Please pray for a brother who’s lost

My heart is heavy because a reader of FOTM has lost his way, and I need your help.

K. and I have been casual email correspondents for several years — a correspondence that he initiated. He sends me jokes and news tips, and is supportive and complimentary of FOTM.

He went to a Christian high school but did not become a minister. He became an expert mechanic who specializes in British autos. He’s 62; long divorced; has grown children with whom he seems to have scant contact; is emotionally needy, and often complains of being lonely.

Three days ago, he startled me when, out of the blue (we weren’t discussing Christianity or any religion or anything, for that matter), he declared — knowing full well that I’m a Christian — that he no longer believes but thinks Christianity to be illogical, irrational and oppressive. These are his exact words:

“I was raised Christian. My folks were raised Christian (well Mom was). My kids are Christian (Mormon).

So I fell in line with it by default. But as I examine it rationally, for the first time in my life, I notice that the whole thing falls apart if one applies common reason and logic. I have been really surprised at how no fellow travelers (Christians) will even discuss this. I am put down as living in sin, et al  — you know the drill.

Maybe it is time for a shift from Christian to something new.”

I chose to avoid getting entangled in debating Christianity with someone who is clearly antagonistic, and responded with two sentences:

“Well, I feel sorry for you that you are no longer a believing Christian. I will pray for you.”

He reacted with venom, accusing me of being “condescending and insulting” to him. Once again, he trashed Christianity, characterizing its “key tenants [sic]” as “guilt, condescension, and shaming”. [A psychiatrist would find noteworthy his frequent resort to the word “condescending”.] He told me to “wake up” and called me a fool who has been duped, “lied to and grossly mislead [sic]”.

I responded calmly, pointing out that it is he who is condescending and insulting, and asked that he cease emailing me.

He responded with more venom, accusing me of not forgiving him as a Christian should while, at the same time, redoubling his trashing of Christianity and flinging even more insults at me, calling my Sunday Devotional posts “crap”.

I replied that his behavior, consistent with previous incidents, displays a Jekyll-Hyde, passive-aggressive quality that I find frightening, and informed him that I’ve instructed Gmail to delete his emails to Spam.

I am heart sick and at a loss to account for his sudden change of attitude and behavior.

Please pray for our brother who is lost.

Thank you,


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  1. Something has happened to him Dr. E. I have family like this and I continually pray for the scales to fall from their eyes. So, let us just lift him up to the Lord and put it all in God’s Hands.

    Lord God, You wish for none to be lost. You are the creator of all, and You know every heart, you even know the number of the hairs on our heads, and when a sparrow falls. So we come to You today pleading for this man who is now filled with hatred for the truth of Christianity. Whatever is happening in his life, we ask for You Lord to help him, that You will show him the way, the truth, and life. We ask that You put those who can minister to this man in his path, to change his heart and ease whatever horror and pain has come into his life. And Lord, ease the pain in Dr. E’s heart at this shock, and comfort her.
    We ask all as always, in Jesus’ precious name. Amen and Amen

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  2. Wow, that’s bad. Praying.

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  3. This has happened to me, though not quite so bad did it ever come verbally, not with others present. Our own life pains are of course no excuse whatsoever, but usually sudden changes like this are NOT normal, all the same.

    While it could be this was a pent-up release building over time, my money is on a sudden shift. Perhaps, and hope not, another Christian wronged him, and sent him over the edge. That, or tragedy has struck.

    Lord Jesus, have mercy on those of us who have lost our way, that we may return to you, renewed daily in your patience and Love. Holy spirit let us not speak against you, especially! Always overtake our hearts with guilt for sin. For K. and for myself, and all those weighed down with great burdens, I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus the first and true Messiah, Amen.

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  4. Also, FOTM is among the least “duped” sites out there. Your constant effect includes exposing how others, including other Christians, have been duped.

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  5. I will pray for “K,” and I also ask everyone for their prayers. I, too, have been lost for years, and I myself am absolutely sick of it. (I am up early this Sunday morning and I have every intention of making Mass today).

    What is it about being lost? I was raised in the Church, and I remember the Old Tridentine Mass. I also remember the change that came with Vatican II. MARK MY WORDS: I am absolutely convinced that John XXIII and his initiative, in which Freemasonry finally succeeded in infiltrating and subverting the Church and leading the Faithful astray, has cost some two billion people (or more) their very souls.

    But I cannot blame this Infiltration, this KIDNAPPING, alone for my predicament. I remember my Catholic upbringing, all right, with the tight and rigid controls and the feeling of always being watched. (Actually, we ARE always being watched, by God, who Sees our every move beforehand).

    So what can account for “K’s” turning away, as well as my own laxity? I think it can be, in large part, this. How should a man think of himself? Should a man be self-conscious in any way? As sinners, we like to think of ourselves as naturally good—and nothing could be farther from the truth, because, according to our Nature, we are fallen and pre-disposed to moral disorder and sin. Yes, it is SIN that is the default position of every last one of us, believer and unbeliever alike.
    I think it is a certain moribund and morose self-awareness one has that makes on slip away. With me it was the constant fatigue of being watched, of being called on my behavior, even when I did nothing wrong. And then one day I remembered the story of the young rich man who approached Our Lord. “Oh Lord, what must I do to gain Eternal Life?” Yes, the little Talmudic Scholar walked away from Our Lord sad and disappointed, because he approached Him with anything but a true understanding of what Christ really expected of him. Did Christ make the young rich man morbidly self-conscious? I answer, No: He had already been unwholesomely self-conscious.

    This, at least in part, is what I believe moved “K” to walk away. Some misunderstanding of the Truth he perceived and misjudged, aroused in him a certain disgust—at the Faith, at others in the Faith, or at himself, or any combination of the three. From 2002 (after 9/11 caused me to almost become homeless) to 2008, I shared an apartment with a fellow driver I had known for about 15 years. I thought that, as he was separated and we had known each other, that all would be well. It was the worst strategic mistake of my life: He harped and carped and criticized and critiqued my every move. And if he could find no mistake in me, he made it up. (Take my word for it, the power of the tongue can be deadly). He made me feel like a loser. He would not let me, a person who wanted to forget about my mistakes and my past, remember, and remember SORELY. This, if you have ever witnessed it, even from afar, is, truly, a horrible torture (and it a part of the torture the damned feel, unceasingly, in Hell).

    I wanted to forget. But my now-former roommate, at that time, would never allow me to forget. This, I know from my own experience, is why I initially left the Faith: Others, so I thought (whether I was right about it or not) would not allow me to—FORGET. There is a certain flesh-crawling quality of being morbidly or morosely self-conscious. The normal man or woman does not like it and BRISTLES because of it.
    THIS, I believe, is why “K” has left the Faith, and why he so viciously attacked you. How old is “K?” Because if he is in his 30’s or 40’s, as it sounds to me he very well may be, then he is undergoing a second adolescence: Yes, many men in their 30’s and 40’s undergo the “midlife crisis” which is really a repeating of one’s first adolescence. Seriously: Yes, the “‘dog’ does return to his own vomit!” This is what is what I believe is happening to “K,” and it is a manifestation of ACEDIA, a spiritual torpor in which one is unable to “get over the hump,” so to speak.

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    • God buries our sins in the sea of forgetfulness; man may dredge the sins of others to keep his mind off of thoughts of his own. Knowledge of one’s own sins can prevent self aggrandizement and create realization of one’s own flaws. Narcissists don’t like either.

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    • He is a mature man, about 60 y.o.
      Divorced; with grown children with whom he seems to have little to no contact; and terribly lonely.

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      • I would imagine his circumstances are moving him to lash out. If that is the case, he’s feeling a certain desperation. (Thoreau said “most men lead lives of quiet desperation.”) His loneliness may be driving him up the wall, too. One thing I believe is certain: He is under attack from the Devil.

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      • Could he be the product of pharmaceutical psychiatric medication? If anything will grab a soul it’s that, it’s sorcery.

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  6. Dr E, did this just come on suddenly with him and out of the blue? My guess would be that he has taken ill. He has had some kind of breakdown or something physiological is happening like a stroke or brain tumor. Perhaps somebody hijacked his email account.
    That is so bizarre. I hope you get to the bottom of it. But if you had to block his emails I’m afraid you might never know what happened to him. So sad.

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    • This has happened before — a sudden change to being venomous — which precipitated two previous breaking-off of contact with him. I’m blocking his emails because I find him frightening. If you want to contact him, I’ll give you his email address.

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  7. Is it possible he was hacked?

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  8. Dr. E., Pentecost today, beautiful. I am in the midst of a novena to our Lady Mary Help of Christians, your friend K will be set in prayer till I finish the novena. Please forgive my intrusion, more than ever the lost brother needs your help, don’t abandon him, you know anger moves no mountains, write a line or two, no matter what reason may have changed him, he’ll know he is not forgotten but forgiven, let him come to you, leave the door open slightly so that the sliver of light gets back into his life, he’ll be reasonable and may grow back stronger in his faith. It does works Dr. E.!
    Luke 15: 11-32 God be with You and with your Spirit, Amen.

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    • Alma:

      This is the 3rd time he’s pulled this, and this time he’s more vicious than ever. As I’d indicated, I am frightened of him. Unpredictable people who can turn on a dime are dangerous. I do not feel adequate or protected to deal with him.

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      • Fear not Dr. E. You’ve done what’s right..

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      • Dr. E: I’m a retired mental health therapist with Master’s degree in psychology. I worked in that capacity for almost 20 yrs. I can tell you this: if you’re frightened, pay attention to that feeling. I’m glad you severed contact with him. If he is doubting his religion, he may well be undergoing a spiritual struggle and people often seem crazy when they do that. Also, he may have discovered some sort of corruption in his own church which he attends. If so, he needs A LOT of help, but it probably needs to be professional IMO. It means he may have lost his entire circle of friends, the people he most trusted, and his spiritual advisor. Why wouldn’t he question his beliefs? It would be entirely normal to do so. He may feel betrayed because of that. Without knowing more about what is going on with him, it’s very hard to tell but caution is always a good tack to take. Im glad you realize you can’t help him, he needs professional help probably.
        Pray for him if you want to help him, he may need that more than anything else. Good luck and may you find peace with it. Remember, this is HIS struggle to undergo and learn and become stronger – it isn’t your job to fix him and you cant anyway, only he can.

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        • Thank you for your professional counsel and support. I agree that the best way to help is to pray, which is why I wrote this post to ask for prayers from the fellowship. I believe in the power of prayer.

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      • I’m sure, b/c it is you, Dr. E….that you told him that you were sorry that you’ve had a parting of the ways and that you can not help him, nor can you have more communication with him about this subject that is so sad and frightening to you —-but you still love him, just the same as our God loves him–whether he accepts that love or not. No door is ever closed to a person who is searching for their pathway through life—even if it doesn’t lead to Christ until the last moments of life. Remember Barabas.


      • Dr Eowyn . . . because of your faithfulness, I have little doubt but what the spirit is whispering to you that which is expedient that you do. Listen to the whisperings, and keep yourself well, and secure. Your feelings are correct .. . if you “do not feel adequate or protected to deal with him,” then it is best to withdraw, and remain in a safe and protected environment.

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        • Thank you, Auntie Lulu. I am at peace with my decision to disengage. To forgive doesn’t mean we must continue a poisoned association. I would be a masochist to continue.


  9. A stealer of men’s souls is at work serving the dark powers according to Ephesians 6: 12. “Reason” at war with faith. Belief in the basic teachings of the Bible involving salvation requires belief in miracles, the unbelievable. An unbelieving journalist, Fulton Oursler, author of “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” had a spirit of honesty and one day said to himself that he couldn’t judge or criticize believers unless he practiced what they did. That led him to go to an altar and pray to God that Jesus was who Oursler was told who He was, please show him. I will pray that the dark forces, stealer of men’s souls, be revealed to K fully what they are and the Trinity be fully revealed as well. May the Holy Spirit fall upon K with great power.
    Dr. Eowyn, you are showing us the burden for the salvation of the souls of others that you carry. Be blessed with great success and tears of joy in the fulfillment of those desires!

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  10. As you have asked Dr. Eowyn, my prayers go out for “K”.
    I, too, am saddened that you have to go through this pain with him (and I say “with him” because even though he has hurt you more than once, I know you are still his friend and have forgiveness for him in your heart).
    It seems to me that “K” is dealing with a heavy depression and possibly multiple disappointments and trials.
    It seems to me that he placed expectations on the Lord and when the Lord did not grant what he wanted and/or when he wanted, he became angry and resentful and is trying to punish the Lord through rejection and by hurting himself and others who love the Lord.
    The problem is that when we let go of our faith in the Lord we create a vacuum that the devil and his demons are more than willing to fill.
    I believe when “K” let go of his faith, he created a spiritual vacuum and, as a result, he has demonic spirits within him. Part of him is still crying out to the Lord. This can and does happen to anyone who is spiritually vacant.
    I believe this explains his conflicting “Jekyll-Hyde” personality changes.
    The Holy Spirit enters us when we are baptized and leaves us when we reject Him. When we are filed with the Holy Spirit, we are filled with God’s holy protection and love. The Holy Spirit protects us and watches over us.
    The only thing we can do is to lovingly pray for “K” that he recognize his hurt is really God showing him His Grace and Mercy.
    For those who love and follow the Lord, we are here on earth in preparation to live in Heaven and when we are given trials (many times in the form of pain and suffering), that is God’s way of saying ‘step up and grow for your time is coming soon’.
    Trials will either challenge you and make you grow or cause you to retreat and show your weaknesses. I pray “K” screams the name of “Immanuel”, accepts and grows from his challenges, repents, and is baptized.
    “In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.” 1Peter 1:6-7

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  11. My heart goes out to you Eowyn. I guess we can’t help or save everyone and it’s a test of our very own faith to let some loved ones go, and to let God. K is in a world of hurt and depression and as such needs others to remain open, to be listened to without correction and solutions. He needs to know that ‘friends’ will not turn away, even when he is nasty and puts them to the test. Our love for others is tested severely. Our Father does not dessert us even as we question, doubt, sin and rage against Him; yet His Grace and love are always available. …… to you in your sorrow and to K in his confusion and pain. His best chance of knowing God’s love may be through you. I pray I have not added to your pain. My evening prayers are for you.


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  12. Wow, sorry to hear about K; it’s more shocking coming from someone with his background that really makes his repudiation painful. Hopefully he will come around as suddenly as he changed for the worse.

    In regard to the Sunday Devotionals, I get more out of them, than what was preached when I went to Mass as a teen. They’re powerful, and to the point.

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  13. Stephen T. McCarthy

    Hello, DOC E. I will pray for K. (A name came into my mind, which I’m very surprised I even remembered. By any chance are his initials K.L.?)

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…

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  14. So sad. So sad. The Devil is certainly roaming to and fro seeing whom he may devour!!! Praying for all concerned. May the Lord have mercy.

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  15. Prayer and love sent out to K… God doesnt abandon us if we wander and fall. His angels walk among us unaware.

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  16. Will pray for him.

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  17. He must have discovered the Sartre section at the library. Did I mention that his former home is now used to print Bibles?

    Anyway, he’s a grown man. You can’t force someone to believe. The fact that he sounds angry suggests to me that he really hasn’t stopped believing. If he had he wouldn’t be angry.

    He may feel let down, or sorry for himself. Most people who feel sorry for themselves own at least part of the blame. I’ll pray for him. It being Pentecost I’ll pray that the Holy Spirit pay him a visit and prepare him for whatever metanoia he needs to see things clearly.

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    • Stephen T. McCarthy

      >>… The fact that he sounds angry suggests to me that he really hasn’t stopped believing. If he had he wouldn’t be angry.

      You are 100% correct, Lophatt! Anger or just too much passion expressed against Christianity is ALWAYS a sign that someone is upset with or disappointed in God — NOT that they disbelieve in Him. No one can work up much emotion against something they genuinely don’t believe exists. Most atheists give themselves away as, actually, God-HATERS by their blind hatred.

      ~ D-FensDogG
      STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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  18. Sounds like a spiritual affliction to me.

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  19. Sounds like mental illness, but that can occur due to inadequate nutrition, drug or alcohol use, and perhaps even the state of aloneness. “It is not good for man to be alone”, and yet right now he’s not emotionally fit for companionship. Prayer may be all you can do—I and I’m sure, other readers will pray as well.

    Another potential cause is mind control through excessive tv watching or internet use. Lots of people seem to be irrational these days—scarcely anything more frightening than that. If you can’t reason with someone, your options are limited.

    I pray God will bless your friend and all those lonely people out there who “do not know their right hand from their left”.

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    • Margo, why is it not good for a man to be alone? That’s the exact opposite of the position I take in life. I’ve told many people in emotional crisis, when it matters the most, to just go spend a week in the woods, camp out, by yourself, with a touch of survival in the mix..and you’ll find yourself. To me, there’s no better feeling of solace, than within yourself, and not leaning on another human. The ultimate security lies within you’re own soul, no need to clutter it up. Also, I think the only way a healthy minded individual becomes lonely, is if he/she is missing someone. I could be wrong, but for me, I have the best life of anyone I know, better than I deserve, I’m 64, and I’ve always run solo. Even if someone’s holding you’re hand on the way out, your going alone. I got attached to a Dog 18yrs ago, my best friend ever, when she goes I’ll be lonely missing her, but I won’t let it consume me, I’ll try and turn it into a positive, I learned a lot from her, and hopefully I’ll celebrate her life. Anyway Margo, I was just curious as to why you think it’s not good to be alone, no ill intent here.

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  20. The Good Shepherd came to seek lost sheep. That is what He does. By the Power of the Holy Spirit any number of people you know not of may get through to any lost sheep. Pray the Lord will send forth the Disciples and Angels to foil the schemes of darkness.
    “Dear Lord hear our prayers”. We all know people who chose darkness over light. Remember the Lord struck Saul down blind but changed his name to Paul. Paul changed into a great voice for the Holy Spirit. Paul was blind but he became filled with light.
    “Dear Lord Your word says though we are faithless You remain faithful. Restore this man to a sound mind.”
    The man is hurt and like a wounded beast he will lash out. The wounded beasts are more dangerous.
    “Lord nearly all of us know such people in our lives. Guide us to respond as we should. We count on Your council. For Christ sake glorify yourself in these situations.”

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  21. Bi-Polar mental illness (manic depression, per Jimi Hendrix) comes to mind, if it’s his third time around that you know of. May have been set off by something powerful & close to home for him, or a build-up of people or whatever acting in a manner toxic (or so perceived) toward him. Or maybe just a really bad, no-good cantankerous night of sleeplessness and noisy neighbors… that gets me riled up. Or getting dumped. Or cheated. Or having the feeling you’re about to be dumped or cheated on. Maybe his adult kids or wife have dissociated from him for some reason — as in refusing to talk with him and declaring him persona non-grata.

    I’d at least suggest to him that he seek help from a professional or an organization able to help him deal with his issues. Some one or some thing that doesn’t have personal ties with him, so that he can’t turn on them the way he has on you.

    And tell him to take his Vitamin B2… I read research on a compound that could replace riboflavin in rats (temporarily) which then left them unable to handle mental stress a normal rat could. They actually died of severe panic attacks when over-heated because their brains couldn’t de-activate the fight-or-flight hormones and neurochemicals that flooded their brains the way rats on normal diets could handle it; it knocked out their MAO enzymes, which (too much, too little) are at the root of many brain disorders. Same effect could be seen if one were merely deficient in Vitamin B2. Probably wouldn’t die, but could likely suffer a panic attack that would otherwise be tolerated. Riboflavin is a co-factor for MAO, and is required for the chemistry involved in it’s de-activating neurochemicals. And there are, of course, other reasons for MAO not working properly.

    If you don’t want to email him further, perhaps you could have someone else do it for you? And leave your name out of it, perhaps… It could save his life, if not your friendship were he to find the cause and cure.

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    • No need for me or anyone else emailing him. He’s read and is reading this post and all the comments. He even pretended to be his (nonexistent) girlfriend and wrote a long comment accusing me of many, many things, including being in love with him — which is downright hilarious. I don’t even know him and have never met him. Then there is the fact that I am very much married.

      The only problem is this: The “girlfriend” just happens to have his email and IP addresses. Busted! You’d think he’s 16, instead of 60.

      This post has had 402 unique views today. If I had hundreds of people (readers of FOTM, silent and vocal) praying for me, I would be weeping with gratitude and humility.

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      • Well, then consider both yourself and your friend prayed for from my end.
        Glad to oblige. :~)
        And, for that matter, if I had a girlfriend (existent or not), I’m sure she would add her prayers in as well… if she didn’t, she wouldn’t be my girlfriend for long, existent or not.

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  22. Very sad.
    Needs to have an epiphany and realize his mistake. Prayers for his return to the Faith.

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  23. Dr. E., I will pray for K., who sounds as though he has lost his grip. So sorry to hear the pain and fear in your words.

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  24. Well, third time offense, tells me there is something not right in his mind or spirit, and frankly I suspect devils (especially given the jabs at “christian forgiveness” etc., that kind of backbiting is a favorite of theirs.). A quick switch like that tends to be the result of that kind of thing or an undisclosed issue that goes untreated.

    Loneliness can do terrible things if there are few or no mitigating factors, of course, and it can be worse still if one goes and starts blaming God for things like that, which would be terrible to do since God isn’t at fault for such.

    As someone who has had some unpleasant encounters with devils before, asking for prayer is the best tactic option, and I know the spooks etc. will come whispering saying “all you’re doing is talking to air” or “like a being like God is going to listen to you and do anything” or similar farces… Know that they do this out of fright, and if you should hear them and notice it going on at an increased rate, they’re feeling the sting, The more they are driven back, the more desperate and noisy they’ll get, in hopes of trying to cling to their target and make you stop, Do Keep It Up, and They Will Flee.

    I see lots offering prayers, and this is good, so I thought I’d post for encouragement as well.

    I do hope that person learns that neither Christianity nor God is responsible for any evil, but rather the fault of these is upon mankind and the devils themselves, and that they reconcile with God & can be better off than they were.

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    • “especially given the jabs at ‘christian forgiveness’ etc., that kind of backbiting is a favorite of theirs”

      I took special note of that as well. Alinsky Rule #4: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.

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  25. Hello Dr. Eowyn; I just read this article about the man who is going through a rough time. I must confess I also, at one time, went through a similar crisis.  And yes, loneliness and disenchantment were the impetus. I can relate to this man.  I would have no problem with corresponding with this man. This is a terrible time we are living in, in many respects.  It promotes fear, indulges fear, then uses that fear to further  alienate us.   At the very least, please let that man know there are others out there, of the approximate age he is at who have gone through much, lost much, but eventually found our Lord and Savior along with peace of mind. Again, I offer an ear, a shoulder, a caring soul. Thanks for all YOU do! ANN MADELONI

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    • Thank you for your empathy and offer, Ann.
      Email contact is dangerous, given his volatile unpredictability and hostility to Christians, and unnecessary because K. reads this post and all the comments.
      We place our trust in God and our prayers.

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  26. Michael J. Garrison

    Personally, I think it’s something being put into our food-chain.
    Be patient though, folks. We have the Millenium coming up, where we will all be put on the same page with One Father (not the “gawds” we have today).
    But this sudden change against The Christ is happening everywhere….which is why I think it’s a chemical-release into the water….food…..???


  27. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I put all my trust in Thee.

    I’m confident God will answer our prayers, in His own way and in His own time.
    We forget that we are asked not only to stand at the foot of the Cross but to help Jesus carry it as well. There are many tears to shed in this veil.

    “And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fall.” Luke 6:17

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  28. Have added him to my prayer list Doc. Sorry for your sadness

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  29. Dr. Eowyn,
    While rereading your post and all of the concerned and heartfelt comments and your responses regarding you and “K” a thought came to mind:
    Do you think “K” may be some sort of liberal ‘plant’ whose main role is to cause disruption and disharmony to you in the guise of “friendship”?
    I believe a very high majority of the readers at FOTM genuinely care about you and FOTM as a whole and only wish to be supportive and encouraging to you and DCG and TrailDust and Dave. “K” sounds like the complete opposite.
    You own FOTM and there is nothing satanic leftists want more than to bring disruption and disharmony into your life and to try to put you on a path to question not only your own faith but bring FOTM to a standstill.

    Since this is the 3rd time “K” has pulled this on you (and it’s escalating…which to me shows desperation) then this is his pattern.
    This is who he is. To me, it seems that “K’s” job is to gain your sympathies, then throw an anti-Christian wrench at your faith through his “circumstances” and cause you turmoil.

    “He responded with more venom, accusing me of not forgiving him as a Christian should while, at the same time, redoubling his trashing of Christianity”
    -that statement he made about forgiveness while trashing Christianity is how he gets you to forgive him and maintain an open door for communication so he can bash Christianity to you at a later time.

    “I took special note of that as well. Alinsky Rule #4: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.”

    I really feel satan’s hand in all of this from him and even though you’ve never met him, it sounds like he’s abused you spiritually and caused you great discomfort. I believe you have a good and loving heart but you need to protect your heart from this person.
    I believe you’ve tried all you can for this person, but if my hunch is correct, there is absolutely nothing you can do for him because his motives are not pure and many people choose hell over Heaven. As I stated prior, I said a prayer for him, but now, I not only question the “genuineness” of his faith, but also the “genuineness” of his “friendship” with you.
    I believe you are better off not having someone who parasitizes you emotionally and spiritually, even if it’s a virtual relationship, because this type of person is literally “draining”.
    My sister in Christ, you are in my prayers. Stay strong in faith and please be careful.

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    • Thank you, MomOfIV, for your inspired thoughts on this.

      I did feel attacked, not just personally when I had befriended him and many times tried to provide emotional support in his loneliness and when he repeatedly complained about a woman who kept refusing to be more than a platonic friend. I also very much felt his attack as a demonic assault on my faith — just the latest of a series of attempts to undermine my faith. Would you believe that months ago, when I had just found a parish with two good priests and warm parishioners, I actually found HUMAN FECES on the floor of the pew where I sat? The feces was deposited at the end of my pew in the brief interim (at most 10 minutes) between my returning to the pew after receiving the Eucharist (when there was no feces), and the end of the Mass when I exited the pew. I can think of no rational explanation for the revolting phenomenon.

      Thankfully, at Mass yesterday morning, the hurt and heart-sickness melted away. I felt a great joy while singing “Glory to God” and also a great peace. NOTHING will shake, erode, or diminish my faith in the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, whom I love with my whole heart, my whole soul, my whole mind and with all my strength.

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      • “I can think of no rational explanation for the revolting phenomenon.”
        -satan feels threatened by you because you expose his evils.

        “NOTHING will shake, erode, or diminish my faith in the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, whom I love with my whole heart, my whole soul, my whole mind and with all my strength.”
        -Amen, Dr. Eowyn!

        lovely song 🙂

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  30. traildustfotm

    Lord we you came to seek and save those who are lost. We also know that you know all the circumstances of K’s life. You who know him best, also love him most. We don’t know how to reach a person who is so wounded. Please send people into his life who will love him back into the family. Thank you.

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  31. Saint John informs us about this very matter
    1 John 5:16
    16 If anyone sees his brother sinning a sin which does not lead to death, he will ask, and He will give him life for those who commit sin not leading to death. There is sin leading to death. I do not say that he should pray about that.

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  32. Thaddeus Ramotowski

    Dr. E., I try to make it to church every Sunday. But, life happens and sometimes I don’t go to Mass.

    I just wanted to point out that your Sunday Devotionals are one of the many things I cherish about this blog, as opposed to what K. said. Sometimes I get down, or lose focus, but then I visit this site and I’m renewed with faith and hope.

    Thank you, Dr. E., and everyone who contributes to this wonderful site.

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