Obama’s deep state DOJ and FBI willfully obstructs Congress in the pursuit of justice

By Kelleigh Nelson, reblogged from News With Views:

President Trump was mocked for claims he made that the Obama regime and their weaponized intelligence agency assets had wire-tapped his communications and Trump

Tower. Evidence has since proven that his claim was, in fact, a true statement.  The slow-walking of documents and general obstruction by the agencies involved, the DOJ under AG Jeff Sessions, and the FBI under Wray, has left America largely uninformed as to the level of corruption and anti-American activities of the illegitimate Obama regime.

On Laura Ingraham’s May 15th show, former US attorney Joe diGenova stated that there was absolutely no legitimate basis for a counterintelligence investigation, let alone a criminal investigation.  He explained that John Brennan was at the head of the group of people who were going to create a counterintelligence investigation against Trump by creating false information they would feed through Carter Page and patsy George Papadopoulos so that it would be picked up, reported back to Washington and provide the basis for a fake counterintelligence investigation and it was all Brennan’s doing.

Why is it then that Robert Mueller has never requested an interview with Brennan who started the entire spying vendetta on candidate Trump in April of 2016?  Because there was no dirt on Trump to dig up!

Former Director of the CIA John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper both committed perjury when testifying to Congress, yet neither have been charged.  And both were part of Obama’s counterintelligence investigation of Donald Trump.

FBI’s Slow and Redacted Incriminating Documents

As I mentioned in my last article, prior to the Obama administration, the DOJ and FBI have always responded promptly to any requests by Congress for documents and back then a congressional committee didn’t need a subpoena to get information from the FBI.

Now however, the entire DOJ is using every obstacle and impediment to keep Congress from learning the truth, and we know why…to cover their own backsides.  Congress has to subpoena nearly everything they want, it takes months for the FBI to release, and when they get it, the documents are heavily redacted.  They tell Congress their lack of transparency is necessary for the protection of national security, vital intelligence, and investigative operations. What absolute horse hockey and Devin Nunes and others know it because they’ve seen the unredacted forms.

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein’s reaction to reports of possible impeachment for failing to respond to congressional subpoenas was to proclaim that, “the Department of Justice is not going to be extorted.”  What?  The DOJ/FBI is obligated to give Congress everything they request.  Who the hell allows your existence and funds you Rosenstein?  What hubris!

Rosenstein, as acting AG after Sessions’ foolish recusal, must believe he is above the law.  He has authorized unlimited investigations of the administration he supposedly serves.  Mark Penn writing for The Hill states, “The Constitution gave the elected representatives of the people the right to decide whether to impeach public officials for failure to comply with completely lawful subpoenas and appropriate oversight. They even provide Congress with immunity included in the Constitution to prevent threats from people like Rosenstein.”

There was no criminal premise to justify any investigation of any Trump campaign official, but the Obama administration used the DOJ/FBI for counterintelligence against the opposition hoping they would find something criminal, which they have not.  Link

Sessions is failing the President and American people by not telling Rosenstein and FBI Director Wray to release the requested documents immediately and dethroning and ejecting Rosenstein and Mueller.  Too many innocent lives have been financially ruined.  We want to know who the planted FBI spy was in the Trump campaign!  Get out from under that rock AG Sessions and do your job!

Persecution of Lt. Gen. Michael T Flynn

Guess who is weighing in on General Flynn!?  None other than former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik.  He believes Mueller pressed the General to take a plea deal so the Special Counsel would not be caught in their lies and corruptions.  Remember too that this is a process crime plea by Flynn made in order to stop the financial drain of legal costs and to protect his son from prosecution by Mueller and gang, a prosecution created out of thin air. Michael Flynn never lied to anyone, including VP Pence.

But now the lies of the Special Counsel are coming out into the open!  Mike Flynn was set up because of the deep animosity of the intelligence community especially Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.  Don’t forget that former CIA Director James Woolsey also tried to undercut and destroy General Flynn.

Michael Flynn is hated because he knows all about the intelligence community and the 17-year decay that has seeped into it since Mueller became the FBI Director in 2001.

Grassley Demands all DOJ/FBI Info on Flynn

Sara Carter reports that Chuck Grassley’s May 11th letter to Director Wray and Deputy AG Rosenstein demands they produce the transcript of Flynn’s intercepted calls with Russian Ambassador Kislyak and the FBI’s 302’s by May 25th.  Why give them time, demand them now!  The 302s are the FBI agents’ reports of interviews which are written up after the fact.

Grassley, chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee is demanding that the DOJ and FBI adhere to requests made over a year ago and turn over all documentation associated with the bureau’s investigation into former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn. Flynn pleaded guilty to one count of lying to the FBI, despite evidence and admissions from senior FBI officials that he did not lie. Moreover, the letter reveals for the first time the name of the second FBI agent who interviewed Flynn at the White House regarding his conversation with the former Russian Ambassador.

It was former acting AG Sally Yates who marched Strzok and Pientka over to Mike Flynn’s office for an “impromptu interview.” She was fired by President Trump after she refused to defend his executive order to restrict immigration and refugees from several high-risk countries in the Middle East.

Grassley requested that the second FBI Agent Joe Pientka, who was with Peter Strzok when he interviewed Mike Flynn on Jan. 24, 2017, be made available “for a transcribed interview with Committee staff no later than one week following the production of the requested documents.”  Investigative reporter Sara Carter says according to numerous law enforcement sources, neither Strzok or Pientka believed Flynn was lying during their interview with him, as reported.  Link

Those FD-302s

Agent Joe Pientka also filed an FD 302 form following the interview with General Flynn. Grassley is demanding to see both his and Strzok’s FD 302 forms from that interview.  It is well established that former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe loathed the General and was a willing participant in the FBI set-up.

The most recent text messages between FBI attorney Lisa Page and Agent Peter Strzok are telling.  There is evidence of the “widely held belief” that Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe told FBI agents Strzok and Pientka to shape their FBI reports of the interview (FD-302’s) to assist a “Flynn lied” narrative.

This is important as it will mean the FBI had to issue two 302 reports, one from each questioning agent, then compare them to filed 302s of submitted evidentiary. They might have been redrafted in which case it is criminal, or if they agree Flynn didn’t lie, it was exculpatory and not revealed, which is also criminal.

When the FBI called for a meeting in Flynn’s office, the General thought it was routine business, and he wasn’t prepared or aware of the impending interview.  It was a conspiracy to entrap the General.

Inspector General’s Report

Attorney Joe diGenova on the Deep State’s admission of spying on Trump said, “This is the most unbelievable scandal in history.  James Comey was the dirty cop in charge of a bunch of dirty cops. And what you have here is, this was a criminal plot by senior people: John Brennan, James Comey, James Clapper, senior DOJ officials to suborn the presidency of the United States through the use of false evidence. The false FISA warrants were obtained through lying to the FISA Court.”

The Inspector General’s report is coming out any day now and there is indication that it may rule that FBI and Justice Department officials broke the law in their handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Link  Watergate was just a break-in robbery to obtain information. What Obama and his administration did was use devious evil means involving government agencies and resources to spy on a political opponent before, during, and after the election.  Then when they lost the election, they attempted a coup to remove Trump from office by any means necessary. This is treason.

The Gordian Knot and Bold Action

Harrison Ford graduated from Maine Township High School East in Park Ridge, Illinois in 1960.  I graduated from that same school in 1964, and I knew Harry’s little brother Terry who was a year ahead of me.  So many famous names came from our high school, some good, some bad, and both Ford’s, like 1965 classmate Hillary Clinton, are leftists.  Harrison Ford’s movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, had a scene that was not in the script, but was impromptu by Ford and left in because it was so perfect.  Indiana Jones, played by Ford, meets up with an Arab knife wielder who is out to kill him, and rather than duel to death, Indiana Jones simply pulls his firearm and shoots the guy.

End of problem.

The Gordian knot was given its name applicable to a proverbial term for a problem solvable only by bold action. In 333 BC, Alexander the Great, on his march through Anatolia, reached Gordium, the capital of Phrygia. There he was shown the chariot of the ancient founder of the city, Gordius, with its yoke lashed to the pole by means of an intricate knot with its end hidden. According to tradition, this knot was to be untied only by the future conqueror of Asia. In the popular account, Alexander sliced through the knot with his sword. The phrase “cutting the Gordian knot” has thus come to denote a bold solution to a complicated problem.

End of problem.


President Trump is responsible for his administration’s actions. The buck stops with him.  The president has the authority and the duty to ensure that his subordinates honor lawful disclosure requests from Congress. Bold action is required.

The DOJ reports to the President, and our President has the sole power to fire anyone within his administration.  He also has the power to declassify every piece of information being withheld from Congress as it relates to this scandalous counterintelligence investigation.

Furthermore, I am of the opinion that President Trump needs to fire Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller.

End of problem.

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36 responses to “Obama’s deep state DOJ and FBI willfully obstructs Congress in the pursuit of justice

  1. Right now, Obama’s administration is taking the fall for all the corruption in government. But I believe that if the truth were known, the corruption goes back a lot further than 2008. Obama just took up the reins and handled ‘business as usual’. And it would have continued on, if Hillary had won the election, instead of Trump.

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    • I agree Wayne, well said.

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    • Not quite that simple-I believe Obama not only picked up the reins,but he “turned up the heat “,pushing the Government’s lawlessness to previously unseen heights. Hillary was to have dealt the death blows to the US,signing the papers to hand America completely over to the NWO. Thank God she wasn’t Elected,and Thank God the man who WAS Elected is Donald Trump;I honestly believe he is the ONLY man with the qualities it’ll take to save our Country,and yes,I also believe he goes about his business with God’s hand resting gently on his shoulder.

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  2. Dr. Eowyn, thank you so much for Posting this, this one is on my front burner, above and beyond everything else that’s currently going on. This is the core of the Coup d’état to unseat our elected President. We know now that our great President Trump is a squeaky clean, reverent, stand up individual, or they would have found and aired it by now. I don’t care if he had sex with a porn star, we elected him to be the wrecking ball that he is. It might be just me, but it’s kind of refreshing to have a red blooded hetero that chases skirts as our leader, I was mentally poisoned by that prior 2 term muslim fag.

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    • Stovepipe . . . . BRAVO! I can only concur with your idea of being poisoned mentally by the last POTUS. In eight years he dealt this country such immense blows to our freedom, and we have seen the rise of those who just will not abide by the rule of law.

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  3. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    The reason our country is in such a mella of hess is because since Bush I as a Globalist – the mentality has been is to rape and then pilfer Lady Liberty while the House, Senate, and the Supreme Court has been sitting by and knowing what was happening and allowing this to happen. Not until the Freedom Caucus came into being – the savior – has any attempt been made to stop these traitors who want to change America into a third world country. This present attempt by Obama admin Democrat Muslim/Communists with the FBI and DOJ who are attempting to take over the country after having lost the Hillary election will have to be made an example of and brought to justice – even if the American people have to step in. It is time for McConnell and Ryan to be removed from office since they are part of the coup.


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  4. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III alias Jeff Sessions, WHERE IN THE HELL IS HE AT??? Heard he went into hybernation (underground). Jeff where are you?

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    • Alma, I have no idea if this is the absolute truth, but I have been told that Sessions had to recuse himself from the beginning, because he was also spied on by the Obama administration, and is, therefore, a part of the investigations.


  5. PRESIDENT TRUMP just 2Hrs ago …

    Donald J. Trump
    ‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
    2h2 hours ago

    23,270 replies 11,306 retweets 39,435 likes

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  6. Great post, summing up the entire fiasco quickly.

    Somewhere I smell Hillary behind all this, in addition to Obama.
    The late Joseph Sobran and William F. Buckley complained, quite rightly, about the harm and damage FDR did to the Constitution, and I found their complaints to be true. But with Hillary Clinton becoming Secretary of State, she set up a PARALLEL State Department, a “state within a state,” her own little fiefdom to enrich her and her husband’s foundation. Theft and criminal fraud, to be sure. But also an exercise and an AGENDA OF TREASON, at least from the moral perspective.
    And what is going on with Brennan, Comey, McCabe and Rosenstein is not only covering up for Hillary Clinton, but also pursuing Barack Obama’s more covert agenda of OVERTHROWING THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, albeit in a surreptitious and incremental manner.
    MAKE NO MISTAKE: Hillary Clinton’s only aims here are to keep the money coming in and to skate Justice until she dies. (And I mean that literally: As far as she is concerned, hubby Bill is on his own!) But Barack Obama’s aim is to pave the way for an actual and literal BOLSHEVIK-STYLE REVOLUTION in the United States Government.

    President Trump has made what in my opinion, may be a fatal mistake: He did not route every last one of these deep-state operatives in one shot, right after his inauguration. He decided to play ball with this Deep State, hoping he could catch up later on. He also has made the mistake of appointing Jeff Sessions to begin with. And then he hired Rudy Guiliani, who proceeded to shoot the President in the foot with his admission re.: The President and Stormy Daniels.
    President Trump has but one choice to make, and he had better make it NOW: Fire Sessions, and lock the whole damn bunch of these SOB’s up, in Gitmo, PRONTO. All persons should be declared to be enemies of the State and treated as such.
    And President Trump must move quickly and FIRE every last one of Obama’s sabotage-appointees. Yes, this happened in our History before: The Congress impeached President Andrew Johnson over his firing of a cabinet member without Congressional approval, the law to which was actually declared unconstitutional about 20 years after the Impeachment Circus. Looks to me as if President Trump is going to have to plan and strategize carefully, get the Armed Forces on his side, talk to the American People, take bold action, and DOUBLE-DOG DARE the Congress to take him on. I believe he can actually win this one: The votes to impeach—or convict—are not there.
    President Trump, YOU. MUST. ACT. DECISIVELY. NOW.

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  7. Excellent post Dr. Eowyn! The MSM is trying so very hard not to report on these latest events. I had heard awhile back that Rosenstein (who looks like a goblin from Harry Potter in the pic above) signed off on at least one of the FISA applications. Like Roger Stone said, Watergate was “small potatoes” compared to the breadth and scope of the high crimes, treason, sedition and soft coup committed by these enemy deep state cabals. It has been confirmed McMaster was another leaking spy plant who was placed in the White House. Last night, a guest on InfoWars, stated these criminals are having a “panic party” right now. I wish we still hanged traitors as harsh consequences are needed. Every one of the criminals should have their financial holdings seized. These seized monies should be used to reimburse Gen. Flynn and the others who have lost their homes and savings from the illegal lawsuits. The rest of it can go to building the wall. Several in alternative news have warned that the deep state is planning a really big false flag to divert the news and sabotage the efforts of Congress to receive the rest of the FBI documents and appoint an independent general counsel. They are desperate to remain in control.

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  8. It’s quite interesting to watch Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Yates, Holder, and the other members of Obama’s merry band of treasonous criminals running all over social media and fake news outlets with their hair on fire, trying to laughably defend what they have been caught doing. Others, like McCabe and Lynch, seem to have gone silent. A large part of the Strzok and Page text messages remain redacted, so even the guilty parties have no idea what information is lurking beneath all the blacked-out lines.

    So far, everything that President Trump has accused them of has been proven to be true. I suspect he is like a good prosecutor, and he never asks a question or makes an accusation that he doesn’t already have the answer for. I think General Flynn and Admiral Rogers have provided the Inspector General and prosecutor John Huber with a boatload of information they wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Thank God for these two patriots!

    Keep praying and believing that what was done in darkness will all be brought into the light, and that the guilty will be punished for what they have done.

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    • Maryaha . . . . Congratulations! Excellent comments. I also believe that General Flynn and Admiral Rogers are true patriots. It seems as though you and I, and every liberty loving citizen are caught up in a personal frenzy of what and when will justice be meted out!

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  9. God puts all leaders in power we get what we Pray for and that is why we have Trump. We all know what is going on its not like they are really trying to hide it any more. Lock them up all of them.

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  10. Weaponizing whole departments? You mean like the IRS? Whatever happened with that? Oh yeah…NOTHING. Just like Fast & Furious, Benghazi, and loads of other highly illegal problems that, had I participated in, would have earned ME the death penalty.

    I hate them all.

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    • Exactly. Republican fakes like Sessions, Grassly, Gowdy, Ryan, McConnell et al. are covering not exposing the Deep State. Even at this probably too-late date these backstabbers are still disgracefully acting as if their hands are legally and procedurally tied, and for the now obvious purpose of quashing any meaningful indictments of Deep State criminality by throwing the midterm elections to the Democrats if they can.

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    • I have been pulling what’s left of my hair out over this. Nobody seems to listen. That’s what I mean by “he’s either too dumb or complicit”. There is no buck to pass here unless you want to.

      Obongo is the most lawless in a long line of lawless administrations. That’s simply because they don’t work for us, they work for the New World Odor. They have no honor or shame.

      I don’t want Henry Waxman speeches, I want someone to fire those needing firing and jail the others. If that can’t happen, what’s the point? I don’t like being chumped.

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  11. Richard Raymond

    Too bold an action on the part of Trump could put him at risk of elimination like Kennedy?
    Is this the linchpin?


  12. What a long, drawn-out, & elaborate & deceptive web they have weaved … around their own necks!

    In a prior Hitlery post, I think it was josephBC (?) who left a very funny comment re her saying, “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” … & then “the Mirror screamed & shattered!” 😀

    A similar funny re this whole Obama-Hillary-DOJ-FBI #SpyGate vs. Trump:

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  13. Bill Mitchell, the eternal pro-Trump optimist, is convinced & has been claiming for a year that this Mueller & Co. racket is a joint Trump & Sessions plot or “sting” as Mitchell calls it, that will be revealed by Trump/Sessions at the “perfect moment” to destroy the Dems (& DeepState) pre-Mid-Terms.

    Mitchell’s only “unknowing” has been whether:
    a)__Mueller is a White Hat who agreed in advance to make it appear he was going after Trump but was really after Hillary/Obama all along, even gathering pro-HRC attorneys to help him do it;
    b)__Mueller is a Black Hat who agreed to go along with the above to save his own hide.

    (When Mitchell switched half-way through, from (a) to (b), he was called out on it by trolls & Trump supporters alike!)

    Mitchell was proven to be correct in all his “predictions” during the Trump Campaign, so we still give Mitchell an ear during this endless Mueller fiasco. However, many fans are SICK OF WAITING for the “shoe to drop”!

    Here are some of his latest tweets re his ongoing “predictions”:


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      • Sure, but so what. They don’t work for us anyway. He’ll never go to jail unless there’s a real coup to counter the last coup. They’re making chumps out of us.

        Look you or me could fix this in a nano-second if we had the power. They have the power. That means they don’t want to fix it. I don’t think they’re as bright as some would like us to think, but they’re not that stupid either.

        The whole pack of them should be trussed up and hauled off. I will gladly apologize for the rest of my natural life if they do that. Please, make me do that. I don’t think I have anything to worry about that way.

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        • I’m well over 24-hrs. acknowledging your replies. Sorry about that. I agree with you as I tend to be a skeptic when it comes to politics & things of the world.

          At @LastRefuge2 I saw a retweet by Newt Gingrich later yesterday/Thurs. wherein even he claims bad things are coming/will be exposed re the “bad guys.” Not that he can be trusted either!

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    • I think somebody watches too much Netflix. I don’t trust any of them. I’d love to eat my words. Please, let them try me.


    • Like

      • Like

      • Reminds me of those televangelists who are always predicting the “End Times”. I say fine, Maranatha, but I”m not holding my breath.

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        • Haha, good comparison re End Times TV preachers. It’s hard to be “sitting on the edge of your seat” continuously. “Holding Breath” not recommended. 🙂

          Probably 1-day per week, or even per month, of political-news-watching/reading would suffice since it is such a roller-coaster. Twitter makes it easier, scan a bunch of news headlines fast & “get it over with,” lol.

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      • Last “prediction” for now…


  14. Don’t mind me, I am still sitting here with bated breath waiting for the explanation of how and why Samantha Powers had the power to expose so many private citizens. But, that is for another day.
    I agree with Stephen above when he said a crucial mistake on Trumps part was not completely cleaning house on day one. I don’t think he realized the depth and width of all the corruption. Trump should have had a complete crew ready to step in Immediatley. I think it exposed a weakness.
    Great article and great comments.

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    • “I don’t think he realized the depth and width of all the corruption.”

      I don’t know for sure, but during the campaign Trump said more than once, “I AM THEIR BIGGEST FEAR because I used to be ONE OF THEM & I KNOW all their dirty deeds” (or similar wording).

      On another occasion I either read or heard him say that due to his decades-long business dealings, that he had basically “heard it all” from an assortment of politicians, business people, govt. people, cops, etc., & others in that type of network of “insiders.”

      “…a crucial mistake on Trumps part was not completely cleaning house on day one … Trump should have had a complete crew ready to step in Immediately.”

      I think we all felt that way, totally deflated. I can’t decide if Trump really is dumb or is very shrewd. Some say that he kept them around (“keep your enemies closer”) so they would continue in their subversion unawares, letting their “sins” continue to pile up until he (& Sessions) could build a case & gather all the proof they need to lock them up.

      One person tweeted that Trump is waiting to fill the judgeships first because it would do no good to stand these crooks before Dem judges. Good point.

      Supposedly Giuliani has said that the Mueller “probe” will wrap up in September. Another tweeter surmised that that will be the “perfect timing” to destroy Dems/DeepState in the Nov. elections.

      Like you, I’m waiting… If the Mid-Terms roll by with NO “dropping of the hammer,” & no impartial judgeships filled, I think we can consider it was all a pipe dream & nothing will ever change.

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      • Maryaha, I know of his recuse but the guy is nowhere,is like the earth swallowed him.


      • TPR, i read your last sentence, it scares me, something’s got to give, or we might as well close the book.

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        • I agree. Alma! Like the Hawaiian Volcano, all that “buried pressure” has to be “released” sooner or later.

          The “simmering” stage gets old. Either turn up the heat or turn off the stove & remove the pot.

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      • I agree with most of what you said. I’ve said many times that I don’t have any heroes. Besides, I’m not looking for a hero here, I just want a legitimate government. A government that doesn’t work for us is illegitimate.

        The current one is FAR more concerned with Israel than the U.S.. This isn’t new, it is just sickening. I completely agree that it was stupid to use ANY of Obongo’s “chosen”.

        Sometimes, even with smart people who are used to having everything their own way, they are a little too proud. A truly wise person doesn’t reveal every thought as it happens. It is often MUCH more effective to put things in place quietly and then light the fuze.

        There has been too much back-peddling and broken promises already to suit me. The only coherent thing I see is this devotion to their owners in Israel.

        Oddly, both the Trumpster and Obongo have the same problem. They both act as if they were placed there to do what THEY wanted to do. That isn’t how its supposed to work. Up to Obongo they had to at least PRETEND to care what we thought.

        Any of us mere mortals would have been long ago locked up for the violations of law and corruption we see here. Every day that goes by without action is another example of who’s really in charge.

        Based on what I see and the remedies available to him under the Patriot Act, I don’t see anything at all preventing him from rounding them up and sending them to GITMO for special attention. After all, he just confirmed an expert.


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