Attempted Dixon school shooter used gun obtained by his mom, a prohibited possessor


Last Wednesday, 19-year-old Matthew Milby attempted a school shooting at Dixon High School in central Illinois. The shooter was stopped by a resource officer who shot and wounded the former student.

How did the perp obtain his gun? From his mom who is a convicted felon.

Plenty of gun control laws on the books that should have prevented her from purchasing a firearm. Yet somehow the system failed, as has happened before. Beyond system failures, a convicted felon knows they are not allowed to have a gun.

From WQAD: WGN tv, a Tribune Media partner of WQAD, is reporting that suspected Dixon shooter Matthew Milby’s mother is a convicted felon who should not have legally been able to purchase a gun.

The Illinois State Police has confirmed Julie Milby purchased the 9-mm semi-automatic rifle her son brought to school Wednesday. But court records in Florida show her criminal history should have been a red flag on a background check.

On Wednesday Julie Milby told reporters, “There’s no justification for what he’s done. And he will take full responsibility for that.”

She also claimed she didn’t know how he got the gun. “We don’t have guns,” she said at the time. “I don’t have any guns in the house.”

Yet state police say it was her gun and she purchased it in 2012.

How she got it is still unclear. A review of court records shows Julie Milby, previously known as Julie Mitchell, was convicted of felony battery and felony resisting an officer with violence in Osceola County, Florida in 1991.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement says because of that conviction she would not have been able to get a gun from a licensed dealer in the state of Florida.

Julie Milby did not answer her door Friday when WGN Investigates arrived.

Her attorney Tom Murray told WGN he believes she bought the gun in Illinois, legally, and with a FOID card.  But he did not know about her 1991 felony convictions.

Illinois State Police won’t specify how she got the gun, or whether they ran a proper background check, because the case is still under investigation.

But in Illinois a felony conviction anywhere in the country disqualifies someone from getting a FOID card, which you need to buy a gun in Illinois.

When running a background check on Julie Milby, numerous felony convictions are shown. Someone in Florida stole her identity at one point. That individual claimed to be Julie when arrested. However, Florida officials say that happened after her 1991 felony convictions.

Florida officials say all of those cases still should have shown up on a background check for a gun, though, because they have not been officially removed from her record.

Milby also has an extensive arrest record in Lee County, Illinois. None of those cases, however, include felony convictions.


19 responses to “Attempted Dixon school shooter used gun obtained by his mom, a prohibited possessor

  1. But we need more laws and government, say Democrats…

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  2. I would hope that the full force of the law jumps on Mama in this instance. Until the current laws are enforced, the lamos will demand more and more “gun laws.”

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  3. She can say what she wants but we all know the woman had a gun in the house

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  4. I have said it forever, these laws are meaningless. They are only there in an attempt to harass and identify legal users. Up until a year ago in my state you could trade used guns with no registry required. I say GREAT. I don’t want any laws. Now they’ve passed a law that nobody abides by. I know I won’t.

    When California first passed their waiting period for handguns, I simply went to Reno and bought all I wanted at pawn shops. No paperwork at all.

    What all this is building to is elimination of the Constitution, period. Ultimately they want to suspend our Fourth Amendment rights and simply raid our homes and take our guns. Then they will pass draconian laws that involve long prison sentences for having a gun in your possession. Of course, due to the felon provisions, once that happens your “legal” ownership days are over.

    We have to stop arguing with them on their terms. We have to come right out and accuse them of usurping the Constitution and attempting a soft coup. As long as we allow them to control the narrative we will be on the defensive.

    We should be placing ads asking them why they hate the Constitution. Why they think we need permission to defend ourselves. Why they keep staging fraudulent shootings to sell their lies.

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    • Exactly-they know they can’t drag the US into a Communist state unless they DISARM EVERYONE. That’s their sole purpose for all this Gun Control BS.

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      • Can we just imagine where we’d be right now if clinton won the Presidency? Just this Site alone would probably be shut down by now, let alone all of us on this Thread being able to voice our opinions. If you really think about it, Trump really is putting his life on the line for all of us on the Right. We have to step up our game somehow, it keeps getting worse and worse. This is a nasty lot that doesn’t play by the rules, and they are relentless liars. The communist deep state and the corrupt media have shifted into high gear this week on many fronts. They’re coming for our guns people, all of the talking heads, including politicians and celebrities, are pulling out all the stops. They even put up another porn star today, this time they had her turn in her gun to the Austin Police for $1,500. Unfortunately, now the world knows that she’s not armed, have fun with the porn stalkers now sweetie….

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        • Yeah, they’d be having a special on real “baby ribs” down at Chuck-E-Cheeses. The skies would be dark with flying monkeys. Hillary would have a team of thugs rolling tourists at the Whitehouse.

          I hope they publish that chick’s address so all the bandits in Austin know a safe place to score.

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  5. It goes to show you the inability that exists everywhere, and truly nobody cares -just about anything that is “illegal is permissible”.

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    • It’s quickly becoming a case of,”The LAW is really just a ‘suggestion’,an outline of how things would NORMALLY run…”

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    • Laws are NOT more important than our conscience. Laws are society’s rules and are often unrealistic and harmful. I seldom even consider them unless I’m working on something where I have to.

      I offer my belief that we don’t need permission. Of course, when you violate a law you should be prepared for the consequences. I, like everybody else, don’t want to go to jail or be fined, etc., but if it is an issue you think important enough, let your conscience be your guide.

      I have no intention of surrendering any of my guns. Some are registered, some are not. I’m old and prone to memory loss. I just can’t remember what I did with those.

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  7. My guess is someone in the ISP, or a “former employee”, who approves FOID cards, screwed up.

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  8. Kevin J Lankford

    As far as I am concerned; any one who has committed a crime harsh enough to be deprived of their civil rights (second amendment being one), it should be harsh enough to keep them in prison the rest of their life, if not actually executed. After all that is what our Constitution declares.

    Perhaps that is why most states have eliminated the ‘death penalty’, and allowing convicted murderers back on the streets after only serving part of a prison term. Allowing them the opportunity to kill again is perhaps one more of their strategies.for stricter gun laws, bringing them closer to their true goal.

    Regardless, there is no justice in denying citizens the right of self defense over past offenses if they have completed their time and then must still walk the crime ridden streets same as every one else. As I have mentioned before, there are many people out there denied their firearms right over crimes completely unrelated to firearm, such as traffic violations. One can be permanently denied their right to possess a firearm over traffic violations, while continually being given new drivers license.

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    • How about this-The only way a convict can be released before the sentence is fully served is if the Judge SIGNS an endorsement for it. If the released convict commits another crime after early release,the JUDGE serves the rest of the convict’s sentence,and the convict gets a speedy execution. (within a week of the result of the ONE appeal after trial.)

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    • I really don’t think anybody should be deprived of Constitutionally protected rights, no matter what they did. They are not “privileges”. I don’t even know how the felon gun ban got started.

      It’s a scary world out there. I am prepared to take my chances. I don’t think these attempts to control work. Like I’ve said elsewhere. It’s always a personal choice. There are always consequences. That’s how life is.

      It is glaringly obvious that banning felons from owning firearms does not work. I also don’t know why they shouldn’t vote. If they’re citizens they remain citizens no matter what they did.

      I have read more absolutely disgusting justice stories than I can recall. I’m talking both ways. Judges have an appalling amount of power. Many don’t deserve it.

      Our country was founded on certain principles. Among them was the prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment. This isn’t about getting even. It may not be satisfying for someone who has been wronged. But its a good basis for societal justice. God’s justice is what’ important and we all get our turn at the bar.

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  9. Kevin J Lankford

    The Constitution is clear on the matter of ‘civil rights’. The “Bill of Attainder” clause is a specific prohibition on government using the denial of any civil right as a punitive action. Only by execution for a capital offense can a citizen be permanently deprived of a civil right.

    Our second amendment, besides being a guarantee that all citizens be armed and available for militia service, was also considered a mandate for citizens to take responsibility for policing all criminal activity within their province themselves. Our founders would never have tolerated the scale of militarized law enforcement present and taken for granted now. Vigilance was the responsibility of every individual and community, and vigilante justice frightens rogue governments as much as it does any criminal.

    It was and is well understood that ‘crime’ will always be with us, but now I propose much of it resides with in our over reaching government and its minions.

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  10. Michael J. Garrison

    Do your research, people. Momma just happens to be of the Eastern Star Lodge (female freemasonry). NOW do things make sense? NO?? Good, they’re NOT supposed to make sense, this is why it’s called confusion, babble, Babylon.
    Freemasons are the creators and authors of violence and confusion.
    Since all Secret Socieites are branches of the Synagogue of Babble (Russia’s synagogue of babble in Rome)…..why would you expect clarity??
    The ONLY thing clear….is that this story is a set-up, just like the rest. (yawn)


  11. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    And just where is Mr. David Hogg on this one? It totally blows up his agenda. Good! Maybe now he will get a life and leave the rest of us the hell alone. Wishful thinking I know.

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