California moves to let schools, co-workers “red flag” dangerous gun owners

phil ting

Bill sponsor Phil Ting wearing his Planned Parenthood fighting gloves.

What could possibly go wrong?

From Yahoo: Lawmakers in the California Assembly voted Monday to advance a bill that would authorize employers, co-workers and school personnel to request the temporary confiscation of guns from individuals determined to pose a danger to themselves or others.

The legislation, AB 2888, would build on California’s existing “red flag” law, passed in 2014 following a deadly shooting spree in Isla Vista. The 22-year-old gunman in that case had reportedly exhibited a number of warning signs before killing six people, and then himself, in the rampage.

The current red flag law gives family members, roommates and law enforcement officers the power to petition the court to remove firearms from individuals who have displayed dangerous behavior. Judges then hold a hearing to determine whether to order the gun owner to surrender their firearms and stay away from all guns, typically for a year, although the restraining orders can be extended beyond that based on additional evidence.

The new bill would expand the list of people who can file for such restraining orders to include a subject’s employer and co-workers and the staff of a high school or college that the person has attended in the last six months.

“We’re grappling with this issue of gun violence as a nation,” bill sponsor Assemblyman Phil Ting (D) told HuffPost. “I’ve never said this is a panacea, but it’s just one of many solutions we have to offer.”

The state’s courts have issued around 200 restraining orders to prevent gun violence since the original law went into effect in 2016, according to Ting. He said his bill would provide additional opportunities to catch troubling behavior.

“Once you move away from home and you’re an adult, you may not spend time with your family,” said Ting. “You may not have much interaction with law enforcement, but chances are if you’re working, you see your co-workers every day for eight-plus hours a day, and you’re with them not just in the work environment but socially.”

Ting pointed to the February massacre in Parkland, Florida, as a case in which a red flag law ― and specifically this sort of broader statute ― might have been able to save lives. Although the suspect in that shooting, a 19-year-old former student at the high school, had attracted the attention of local authorities on numerous occasions before his attack, school staff had also reported concerning behavior as far back as 2016. Florida is among the nine states with a red flag law and one of the four to have ushered through legislation since the Parkland shooting.

In 2016, Ting filed a similar bill to broaden California’s red flag law, following the mass shooting in San Bernardino, which began at an office holiday party. Gov. Jerry Brown (D) ultimately vetoed the legislation, calling it “premature to enact a further expansion” even as the initial law was just going into effect.

A year later, Ting’s San Francisco area district faced its own mass shooting when a disgruntled UPS employee walked into his workplace and fatally shot three colleagues, before killing himself.

When it comes to school safety specifically, restraining orders aimed at stopping gun violence are only part of the equation, said Amanda Wilcox, legislative chair of the California chapters of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. She noted a California law that holds parents criminally liable if they leave their gun where a child can access it and mentioned other resources, like the Brady campaign’s Speak Up hotline, that allow students to anonymously report violent threats made by their peers.

“Practices and law and policies that make homes safer would also keep schools safer,” she told HuffPost.

Wilcox said she supports Ting’s bill and suggested that the relatively few restraining orders issued in the past two years under the original law show that it isn’t being overused, as opponents argued it would be.

“The standards of proof are high in the law,” she said. “It probably needs to be used more, but also under the law it’s supposed to be a last resort if there’s not another way to remove the guns.”

With more time to educate Californians on how the red-flag process works, Wilcox said she’s hopeful these restraining orders will be able to keep more guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals. “What I don’t want is a case where it could have been used and should have been used and wasn’t, and someone is dead because of that,” she said.

AB 2888 passed in a 48-25 vote largely along party lines. The state Senate is expected to consider the bill in the coming weeks.


27 responses to “California moves to let schools, co-workers “red flag” dangerous gun owners

  1. Mandated Reporters are dangerous, “See Something-Say Something” in it’s rawest form. I just had a Doctor at the VA last week ask me if “I had access to Guns”…I said ‘No, I’m not a gun guy’. I figured what the heck, we live in upside-down land anyway!

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    • I just had a Doctor at the VA last week ask me if “I had access to Guns”…I said ‘No, I’m not a gun guy’.

      Wise decision, Stovepipe.

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    • I’ve noticed that they ask me too. Part of the questioning has to do with “depression” (mental health) and is mandatory, the “gun” part is personal with the doctor.

      It is better to just say “no” than to make a political statement that will be duly recorded with their superiors in Tel Aviv.

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      • Last time I was asked that question,I answered,”I don’t see how that has anything to do with my healthcare. The doctor said,”No biggie-it’s on the paperwork so we’re supposed to ask.” I made a comment about that being ultimately used as an excuse to confiscate my guns,and the Dr. smiled and said ,”I’ll call that a NO then,” My regular Dr.,when I asked why SHE didn’t ask me that,said,That’s nobody’s business but yours,and I refuse to spy for the Government. GOOD Doctor!!

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        • Good for her. That is what I EXPECT from “my” doctor. Freakin’ repressive little tyrants. When I think back over my life time at all the freedoms we’ve lost its depressing. People today don’t even understand the feelings of those who knew their Constitutional rights.

          When I was in school my law classes insisted that what they do routinely today would have guaranteed a dismissal then. Everyone knew that there were those who would do this if given a chance. I suppose I didn’t expect to see it to this point in my life time.

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    • Stovepipe . . . . It really is rather ballsy for any doctor to ask a question like that. I am proud of you answering in the only acceptable manner possible.

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    • Unfortunately, your only option, when asked a question like that, is to lie.

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    • Not a surprise: “AMA Pushes ‘Unprecedented’ Gun Control Agenda As Congress Dithers…

      Physician members of the American Medical Association are pushing the nation’s largest doctor group to back an “unprecedented” number of measures designed to curb gun violence and coax Congress into action.”

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  2. Let’s collect everybody’s DNA, finger print them, and scan their retnas then give them a mental health assessment every year, tear down all of the weapons factories, mass search everybody’s homes & confiscate all weapons, eleiminate all motor vehicles, outlaw water deep enough to drown in, get rid of electricity, base ball bats, bricks, everything hard, everything sharp, string, rope, wire, high places, confined spaces, plactic bags, high heels, hands, feet and anything you can harm yourself or anybody else with.
    Do you feel safe now?
    Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

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  3. Thanks to Dwight D. Eisenhower, United States of America has had a thorn on its side for 59 long years (Jan 1, 2019 will be 60 years) when he allowed the Cuban communist revolution of Fidel Castro take power over the entire Caribbean and Latin America. They are now together reaping benefits in hell.

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  4. Carl R Hassell

    I was asked several years ago by my Dr. here in Ca. He asked if I could sell him a gun because “Wendy said you had lots of guns” Wendy is my wife, and she never said any such thing. We both resented his lie. I (WE) don’t have “lots of guns”,She is also a much better shot than I am.!!

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  5. The thing that we must not lose sight of here in all of this is that Phil Ting wants to expand the ways that a person’s guns can be confiscated. As we all know, once your guns are confiscated you will never get them back. There is no such thing as temporary confiscation. History has shown that weird crap that starts in California has a tendency to spread in one form or another to the rest of the country. Confiscation is confiscation.

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    • Now Commiefornia has a was to disarm everyone– just have someone declare pretextual “concern” about the evil gun-owners in question!

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    • This issue makes me wonder-if someone acts dangerous with an axe,would they confiscate THAT? If they DON’T,that might be fodder to use in fighting a gun confiscation in Court when one (or more) of us SUES California,the City that violated our SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT (Remember that??),and the nutcase in particular who dreamed this idiotic Bill up.

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  6. We should stop talking about this as if it is some conscious decision on these parasite’s part. They are employees of the New World Odor. They have been given their assignment. Simple as that.

    The only thing that will stop them is for them to be chased through the streets by angry mobs. They are all cowards and traitors. They’re not getting mine, I don’t care what they do.

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  7. Comrade Obama

    Let us begin with the mentally unstable police protective details of the California politicians. Then let us denounce the drug addled bodyguards of the industrial and Hollywood elites in California. Finally let us disarm those mentally deranged guards of the judiciary. Once these people have been disarmed we are sure to see a change in attitude towards guns.

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  8. “….Brady campaign’s Speak Up hotline, that allow students to anonymously report violent threats made by their peers.”

    Yeah, because anonymous tips are SO reliable. Just like they’ve been with Child “Protective” Services all over this country. Those “tips” have been a boon for CPS, but absolute hell for parents.

    And Sarah Brady was so ill informed (or was she?) that she didn’t know or NEVER figured out that George H.W. Bush tried to have Reagan assassinated and her husband happened to get in the way? I find that rather difficult to believe. Maybe Sarah Brady should have ask the Bush clan how it was they KNEW the Hinckleys and how it was that Neil Bush was to have had dinner with Hinckley’s brother the very evening of the day of the assassination attempt. So I really don’t care that the Brady Campaign is still at it with a budge of over $3 Million dollars. It should’ve been shut down long before Jim Brady was shot and certainly as soon as it was reported the Bushes and Hinckley knew one another….which was within a day or two of the assassination attempt.

    This link is for starters. You an put the words “Hinckley”, “Bush”, “family” and “ties” in a search engine and see what you get.

    You know; I have seen something and I therefore I HAVE to say something:
    Phil Ting is an a-hole who wears pink gloves.

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    • Yes to all, absolutely correct. People should be insulted by. these attempts to link “famous” political parasites to initiatives. Poppy was practicing the “Hapsburg Method”. If people are too lazy to research these things at least they should suspend judgement on them.

      That’s what we need, “rat culture”. Block wardens and informants. The pink gloves look “natural” on him. Where’s his hat?

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    • Yeah, those “anonymous tips” (like those “anonymous sources” the media likes) eh?

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  9. Norman L. Wherrett, Jr.

    J’Accuse City of Redmond [WA] Police Sgt. Julie Beard [#0242] of ‘testilying’
    [perjury?] in Superior Court of Washington for King County No. 18-2-08385-1SEA. In our view, RPD totally botched ‘investigation’ of #18-000921 “Child Luring” because my 4′ 8″ Filipino wife, nor I, EVER did such an evil thing! The Court document Beard signed on 29 March 18 is riddled with misstatements, misrepresentation of facts, fabrications, and outright lies. Beard’s documents were signed-off by one “Brad Moore, ProTem”. I was handcuffed in our driveway and marched into our living room. Three (3) double-ported Walter defensive handguns and two (2) Daniel Defense long guns were seized from our home by SEVEN (7) RPD plain-clothes cops while I allege Beard terrorized my wife at our dining table. Value of our new personal defensive guns with accessories…approximately nine thousand dollars [$9,000].

    Suing City of Redmond Mayor John Marchione, RPD Chief Kristi Wilson, RPD Sgt. Beard, and others…


    I’m Age 75, Culver Military Academy, 1961 HONORS Graduate, 1st Lt, Battery A, 1st Platoon Command [during early ‘Nam-era]. U.S.N.R – Retired

    Norman L. Wherrett, Jr


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