New street drug K2 turns people into zombies

K2 zombie

The Goldwater reports, May 25, 2018, that the zombie drug K2 is wreaking havoc in New York as three people were found passed out on sidewalks in Crown Heights from apparent K2 overdoses. Emergency responders had to peel the zombified drug users off the pavement to transport them to the hospital.

The NYPD is investigating the overdoses. Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said there had been close to 100 incidents involving the zombie drug in recent days, and issued a stark warning about K2:

“This is extremely toxic, you literally do not know what you’re putting into your body. We’re seeing in the most recent incidents, two different strains. One appears to be much more toxic than the others.”

The NYPD drug lab is working to identify exactly what people were ingesting to find the source of the drug and stop the epidemic afflicting Brooklyn neighborhoods. The plague-ridden corner where the zombies were found in Crown Heights is not the only recent episode involving the synthetic drug. Last week over two dozen people overdosed on K2 near the infamous Bedford-Stuyvesant deli. Eight people were arrested Tuesday for selling K2 in colorful packages labeled with cartoon characters including Scooby Doo.

Here’s a disturbing video of a K2 zombie wandering the streets of Washington, DC:


23 responses to “New street drug K2 turns people into zombies

  1. Nature has a means of weeding out fools, such as people driving 90 mph in a torrential rain, cleaning loaded guns or injecting the contents of under the sink chemicals into their bloodstream. Pathetic but the human race does not advance by adding the dregs into the genetic mix. Take a rotten apple and place it in a bowl of good fruit. Do the good apples make the bad one better or does the rot of the bad one spread through to contaminate the good ones?

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  2. Wow. We just had a guy shot by police that looked earily like he was displaying the same kinda of behavior. He was sitting naked in the middle of the interstate, laid down and made ‘snow angels’ then jupmed up running saying ‘I figured it out’ & ‘I’m living the dream’. He ran at a cop who tased him and when he didn’t stop and threatened to kill the cop, was shot dead.
    The story is still unfolding but I think the cops knew and know something about this guy and/or his behavior.

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  3. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

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    Why would anyone ingest something that you have no idea of what it is and how it will affect you. It only outlines the mentality of this person that does not protect himself from harm.

    I would suggest the Police follow up with these people and where the purchases were made and charge those people with endangerment to the community. If the purchaser bought it “on the street,” then I would charge him with endangerment to himself and the city.


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  4. This is true, around here anyway, it’s an epidemic. I saw 1st hand, a guy flopping around on the sidewalk naked, and slamming his head into a postal box, the ambulance came and they had a hard time strapping him down to the stretcher. Another story I just heard the other day was, this guy drove to the convenience store down the street from his apartment, he walked home and reported his Jeep missing because it wasn’t in it’s parking spot! He forgot he drove to the store!! The police found the vehicle, and they charged him with an unregistered/uninsured vehicle!!! I personally know this guy, he’s a mess on this stuff. A lot of the muslim owned convenience stores around here are the one’s that sell the stuff, there was just a sting operation in the area on these stores, a few of them got caught keeping the drug in their Ct Lotto Machines. They call it Synthetic Marijuana, wrong, it gives marijuana a bad name, it’s nothing like weed at all. This K2 is also highly addictive.

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    • Whoa! Where are you located?! (Keep it general! Not asking for specifics!)

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    • I don’t know anything about this one, other than what you and the others have said. I know that here they get lots of “naked guys” running through the city. I think that’s due to PCP.

      It takes a certain personality type to do drugs. I’ve always believed that some people will just do them and that’s that. I went to school with several that ended up junkies or speed freaks. Looking back I can remember their personalities before they were addicted.

      They were always trying to outdo each other and themselves. Luckily for me I never had any interest in those addictive drugs. They ruin a lot of lives.

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  5. This is disturbing alright, and very Scary!

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  6. Culling The Herd: In biology, culling is the process of segregating organisms from a group according to desired or undesired characteristics. In animal breeding, culling is the process of removing or segregating animals from a breeding stock based on specific criteria. This is done either to reinforce or exaggerate desirable characteristics, or to remove undesirable characteristics from the group.


  7. I didn’t see anything in this vid but a guy shuffling- then a voice saying, ‘oh my god..’ Zombies?


  8. This is sort of handy. If you need to know where Starbucks is, just follow a zombie.

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  9. “Hell is empty, and all the demons are here!”
    And yet, there but for the Grace of God go I.
    I thank God I never did any hard drugs, and that I gave up marijuana over 30 years ago. I know we all have this “void” inside of us that has to be filled, but, MY GOD, I cannot imagine WHAT would drive anyone to such self-debasement. Nor do I wish to know!
    It’s like having autism on the installment plan.

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  10. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why a person would inject something like this into their body. There is a Russian one, I think it’s called “Crocodile” that works like this one and it makes their skin turn all reptilian and ultimately they lose limbs.

    There was a program on “designer drugs” several years ago that led to a discovery of a treatment for Parkinson’s. Apparently, the stuff attacked the myelin sheathing of the spinal cord. People that used it were permanently “frozen” and could neither move nor talk. If they gave them massive doses of Belladonna they would return to normal briefly.

    Again, why would some knucklehead do this to themselves? Well, thank God they now have Starbucks to freshen up.

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    • This K2 stuff is smoked not injected, it’s a leafy substance that the Chinese spray with chemicals. I watched a few documentaries on that crocodile (Krokodil), that stuff is insane, that drug they inject, and the addict is short lived, about a year and it kills you. It’s a cheap alternative to heroin over there, the Afghani’s did the same thing to Russia as they are doing to us right now, after the 10yr war, they flooded the Russian population with opium.

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  11. Comrade Obama

    Maybe Porttland, Seattle, San Francisco and NY can give out this drug for free to all those deserving druggies.


  12. K2 has been on the street a while ago……


  13. Mary Patricia Wilk

    This is exactly what happens to people, society, when they’ve lived in a socialist/communist lifestyle. Everything deteriorates, crumbles and dies. These poor people are without self-esteem, purpose, hope, thinking brain, etc., because they have been dominated and stripped of their thoughts, feelings, desires, ambitions, cares, spirituality. They are completely miserable and so take drugs, alcohol to escape this hell they are living. This is so very sad. With the Democrat/communist Party and every one of their destructive, failed policies and belief system, this is where we’ll end up if we choose their way. Social programs (meant to keep people dependent and in chains and without hope of anything better) and the idea that government will give us what we need and take care of us (biggest lie ever!) leads to death and hell. Once there are more people on assistance that are contributing, the money runs out. You can bet the elites aren’t going to give any of their money. People who believe in this false utopia (no mental, emotional, spiritual growth, no prosperity or any chance of creating it, no opportunities to change yourself or your life – makes us become zombies – the living dead), are already lost and in the death matrix. OMG, please wake up and see reality before it’s too late for you. This article is so very depressing!

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  14. K2 is especially dangerous because it is an umbrella term for a countless number of chemicals made in China mostly, that they spray onto this weird fluffy green substance. They call it synthetic marijuana, which is a very deceiving term because it is the furthest thing from actual weed. I have seen many young people turn to the drug because they still want to smoke weed, but because they need to take drug tests for various reasons they can’t. Weed sticks around in your system for a while, whereas this K2 crap does not come up in regular drug screens. So these young people turn to this synthetic junk which can be purchased at your nearest middle eastern/indian convince store right over the counter. To make matters worse they package this stuff in colorful baggies picturing popular cartoon characters and other flashy designs. It is so clearly marketed toward young people, and it is beyond appalling. People end up with permanent brain damage and memory loss from using this drug. While it might weed out some of the bottom of the barrel type people, it is also harming many young souls who are in their experimental phase of life that still have positive futures ahead of them. While doing any drug is clearly not the best choice, it would be far safer for people to smoke regular, grown in the earth marijuana than this chemical laden garbage concocted in underground labs. My heart goes out to those who have been so greatly affected by this, and I hope they can find recovery in their lives.

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  15. Patrick Cornell

    Looks like catatonic schizophrenia…

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