Bill Clinton charging up to $1,500 for tickets during “conversation” tour

bill clinton

Bill Clinton…Ladies, let me tell you about “My Life”

I’m sure Juanita Broaddrick would like to have a conversation with ol’ Bill.

From NY Post: Bill Clinton will spend his summer rolling in dough.

Next month the former president is scheduled to crisscross the US and Canada in a promotional tour for his new novel, in some cases charging $1,500 a ticket for on-stage events, dubbed “A Conversation with President Bill Clinton.”

Clinton, already a best-selling author for his 2004 autobiography “My Life,” began raking in the cash for the fictional thriller that he wrote with mega-bestselling novelist James Patterson, before the book was finished. He and his co-author reportedly signed a seven-figure deal with Showtime last year for the rights to turn the “The President is Missing” into a TV series.

Frenzied bidding for the television rights for the book, which is scheduled to go on sale June 4, began at $5 million last fall among some of the biggest players in Hollywood, including Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard, according to published reports.

A spokeswoman for Showtime would not comment last week on the size of the final deal.

Clinton’s first novel tells the story of a sitting president who disappears from the White House in the midst of a looming cyber terrorist attack.

It’s not clear how much Clinton and Patterson made from the advance for the book. The book is being published in a unique deal involving two publishing houses — Alfred A. Knopf and Little, Brown & Co.

The novel is being called the publishing event of the year, and Clinton is scheduled to headline next month’s BookCon convention at the Javits Center.

Tickets for the former president’s summer-long North American tour to promote the book start at $10 per person and go as high as $1,500 for the special VIP passes.

A spokesman for Clinton refused to say whether he would be donating any proceeds from the novel to his family’s charitable foundation. “The Clintons support a broad range of groups every year through their family foundation,” said Clinton spokesman Angel Urena.

In addition to the book tour, Clinton will also headline events for the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

At the non-profit’s exclusive, private gala at an undisclosed venue in New York on Thursday, tickets range from $2,500 per person to $100,000 for a special access pass to the Clintons for a table for 10. Sting is also scheduled to perform at the event.


24 responses to “Bill Clinton charging up to $1,500 for tickets during “conversation” tour

  1. I am not sure which is more evil. Billy Bob being able to rake in this kind of hard cold cash for being a sexual predator? OR The people that are paying to see him, purchase his book, and attend his “Conversations” thus supporting this sexual predator? My guess is that maybe 5% of the proceeds will go to charity. The other 95% will go into the Clinton’s own pocket. I know that we all unintentionally support stuff we do not like but to go out of your way to do so, is beyond my comprehension. Then another question comes to mind and that is the Harvey Weinstein’s, Bill Cosby’s, and many others have now been brought up on sexual misconduct charges, so why hasn’t Billy Bob Clinton? The evil in this world has no bounds, please Lord have mercy on us.

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  2. $1,500 to talk with a guy I wouldn’t share a cheap beer with? He must think I’m as crazy as he is. Too many no kill shelters could use that $1,500 alot more than the Trio of Terror. As they said during the days of Richard M. Nixon ‘Don’t Buy Books By Crooks!’

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  3. Jennifer Wright of the New York Post rightly asks why, when other men are being held accountable for their sexual misconduct (#MeToo), Bill Clinton — a married man who had a 22-year-old intern perform oral sex on him in the White Office, and whom three women accuse of sexual assault — is not in jail, but instead getting paid big bucks to speak.

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    • The Times of Israel (7/23/13) favorably reviews Clinton, Inc by Daniel Halper, which claims Mossad’s prurient voice tapes of Clinton and Monica were used by Netanyahu in 1998, unsuccessfully, ordering Clinton to pardon Pollard. You’d assume it would have worked except Tenet threatened to simultaneously resign, leaving Israeli espionage and blackmail the most likely explanation. It may be that today’s wooden-faced, booze-nosed Clinton is still almost as useful as a compromised asset as he ever was as president, so possibly it’s hands off, especially since at least half the electorate takes him for one of the greatest and still the sexiest of America’s presidents.

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  4. A fool and his money 💰 are soon parted.

    Will Bill’s zipper be up or down during his speeches?

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  5. Instead of charging $1,500 to buy a signed book, the Law ought to be throwing the book at Bill Clinton, credibly accused rapist—and adjudicated perjurer—that he is.
    And this brings up the Mystery of Evil, whereby when a person surpasses a certain perseverance in it, he simply—skates. Why is it that Bill Clinton is never held accountable for his crimes? (Why so other former Presidents?) Is it his charisma alone?
    I have had a number of riders in my yellow cab, back in those pre-Uber days, and in my Uber who said they talked with Clinton on and off the campaign trail. One man in particular said Clinton loved to get up on Saturday mornings and hob-nob with the locals up in Westchester (once he started living there). He said Clinton loves to talk to people, and that he can be quite charming and personable—as contrasted to the Cold Fish Hillary.

    Yes, I have heard and read that even the notorious Al Capone (who opened soup kitchens in Chicago during the Depression) could be quite personable. (Just don’t call him “Scarface!”)

    So what is it about a man who really should be made to endure capital punishment for his crimes against the State, as well as crimes against humanity (given his depleted-uranium bombing of Bosnia for 78 days straight)? Is it that he has two personalities? Is Bill Clinton a Jekyll and Hyde kind of character? It certainly looks like it.
    Has Mr. Clinton “voluntarily emptied himself of all love” and become a “diabolical narcissist?” It sure seems so. If birds of a feather flock together, then maybe Bill Clinton attracts fellow narcissists.
    But at least he is personable, unlike his spouse (and, from what I have heard, daughter, also).

    I believe the Clintons are possessed, in the Traditional Catholic sense of the term. This would certainly aid and abet Bill Clinton in his efforts to skate the Law: He will most likely escape Justice in THIS Life, and, come the Great Cashout, pay for his crimes.
    In other words, something more than a natural explanation does account for his continued social “good standing.”
    Evil is a Mystery. Some people choose to participate in this Horrible Mystery, for reasons I cannot—and do not want to—comprehend. I would take it they really require the adulation and good cheer of the public to carry on. They want the power of being able to make things happen. They cannot wait to get to Heaven to enjoy true success, so they settle, like Saul Alinsky, for Less, because, they reason, “Satan got his own kingdom out of the deal.” (Which is also false: God holds the ownership of Hell in His Hands, and all in it are punished, for eternity, in His Sight.)

    I have met both George H.W. Bush and Barack Obama. I was impressed by neither. I have ZERO DESIRE to meet Bill Clinton.

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    • I believe Bill Clinton is demon possessed. If he wasn’t possessed before he met Hillary, he probably became possessed after he met Hillary. Having sexual relations with someone demon possessed will make you demon possessed.

      Classic demon possession would be Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin: they were brutal against their opposition and ended up killing millions of people.

      Another kind of demon possession would be people who are able to charm the socks off of their opposition: their victims are caught under their spell. It would be a form of witchcraft. This would be Bill Clinton.

      The Clintons have placed certain men and women in positions of power, so that they would not have to spend time in prison. There is another prison called HELL. It is obvious to me that the Clintons don’t believe in HELL.

      When I think of Bill Clinton, I think of Joseph Conrad’s HEART OF DARKNESS or T.S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men”.

      Matthew 13: 50: “And shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.”

      “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”
      –Dante Alighieri

      “God shall not pity them but laugh at their calamity. The righteous company in heaven shall rejoice in the execution of God’s judgment, and shall sing while the smoke riseth up for ever.”
      –Thomas Boston

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  6. A basic rule of economics is that something is worth what another is willing to pay for it. To some, being close to Bill Clinton for a short time is worth at least $100,000.

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  7. Uuuuuhhhh, betcha Slick Willy ain’t gonna talk ‘bout politics, but the politics on how to get in “sticky situations” with women. That ole goat Willy is a smart alley cat when it comes to women, ask Killary, she won’t be so ill when it comes to running after Willy broom in hand, run Willy, run !!!! 🤪

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  8. Hey, top escorts cost money, Bill will have you know…

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  9. Cabin1954 I agree with you and would add: Lord God in Heaven, forgive us for everything we are and everything we are not.
    We have fallen short as a society to continue to let these criminal/evil creeps roam the planet and prey on its people.

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  10. Somebody please send that pic to Killary! 🤯

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  11. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

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    Wow, $1,500 a person – does the gal with the boobs exposed come with it. I guess he had to add a prop to the show to get more attention.


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  12. I wouldn’t sit in a room with him if he paid ME $1,500. What a shameless slut. How classy is this? He needs a NXIVM brand on his forehead.

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  13. well if people are willing to pay then so be it…..


  14. traildustfotm

    I’ll pay to keep him out of town.

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  15. I wouldn’t show up if they paid me.

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  16. Have you heard that awful squeaky/ gravely voice. I couldn’t take 3 minutes, if they were the ones paying me.

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