Thursday funnies!






h/t @CloydRivers


10 responses to “Thursday funnies!

  1. Every. One. Of. The. Above. Is. Truth.

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  2. I told my wife all of these, and she actually laughed at them. And she doesn’t have the same sense of humor that I do. Fantastic.

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  3. Lol, love it.

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  4. I like them all because they are true, some people may find them disgusting but it’s because they themselves are disgusting

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  5. I think the very first one is so subtle, I must admit, I had to think a little on that one . . . then when the brilliance of it struck me, I laughed like crazy.

    Great job DCG!

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  6. Great comedy is always based on truth.
    As these are…….. Thanks!

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  7. Excellent, everyone of them. I loved the first one in particular.

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  8. I laughed the most at the gun one,because my Brother Dutch and I joke about the NSA’s surveillance a lot. On a phone call: Dutch-“Hey,did you hear that noise?” Me-“Yeah-that was weird.” Dutch-“Probably just the Feds listening in…Hi,NSA!” Me-“Yeah,Hi NSA-how’s the wife and kids?” Then we both laugh. Probably isn’t that funny,but if ya don’t find some humor in it,you’ll go crazy-or crazier…

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