Starbucks ‘inclusive’ restrooms: blood-spattered walls, used needles & poop

Here’s another reason not to go to Starbucks.

Starbucks employees are having a hard time with the company’s new “inclusive” public restroom policy, having to contend with blood-spattered walls, used drug needles, and poop outside of toilet bowls.

Starbucks issued a new inclusiveness policy after a store manager in Philadelphia called the police about two black men who asked to use the bathroom without purchasing anything and refused to leave when asked. Officers arrested the men.

After the MSM blew the incident into a race issue, Starbucks executives apologized to the men and settled with them for an undisclosed amount. Then Starbucks issued updated procedures instructing employees how to identify and handle disruptive guests, including those who are smoking, using drugs or alcohol or using restrooms improperly. Employees are instructed to call the police only if the situation becomes unsafe — whatever that means.

Julie Jargon reports for the Wall Street Journal, May 24, 2018:

Now that Starbucks Corp. has decided to allow anyone to use its restrooms, it faces the critical task of keeping them clean and safe.

That job was a nuisance even before the coffee chain …said it would allow all guests in its U.S. company-operated stores to use its cafes, including its restrooms, whether or not they make a purchase.

Managers and baristas regularly deal with a range of problems in the restrooms, from drug use to defecation outside the toilets, according to some current and former employees.

Darrion Sjoquist, 21, who worked as a barista at a Seattle Starbucks two years ago, said drug use happened once a week and “cops were called a lot.” Once, when he was taking out the bathroom trash, Sjoquist was pricked by a hypodermic needle. He and other Seattle baristas even asked Starbucks to install Sharps containers—the kind of locked boxes found in doctors’ offices—in the bathrooms, to encourage drug users to properly dispose of their needles.

A current barista in New York City also said drug use in Starbucks bathrooms is a frequent occurrence.

A former Starbucks facilities manager said employees often found small drops of blood splattered across the toilet and walls. While there are special kits on hand with rubber gloves, tongs and a box to dispose of needles, employees aren’t expected to clean up bodily fluids and drug paraphernalia. They can call a Starbucks facilities hotline, which in turn can dispatch a local third-party hazardous-materials service to clean up. It is up to local stores to determine their needs.

Bathroom cleanliness is among the top factors for consumers in deciding whether to go to a restaurant, according to food-service research firm Technomic Inc. Consumers ranked Starbucks 20th in terms of bathroom cleanliness out of 62 fast-food chains in Technomic’s most recent quarterly survey of fast-food customers.

H/t ZeroHedge and FOTM‘s Stovepipe

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36 responses to “Starbucks ‘inclusive’ restrooms: blood-spattered walls, used needles & poop

  1. Michael J. Garrison

    There you have it, folks. Try and bend to satanic agenda’s and you get pooped-on.
    The Freemasons’ handwriting is all over this crap…..cuz Masons are of this same ilk.

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  2. I don’t drink coffee and never go into Starbucks.

    Feel bad for the employees who have to deal with this madness. Gross…

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    • DCG . . . . I’m with you, I don’t frequent Starbucks. Now knowing all this, I rather doubt that anything could possibly change my mind into visiting their outlets.

      Any reasonable person ought to be able to figure out that coming out with a blanket statement .. . anyone is welcome to come into our stores, don’t bother purchasing anything, and by all means use our restroom–after all we will just raise the prices on our coffee drinks to those who do make purchases to offset the extra usage of toilet tissue, water to flush the toilet, and the extra cleaning supplies needed to clean up after those who wish to utilize our facilities, but refrain from purchasing anything. The CEO of Starbucks truly has $hit for Brains.

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    • DCG, One sip of my expresso -the cubano way- will make you crave for more!! mmmmm sooooo good! ☕️

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  3. What will it take to wake people up? To respect and value what those before us went through to make America great. This Memorial Day and very day thereafter, may we live in remembrance showing our due respect in speech and deed for them. It is a struggle against people foreign and domestic who loathe what our nation has achieved and the people who sacrificed for that achievement.

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  4. starbucks, with the tranny mermaid surrounded by pentagrams logo, goes from hiring refugees as baristas (who do not wash their hands by custom) to allowing anyone to utilize their facilities which means any half-witted patron who decides to drink their coffee or use their facilities is in for a load of hurt and filed lawsuits (even the homeless will probably file lawsuits)…starbucks is begging to be sued.
    sounds like the public health agency should condemn their PC “cafes”, no one should enter an establishment and be exposed to feces, blood, and needles.

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  5. Krispy Kreme Tops Starbucks as America’s Best Coffee Shop Brand in New Poll
    May 11, 2018
    The doughnut chain was named 2018’s coffee shop Brand of the Year in a Harris Poll
    Krispy Kreme is more closely associated with its fresh doughnuts than anything else, so it came as something of a surprise to learn that it’s been named 2018’s Brand of the Year for the coffee shop category in the well-respected Harris Poll’s 30th annual EquiTrend study, topping more coffee-oriented competitors Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

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  6. Starbucks everywhere, but not for me, I just don’t like the environment.

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  7. I never go there. Nonetheless, this is a great example of the left’s thinking. Everyone is a victim except for heterosexual, white people who are productive. I hope they get sured out of existence. If I were a competitor I’d put up signs. “If you want HIV or Leprosy, go next door. We reserve the right to lock our restrooms”.

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  8. It should be noted that Chick-fil-a has always allowed free usage of its restrooms to travelers. Never had a problem. I’ve used a fair amount of McDonalds, Wendys, Arbys ans such, too. All public restrooms. Rarely any problem.

    The real issue is not public restrooms. It’s a combination of location and intent. Are they passing by on their way somewhere, and just need to relieve themselves? And in what area is the fast-food chain located? A good one or bad.

    I doubt it matters if you have to pay for something or not to use a restroom. If you’re in a bad area, you’re as likely to encounter bad things in the restrooms from others who took advantage of a locked stall. Paying a buck won’t dissuade them or change anything.

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    • Good point. When you set up in a “shooting gallery” you can expect trouble. When I was in high school I had a job working for Continental Trailways bus line. Sometimes I’d have graveyard shift. I would have to constantly roust the winos out of the bathrooms before the busses arrived. What a job.

      They would go in there and nod off. There were a pretty good contingent of junkies too. They would babble to themselves. As soon as I’d get rid of them and return to deal with the bus customers, they’d start to filter back in. Of course this was square in the middle of “downtown”.

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    • You are right, depends on the location…however, I sell to to downtown store and they have a sign right on the door that there are no public restrooms. Why? Because they found out what filth was left with street people using their facilities.

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  9. But for the record, I don’t think I’ve been in a starbucks with a restroom, or one in general since… I can’t imagine when. The last time was with my sister when she INSISTED on one of their overpriced coffees. I refused to give them service. The lines were long, the prices insane, and the whole thing ridiculous.

    So yes, the downfall of Ashtoreth’s brand would be a wonderful sight to behold. It amazes me of all the Christians who insist on going there for a crappy product. 😦

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  10. Yep, we don’t buy expensive coffee from progressive socialists who made it clear they don’t want Christians in their stores who believe marriage is only between a man and a woman. We don’t buy coffee from progressive socialists who hire only Muslim refugees to work for them. We don’t buy coffee from progressive socialists who do not allow us to carry our firearms in their stores. So yeah, go ahead and fill your potty rooms with the scum of the earth and see where that gets you…as Tom Hanks said in the movie, FORREST GUMP, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

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  11. Okay-they’ve been kissing non-purchasing homeless PC asses for-what,2 weeks? and I heard on the radio today that now they’re starting to re-think their decision. Too little,too late. They’re locked into their “brand”,and nothing they do,or DON’T do,is ever gonna change it They’re ALWAYS gonna be the “Swift Transportation” of the food and beverage world-the standard by which stupidity in their realm is judged.

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    • Ya think? How long did it take us to realize this was a bad idea? I’m always amazed by crap like this. They must get their. brains in a “Happy Meal” box.

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  12. Wait until winter and Starbucks gets used as a warming center

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  13. Been close to DD almost since its beginning, been through much. Fred has come and gone, maybe sitting at a table at Starbucks, and Dunkin’ Donuts is going by the name Dunkin’. World changes, still good product. We also have a good chain available, Honey Dew Donuts, owned by Christian Americans.

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    • There’s a Woman Trucker on Y’allTube I’ve been tuning in for,for quite a while;she actually puts a lot of consideration for where she’ll park for the night on whether there’s a “Dunks” (HER word,not mine) near where she’ll be waking up in the morning. I thought it was kinda cute.

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  14. Starbucks consider themselves on the cutting edge and the in group. Well, that certainly worked well.
    How far they have fallen since their worry was just cameras in the women’s restrooms.
    I find the whole liberal mindset with them hilarious.

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  15. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    I agree whole-heartedly! I haven’t set foot in a Starbuck’s in 20 years and don’t plan to do so any time soon. But I really do feel for the chain and moreso for the employees that have to service the restrooms. One bad case of whatever determined to be a direct result of the task will poke them in the eye with a stick! And a few calls to HazMat fron stores will also be interesting as to who gets the bill. Watch and wait!

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  16. Stupid people making stupid decisions resulting in stupid outcomes.
    Inmates in charge of the prison…
    BTW, rule #1 when going out for any reason: don’t use public restrooms. That means go before, hold during, or stay home. Serves me well.

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  17. BTW, I’m willing to bet it wasn’t the typical passer-by types who made a mess of their restrooms, but rather SJWs trying to exact some revenge for what they perceived as hostility the chain perpetrated against their disenfranchised comrades… those two black fellows who were forced to leave (and the full video confrontations of which I never saw on the news, including what they said back to both employees and the police).

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  18. Hopefully, this conversation will never take place in the United States:
    “Where is the bath room?”
    “You are standing in it.”
    In some places in European cities, public bathrooms are as public as they can get, as in “out in the public.”

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  19. Today’s “On the Money” (CNBC business news show) notes:
    “Starbucks raises coffee prices by 10-20 cents at most stores.”

    Yeah, make the paying customers provide for those non-paying squatters and public flop rooms. Sounds about fair…

    For whatever reason, the show airs every Sunday morning at 4:30am — on ABC. Used to be called “The Wall Street Journal Report” with Maria Bartiromo, then they ditched her and got Becky Quick as host, changed names and network affiliations, and bingo, it’s the same show. I record it… It’s no “Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser”, but it’s decent watching.

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