Seattle mayor fast tracks backyard cottages to address Seattle’s affordable housing crisis

backyard cottages

Seattle’s Fair Chance Housing: Build a small city for criminals in your backyard!

Keep in mind that Seattle’s “Fair Chance Housing” Ordinance went into effect on 2/19/18, meaning a landlord cannot unfairly deny applicants housing based on criminal history. It also prohibits the use of advertising language that automatically or categorically excludes people with arrest records, conviction records, or criminal history. (I wrote about this on 8/10/17.)

With that in mind, who wouldn’t want to invest $300,000+ of their own hard-earned money to house a convicted criminal in their backyard?

From After years of studies and discussion, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is streamlining the process to build backyard cottages. The mayor’s office hopes it will incentivize homeowners to build the units while creating more affordable housing in the city.

“Seattle faces an affordability and housing crisis, and we are taking urgent action to increase the supply of rental housing options as quickly as possible,” Durkan said. “Too many people are being pushed out of this city or can’t find a place to live. We need to use every tool in our toolbox to boost the supply of housing.

A backyard cottage is essentially what it sounds like — a living space akin to a mother-in-law unit built in a backyard. They have been promoted as one method to address Seattle’s severe lack of affordable housing.

But progress toward building the backyard cottages has been stalled at Seattle City Hall for years. Durkan aims to end that bottleneck. She has ordered the Department of Construction and Design to “fast track” pre-approved designs for detached accessory dwelling units (ADAU) aka backyard cottages.

“Fast-tracked designs for backyard cottages will allow us to get more housing online faster,” Durkan said. “We will continue to work on all fronts – from adding more shelter beds to innovative permanent housing options – to build a more affordable future for Seattle.”

Seattle will pay architects to develop a handful of standard cottage designs that homeowners can choose from. These designs will be permitted more quickly and cheaper. Durkan’s office says this will cut down permitting time by half. The office doesn’t say exactly how much cheaper the process will be, but does note that current costs can range between $10,000 and $30,000 just to design the structure. And up to $300,000 to build it.

Read the whole story here.


28 responses to “Seattle mayor fast tracks backyard cottages to address Seattle’s affordable housing crisis

  1. Comrade Obama

    Seattle where the padding meets the walls.

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  2. There is simply no help for these people. You can’t help people who are stuck on stupid.

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  3. T”he office doesn’t say exactly how much cheaper the process will be, but does note that current costs can range between $10,000 and $30,000 just to design the structure. And up to $300,000 to build it.”

    Is mayor Durkan’s family involved in the design and the building? Because this sounds like another make-work-for-my-family scam. I’m sure those cottages could be built for no more than $20K.

    This is Agenda 2030, 2040, etc., ad infinitum. They want EVERYONE who survives the carbon taxation and geo-engineering/solar dimming scams to live in these boxes/coffins.

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    • Forty years ago Christopher Alexander’s classic books, Pattern Language and Timeless Way of Building, attempted to describe the determinants of a “livable” architecture with vintage photos and in warm, humane language. Small, backyard cottages were recommended for teens and aging parents, so this is just a PC update. He catalogs the patterns of life-enhancing domestic architectural elements developed everywhere in history in stark contrast with modern domestic architecture that’s as lifeless and deadening as the showcase cottages featured in the full article. They cost so insanely much to build because they’re all about that virtue signaling agenda you allude to, which is displaying (museum-like in the backyard) a Soylent Green array of recycled garbage as building materials to house the unwashed masses in updated versions of Corbusier’s Machines for Living, enforcing a utilitarian orderliness and sterility that drives people, quite literally, out of their minds. Architectural schools today are every bit as politicized as the social sciences departments, so there’s also the politically motivated, ridiculously high fee for these offgassing, synthetic, and hermetically sealed cottage designs that are in any interesting sense basically copies of RVs sans the chassis.

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  4. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    What are these officials drinking – mind-altering drugs? Glad they live on the edge of the ocean because that is the way they make decisions – always making decisions which aren’t common sense decisions. They should have checked this life style by reading what happened in Europe when they brought people into their homes – it was a disaster. It was all about how much money they ere going to get from the government for housing these people. It is called greed.

    Trust – but verify.


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  5. Remember, too, that generous people in Houston took Katrina victims into their homes, and for their kindness, some were robbed, beaten and murdered. Attention Criminals! Seattle loves you .. GO THERE!

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  6. RE: forcing folks to house criminals… why stop at that? Force them to take in feral, rabid, & stray animals… maybe the occasional bear, raccoon, and wolverine too? And if it can fit, an elk or whatever else lives up there.

    This Chávez-like mayor sounds like a loon. Remember how well Hoovervilles went for our country? What can be done by the feds to dis-lodge her from office and save Seattle if the good folks there can’t save themselves?

    I’m assuming they aren’t forcing homeowners to build these shanties in their backyards, but either way, both policies are just going to result in a flight of those with money (the homeowners who worked long and hard to earn, save, and invest it) OUT of the city, leaving behind even WORSE economic conditions (and housing market) for those remaining.

    This is what happens when activists ACT before thinking through problems.

    Like trying to outlaw guns after a school shooting rather than finding out why the kids “went off”, and maybe who was responsible for their being forced into a corner. Stopping the bullying and ostracizing, identifying and treating those with mental conditions, and maybe getting some rules in place for what is allowable in video 1st-person shooter games — and having parents be more responsible for limiting how much their kids play them — would seem more appropriate and reasonable (and cheaper and Constitutional!) than trying to take away our 2nd Amendment Rights. And of course, maybe stopping a kid in a trench coat from entering school in the sweltering Houston heat might be a good idea. Or monitoring his Facebook posts. Morons.

    Disgusted by the Sunday news shows this weekend… and then seeing what Meet The Press Daily is actually like on MSNBC, thanks to my cable provider making it available through their app, just has me down… “News” should be dropped from the show titles and descriptions when even the top national reporters can’t give us the actual news, but rather their opinions, bias, and spins on what really happened. It’s offensive, a damned shame.

    Of the few “moderates” left on the shows, only Brooks and Gerson seem to be moving anywhere near to the center, the latter likely due to getting his own show on PBS (“In Principle”) which is meant to present an alternate point of view (though he still rails against Trump, of course). No idea what’s up with Brooks, whose recent views on PBS had been hard to differentiate from his debate partner, Shields. I’m guessing something changed in his personal life.

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    • Left/libtards are only concerned about “root causes” when it gets ’em something they want. Here, they just want to ban guns (except for the loyal minions enforcing their will).

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  7. Soon:

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  8. I must have missed the “incentive” for home owners to spend their own money on this. Did I miss something? This looks like something Obongo would come up with. Next it will be a requirement that only “people of color” are allowed to live in them.

    So Seattle gets $30,000 dog houses. Once these are up they’ll come back and insist that you demolish your house and put up more of these. Why don’t they chase these idiots through the streets?

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  9. Whos designing and building these rinky dink tool sheds? Seattles getting shafted but since its not their money, who cares?

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  10. Hahahah…….

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  11. Those look like the designer chicken coops.

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  12. Once more lately… and I assumed there’ll be more yet:

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  13. Ya know, I used to think those claiming to have been abducted by aliens were full of merde.

    LOL – But I’m beginning to think I was abducted by aliens and dropped on the planet Stoopid in an obscure parallel universe.

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  14. Do I have to live in Seattle to design chicken coops for 10K to 30K and then build them for 300???
    Where do I sign up? Fook! What a scam being perpetrated on the (good?) and intelligent taxpayers ………
    I couldn’t have dreamed this shiite up on acid.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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    • Yeah, something tells me the council members just happen to know a few architects who’ll be happy to help. $300K for a 10/12 shed. Wow!

      Now, one more time, why would someone do this? I might think about it if they just gave me $330K. Just fill the backyard with $2K sheds and go buy a nicer place somewhere else.

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  15. The only thing missing from these human dog houses is the weirdos that dress up like Dalmatians – they should be made to inhabit those houses.

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  16. Hell, if some legal immigrant wants to come here and cut my grass, weed, water and pick my vegatable and flower gardens, feed and water the poultry and swine, keep the yard looking nice, and other tasks as needed, I’ll give them a 40 hour week & I’d be glad to let he or she stay in a nice one room apartment rent free and even pay them a stipend to spend as they wish. It used to be called share cropping or tennant Farmers. A lot of people made a living for themselves doing just that as there was no gumment assistance much. And it looks like now this is what it is coming to soon. That or starve. I would encourge them to better themselves and move up, making space for someone less fortunate that also would like to improve themselves and the lives of others. No slackers or welfare cases. Just good honest labor. A hand up not a hand out.

    Get on the bandwagon and help propel it along.
    Don’t drag your feet or you might get your fingers stomped.

    Boy, that felt good!


    • Er, when I look around I don’t see many of them I’d trust around farm animals. These aren’t “strapping young bucks”, down on their luck. Most are crazy schizophrenics, speed/crack addicted tweeters, and other assorted flotsam and jetsam.

      When I was a kid sometimes men would come to the door and offer to work for food. My mother would make them sandwiches and even send them off with one for the road.

      Those days are pretty much gone. If you handed them a shovel they’d probably get splinters from trying to mate with it.

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  17. They are ,of course,hooked up to city sewer?
    And the sewer permit is included in the 300K?
    Or was that even considered.
    I know,Im just being silly

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  18. Ummmmmm…. “..These designs will be permitted more quickly and cheaper. Durkan’s office says this will cut down permitting time by half. The office doesn’t say exactly how much cheaper the process will be…” Perhaps if the gubmint wasn’t always in peepuls pockets……
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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  19. I must have missed the sentence where the mayor said she was building some in her yard. Who in the world has an extra 30 grand to do this?

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  20. Wasteful idiots who wants a convicted criminal in your back yard while you and your family sleep. Like the fox guarding the chicken house. Where do they think these things up, I mean do they have a think tank that all the idiots show up and think up as much stupid stuff as they can. And to what concessions to home owner what could they possible gets from this. Are these people for real?

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