“Reparations Happy Hour” invites white people only to pay for drinks

reparations happy hour cameron whitten twitter photo

Celebrate getting whitey to pay for your drinks!/Cameron Whitten Twitter photo

How inclusive…

From Fox News: On Monday night, a bar in Portland, Oregon hosted people of color and gave them $10 as they arrived — a symbolic gift funded primarily by white people who were asked not to attend the “Reparations Happy Hour.”

A local activist group, Brown Hope, wanted the event to be a space for people of color in a mostly white city to meet, organize, discuss public policy and potentially plan various actions.

The notion of full-scale reparations — sought by some as compensation for the horrors of slavery, Jim Crow and the large wealth gap between white and black U.S. households — was supported by 58 percent of black people and 46 percent of Hispanic people in a 2016 poll.

However, 68 percent of white Americans do not support reparations; when the topic was brought up during the 2016 presidential campaign, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said it was “divisive” and unlikely to get through Congress.

The economist Robert Browne once estimated a fair value for reparations of $1.4 trillion to $4.7 trillion and wrote that reparations should ”restore the black community to the economic position it would have had if it had not been subjected to slavery and discrimination.”

Eric J. Miller, a professor at Loyola Law School, said the case for reparations involves a reckoning with the country’s history.  “Part of our history is our grandparents participating in these acts of terrible violence [against black people],” he told HuffPost. “But people don’t want to acknowledge the horror of what they engaged in.”

“The cognitive dissonance of learning that your property is got and preserved on the back of the misery of others is not an incredibly nice thing to live with. So people would rather discount it,” Miller said.

Cameron Whitten, the 27-year-old activist who organized the event, said that attendees felt seen and valued by the Portland event — but noted there are much larger goals.

“We’re creating a platform to make sure our leadership is being seen and honored,” Whitten told Blavity. “This isn’t just, ‘We’re here to socialize.’ We’re here to do the work. In a place like Portland, where our community is so fractured … our first step is to bring us back together, and then from there organize and mobilize to create policies to create justice in our communities.

There was enough interest in the idea, which was funded by about 100 people who were mostly white, to hold other happy hours, which will be called “Reparations Power Hour” to accommodate those who don’t drink.

Whitten anticipated some of the criticism he’s faced, telling the New York Times the event is not meant to diminish the seriousness of reparations.

In 2014, the writer Ta-Nehisi Coates made the case for reparations in the Atlantic. H.R. 40, which was introduced in Congress in January 2017, would study various reparations proposals.


25 responses to ““Reparations Happy Hour” invites white people only to pay for drinks

  1. “Here, let me make up for all your people have suffered. How? Get drunk on me and kill a few brain cells!” What unthinking DA came up with this and why isn’t he laughed out of existence?

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Great Idea!……..Helping to cement that entitlement attitude.

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  3. What about the blacks who came after the slave days unto today? What about the whites who did the same? I am second generation from my mother and first from my father. Let’s not forget not all slave owners were cruel. Booker T. Washington was soooo right.

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  4. Reparations my ass! Colored folks have had many years and opportunities to better themselves yet most of them choose not to.
    If they insist on having someone to blame, blame themselves and/or the Democrat Party.

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  5. I say give them all reparations then end busing, welfare, food stamps, medicaid, quotas, all lawsuits against racism, preferential treatment based on skin color.

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  6. Some of the Most angry Racist Folks I meet are the “People of Color.” While in a heavy discussion on the “subject” = I offered them a “One-way-Ticket” back to their “African Country-of-Origin.” They countered the “offer” with me getting a “One-way-Ticket” back to England – my country of Origin.. I think we have a “Deal..!!”

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    • Well, it sounds pretty good if Mother England still resembled my ancestor’s homeland. I’m afraid it looks a little too much like Marrakesh at the moment. Lincoln was willing to send them back.

      I don’t want to “resolve” racial issues because, for me they don’t exist. I don’t want to discuss them with those who feel “oppressed”. As you say, they are free to leave. I believe that if they stopped thinking about themselves as “different” from everybody else they would be MILES ahead.

      I don’t owe anyone anything. I am not going to say “I’m sorry” either. I would probably be sitting in England today had it not been for the “repressive system” that defined how inheritance was meted out to descendants. Perhaps I should “rage against the machine” over that and demand an adjustment.

      No, my ancestors decided that making a new and more profitable life for themselves required pulling up stakes and heading West. They did that and succeeded. Nobody gave them anything.

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  7. It’s brilliant! Label someone a ‘Victim’, and they’ll never aspire to achieve or be anything other than be a bottom feeder, what a perfect way to keep someone on the democratic plantation groveling to their overlords for crumbs. Throw in the protected class status, and they got’em for life, restrained and contained in the mental chains.

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  8. Hell; if that’s all they want, then I say, get them drunk, send them back to the hood, and watch MLK’s (lost) Character Dream do it’s thing there.
    “Stay Thirsty My Friends”

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  9. Liberal Democrats know what they are doing. If we keep them drunk and stupid we can keep our foot on their necks. The victims sacrifice their dignity to the god of victimhood and hopelessness. Booker T was right.

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  10. um, yeah, i don’t have any money to waste. How about an Irish blessing?
    “Pog Mo Thoin”

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  11. If they were truly searching for justice , they should trace back through their heritage and find the people who sold them into slavery . For every buyer , there must be a seller . Their own people sold them . One of those nasty little details that go unmentioned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. Eric Miller has to be one of the dumbest so called professors out there for not knowing the whole truth.
    Blacks were sold into slavery by other blacks and Muslims. This was proven by a French Explorer by traveling back to the beginning. Blacks by a large number were slave owners in this country and Mr. Johnson was one of the worse. He refused to let his slaves buy or earn their way free. And what, pray tell, is the Professor’s thought on reparations to all the whites, including Irish and Italians, and Asians and others held in slavery here and all over the world.
    Sometimes, it is best to let sleeping dogs lay.

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  13. At least those who lost property and business when whites destroyed then should be compensated for their loss. For example surviving children of Tulsa, OK massacre. People were not allowed to rebuild and the property taken away by unfair rulings……

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    • That event was a cluster, no doubt.

      It didn’t help that the victim of the alleged rape by Rowland decided not to prosecute.

      There were many events by both blacks and whites that fueled that situation. Other circumstances such as the lynching of a white man accused of murder which blacks feared may happen to Rowland. Many blacks gathered arms so whites did, too. It resulted in a bad ending, no doubt.

      Reparations were provided in the form of direct payments and scholarships. Google the Tulsa Reparations Coalition.

      That event does not equate, in any way shape or form, to a “Happy Hour” event in which whites pay for drinks for black people. A happy hour event seems to make light of serious racial situations, IMO.

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      • The happy Hour event is nothing but a ploy to get more customers….
        As far as Tulsa is concerned the accusations of rape was probably false back in those days when a black talks or even accidental make contact with a whit woman as well as jealously fuels false accusations of rape. Lynching was prevalent against blacks ( yes whites were lynched too but not in same numbers) those days. Cops either ran away or joined the lynch mob. Blacks had to gather arms for defensive. It was a given Rowland would have been lynched. Whites attacked even used airplanes there is no justification no matter how one spins it. Then afterword unfair laws were made to prevent rebuilding……Back a couple of years ago Johnny Cochran filed a suit on behalf of survivors but of course the State wiggled out of paying and the Supreme Court refused to hear the case. As far as I know there were no Reparations paid….
        Perhaps you mixed up Rosewood who was allocated Reparations with Tulsa


        • Perhaps citing the racist Johnnie Cochran is not the best example to make your case. I know he was a proponent for the Tulsa family victims yet his history makes him seem more like a Sharpton character rather than an advocate.

          I don’t know what Rosewood you refer to (as it relates to OK not FL). The Tulsa riot occurred in Greenwood not Rosewwod neighborhood.

          As I said, this event was a cluster. Tulsa/OK officials messsed up. Reparations paid in the form of scholarships willl never make up for white folks’ racist actions. It will never be enough.

          And you are correct in that there is no justification for this incident, whatever the truth of the event may be. It’s a blight on our history. One of many we move forward from. And that doesn’t happen in a gratuitous “happy hour.”

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    • surviving children of Tulsa, OK massacre. People were not allowed to rebuild and the property taken away by unfair rulings

      Source(s), please.

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