Trump administration revives “gag rule” on abortion

unborn baby

From NY Post: The Trump administration on Friday resurrected a Reagan-era rule banning federally funded family planning clinics from referring women for abortions or sharing space with abortion providers.

The Department of Health and Human Services announced the proposal Friday in a move aimed at burnishing the formerly pro-choice president’s pro-life credentials in the eyes of his evangelical base.

The policy has been derided as a “gag rule” by abortion rights supporters and medical groups, and it is likely to trigger lawsuits that could keep it from taking effect. But it’s guaranteed to galvanize activists on both sides of the abortion debate going into the congressional midterm elections.

The announcement came as President Trump was scheduled to speak at the Susan B. Anthony List’s “campaign for life” gala on Tuesday night. The group works to elect candidates who want to reduce and ultimately end abortion.

It says it spent more than $18 million in the 2016 election cycle to defeat Hillary Clinton and promote a “pro-life Senate.”

The Reagan-era rule barred family planning clinics from discussing abortion with women. It never went into effect as written, although the Supreme Court ruled that it was an appropriate use of executive power.

The policy was rescinded under President Bill Clinton, and a new rule went into effect that required “nondirective” counseling to include a full range of options for women.

According to a Trump administration summary, the new proposal will roll back the Clinton requirement that abortion should be discussed as an option along with prenatal care and adoption.

Known as Title X, the nation’s family planning program serves about 4 million women a year through clinics, at a cost to taxpayers of about $260 million.

Abortion is a legal medical procedure, but by law, federal family planning funds cannot be used to pay for abortion procedures.

Abortion opponents say a taxpayer-funded family planning program should have no connection to abortion.

Doctors’ groups and abortion rights supporters say a ban on counseling women trespasses on the doctor-patient relationship.

“This is an attempt to take away women’s basic rights, period,” said Dawn Laguens, a senior Planned Parenthood executive who hinted at possible legal action to try to block the Trump administration move, saying, “we will not stand by while our basic health care and rights are stripped away.”

“I cannot imagine a scenario in which public health groups would allow this effort to go unchallenged,” said Jessica Marcella of the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association, which represents family planning clinics.

Marcella said requiring clinics to be physically separate from facilities in which abortion is provided is impractical, and would disrupt services for women across the country.

But abortion foes said Trump is merely reaffirming the core mission of the family planning program. “The new regulations will draw a bright line between abortion centers and family planning programs, just as … federal law requires and the Supreme Court has upheld,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, a key voice for religious conservatives.

Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America said, “Abortion is not health care or birth control and many women want natural health care choices, rather than hormone-induced changes.”

The Trump administration overview of the proposal said it’s not a “gag rule.”

It “will not prohibit counseling for clients about abortion … but neither will it include the current mandate that (clinics) must counsel and refer for abortion,” said the administration document.

Abortion rights supporters suggest that’s a distinction without a difference, since the ban on referring a woman for an abortion could amount to overriding the judgment of medical professionals. They also say women will have no guarantee of getting a full review of all their options.

The Republican-led Congress has unsuccessfully tried to deny federal funds to Planned Parenthood, and the Trump administration has vowed to religious and social conservatives that it would keep up the effort.


19 responses to “Trump administration revives “gag rule” on abortion

  1. What about the unborn human’s right to life? Abortion is NOT healthcare. Period. Abortion is not family planning. They’ll still have the ‘right’ to abortion. I should have the right not to pay for it. President Trump; Make America Great for the unborn.

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    • YouKnowWho . . . . Very well put! It is an outrage when the baby murders infer that abortion is equal to healthcare, and family planning. Thankfully, we have a POTUS who is standing up and telling the truth.

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  2. Let’s support all decisions taken by President Trump and continue to rally him in all endeavors to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. We are getting there! PROTECT THE UNBORN, THEY TOO,HAVE A BEATING HEART.

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  3. GOOD! This is overdue.

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    For your information.


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  5. President Trump keeps his promises.

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  6. There is no such thng as ‘abortion rights’. Both in Canada and the U.S. the legislative branches retain the authority to create laws protecting the unborn up to, and including, Constitutional Amendments through established processes.

    In fact, in its 1988 Morgentaler Decision, the Supreme Court of Canada directed Parliament to draft NEW laws protecting the unborn and even recommended a complete ban after the 1st trimester.

    However, successive Liberal and Conservative regimes have repeatedly FAILED to act. In fact, despite promising to create new legislation once elected, Stephen Harper forbade his MPs from raising the issue just as the current PM, Justin Zoolander ( Trudeau…actually CASTRO!) is doing.

    As a result, Canada and the U.S. share the dubious distinction of beng the only countries in the world along with China and North Korea that allow abortion right up to the moment of birth. Live babies are tortured for evil medical ‘experiments’ and often have their organs-esp brains-harvested while still fully alive with no anesthetic.

    Such evil will not go unpunished. Already, we are seeing the impacts of all these lives being snuffed out paving the way for open border immigration in North America as death rates begin to exceed live births. After decades of a brutal 1 child policy, China is now facing demographic collapse.

    Trump’s move is a step in the right direction, but without stronger action, far worse chastisements directly fom the Hand of God are unavoidable.

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    • To clarify, the CURRENT Constitutions of Canada and he U.S. already provide protection for the unborn.

      In Canada, S7 of the ‘Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ guarantees right to life and S15 prohibits discrimination based on age i.e. one’s Constitutional and legal rights cannot be suspended simply based on stage of life.

      And we all know that the U.S. Constitution guarantees right to life fir each individual.

      This doesn’t mean that new&separate Consitutional Amendments protecting the unborn couldn’t be enacted through established processes in either country, though. In fact, this would obviously be a very good thing.


  7. The Left has done enough to shut up & shut down Pro-Lifers for YEARS now, it’s about time we turn the tables on them.

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  9. Bravo for President Trump. Planned Parenthood should practice truth in advertising and change its name to Murder, Inc., because that is PRECISELY what it is. Shiny white suits and a clean waiting room DO NOT disguise this fact; only willful ignorance can.
    But, Ultimately, human hearts will have to change in order for abortion to go away. Human hearts will have to admit that abortion is murder or homicide—or that it does end a human life. And human hearts will have to go farther than that: They will have to admit that sex is sacred, that a man must care for his wife, that the marriage act is a sacrosanct act. In other words, people are going to have to conquer their own carnality, and not all the lies in the world can change what God has ordained.
    And Yet, already, human hearts are changing. People are coming around to the truth. Some people are changing for the better. Some people are returning to God, and having their sins forgiven. Not enough to put a public end to this barbarity, not the victory we would like to see, but there is some good left out there.

    In the meantime, it would be good if all public funding of Planned Parenthood could be ended. A libertarian world would not end abortion, but it would eliminate the taxpayer funding of it. And this will likely not happen, because it would mean that the Democratic Party would no longer have a platform in renting the social fabric of America.

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    • I agree. It always amazes me that people can’t see why it is wrong to murder someone that causes you inconvenience but it’s “ok” to murder babies. Babies haven’t even had a chance to earn anyone’s acrimony.

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  10. If pro-choice people want their abortion rights, would they have a problem with me having the right to MURDER?

    Whomever I want to murder (it’s a “choice” after all). Maybe I would murder those who are pro-choice, or those who are and/or support the GTBQL-alphabet crowd, those who support FGM, leftist politicians who are hell-bent on tearing down America…just sayin’.

    Disclaimer: I wouldn’t actually do so, because none of them are worth spending time at the Graybar Hotel for. As much as many of them deserve death, vengeance is The Lord’s.

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  11. It’s a baby’s body even if it has no yet drawn it’s first breath of American air, and no one (including the woman) has a right to deprive from it from life, liberty or right to pursue happiness. Certainly, they are more qualified for those rights than are the millions of illegals who have no connection or rights to be on our American soil.

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  12. Hands down..The best President our Great Country has ever seen, he’s done 100’s of things that never even get mentioned. Godspeed President Trump, I’d give my life for you and what you represent.

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  13. Trump is driving the Deep State/Establishment/Globalists types batsh*t insane.

    Not only is he exposing them for the traitors they are, but he is systematically dismantling their power structure.

    -And I’m loving every minute of it. 😀

    Their ill-gotten power has not been threatened this seriously in decades – if ever, and thus they have been trying their best to destroy the man for nearly eighteen months.

    They are failing miserably.

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