What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi? Gibberish and confusion during her weekly press conference

After watching this video, one has to wonder if Nancy (age 78) is one of the 16 members of Congress having Alzheimer’s medications delivered?

She sure does display some of the early indications of senile dementia: language problems, rambling speech,  and trouble coming up with the right words and using the wrong ones.

Also see Dr. Eowyn’s post from July 2017, “Does Nancy Pelosi have senile dementia?

There are several other videos in that post (also from The American Mirror) which clearly indicate that not all is right in Nancy’s head and with her ability to verbally communicate.

To learn more about Alzheimer’s and dementia, go to alz.org.


28 responses to “What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi? Gibberish and confusion during her weekly press conference

  1. By now, we have enough evidence to conclude that Pelosi has senile dementia. Demonrats really should have an “intervention” and ask her to step down as House Minority Leader and retire from Congress altogether. She’s an embarrassment.

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    • She wouldn’t step down-they’d have to take her down physically,a little forced vacation in a luxurious rubber room. I think an intervention IS in order-but it needs to be the result of a Congressional vote to replace her with someone competent to hold her position.

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  2. I cannot figure why she is still a speaker other than the democrats all have the same mental problems.

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  4. traildustfotm

    What’s wrong with her? Where do I start?

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  5. For being the speaker of the house her bullshit is so garbled she does not make sense at all! “NANNY”, please give US a brake!

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  6. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    The problem is the stress of Hillary losing is beginning to show on Pilosi and the Democratic Muslim/Socialist Party.

    It is just like when your CD gets a scratch on it and it keeps repeating itself. This tells you that you need to discard it and look for something new because the old – just doesn’t work anymore.


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  7. She just might dethrone Gabby Johnson as the master of authentic gibberish.

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  8. Dennis Godaire

    I believe that she is an actor. A real con-artist. Solution: Life imprisonment and confiscation of all assets.

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  9. She’s an idiot. The fact that she’s still there says all there is to say about them:

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  10. When they’re done with Nasty Nancy they should go after this one:

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  11. Well, Obongo (and a LONG list of others) haven’t embarrassed them. Their existence is an embarrassment. It has gone from stupid stagecraft to insulting displays of petty acromony.

    They have become so impossibly bad that it is beyond reason to vote for them. Only a fool would do such a thing.

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  12. Latrine Waters and her mouth, suppose she is elected president, how the hell can she, in her first act as president, impeach the President? Latrine, don’t you know there can’t be two presidents at the same time? Born stupid, grow stupid and die stupid.

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  13. Just a babbling idiot. Nothing to do with her age; check the videos and see she’s always been this way.

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  14. I am convinced that Mrs. Pelosi is possessed and that, mentally, she is deteriorating, and not deteriorating fast enough. I absolutely DETEST this woman, and how she has used her position to accumulate great wealth and power, and how she just rambles on without ever saying anything.
    But enough about her: What really galls me is the entire Democratic Party Establishment and how utterly corrupt and imbecilic they are. Is there putting any end to it? Will it ever come undone, or fade away? Can it be prosecuted under the RICO Statutes?

    If both present parties are all the bureaucrats and their billionaire patrons can come up with, then we need better billionaires and bureaucrats! We need a better system!

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    • Pelosi is a marrano. Her hubby is a VERY rich Jew. That explains why she’s where she is. She certainly isn’t there due to talent or intellect. She carries Israel’s water.

      In fact, the majority of the political parasites find themselves in the same boat. They may not be married to money, but they are completely bought and sold. This is simply the truth about the ZOG.

      One group waives fairies and illegals and talks nonsense. The other group says they oppose those things but do nothing to show it. Both report to the same paymaster.

      There will be no improvement until and unless Israel goes away. It is the boil on the ass of time. I don’t expect anything meaningful from anyone who worships at Israels altar.

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  15. Comrade Obama

    There nothing wrong with Pelosi that a tune up of her lobotomy wouldn’t fix.

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  16. Briggs Phariss

    She would have been ahead of the game had she retired years ago. Unintelligent gibberish is not becoming for one that’s supposed to be a lawmaker and a responsible representative of those that elected her. Sad !!!

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  17. IMO….she has evidenced at the very least “familial tremor” for years now. This is the LEAST “diganosis” that is totally evident through years and years of film on her public appearances. Not a big LEAP nor a huge “diagnosis” as a pedestrian/un-official medical personnel. It does not signify mental incapacity of any kind…but does interfere with physical functions at some level ( handwriting, public appearances, some speech delivery…etc ) . Beyond that, an offical medical diagnosis would have to be offered. The next, elevated step to this “diagnosis” moves up into the mental impairment levels….such as psychosis, borderline personality disorder, dementia, senility, or Alzheimer’s, etc…….half of which are attributed to organic/aging problems, and the other half to life-long-existing mental disorders…..take your pick. Nancy has one or some or all of the above……guaranteed. Just can’t wait until the Demorats promote her into the Speakership again, as they expect in the midterms…….(NOT___ON both midterms AND her “speakership!!!”) Her ship has sailed. She was “neutralized” years ago–with a combination of age, natural causes, and politics, but she doesn’t EVEN know it yet.

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