Sign on I-40 near Little Rock, Arkansas

I-40 billboard near Little Rock, AR


19 responses to “Sign on I-40 near Little Rock, Arkansas

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!

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  2. Couldn’t be more TRUE!!!!

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  3. President Trump is a lightning rod. Because on his own he blesses the Jews and Israel at every turn, the hatred Hollywood and the kosher MSM have for him must express the built up genocidal hatred the Jewish power centers in America have for the rest of us. The Republican establishment is every bit as much their footstool as the Dems, and all the more evil since it isn’t the openly anti-Christian Dems who betray us behind closed doors at every turn.


  4. It’s good to see the message in print. There should be a billboard outside every college campus. There are a lot of young adults who feel they are under attack by liberals teachers while earning thier degrees. They need to know that they are not alone. My son and his friends at college feel they are walking on a tight rope.

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  5. Deleonpatriott

    Yes, we need a sign like this near every big city! One more phrase I would add to that sign is the dems are anti God!

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  6. Love the billboard.

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    So sad that the Dem’s hate America and what it has stood for all people and even the world. How many years, as long as I have been on the God given earth, America has been the bread basket of the world.

    Why do the Dem’s hate America – they have been elected to represent their part of America? The Schumer/Pelosi’s have gotten too rich and greedy and their hearts have turned to stone. Since Bush I the presidents have worked to reduce the good in America. We all know, now, how they are trying to undermine the country and all of it is coming out of the wash. Hopefully, those who have done this dirty work will now be punished and we can get back to what we do best and that is working toward a future that our children can prosper and have the opportunities which were taken away by Bush I, Clinton’s, Bush II, and Obama.

    Those who wish evil to our country – may you wake up and see the Glory of God and see the error of your ways.


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    • dear kommonsents—-no DEM did this USA-BASHING so overtly until Obama assumed (and I really DO MEAN ‘ASSUMED”) the Presidency of the USA. Obama unleashed this scourge upon us—the hatred of the common man and woman and child in the USA…..the despisal and refusal to accept the life-breath of a develped/aborted fetus who survived abortion…..NO RIGHT TO LIFE THERE——BLACK OR WHITE……put ’em in a closet and let them die in order to protect the “rights’ of abortion to the “mother.” Look it up. That’s what he SAID. …Then…the hatred/denial of enforcing (as the EXECUTIVE) of our laws, the hatred of our sovereign borders–to the point of SHIPPING BUS-LOADS of illegals into small towns in America, and LITERALLY DUMPING them upon us—many of those claiming to be “unaccompanied minors” later proved to be MS 13 gangsters maybe 20 or 30 years-old……..the hatred and belittlement of our taxpayers…the hatred of our foreign policies up to Obama–whereupon Obama rolled out his apology tour,& our open checkbook from our country to our enemies….Killed our border patrol agents with their gun-running scheme (dismissed it all with “executive privilege” when Holder was called to the Congressional oversight to answer to it……first time in HISTORY this sort of “executive privilege” was used in a domestic situation….) HOW ABOUT BENGHAZI

      Right about now, this bi-racial charlatan who claims to be “Black” is running amuck around the world trumpeting that his administration was “without a single scandal…..” … HA! RE-read above and then some….In a more puritanical day, he’d have had his tongue cut out for being such a public liar.

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  8. A nation that goes from one ‘problem’ to another is easier to control. Democrats are masters at creating problems where none existed before. Russian collusion, illegal aliens suffering, the constant, unending race issue and the incredible decline in education. By presenting themselves as the solution they guarantee a permanent power base formed of these groups they have successful made dependent upon themselves as saviors. Its an endless cycle; they create the victims and rush in as the deliverers. Nothing gets solved, nothing is ever accomplished but the Democrats become more entrenched and wealthier. Over time their own interests have become their major goal. That includes bending and breaking laws to retain power. Republicans make dents but they can’t break this system which has gone on far too long. If anything, the Democrats know how to achieve power and to use it. Their image of kindness and compassion is a facade, underneath they are cruel and ruthless but for the sake of their begrugding acts they have captured the loyalty of far too many Americans. Democrats are the wolves in sheep’s clothing but until the populace comes to realize this and put an end to their scheme we will suffer the effects of their actions as they pit their eternal victims against those of us who don’t comply.

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    • Very well said. I’d just add that many times, it seems as if they come out with a cause or issue when it’s at the “crisis” stage, needing immediate action to stop global thermo-nuclear meltdown. And it HAS to be solved according to their very un-compromisable “solutions” that just happen to further their own ideologies. And the “crises” are invariably the fault of White, middle-aged, Christian, hetero, conservative, Republican males — who have by and large built this country and its great wealth and position of leadership in the world.

      Ironically, if they’d investigate the root causes at the beginnings of these “crises”, they’d often see they were caused by their own policies, and might well have been nipped in the bud had they done better, less partisan deliberation before forcing those policies down our throats in the first place.

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  9. Stephen T. McCarthy

    Great sign!!

    If anything, I suppose I would change it to “Democrats = Communism”. As a major student of the history of Communism, I understand all of the different shadings of meaning (and, yes, I understand that no nation has ever been truly Communistic, nor ever will be, due to greed in the heart of fallen Man). But I think the word Socialism has sadly lost its bite because of the media’s and educational system’s indoctrination of the young. But the word Communism has (rightfully) retained some of its negative connotation.

    I’m also a major fan and student of Senator Joe McCarthy and so-called “McCarthyism”. I even went to Appleton, WI. once, specifically to visit Joe’s gravesite.

    What I’m about to say, I mean in a light-hearted, jocular way, but… I’m almost sorry that Trump has become the most wrongly denigrated political figure in American history. I used to love saying: “The Wisconsin Senator, Joseph McCarthy, one of America’s greatest heroes, and the most unjustly vilified individual in our country’s history!”

    But what the Communist Traitors have done to Trump has even eclipsed what they did to McCarthy. Never ever thought I’d live to see something like THAT!

    But now I must resort to saying: “The Wisconsin Senator, Joseph McCarthy, one of America’s greatest heroes, and the SECOND most unjustly vilified individual in our country’s history!”

    Somehow, it just doesn’t have quite the same pizzazz. Ha! 🙂

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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  10. There should be more posted on A1A, I-95, turnpikes, highways, and high up so the sign cannot be removed.

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  11. I gotta wonder if Governor Huckabee had anything to do with these… ;~) FWIW, his show on Saturday and Sunday nights (TBN) just keeps getting better. Great alternative to SNL and its ilk…

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  12. You can spread the blame around. The Bush family backed Hillary Clinton. Tom Tillus cosponsored the bill to protect Mueller. When Trump said he would drain the swamp he was not just talking about Democrats. See youTube video: “Conspiracy of Silence”. The Franklin Scandal was never justly covered by the MSM.
    Jeremiah and other prophets had to endure false naratives of their peers. Half the population was saying we must look to the Egyptians to save us while the other half was saying we must look to the Babylonians to save us. The true prophets said to follow the Most High God. Surely neither the Republicans or Democrats will save us. We must humble ourselves and seek God’s mercy.
    Thanks be to God people in the White House pray now. God answered my prayers when Hillary Clinton was defeated. I know I am not alone. Jesus saves. The devil will steal, kill and deastroy. Let us seek God while He may be found.

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  13. Totally encapsulates the whole Democratic worldview!

    Very few people remember that the screed “The 45 Goals of Communism” was read into the Congressional Record on Jan. 17, 1963. We do. We also remember the socialist Presidential Candidate and dupe Norman Thomas, who said, “Your children will wake up and find out that America has become communist” after a steady incremental advancement toward it—echoing the sentiment of Lenin and Stalin.
    The Democratic Party is, for all intents and purposes, the Communist Party. They don’t determine the policy; Rather, they are the “Vanguard of the Proletariat”: They carry out the policy. They don’t tell ANTIFA what to do (George Soros’ money does).

    We are in the War of Our Lives here. And let us always keep the Big Picture in mind: The Whole of Civilization has been worn down, ground down, demoralized, stripped of any morality and work ethic it has left, and we are on the Road to Armageddon and the Apocalypse.
    Our very Church itself has been infiltrated and taken over. (And let those who like Frankenpope live in Dreamland: We have to move on).

    Let us go forth as FOCUSED CHRISTIANS and keep in mind WHY we are here and WHAT we are supposed to do. Tall Order, No Problem: Humanly, nothing is possible; With God, All Things are possible.
    And we must not let the almost certain knowledge that we shall not be here to see the end of the Battle: If we are good, we shall see the End from the Beginning, either in Purgatory or Heaven.
    No man knows the Day or the Hour. Regardless: I believe that Jesus Christ WILL COME to Judge the Living and the Dead later on in THIS CENTURY. I cannot prove that; All I have been doing is trying to apprehend what I intuit what has been going on.

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  14. Methinks 2018 may not as good to Democrats as they want…

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  15. traildustfotm

    That’s the thing. Every time they attack President Trump, they are attacking the people who supported him. You and me.

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  16. Looks like DCG’s home state has a handle on how to deal with shooters:

    Two concealed carry license holders who didn’t know each other fired on the perp. Local cops say they “probably won’t be charged”? Charged with what, protecting others?

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