell them apart Fortunately I live where the Democrats don’t control the whole county. Never register a firearm, never admit to owning a firearm and never show interest in firearms around anyone you don’t know all that well. or when you come to California for vacation you might end up on parole or probation. This advice is for legal citizens. If you are an illegal or even a refugee/muslim, none of this would apply to you The democrats have giving you a “free pass” to do what ever you choose.
    If you live in California and are not a Democrat, and want your state back, you must spend all of your available time finding out how the Democrats have been cheating, rigging and stealing the elections. We need to verify every vote the Democrats get is legit. We need to nail them this year.. Someone had to see something.
    respectfully, Brian Humphrey

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