Animal Funny: I’m too pooped to care

These dogs and cats are natural comedians.

Wait till you see the dog and bird at the 1:23 mark!

And here’s a bonus cutie:

thinking cat

H/t Kelleigh


15 responses to “Animal Funny: I’m too pooped to care

  1. Cute and funny. Animals are amazing.

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  2. Always a feel good moment. Nice way to start Monday.

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  3. The bird getting nesting material from the dog’s fur is such a hoot, and the dog doesn’t even move!

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  4. That was a great video!

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  5. traildustfotm

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  6. What a wonderful start of the week!!
    Thanks for these! Going over to celebrate my Sister Terry’s 77th Birthday now.

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  7. Funny stuff!

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  8. How cute. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. I’ve told my daughter that she’s this sometimes – she replied that’s her ALL the time:

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  10. OMG Jackie Puppet—I had the biggest HAHUMMMMMM on this one! As a middle school teacher (amongst most middle school teachers who would agree with me…..) THIS IS HOW I START MY MORNINGS ALMOST EVERY DAY>>>>ESP AFTER STATE TESTING AT THE END OF THE YEAR when the kids think the year is “over” and yet….there are 5 more weeks to go……….PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME BE AN ADULT TODAY!

    Useless, useless, we feel, (in the words of paralyzed/shot through the neck/spine John Wilkes Booth, assassinator of Lincoln)……..I can BEG to be NON-ADULT and skip the day’s ADULT decisions…claim “paralyis” but, like today, second period, a problem kid got up and traversed to the other side of the room and “accidently” kicked the chair out from beneath another kid…who then arose up and whaled him with fists so loud that I could hear the percussion beats on his chest across the room like a kettle drum. Mind you….I”m JUST a middle school art teacher…I should NOT EVER under any circumstances hear the beating of a child by another like a “kettle drum” from across the room. I sent them to the office. The offended, subsesquent beater, had already texted his mom (not allowed on our campus) via phone and she’d aleady come to pick him up and carry him away from his offensive deed and subsequent consequence 15 minutes after I sent him to the office. The kid who started it all… the chair kicker….was already in line for VP consequences b/c of something he did on Friday w/another student…..and so, he felt unaffected by it all……What’s one more lunch detention?

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  11. @1:15 would be me when faced with the always-rising property taxes, utility bills, and insurance premiums coming at me from all sides. All while getting less/worse services. And not a lot to be done about it but just “take it”…
    Interesting, it looks a bit like a guillotine.

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