Seattle mayor proposes new gun legislation that includes safe lock storage


How will the chief of police know WHO to survey to determine if compliance is being achieved?

From Mayor Jenny Durkan is proposing new Seattle gun control legislation to tighten regulations around safe storage of firearms. It will also penalize gun owners who fail to report lost or stolen guns, or if their firearms are misused by an “unauthorized user.”

“The level of gun violence in our communities is not normal, and we can never think it is inevitable,” Mayor Durkan said. “We – and especially our children – should not have to live like this. With Congress in the grip of the D.C. gun lobby and too many state legislatures failing to act, our cities must lead the way – and we must all continue to demand action that saves lives.”

The proposal is being sent to the city council for consideration. It requires that guns are safely stored while not under the control of the owner or lawfully authorized user. It will also increase civil penalties for failure to report a firearm that is lost or stolen, or is improperly used. Violation of the regulations will result in a civil infraction. The proposal states:

  • Safe storage: Guns should be stored in a locked container, and rendered as unusable to any person other than the owner or authorized user.
  • Unauthorized access prevention: It will be a civil infraction if a minor, at-risk, or prohibited person obtains a firearm when the owner should have reasonably known they would have access to it.
  • Violation of the safe-storage law, or the unauthorized access regulation could result in a fine between $500 and $1,000.
  • If a prohibited or at-risk person, or a minor obtains a firearm and uses it to commit a crime, injure or kill someone (including themselves), the gun owner could be fined up to $10,000.
  • If a civil case results from a minor, at-risk, or prohibited person accessing a gun, it will be “prima facie evidence” — meaning fact unless proven otherwise — that the owner is negligent.

The new gun law will go into effect 180 days after it passes and Mayor Durkan signs it.

The chief of police will have one year to conduct a survey to determine levels of compliance. The city auditor will monitor the law’s influence on gun injuries and deaths in Seattle.

The legislation was drafted in partnership with Councilmember Lorena González.

“Simply put: If more gun owners lock up their firearms, it will reduce accidental firearm injuries and deaths, help prevent youth suicide, and reduce access to guns among youth who have no legal right to purchase firearms,” González said. “I look forward to championing this common-sense, public health approach through my public safety committee in the coming weeks.”

The mayor’s office says that it was developed after speaking with gun owners, safety advocates, and community members.

“The roots of gun violence are complex, but we know that unsecured, unsafely stored guns help fuel this crisis of violence because they are more likely to cause tragic accidents, fall into the wrong hands, or be used in suicides,” Durkan said. “Requiring that gun owners safely store their guns can help make our communities safer places to live.”

Read the rest of the story here.


24 responses to “Seattle mayor proposes new gun legislation that includes safe lock storage

  1. Michael J. Garrison

    Folks, there’s only ONE way for America to see ANY semblance of peace, and that is to dismantle EVERY Masonic Lodge and the membersgip rolls of these idiots who think they are gods (george soros types).
    And don’t forget that this “white privledge” lie was craqted by the Freemasons of Russia. This same tactic was used when they needed the Native Americans off the lands they owned, so the Rothschild’s of Russia created the slogan “The only good Indian is a dead Indian.” Now it’s “kill whitey.”
    ALL of Father’s children were meant to share in the Earth’s Resources. But Russia, with the help of her Freemasons worldwide, have taken the inheritance away from the True Inheritors, and given it to themselves. Which is why….shortly….you MIGHT hear Father say something like “the only good freemason is a dead freemason.”


  2. Michael J. Garrison

    Sorry, for got the whole point that made the above seem normal.
    Seattle’s Mayor is a Freemason. So are the people involved in Texas who are trying to bring more guns to protect the sacrifice centers (schools).
    As long as psycho freemasons cops and sheriff’s ahve weapons, we’re screwed. Like i said….GET RID OF FREEMASONS AND YOU’LL HAVE PEACE.


  3. The best way to secure your weapon is on your hip.

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  4. How on earth could you fend off a home invasion, especially while sleeping in the middle of the night, by having to go unlock a Safe first? This Law is Proposed to presumably save lives..who’s lives..the home invaders? I hereby Propose a new Law, mandate that all handguns be kept in an old paint can next to the bed!!!

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    • Well, that’s at least a “two-parter”. First, it is none of their business if I store my gun in a safe or hang it on the outside doorknob. Second, because I have grandkids and other little curious ones around, I keep my main protection weapon in a safe by my bed. It has a finger code to open it. It only takes a second.

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      • In my home,I have no children,(nor do any of my friends have children young enough to be concerned with-they’ve ALL been taught about gun safety,and most who are older than six shoot as well as or better than I do.)
        So I sleep with my 9 next to my pillow,safety on and a round in the chamber. If an intruder gets that close (about 8 ft. from gun to doorway),there’s little time to do anything but identify target,grab the gun and shoot. There’s a very good likelihood I’d be alerted as the outside door was breached by at LEAST one of the cats or my dog,so I’d probably be in the hallway,armed,before I encountered an intruder…

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        • That works. If I have concerns and the kids aren’t around I can open the safe door when I go to bed. The way its made it has a pad that has grooves for your fingers so you don’t have to see it, you do it by feel. You just punch a sequence the the door flies open. The pistol is in a holster positioned to go.

          To be honest, I keep a few others here and there. Thats a little different deal. I imagine I would have time to get to those. I have three dogs that always bark if someone’s outside. It would not be wise for a “home invader” to try me.

          I lived in the country once and I still have a place in the woods as well. I have various strategies that my household are familiar with. I’m not “paranoid”, I just believe in being prepared. When it happens is no time to suddenly devise a strategy.

          I know where to go to be safe and to holler out that I’m armed. If they are stupid enough to come in anyway all bets are off. No warning shots.

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  5. Dennis Godaire

    Sounds like a gun round-up. They aren’t interested in where and how safe the location is … of our home protection resources. Confiscation and or arrest would be my best guess. What would be the number of compliance personnel used to assure a thorough search?

    As a prototype of this program, Mayor Jenny Durkan should be the first to have her home and furnishings ripped to shreds, while confirmation of safe storage of firearms of her residence is completed. (Yeah, that will never happen).

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  6. Does lefty-liberal Seattle intend to send compliance cops door-to-door to see if all gun owners are obedient? If guns are not locked up and inaccessible, will they confiscate these legal guns and fine owners as well? The gun-grabbers are on a roll, aren’t they?

    I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of hearing that our 17-year-old criminals are “children?” Today, a child; tomorrow, an adult? Our young people need to be trained in gun handling and use. “Normal” people understand that guns are not toys and are lethal in the hands of criminals and nutjobs.

    Our schools are too big, too many doors, no control over who enters or exits or what they bring in. When school begins, monitor and examine all who enter and what they’re carrying. Then, LOCK all doors and post signs advising, “If you have business inside this school, phone ahead for entry arrangements.” And, of course, concealed carry for the trained, ready, able and willing school personnel.

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    • Do we have to ask permission to take them out for cleaning? What is this in response to? I haven’t heard of a big rash of crimes committed with guns acquired because they weren’t locked away.

      These guys are absurd. They just want to harass law-abiding citizens into disarmament because they owners ordered them to.

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    • Goldbug . . . . Now, that sounds like the voice of reason to me!

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    • “Our schools are too big, too many doors,”
      I suspect THIS began with a school fire someplace where children weren’t able to evacuate fast enough,so,as the Government typically responds
      ,they OVER-compensated.

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    • They first have find out who has guns then seize them for not being “properly” stored– sounds like groundwork for gun registration and house-to-house “inspections”.

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  7. This is what we’re up against folks. We need to take stock in how the enemy operates. Remember, unfortunately, for many people, “perception is reality”.

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    • You may be too young to remember “Fish” from “Barney Miller”. That’s the answer to these idiots “get away from me!”. There is no room for discussion. “Shall not be infringed” is not ambiguous.

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  8. I’ll say it again, there is NO amount of cooperation that is acceptable, nothing, zero, zilch. We don’t need permission or “special measures”. We need to get our own government.

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  9. I thought Seattles major problem was homelessness. Guess His Dishonor, the Mayor, is going to visit all the refrigerator cartons at night to ensure the guns are locked up in safes. Maybe he can distribute clean needles and condoms on his rounds.

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  10. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Just thinking off the top of my head early in the morning …. does that leave the door open for a devastating civil suit if a citizen is harmed or killed? It would only seem fair against the Seattle PD and Seattle mayor be held accountable for the self-same enforcement of this mandate that they dictate. Not saying it is fair but every municipal legal action has a consequence and responsibility attached to it. This could get interesting! Just thinking out loud.

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