Rachel Dolezal faces felony charges for welfare fraud

Rachel Dolezal

A woman who lies about her race caught in more lies. Shocker, not.

From Yahoo (via HuffPo): Rachel Dolezal, the former president of NAACP’s Spokane, Washington, chapter who was outed as a white woman pretending to be black , is facing felony charges of welfare fraud, perjury and false verification for public assistance.

NBC News affiliate KHQ-TV was the first to report on the charges made this week against Dolezal. KREM 2, a CBS news affiliate, later confirmed the charges with the Spokane County prosecutor’s office. If convicted, Dolezal could face up to 15 years in prison.

Dolezal came to national attention in 2015 after her family revealed she’d been presenting herself as a black woman for years, even though they said she was born white. At the time, Dolezal was president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP and worked as a part-time instructor of Africana studies at Eastern Washington University.

The revelation forced Dolezal to resign from the NAACP. She also stopped teaching at EWU. In 2016, Dolezal, a mother of three, officially changed her name to Nkechi Diallo, though she still uses her former name on her art website and social media pages.

Washington state’s Department of Social and Health Services began investigating Dolezal in March 2017 after learning that Dolezal, who was receiving public assistance from the department, had published a book.

The investigator found that Dolezal’s book publisher typically offers contracts that include payments of $10,000 to $20,000 ― but a review of her records revealed that she’d only reported an income of $300 per month in the form of gifts from friends, according to court documents published by KHQ-TV.

The Spokane County prosecutor’s office accused Dolezal of being overpaid a total of $8,847 for food assistance and child care assistance from the state’s Department of Social and Health Services between Aug. 1, 2015, and Nov. 30, 2017.

During that period, according to the investigation, an estimated $83,924.96 had been deposited into Dolezal’s bank account in monthly installments.

Despite the controversy surrounding her racial fabrication, Dolezal still identifies as a black woman. She wrote about her experience in an autobiography, In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World, and was featured in a Netflix documentary this year.

Critics have taken particular exception to Dolezal’s widespread media exposure in light of the ongoing racial injustices that black Americans experience day-today.

“We’ve probably all been guilty of sharing Dolezal’s story, or at least parts of it, at some point ― but we must recognize that it is distracting, counterproductive and unnecessary,” Lilly Workneh, then the senior editor of HuffPost Black Voices, wrote in March 2017. “Let’s return our focus to more pressing matters affecting marginalized, overlooked and misrepresented communities of color.”

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31 responses to “Rachel Dolezal faces felony charges for welfare fraud

  1. Where’s “Pocahontas”? “I was born a poor black child…”. These people are clinically insane. They probably ran her maternal DNA and it came back “Rottweiler”.

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  2. Well, you must admit she is following the path of many a single black mother . . . she not doubt feels she should get her share of the welfare freebies.

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    • Auntie Lulu, she’s following the path of many a single black mother, in other words, defrauding the government, right? Well, because she is not under age she should be doing time, twice for fraud and impersonating.

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  3. Sounds like she’s about to prove out the Blacks’ complaint that the racist law puts too many Blacks in Prison. It isn’t about racism or faulty laws,it’s because Blacks commit a substantially higher percentage of the crimes in America,when tabulated by race.

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  4. Why do I have the conviction that Dolezal is a VILE human being? This is what I get: She is ashamed of her white race or ethnicity.

    Both Aristotle and Aquinas teach that factors such as ethnic background (and I would imagine, even gender) are but ACCIDENTAL qualities. It is merely DNA that the person did not choose. Therefor, nothing can—or should—be made of it. But Dolezal wants to pretend she’s “black,” out of love for some fictitious “narrative.” As if we can pretend to be something we’re not. (I could insist that I am a jelly donut until my terminal breath: That does not make it so!)

    I also understand that some black people who carry some “white blood,” e.g., Malcolm X, hated every drop of white blood in them and seek to explain it away with some ideology, as Malcolm X had, indeed, done. This is not only self-hatred, it is ridiculous self-hatred, and it is stupid, also: All the DNA in the world cannot account for CHARACTER.

    But I see the end game here, and Dolezal is on the losing side—even more of a loser than Malcolm X, who, I very much fear, has lost his soul: The day will come when white people—much to the squealing delight of our Oligarchical Elites—will become EXTINCT, and then the “fun” shall really begin. Then we will be in Those Times the Bible says “will be cut short,” lest there be “no flesh left alive.”

    So the accomplishments of Western Civilization and Christendom mean NOTHING to Dolezal, or any other of these RABID ideologues! They want us white people DEAD, and then they can rule over what’s left of the dung heap, while the survivors kill each other over rancid food in the dumpsters, just like Venezuela now!

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    • ….South Africa.

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    • Sure, she covers it up in “ideology” but its really about her fear that she won’t get free stuff and she may get beat down if she tells her friends she’s white. That’s like “joining the enemy”. Wow.

      She should do a little research into what they do to albinos in Africa.

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    • I hear what you are saying, but on a different thought, maybe she chose to be black because less is expected of them and they tend to profit better with social services, since she doesn’t impress me as being a ball of fire for work ethnics.

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  5. Are Steven & I the only ones here old enough to recall the Sixties best-seller, ‘Black Like Me’? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Howard_Griffin

    At least he did it to research contemporary attitudes and publish his findings, not attempt to defraud the welfare meant for those in true need.

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  6. Just like barry, she’s got a new one on Netflix, I told you I’d keep you Posted!!
    It’s called The Rachel Divide…

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    • Well, that tears it. Netflix is now the official commie site. Their leader, Obongo, will show them all how to mack Whitey for fun and profit.

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  7. The clinically insane are irrelevant to our fight for Christendom. This woman, such as she is, isn’t even a blip on the radar screen. No attention whatever should be paid to her and her insane antics. We have much bigger fish to fry.

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  8. Guess she’s ineligible for reparations happy hour…

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    • Hey! How ’bout they just go pee up a rope? I don’t owe them anything. Stupid Obongo notion.

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    • I don’t even buy my FRIENDS drinks,NOR do I ask,expect or demand that THEY buy anything,drinks included,for ME. Many of them are making good income and usually buy for me anyway-Who likes to drink alone?…

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  9. Be aware: I don’t recommend this guy in any way, shape, or form. I think he was turned by the intelligence services decades ago, likely when he served prison time. But hearing him say “long legged Mack Daddy” is always fun:

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  10. This woman is hardly a welfare queen…..


  11. Another fake black, Sean King “Talcum X”, falsely accused a Texas State Trooper of sexually assaulting a woman. The trooper received numerous death threats against himself and his family. Body cam footage shows the woman was lying like a cheap rug.


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  12. Sad state of affairs return to people that need help and put this mentally confused women out of our minds


  13. Facepalm. I didn’t really expect great things out of her.

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  14. So, the race fraud is also a welfare fraud. Wonder what’s next?

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