Amazon’s Alexa recorded and shared a conversation without consent

amazon alexa

Alexa: Always on and always recording…

Another reason why there will never be an “Alexa” in my home.

From Seattle Times: An Amazon device powered by the Alexa voice software recorded a couple’s private conversation in their home and sent it to someone in their contact list without their knowledge, KIRO television reported.

A Portland woman told the TV station that two weeks ago, one of her husband’s employees called to say he had received audio files containing recordings of a conversation inside their house.

“I felt invaded,” said the woman, Danielle, who didn’t want KIRO to use her last name. She said every room in her house had been wired with Amazon devices to control things like the heating, lights and security system.

“A total privacy invasion,” she went on. “Immediately I said, ‘I’m never plugging that device in again, because I can’t trust it.’”

An Amazon spokeswoman didn’t immediately comment on the KIRO report.

In a statement to the TV station, KIRO reported, Amazon called the event “an extremely rare occurrence,” without elaborating on what had caused the files to be sent. It added, “We are taking steps to avoid this from happening in the future” and said Amazon takes privacy very seriously.

Alexa, the voice-activated software that resides primarily in Amazon’s Echo speakers, is an increasingly popular tool people use to play music, and to toggle wirelessly controlled home appliances. That popularity is predicated, in part, on customers trusting Amazon — and rival smart-device makers like Google and Apple — enough to invite a powerful array of corporate-controlled microphones into their home.

Earlier this year, some Alexa users were unnerved by what seemed to be spontaneous laughter from the devices. The company suggested people triggered the laughter by accidentally requesting it, and subsequently changed the prompt to make such unintended requests less likely.

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31 responses to “Amazon’s Alexa recorded and shared a conversation without consent

  1. Asleep airheads order crap like this.

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  2. “A total privacy invasion,”
    not really-
    what do these people expect when they invite the devil into their homes?

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  3. Oh, this is reliable…

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  4. And if you think the government don’t have an inside track to access all this info then your sleeping at the wheel and about to hit a tree. We already know nsa is recording every phone call and every email and every text of any kind.
    To think this would be useful as the next tool in the box. They give the government what ever they ask for behind the scenes but act like they fight it in the public sector. So get one and let your life be an open book to the world.

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  5. The moral of this experience is do not wire your home and let artificial intelligence control it…..

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  6. So sad that we give up privacy because we are too lazy to adjust our own lights and thermostat. Next we get the chip cause carrying cash/identification is just too hard.

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  7. This is so funny. Really, what do people think these things are for? Does any one remember the very first car phones that hit the market. They were huge cumbersome things and had to be installed in your car. My boss wanted one and I had the responsibility of researching what would be best for him and his needs and then have it installed. He was on the road between point A to point B, which was a two-hour drive. This is when he did his dictation. Oh, that sounds so long and far away these days. Anyway, one of the tapes he gave me to transcribe had a full fledge conversation between two people on it. The only thing we could figure out was that when he go out of the car for a pit stop, the dictation machine was left on and his car phone picked up the conversation. Anything electronic is there forever, somewhere. There is no privacy.

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    • That’s funny…I had the same (loathsome) job got MY boss! And it took HOURS to have the damned thing installed: not only did the phone have to go in, but a big antenna had to be mounted on the back of the vehicle. Ahhh, the good old days (1989)!

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    • You forgot to mention, his trunk became useless as it was packed with heavy duty batteries.


    • The family in that Alexa story are nutzo! Hopefully that episode woke them up. It’s amazing how people are still unawares re Big Brother after so many years.

      And yes, I remember those brick-size car phones. My boss in the 1980s had one. I can’t recall if it was removable(?); I don’t think so. I think it was permanently attached(?) around the dash/console somewhere. I didn’t know about big batteries in the trunk. He had trucks & SUVs so I don’t know where they would have put the batteries. I do remember the big antennas, though.

      He used that car-phone to drive the secretaries crazy, calling from anywhere everywhere all the time.

      My very FIRST day on the job, a Saturday, the boss was at the beach yet he called the office every 15-30 minutes to ask…

      “What are you doing now?” (Me: Typing [via dictaphone].)

      Ring Ring… “What are you doing now?” (Me: Still Typing.)

      Ring Ring… “What are you doing now?” (Me: Typing a certain document…) “HOW do you know how to type THAT?” (Me: I walked over to the file cabinet. I opened a drawer. I grabbed a folder out of it. I flipped through that folder until I found a document with the SAME title. Then I typed THIS one based upon what THAT one looked like.) Boss: “OHhhhhh!” (Imagine that, a secretary with a brain.)

      Ring Ring… “What are you doing now?” (Me: TRYING to Type but YOU KEEP INTERRUPTING!) Boss: “AhHaHaHaHa!”

      This went on ALL DAY long, exasperating! I would learn that he was a (((workaholic-control-freak))) like that. Maybe it was the car-phone “wireless radiation” that kept him hyped up!

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  8. And if not Big Brother who will learn how to hack it and then what ya got. All your private info at the hands of a hacker I do a lot of IT work at my office and you learn how to get around a lot of things when you have to make it work. So given time they will hack it if it has an app it can be hacked. I have always wondered if you get a pace maker or defibrillator they have apps you figure out what app you could hack them and kill or make them jump with shock treatment. Sorry the more I think about this makes me even more nervous.

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    • Also include those diabetics with embedded insulin pumps and those with chronic pain with embedded morphine or other narcotic pumps.

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    • “… if it has an app it can be hacked.”

      That is what one of the then-current or former CIA head-honchos said some years ago (post-2007 after iphones came out). He said something like:

      “This is better than our wildest dreams. We never could have imagined it would be so easy (to spy on people). If it has an app, we can access it,” or similar wording.

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  9. Stephen T. McCarthy

    >>… one of her husband’s employees called to say he had received audio files containing recordings of a conversation inside their house.

    I felt invaded,” said the woman … She said every room in her house had been wired with Amazon devices to control things like the heating, lights and security system.

    Well, I can’t work up any sympathy for people too lazy to even activate their own heating, lights, and security system.

    I’ll bet they’d like “Alexa” to do their sleeping and napping for them, too. The lounging about watching TV 24/7/365 — THAT they’ll do themselves!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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  10. Alexa is the fruition of all the science fiction nightmares of my youth. Government already is mandating technological advances that we neither want nor approve of. Consider California’s mandate that all new construction include solar energy. My point is that we are giving our government Absolute Total Control of everything that we think say feel want or desire. Companies that produce this technology, Amazon, Google and so forth tell us it is for our convenience. They also tell us that our privacy is not abused by these devices. That’s absolute nonsense, and it’s a lie. Everything Alexa hears is recorded and these recordings are discoverable by a simple governmental search warrant. Planning a trip somewhere? Alexa knows. Having a affair? Alexa knows. Planning a divorce? Alexa knows. Bought a gun lately? Alexa knows. Criticizing the government? Alexa knows. Saying something that could be interpreted as a terrorist thought? Alexa knows. How you voted in the last election? Alexa knows. The day is coming, when these devices will be as ubiquitous as security cameras that constantly photograph everything that happens in public pretty much everywhere . We have televisions that we talked to that record our conversations. We have cell phones. Internet connections. And all these things combined to eliminate every last shred of privacy that we could possibly have. I do believe the day is coming that people will listen on behalf of the government and report to authorities the things that we are planning or wanting to do or saying. And I believe that in that day people’s homes will be invaded by government police to arrest people not for committing a crime, but for suggesting it. George Orwell’s 1984, by contrast, is Child’s Play.

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    • Grif . . . Excellent comment! Wow! This is way more than we ever expected. The wise will shun all this new fangled stuff, and keep their privacy.

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    • arnoldfishman

      I would not be surprised that with all of the voice data they are amassing, they could as needed, assemble strings of alternate speech that can be pinned to people that get on the wrong side of tptb.

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    • “…Absolute Total Control of everything that we think say feel want or desire … And all these things combined to eliminate every last shred of privacy that we could possibly have.”

      And they have to have room to STORE all that “data.” In 2010 WaPo did a series of “investigative” articles entitled “TOP SECRET AMERICA.” Then PBS Frontline did a program based on that.

      The creepiest thing they showed were some of the UNMARKED huge multi-story buildings tucked here & there, that are used to house all the data they are & have been collecting (thanks to the 911 fraud “War on Terror”).

      It wasn’t too long thereafter (2012?) when the construction of that new Humongous “data storage compound” in Utah was in the headlines. They probably have underground “data storage centers” as well.

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  11. You all may be interested to this 10-part series. I recommend it.
    This is part 1:

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  12. Thank you, stlongius for the excellent find!

    The other 9 interviews with Bill Still and Bill Binney will not require much of your time as most are only 5 minutes. Rest your cursor at the bottom of the window and click on YouTube to watch these outstanding revelations. You’ll learn why Nancy Pelosi told the Democrats impeaching George Bush “was off the table”. She couldn’t impeach him without impeaching herself as she was in on the same information as Bush.

    Also, the interview below with Alex Jones and Bill Binney talks about the Clintons. Both of them were CIA when they were in college. Forget about either one of them going to jail. They can’t be prosecuted for their crimes. While in college, both expatriated from the presumption they were US Citizens or citizens of the United States. As you know, or should know the political status of either a US Citizen or citizen of the United States makes you an Enemy of the State. You have NO RIGHTS. The Constitution DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU. (W. W. Wilson) Think of the numerous times in your life you checked THE BOX and signed forms agreeing to accept that “UNDISCLOSED” political status.

    I want to barf whenever I hear programed ignorant crowds chant USA. Damn fools should know Lincoln was the first to bankrupt us and we became a “private corporation with mostly foreign shareholders”. Obama did the 5th corporate bankruptcy in 2015, Chapter 7, liquidation of UNITED STATES, subsequently triggering bankruptcy of another private corporation, United States of America, Chapter 11, reorganization. Congress committed treason in the 1860’s and their treason is ongoing today. They all know! My yard man tagged his son, a senior in High School to help clean up trees I lost during recent storms and I was delighted to learn 2 of his teachers have been discussing Obummer’s bankruptcies the past 2 years. I don’t know his teachers and certainly did not share my knowledge with them because most people just roll their eyes if I attempt to inquire: “What do you think about the fact our corporate governments have been operating as a criminal enterprise the past 150 years?”

    FDR robbed your birthright when you were born on the soil in one of the 50 states; an American National, a Sovereign by tricking your Mother to register your birth. Whenever you “register” anything you’re transferring ownership and that’s why the State can remove babies/children under 18 from their parents. Bill & Hillary did the paperwork to return to the soil of their birth.


  13. If I were to venture a guess, that alexa’s code might’ve been damaged and instead of mailing the conversation to NSA servers, mailed it to the friend instead, it is a bit too specific to be a rudimentary glitch, I’d say, I could be wrong, but hey.

    Another point of concern I have with this is, what if businesses have these vile things laying around, like restaurants etc.? We won’t be able to expect any modicum of privacy around such places because they’ll always be listening and sending off what they record… the devil worshipers seem to be trying to build a panopticon. (or maybe this should also be called a panaudiocon as well?)

    Since these technological abominations are wireless, that means they’re wired to everything else, as such one wonders, would it be possible to make a device that would utilize that wireless connection to disable (potentially permanently, or for a duration at least) these privacy-invading hockey pucks?

    I note that with smart meters, cell phones, etc. like the software & computer world where end-user control is being taken away, the puppets of evil are trying to do the same in real life, TVs bbarely have buttons now and the disc players etc. can hijack them outright, and both try to connect to the internet (a TV has no reason to be on the ‘net to begin with, neither does a disc player.) obviously amazon has aims to make “smart houses” that do the same… how long before people won’t be able to control their lights or showers, etc.

    Also within the realm of possibility (because the government experimented on pregnant women with radiation, killed some of them and the children they were carrying, back in the day, if they’re willing to kill women & children out of curiosity, then what is off limits? The women were told these were “vitamins” for their children, no less.) is them also wiring up the houses to have, say a poison gas dispenser, electrical or radiological device to “fumigate”/”remove” the tenets should they want to “re-purpose” or “sell to a new buyer” or should the occupants become dissidents, etc. Grim, I know, but what keeps them from attempting to do this?

    It looks more and more like the dystopian novels have been taken as guidebooks by the devil worshipers.

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  14. Goes to show you how far stupidly can go but open the door to a “real spy” and paying for it! And that ain’t gossip! Alexa can look into your private affairs and your children while data is collected and who knows what dark purposes it is used for, say blackmaill

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  15. Amazon explains how this happened:

    “Amazon confirmed the woman’s private conversation had been inadvertently recorded and sent. The company said the device interpreted a word in the background conversation as “Alexa” — a command that makes it wake up — and then it interpreted the conversation as a “send message” request.

    “At which point, Alexa said out loud ‘To whom?’” the statement said. “At which point, the background conversation was interpreted as a name in the customers contact list.

    “Alexa then asked out loud, ‘(Contact name), right?’ Alexa then interpreted background conversation as ‘Right.’”

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    • Who ya’ gonna believe, the robot or your lying’ arse? I can’t begin to understand why anyone would voluntarily put a bug in their house.

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