Trump signs order making it easier to fire federal employees


Works for me.

From NBC News: President Donald Trump began fulfilling a promise to facilitate the firing of federal workers Friday, quietly signing a set of executive orders to rewrite the government’s employment rules.

The three actions, two of which crack down on federal employee unions, are designed to “make it easier for agencies to remove poor-performing employees and ensure that taxpayer dollars are more efficiently used,” Andrew Bremberg, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, told reporters.

In his State of the Union address in January, Trump asked Congress to give Cabinet secretaries more power over the employees of their agencies. Even though, as president, he has tended to avoid firing top officials face to face — and these moves will certainly affect less high-profile cases — the president who made a name for himself by saying “you’re fired” contestants on his TV show “The Apprentice” has often spoken publicly about his desire to fire, and exultation in firing, well-known employees who aren’t doing his bidding (nice unbiased reporting there, NBC).

For example, when FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was removed from his post earlier this year, Trump called it “a great day for democracy.” He fired former FBI Director James Comey and has mused about getting rid of many of his Cabinet secretaries, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The first of the three orders directs the Office of Personnel Management to revise existing rules so that the time an employee under review has to show improved performance is reduced from a 60-to-120 day window to 30 days.

The second requires federal agencies to renegotiate union contracts with an eye toward cost savings, according to senior administration officials.

And the third is designed to reduce the amount of time federal workers can spend on union business, the officials said on a conference call with reporters. It aims to limit the non-agency work of federal employees to 25 percent of their time and prevent taxpayers from subsidizing appeals lodged by unionized workers and activities the administration said amount to “lobbying” by federal workers who are in unions.

“Federal employees will no longer be allowed to lobby Congress while in a paid-duty status, unless they’re doing it as a part of, say, legislative affairs or their official duties,” a senior administration official said.

It is already illegal for White House and agency employees to use appropriated funds to lobby Congress, even if they work in legislative affairs offices.

But a White House official said that the Federal Labor Relations Authority has ruled that “lobbying on union time” is not prohibited by anti-lobbying laws. In effect, the new rule could make it harder for federal workers to discuss policy and employment issues with lawmakers and their staffs.

Lee Saunders, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, slammed the executive orders.

“It is shameful that this administration continues to undermine the important services and vital contributions our federal workers provide to the American people every day,” Saunders, whose union represents some federal employees, said in a statement. “These workers protect our national security and ensure that our communities run smoothly. For their service they deserve respect, not a constant barrage of attacks on their freedom to join together in strong unions and speak up together to deliver better services.”


34 responses to “Trump signs order making it easier to fire federal employees

  1. HAHAHA! and libs’ heads explode! 🙂

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  2. Ditto!

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  3. Thank Heavens! I would just bet that many a US citizen has had the misfortune to come across an indolent Federal worker. One who just is not with the program, or one who exhibits a total lack of knowledge or intelligence to be doing the job they are being paid to do. Usually, we just scratch our heads, feel frustrated, and then think, “Well, that’s just the way the Federal Government rolls . . .” It is not even fair to those employees who are intelligence, hand working and truly earn the pay they receive. It is high time that there be a change in the integrity of the Federal work force . . . thank goodness, we have a new sheriff in town!

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    • P.S. I’ve had the misfortune to go into the Social Security downtown office here in Portland, OR. I must confess, other than the two armed security officers . . . the rest of the gaggle of workers were the most slow wited, sorry bunch of individuals. Unfortunately, when getting my brother enrolled we asked the very same question of three separate individuals . . . and we got three different answers. This is just ludicrous. The one theme that seems to run through that entire office–no one moves at a speed higher than “half steppin’.” It really is just about enough to cause a nervous breakdown in a normally sane person! I want to throw out this question–have other’s experienced this same lack of urgency when they have dealt with the SS Administration?

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  4. John Kernkamp

    If the president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees doesn’t like it, that indicates to me that it’s a good thing to do!

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  5. I still await the Day when Mr. Trump fire the Three Stooges of Doom, Mueller, Rosenstein and Sessions!
    Come on, Mr. President, I’m growing a BEARD over here. (Oh wait———).

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  6. Yeah!

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  7. Drain the swamp!

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  8. Long overdue. A person very close, has worked in a civilian supervisor capacity on a base, and being past military has a strong work ethnic. He has been short handed for years, from day one, while watching the abuse increase. His job is an important one and the paper boondoggle is eye glazing. From the day he puts in a repair order to the start can take 4 years sometimes. He has seen people use up every sick day and vacation day every week, totally destroying the continuity of getting anything done.
    The unions are a royal pain in the … and just try to get quality work done.
    He could write a book on the abuse and the other day I heard shouting from the roof in glee of this change. And dealing with civilian contractors salivating to make it rich off the government is another curse.
    There are some that truly try and work hard and do their jobs, but those instilled deeply with these archaic rules makes it hard on fellow workers.
    Well done, Mr., President, well done.

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  9. Hey Auntie Lulu, – In a Govn’t Crew of 4-6-8 = I’ve never seen more than One – maybe Two working at any one time.. Whether on a road project or in a Govn’t Office…!!! – – and WHY are all their computer screens turn away from the sight of the Public entry doorway..??

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    • EddieBG . . . I think this has been a huge scam for decades now. Perhaps, this will light a fire under the rumps of some of these slower than molasses in January workers! At least we can hope so.

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  10. Takes skills to be a President and Donald J. Trump has proven he is fit for the job and is doing it quite well. Some countries may not like him and his style, not criticism means approved!

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  11. Anita Sweater

    I was hoping that he signed an order to delete the whole of any SES employees.

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  12. I do agree that low performing workers should be fired; but I don’t agree with Union busting. But I guess the Unions act weak so that’s why they are getting the shaft…

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    • Unions were a good thing when they began. but somewhere along the line,they forgot why they were there. They went from defending workers’ rights to collecting dues,buying goodies for Union officials and basically breaking the backs of small business owners with their “Union Rules”. While they occasionally DO help employees,they’re primarily useless.

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      • truck . . . . As a retiree of Teamster’s Local 223, in Oregon. I must confirm that your description of what has happened with the unions is the honest truth. Currently, unions are equivalent to being greedy monsters, sucking the lifeblood out of members and non-members, and society at large.

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      • Yes and let’s not forget that unions out in the private word are somewhat contained by market forces, while unions of government workers are sucking from the taxpayers due to politicians wanting to buy votes. Most times these government leaches make more in wages and benefits than they people paying for all of it. Screw em.

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      • Unions were a good thing when they began. but somewhere along the line,they forgot why they were there. They went from defending workers’ rights to collecting dues,buying goodies for Union officials and basically breaking the backs of small business owners with their “Union Rules”.

        . . . and being an arm of the Demonrat Party.

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  13. 1/3 of federal employees make work. 1/3 avoid work and 1/3 gets the job done despite the first 2/3s.
    Why are we paying the 1st 2/3s?

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  14. I absolutely believe government unions should NOT be allowed to strike.
    Just the thought of it is preposterous.
    It is in absolute conflict with those that pay for their services.

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  15. One of my favorite Trumpisms:

    “You’re fired!”

    I just love that. 😀

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  16. Silhouette, you are absolutely right. Government employees work for the public. If they become unhappy with their working conditions or their pay, they should just leave the job. I’m an old fogey and so I remember the days when there were no government-service unions and everyone understood that they were not permitted to go on strike. I do not recall any government employees starving under those conditions and I do recall that many people coveted those jobs.

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  17. traildustfotm

    dancingbanana Carrot Chilli Muffin PurpleBanana Pineapple Strawberry

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