These days we view the Old Testament with growing certainty

Joel Richardson at the “split rock of Moses at Horebsplit rock of Moses at Horeb” (Courtesy Joel Richardson)


Bible scholar visited site locals know as ‘Mountain of Moses’

“When you go there, it becomes very obvious that this is the real site,” Richardson told WND. “The other large granite mountain just to the north of it is what the Bible called Horeb. The split rock of Horeb is just to the northwest of it.”

Richardson said that before he went to the site he was “cautious and somewhat skeptical.”

“After having gone and seen everything, I am fully confident that this is the real Mount Sinai,” he said.


“At every turn, everything lines up with the biblical narrative. Everything falls into place. If this is not Mount Sinai, then God Himself has masterfully created the greatest hoax in human history.”

The split rock (Courtesy Joel Richardson)

“Jethro’s view,” with Horeb on the left and the triple peak believed to be Mount Sinai on the right (Courtesy Joel Richardson)


We have heard of sites in Saudi Arabia being recognized as being the exact locations of the events in Exodus

I have been excited about this for a while, but have been cautioned away from it by “well meaning” theologians (who’s opinions are rarely of any value). If you read this WND article, and are a Christian or a Jew, you will emerge changed and filled with certainty about the whole biblical account.

12 responses to “These days we view the Old Testament with growing certainty

  1. How I pray this video and all his others might be watched from time to time how the old testament proves the Catholic Church.

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    So, are these people trying to accommodate the Muslims?



  3. I love Biblical archeology and geology. Thanks for this!

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  4. That landscape of that region always appeared harsh, but the scenes here even more so. It makes the moon look like prime real estate property.

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  5. I watched a documentary a couple of years ago (for the life of me, I can’t remember the name of it) that walked the viewer through these sites. The takeaway was that what is described in the OT is so precise, it could be used as a map, when starting in the correct spot (Saudi Arabia). It was so testimony-affirming, and so OBVIOUS, once it was pointed out.

    Too bad I can’t find it… 😣

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  6. Wow! Great article. Thank you for your efforts in posting it. The split rock is awesome.

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  8. I am a believer that all things must come to pass whether in the Old Testament or the New Testament, we happen to be in the beginning of the end times, the planet won’t be destroyed, men control part of the extermination process of mankind.


  9. Michael J. Garrison

    OF COURSE Saudi Arabia has spots that match the description in the Bible.
    My God….are the so-called “experts” JUST EFFIN NOW ADMITTING THIS!!!
    No wonder Father just shakes His Head at the stupidity of humanity.
    Let me give you an update; there’s another Satanic thing about Saudi Arabia. It’s where the Locusat Army of Turbans comes from. This Army is designed to kill or convert all Trews and Christians in America, Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, etc. ALL the Christian Nations.

    (when Noah landed on Ararat, in Turkey, his children populated what is now Iran, Iraq, and such. Saudi Arabia was also a True Jew Owned Country. I ask you…..what would happen to YOU, as a Christian, if you went to Saudi Arabia and began to preach The Christ??? You’b be dead in five minutes. Yet this scum lives here in America for going on 30 years (in Maine)

    It’s here, folks. It’s here. Putin warned of financial devastation for the world. As a TI, and being broke for decades, this concerns me…what will I do with no money??? I mean, omg…..the inhumanity!!!!
    Putin, I still like ya. But you’re starting to piss me off.


  10. Michael J. Garrison

    By the way….the photo of the split-rock. This is a monument to the treasure accumulations in the area. This is fact.


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