What Memorial Day is Really All About


I received the following pics a couple of days ago in an email from my brother that was about to depart Phoenix for the flight home after a business trip.

We have all seen the gussied-up, sanitized, homogenized as well as somewhat impersonal photos and videos put out by the various media outlets this time every year, but nothing quite drives it home like seeing this up-close and personal.

I have no idea who this soldier is, but I do know they gave their all for our country.

The caption he posted ahead of the photos was as follows:

Disembarking of a fallen soldier here in Phoenix tonight. Very impressive, Very emotional and Totally American!!! Great reminder of what this weekend and Monday stands for. Have a great Memorial Day!

unnamed (1)




(h/t: My brother)



12 responses to “What Memorial Day is Really All About

  1. Welcome home soldier. RIP.

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  2. And Thank You for your sacrifice.

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  3. You certainly had me in tears. We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to all those hero’s who have fought under the flag of the United States of America!

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  4. Heartbreaking sight. RIP, now that you’re home safe.

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  5. Stand Tall

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  6. I also wish their fellow Americans showed this much respect and admiration for them while they were still alive to acknowledge appreciation from their nation.

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  7. Every time I see someone in Military uniform or someone wearing anything that identifies them as a Veteran, I thank them for their service. Police Officers and other First Responders as well.

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  8. Fair winds and following seas, my brother. And as you stand before holy God, may he open wide his arms and say to you the words every soldier longs to hear: Welcome home.

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  9. Memorial Day is not a picnic, a day at the beach, fun and sun. It is a day of memories of those men and women that have given so much that we can be free. I humbly celebrate the sacrifice they have made in the name of FREEDOM. I knows THEY REST IN PEACE. Those men and women that are far away and at home MAY GOD BE AT YOUR SIDE ALWAYS.

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  10. Each Memorial Day, my wife and I have a tradition, started 25 years ago when we first married. We go to 3 grave yards, locally, and put flowers on her relatives graves. Then we spend the day mostly at home. I will at some point become emotional when I consider how those who have defended this nation, have often been ignored, such as the Vietnam war veterans, and in some cases, other conflicts.

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  11. All who have fallen are in my prayers till my last day.

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