Lawsuit forces CA homeowners’ association to allow Christian groups in senior community

In America’s ongoing culture war, in which the Left and anti-Christians have won too many battles, conservatives and Christians must fight back, with lawsuits if necessary.

A few Christians in a California retirement community did just that — and won.

Solera at Kern Canyon (by Del Webb) is a senior (“active adults” 55 and over) community of 558 homes in Bakersfield, California, where the cost of a single-family home ranges from the low $200,000s to high $200,000s.

Solera has a community center where residents meet, including four popular Christian groups: a Sunday morning worship service, a men’s Bible study group, and two women’s Bible studies groups. About 100 residents attend the groups every week.

In 2016, just before Thanksgiving, Solera’s homeowners’ association (HOA) suspended the group meetings following a complaint from one atheist resident. 

A member of the Sunday worship service and men’s Bible studies filed suit, and the HOA lifted the suspension in late December. The HOA, however, continued to insist that it had done nothing wrong and has the authority to suspend the groups again at anytime. So litigation continued throughout 2017 and early 2018.

Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) legal defense organization specializing in the defense of religious (read: Christian) freedom, parental rights, and other civil liberties.

In Spring 2018, Pacific Justice Institute intervened in the suit on behalf of the leaders of Solera’s four Christian groups. In collaboration with Bakersfield attorney Doug Gosling of Braun Gosling, PJI argued that, although the homeowners’ association was not directly subject to the First Amendment, it owes residents similar obligations under California’s civil rights laws.

The case was scheduled for trial in mid-May. On March 12, 2018, the parties met for mediation that culminated in the HOA agreeing to a number of concessions that will protect the seniors’ religious rights going forward. After the settlement was finalized over the next several weeks, the plaintiffs filed for dismissal of the case.

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, commented, “We are thrilled with this tremendous victory on behalf of these courageous senior citizens. This may be the first time a group of residents have taken on their HOA in court to fight for their religious meeting rights—and won.”

Matthew McReynolds, the PJI attorney who led the group’s litigation in the case, stated, “Throughout this case, their faith and dedication have inspired us.  They are overcoming physical challenges and disabilities to spread the light in their community, and we couldn’t have been more proud to represent them.”

Source: Pacific Justice Institute

Click here to donate to Pacific Justice Institute, a great warrior in America’s culture war.


17 responses to “Lawsuit forces CA homeowners’ association to allow Christian groups in senior community

  1. Hurray at for the Christians!!!

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Absurd that only one person’s complaint could be the cause of such conflict. That one person must have had some real influence with that h.o.a..

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  3. H.O.A. steal your money lawfully.

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  4. Kudos to the PJI and Brad Dacus (who I’ve had the tremendous privilege to hear speak a couple of times), one of the few GOOD attorneys around.

    The complaining atheist is an ass. Maybe the hymns were sung too loud for his liking? Some people just aren’t happy unless they’re making the people around them miserable.

    Regardless of one’s personal opinion of Stefan Molyneux (he IS arrogant, pedantic, and overly-dramatic at times), I am impressed by his new-found appreciation for Christianity, and his willingness to express his appreciation publicly. I think Dr. Duke Pesta has been instrumental in Molyneux’s softening (and perhaps even a future conversion?) on the topic; in any case, it’s a beautiful thing to see. God bless our Christian soldiers!

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  5. My thought is, feel free to tell us to NOT try to proselytize you and yours.
    But don’t you dare tell us we can’t be Christians and practice our beliefs as allowed by our God-given rights (and the FIRST Amendment to our US Constitution). Respect that most private and personal part of humanity.

    I don’t force my religion down your throat, so don’t think you can force yours (atheism, whatever) down mine!

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    • Michael McKay

      Too bad they settled through mediation. It should have been allowed to go through the full trial, it would have set case law. Now, any other entity can do similar and it would require a NEW lawsuit.

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    • Michael McKay

      People frequently ask me “How you doing?”. My response is ALWAYS “Better than I deserve.” They often come back with something like “Oh, you’re doing good!” THAT allows me to “proselytize” the saving Grace of the Gospel, and THEY asked for it by disagreeing with my first comment.

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  6. How sad is your life if you are upset by seniors getting together in groups to study the Bible? Don’t like it? Don’t participate.

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    • Absolutely right!! That’s always been a primary staple of America,until Communism got its toe in the door. We need to get back to what WORKS,get people’s lawful RIGHTS back.

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  7. The push for the NWO continues. Every day people are becoming less tolerant. Where did this idea that no one must ever be offended come from? There isn’t a day that goes by I’m not offended by something.

    Seeking to control what others do is a sickness. Until very recently it was a safe bet in the U.S. that religion was “off the table” as far as prohibition was concerned. Not anymore.

    If he wants to live in an atheist community he should move to Hollywood. The leftists are encouraging this sort of behavior.

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  10. I am very happy to hear they won. But why would anyone pay attention to any protest the atheist had, he wasn’t attending the meetings.? To fold so easily is bunk.
    BTW, full disclosure. I hate HOAs. A few people on a power trip without the brains to handle it.

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  11. I can fully understand proving your point but…..who would really want to live there??

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    • If you don’t stop the onslaught where you stand, it will mow you down and go on to the next person.
      1963 … a bad year all around. Bring prayer back to the schools. That would be a great start.

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