Esquire magazine: We really do want to take your guns

The Deep State’s relentless false-flag mass shootings are working.

A major magazine has come forth calling for gun confiscation.

Founded in 1933 and published by Hearst Corporation, Esquire is a U.S. men’s magazine with 31 international editions in such countries as the UK, Mexico, Middle East, Russia, China and Japan.

Dave Holmes is Esquire‘s Los Angeles-based Editor-at-Large.

In a May 18, 2018 op/ed, “Okay, Now I Actually Do Want to Take Your Guns,” Holmes writes:

Hey there, NRA:

Listen, I know the moments after a gunman opens fire in a school are hectic for you. You have to get your talking points together, you have to mentally prepare to debate a traumatized yet sensible child, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and practice saying that more guns would have made the situation less deadly. It’s a busy time! And since we are always either in the moments after or the moments before a mass shooting, you’re pretty much always busy, I have noticed!

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I now actually do want to take your guns.

All of your guns.

Right now.

It wasn’t always this way. I have responsible gun owners in my family. I’ve never been a fan of shooting at things myself, but guns sure do seem to have brought joy into the lives of some people I love, and as long as they were stored properly, I never had a problem with them being around. I believed that we should place a hurdle or two between a psychopath and an AR-15, but that’s about as ardent as I got. Live and let live, that was my policy. Even with death machines.

That has all changed. And you changed it.

All along, as American life has gotten deadlier, as our kids have gotten less safe in their schools, you have had the opportunity to work with the vast majority of Americans who support the sensible reform of our gun laws. You have had the chance to preserve your own rights as we work together to keep our gun regulations in step with gun technology. You haven’t.

All along, there have been opportunities for sensible, incremental changes. This year alone, we could have banned the manufacture of bump stocks, which turn semi-automatic weapons into automatic ones. We could have raised the minimum age for gun ownership from 18 to 21, or instate a national minimum age for long-gun ownership. We haven’t, largely because you have bought our government.

What you have done is double down. What you’ve done is convince your members that the occasional school shooting, the odd literal slaughter of innocents, is an unfortunate but inevitable quirk of American life, a thing that is necessary to preserve freedom. You have taken to our television screens to tell us that the world is an apocalyptic hellscape, and that the only way to be safe from gun violence is to stock our homes with guns.

You pushed legislation that cut funding from the Centers for Disease Control for research on gun safety in America. Research that might conclude that fewer guns would mean fewer gun deaths, which leaves us with…no meaningful research on gun violence in America. Our ongoing studies on car safety have made cars, roads and highways safer—not without risk, but safer—yet no comparable studies can be done on guns.

Here’s what you get for that.

The young people of America are now expecting to witness gun violence in their schools. They are sitting in trigonometry waiting for the other shoe to drop, except the shoe can shoot 400 rounds a minute. That’s the result of all your hard work. There’s your prize. Stand up and take it! . . . .

This morning, as an active shooter situation unfolded in his town, this guy decided to show up on the scene with a MAGA hat, a full-size American flag and a pistol on his hip, to…I guess attempt to be a hero? This is what your relentless fear-mongering gets us all: an adult human being taking a gun to a school to be helpful.

I was stunned and sad after Parkland. I was heartened by the efforts of the young people who watch their friends get murdered in front of them. I watched you make nice with them on CNN and then, behind their backs, call them terrorists. And then this morning I watched the same goddamn thing happen again, only this time at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas, where at least ten people are dead. As though all of the marching and organizing and common-sense talking had never happened. As though this ever growing pile of young bodies is worth nothing.

So now I’m angry. Now I’m finished trying to reason with you. So now I, a guy who was ambivalent about guns just a few years ago, want to take your guns away. All of them. I want to take them all and melt them down and shape them into a giant sphere and then push it at you so you have to run away from it like Indiana Jones for the rest of your lives. I want Ted Nugent to roam the halls of his gunless house, sighing wearily until he dies. I want to end this thing once and for all, so that all of you who have prioritized the sale of guns over the lives of children have to sit quietly and think about what you’ve done. God help me, I want to take all of your guns out of your hands, by myself, right now.

It won’t happen, of course. So let’s meet in the middle. Let’s meet at…literally anything.

It’s happening. We tried it your way, and it really did not work. The ground is shifting. Get ready.

1 in 3 Americans own guns. Holmes has better get going with his gun confiscation scheme, beginning with these people:

Hillary Clinton gun-control hypocriteNY Gov. Andrew Cuomo with armed guards

H/t FOTM‘s Stovepipe

See also:


44 responses to “Esquire magazine: We really do want to take your guns

  1. Get ready for what, Dave? You gonna show up at my door and try to take my guns?

    I suggest you start at the homes of criminals.

    I triple dog dare you…

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    • He’s endorsing the government coming to your home and forcibly taking your firearms……at the point of a gun (just like Elian Gonzales). So he’s not really against ‘guns’. He KNOWS they’re useful tools….he’s just against YOU (and me) having free and unfettered access to ‘arms’…even though the constitution which is the foundation of all law in THIS country (which he thinks would (ironically) give authority to the ‘government’ to take them) guarantees OUR ABSOLUTE RIGHT (I don’t care what any ‘Supreme” court says, the 2A says what it says in plain english) to keep,…..and bear arms, at our pleasure.

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  2. I bet he lives in a heavily gated community protected with guns. Maybe he has armed guards when he goes out. He would be protected from crazed mentally ill thugs who shoot at anything and everything. Could those crazed persons be the thugs who always have guns. Holmes, you are nuts to let the thugs have guns and everyone else be the moving target. Please, check into an asylum where all the libtards should be. Don’t forget to take your medication either.

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  3. Esquire, like GQ, is for metrosexual guys. You know, grow a scruffy neckbeard so they look tough, then cry when you bitch slap them (did that to one in Bangor Maine when he thought it was funny to mock my southern accent). Threaten all you want Esquire Nancy Boys. Talk’s cheap and there’s nothing between us but air and opportunity. Unfortunately, you’ll have to send men with guns to my front door to retrieve them and they won’t have an easy time of it. So drink your bottled water in the safety of your plush office and howl like a dog chasing a possum. If the English in North Carolina couldn’t take my great, great, great granddaddy and lock him up you don’t stand a snowball’s chance in a blast furnace of getting one bullet past me.

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    • traildustfotm

      The real tell is the skinny jeans.

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    • Esquire and GQ are for sodomites. Here is David Holmes speaking of his time as a “VJ” on MTV during its last days of “relevancy”:
      “I wish I had been out,” he says. “I do wish that I had forcefully said it, because a younger generation could’ve benefitted from that.”
      HOW young people could benefit from sodomy and sodomites discussing their sodomy is not specified.
      And he also states that now (in his forties) he and his ‘gay’ friends are going through their second adolescence. That’s surely productive for society, no?

      I’m sorry to say it but there is NOTHING worse than a sodomite who feels he’s been wronged. They’re much worse than a jilted woman. (Even THAT woman in “Fatal Attraction”. She’ll boil your rabbit, but he’ll boil you.)
      WARNING: don’t watch the video, if you’ve recently had a meal.

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  4. I’ll bet he sits down to Pee!

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  5. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    For your information.


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  6. Come and get It mister, I’ll leave the door open so you don’t have knock!!!

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  7. Come and get them…… And I’ll kill you where you stand!

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  8. Kevin J Lankford

    Just one more brain washed fool not able to add 2+2. It does not take a mathematical genius to formulate the equation (that is, the real perpetrators of these events) from the already devised deep state solutions.

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  9. irrelevant if guns wasn’t available then knives are or the student could just get gasoline and get more causalities by burning down the school building…

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  10. traildustfotm

    And we know what will follow gun confiscation. A whirlwind of howling demons will descend on a defenseless population and make millions disappear, just like what the bolsheviks did in Russia one hundred years ago.

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  11. Sure hope the commie-lib gun-grabbing traitors have a good supply of body bags on hand.

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  12. I notice that nowhere in Mr. Holmes’s vociferous anti-gun rant does he say he wants to put armed safety officers in schools to stop would be shooters in their tracks before anyone is shot.

    Nowhere does Mr. Holmes acknowledge the fact that the US Department of Defense, and countless federal, state, and local agencies have failed to maintain the NCIC instant check database that would have prevented nearly every one of these shootings.

    Nowhere does Holmes note that even though the FBI, local police, school officials, students, and members of his family all knew that Nickolas Cruz was a homicidal sociopath who was bent on committing murder, no one stopped Nickolas Cruz from acquiring a gun,

    Mr. Holmes ignores the fact that more than 2.5 million people a year use a firearm in self defense in the United States.

    Finally, Mr. Holmes pays no attention the fact that on the day Nickola Cruz shot to death 17 people at Parkland School with a gun he obtained illegally, 77 million peaceful, law abiding gun owners didn’t shoot anybody.

    Mr. Holmes is simply one more left-wing, libtard, anti-gun snowflake who writes using the logical fallacy of appealing to emotion to make his case. He is not relying on anything but emotion to make his point. There are no facts at all in his tirade. He reminds me of the character Howard Besle (played by Peter Finch) in the 1976 movie “Network” as he stands before a television camera shouting at people to open their windows and shout to the world, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

    I make note here that the Besle character did not make it to the end of the movie. Mr. Holmes’s failing magazine is on the same downward slide into oblivion. Perhaps that’s why he is trying to get some free advertising in the form of an editorial calling for confiscation of everybody’s guns.

    I would suggest to Mr. Holmes that if he wants to confiscate guns, he can start by confiscating the guns of criminal gangs in Los Angeles. Here’s a brief list:

    18th Street gang
    Abergil crime family
    Armenian Power
    Asian Boyz
    Bahala Na Gang
    Black Guerrilla Family
    Bloods Black P. Stones
    Bounty Hunter Bloods

    Chosen Few MC
    Crips Du Roc Crips
    Grape Street Watts Crips
    Rollin’ 30s Harlem Crips
    Rollin 60’s Neighborhood Crips
    Tongan Crip Gang
    Venice Shoreline Crips

    Galloping Goose Motorcycle Club
    Hells Angels
    Los Angeles crime family
    Mexican Mafia
    Mongols Motorcycle Club
    Moonshiners Motorcycle Club
    Peckerwood Aryan Brotherhood
    Nazi Lowriders
    Public Enemy No. 1

    Sinaloa Cartel Beltrán-Leyva Cartel

    Sons of Samoa
    Sureños 38th Street gang
    The Avenues
    Azusa 13
    Culver City Boys 13
    East Side Longos
    Eastside Bolen Parque 13
    El Monte Flores 13
    Florencia 13
    Logan Heights Gang
    Northside Bolen Parque 13
    Pomona 12th Street Sharkies
    Puente 13
    Santa Monica 13
    Temple Street
    Toonerville Rifa 13
    Varrio Nuevo Estrada
    Venice 13
    Westside Locos 13
    White Fence

    Tiny Rascal Gang
    Triad 14K Triad
    Bamboo Union
    Big Circle Gang
    Black Dragons
    Four Seas Gang
    Wah Ching
    Wo Hop To

    Vagos Motorcycle Club
    Vatos Locos
    Yakuza Yoshitomi Group

    Now, when you are done with that, Mr. Holmes, come and see me, and we’ll talk.

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    • Grif . . . . That was over the top! BRAVO !!!!!!

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    • Agree! Excellent Factual Rebuttal, Grif, to Davey anti-Crockett’s sloppy sentimental sob-song. If his article has a comment section, you should add yours! And that Gangs List, wow! Has Jeff Sessions seen that?

      Esquire magazine’s description in search results says it is re Men’s FASHION, COCKTAILS, POLITICS, INTERVIEWS, (CELEBS), WOMEN.

      Any man who doesn’t know how to dress himself has a problem.

      And just like the ingredients on a food label, the first two items listed are the two in the most quantity in that product. So Esquire is probably mostly hedonistic-fluff re Men’s Fashion & Cocktails. Women were in last position.

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    • Excellent and nice job. Mr Holmes is certainly full of himself. He failed to give thought as to what would happen when you take all the guns from the law abiding people. The illegal guns he will never get.
      By making so many gun free zones all around the country, we have made ourselves sitting ducks. I refuse to enter such places.
      He never considered that we could make all schools a one door enter school with a metal detector and guard sitting on the button that makes the school into instant shut down, several feet down the hall before getting to school rooms, auto gates that slam down Immediatley. We have fast acting barriers on military bases, Very intimidating.
      The rest of the door around the school are exit only so no one can sneak in.
      And just maybe parents will start considering they need to start disciplining their children from a young age. Most parents are scared of their kids.
      They would never consider a swat on the rear, which never hurt my generation.

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  13. The thing with these pukes is that because THEY want something, that’s somehow supposed to constitute an obligation on our part. He can go grow a “man bun” and shave his legs for all I care. Communists and their admirers have always been the same.

    He’s much too smart and sophisticated to want guns. I hope he remembers that when he finds himself with his skinny jeans down around his ankles and some local homeboy is doing the “tube steak buggy” with him down in the park. Arrogant bastard.

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  14. 80 million pupils in American schools are about as likely to be shot as be hit by lightening. We must change the Constitution because some children are killed. It is sad and I hope God welcomes them into His heavenly kingdom but 60 million babies have already been murdered and fairies like this are good with that. Sorry to be judgemental but guys like this are moral trash.
    As G. Gordon Liddy said, “When they come to take your guns, meet them at the door with your 44.” William Cooper had more guts in his little toe than this man has in his whole body. Guys like this do not understand that there would be no NRA if there were not millions of Americans who pay dues to make it what it is. If you do not think Americans will fight for their rights take another look at the American Civil War and the body count.

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    • LOL @ “fairies.” I haven’t heard that one in quite awhile. Funny. 🙂

      Moral Wimps for sure. And good point re there would be no NRA unless MILLIONS of Americans wanted it!

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  15. Sure Dave… Your magazine won’t protect you from the millions of new criminals you helped make. Law abiding citizens becoming criminals from corrupt laws passed by corrupt law makers. On that same day their constitutional rights end is the same day your rights end too. Find a hole, lie down in it and pray.
    The MSM won’t protect you because there won’t be anything left to protect the media. You will find out what an Oath Keeper is on that day. You will see God’s wrath as his children defend themselves from the wickedness you helped create. Yes Dave.. Stay in your hole and pray on that day.

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  16. So how would this guy have our guns taken? Oh, by government’s hired guns, of course. And his ideal gun control laws would EXEMPT those government guns and those of armed security of the wealthy elites. And he’s probably ignorant of history which demonstrates that tens of millions are murdered when governments have a monopoly on violence. But I’m sure he would say, “oh, that would never happen here.”

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  17. How does this weenie propose that armed American citizens are going to be disarmed by the unarmed? I would like to see him try, it would be comical.

    We have all witnessed what those who think they are above the law have been doing, knowing full well that a huge percentage of us are armed. I don’t even want to think about what they would do if they knew we weren’t armed.

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  18. noreen cerino

    Lol, sure, guy. I’m scared now, for sure.

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  19. Before anyone seriously records a challenge to the second ammendment to the the US Constitution…..I want the same protection for me and my family as Bernie Sanders, for instance, had at his last anti-gun rally……fully armed, automatic-weaponed, fully-accredited/employed/sanctioned law-enforcement officers of the either the US Gov’t or at least the lawful district in which the rally ws held. Maybe it was provided by those who protect the Congressional REps of the USA?????? Quite like the officers who saved our minority whip from certain death at the Congressional baseball practice?

    When the law is applied equally for this, for health care, for myriad others…THEN I will rest easy about our republic………

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  20. “God help me, I want to take all of your guns out of your hands, by myself, right now.”
    You’re right about one thing. God help you-you couldn’t be more clueless if you were still in your Mom’s womb.
    Okay,chump-come and get ’em. You’re smart enough to find my home,I’ll be waiting to give my guns to you in person-lead first. make your move. Please call first-I wouldn’t want to miss this.

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    • TJ, I am going out on a limb here and make a guess this nut has had zero military training, which makes him dangerous. He can toss out all kinds of dreams, but I doubt he could point out the shooting end of a gun.
      I hope he isn’t banking on a revolution, he will be disappointed.

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    • Ha, ha. “but I don’t want to be beat to death so I think I’ll stop right there”.


  21. Guns are not the problem. A killer is a killer with a knife, acid, etc. The real problem lies with parents who buy violent video’s and games for their children to watch. The problem lies with parents who have never taken their children to Sunday School and church. The problem lies with children who no longer ride bicycles everywhere they go or play basket ball and volley ball or baseball. Keep children in church and playing sports instead of violent games on the computer and it will make a huge difference.

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  22. Big talk coming from some sleezebag that purposefully engages in wanton destruction of society via a propaganda rag, that also sometimes deals in porn. (see here, I’ll throw in an eyebleach warning: and here: )

    Also, one wonders how many issues of esquire endorsed gun ownership or culture in earlier years?

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    • Indeed. He has a big mouth for someone so light in the loafers. He’s one of those “pissy” fags, I can tell. Probably lisps and spits when he’s mad. We make him SO angry he could just SPIT!


  23. Question # 1: Does George Soros have any financial interest or stake in Esquire or Hearst at all?
    Question # 2: Hey, Holmes, did the doctor drop you on your head when you were born?

    “You cannot negotiate with people who want to kill you.” —John F. Kennedy

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  24. He wants them I suggest you come and take them then. Oh I forgot your a wimp and you’ll let the ones with guns come and take them. And once all of them are gone who will you send then? To take them all up will start the 2nd civil war and this time it will be different. The stupid populace are that stupid to not see all the false flags flying just for this purpose. Sheep no they are smarter than that these people are slugs with that much IQ they are that blinded.

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