Friday Funny: Dog carries stick

While walking with her human, Molly the dog found a stick and was determined to bring it home, carrying it in her mouth.

dog stick

Wait till you see the rest of the “stick”.


dog stick1

Here’s the video:


14 responses to “Friday Funny: Dog carries stick

  1. Judging from Molly’s wagging tail . . . I think she is rather pleased with herself. Great film clip. Thank you for the smile.

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  2. Determination, lol. Such a good human for allowing Molly to keep it.

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  3. What a way to start the day. Doc again you rock. was having a hard time this morning and now no worries. thank you. Funny you seem to always know when it’s needed must be your gift. 🙂

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  4. Great to know my dog is not the only one who does this. My dog Kricket must carry something with her on every walk. I have a pile of sticks by my front steps that she has gathered from all over the neighborhood. She collects them in all sizes. Firewood, anyone?

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    • Brain….AWE! What a sweet dog! I can just see her pile of sticks. She has a JOB, even if self-appointed. Hope you keep allowing her to do her job! It’s awfully important to her!

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  5. Wonderful, how can you not love dogs. Molly’s a beautiful looking dog.

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  6. Well why not? That was quite the find for Molly.

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  7. Molly will have sticks for days when she breaks that down!

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  8. HaHaHa!!!! That is FUNNY!!!!!

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  9. Molly is a great dog! Being an art teacher with 20-years or more of old magazines donated to my room to cut up for projects…..I have an OLD National Geographic magazine ad for a car sales pitch from the 1980’s or so……that shows a GREAT-looking mutt in the back seat of (then) NEW car and the caption, ” Without dogs, how would we get rid of that new car smell?” (Of course…my life in a sentence.)

    I loved this ad so much, I cut it out and have had it on my fridge for a decade….Molly reminds me of this great mutt and the great attitude of her owners to take joy in this “twig retrieval” and to have filmed her great effort.

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  10. Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD" and commented:

    Dogs…. proof God has a sense of humor…LOL

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  11. So funny! Hard to play fetch with that one!

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  12. Anything and all about doggies melt my heart, how can you not love’m. Me and my Barney my Barney and me❤️

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