Texas Santa Fe High School shooter is a commie satanist

Here’s what we know about the teenager who, we are told, shot 11 dead (10 students and a teacher) and wounded another 10 (including a law enforcement officer) with a sawed-off shot gun yesterday morning at Santa Fe High School, in Santa Fe — not Houston — Texas.

Distance between Santa Fe and Houston, Texas

Note: Santa Fe is in Galveston County, 36 miles southeast of Houston.

  • Name: Dimitrios Pagourtzis
  • Age: 17
  • Former member of the school’s football team.
  • Said to have been bullied by other students and a teacher.
  • He was dressed in a “Born to Kill” T-shirt and a trench coat with radical insignias, including the Soviet hammer-sickle red-star and the Baphomet.
  • He posted a pic of the trench coat to his Facebook page (since deleted), with this explanation for the symbols:

Sources: New York Post; InfoWars;



72 responses to “Texas Santa Fe High School shooter is a commie satanist

  1. Should have shot himself first.

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  2. Comrade Obama

    The media will suppress these details along with his facebook pages. I cannot believe he acted alone. I have read that explosive devices were discovered but haven’t seen any details. I have the feeling this will go the way of Las Vegas. Remember that and how all details just dried up?

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  3. Michael J. Garrison

    The simple solution to these Freemasonic-conspired-massacre’s is to have the kids learn AT HOME, ON THEIR COMPUTERS.
    BUT THAT’LL NEVER HAPPEN. Schools are being used for EXACTLY this reason.

    Wanna get America back to peace? Get rid of Russia’s Lodges and their members that are here in America. Kick Satan out….and let the SON Shine in.


  4. I read this piece today that claims the shooter was a “Colombiner” (whatever that is).


    The article claims that the symbols worn are the same as the shooters at Columbine. Also, that is supposed to be his fascination with trench coats.

    Some of the other students are said to be questioning why no one did anything besides students complaints about his demeanor and behavior.

    I’ll leave it there. I don’t believe the kid with the ear wound. I also can’t imagine just sitting there while some kid whips off his trench coat, pulls out a shot gun and revolver and starts blasting. Didn’t anybody rush him. I would.

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  5. From having read FOTM, Dr. Makow and a number of other blogs and sites, this is what I have noticed what is happening with these school and public massacres, whether they are false flag events or not: What began in the Masonic lodges with their disguised satanic rituals and associations has been aped and imitated by their teenaged children and translated into the public violence Masonry, ultimately, calls for.
    What Freemasonry aims at, the gold it seeks, is the transfer of power from Christendom unto itself, so that it rules as Christendom is destroyed. If revolution is too horrible to behold and upsets the public too much (or if it is too much trouble to pull off), then we can have that transfer of power by evolution.

    Let me be clear: No Mason or lodge member in his right mind wants to see these public massacres, to the best of his conscious knowledge; But it is, ultimately, what their Luciferian religion calls for, in so many phases, in so many acts, in so many years, through so many lies and deceptions, and on and on and on.
    In other words, Yes, we need Japan to attack us. A false flag event at Pearl Harbor can be arranged. Or, “We need a new Pearl Harbor,” said the PNAC document. Yes, we can arrange for the demolition of a skyscraper complex and satisfy the Luciferian demand for a ritual sacrifice at the same time which will allow governmental powers and operations to expand into infinity, while successfully deceiving enough of the public for long enough to pull off some more wars based upon lies. And the public can have its moral indignation, too, as the Luciferian Movement moves on to “its next abomination,” as the late George Carlin has duly noted.

    So when a satanistic teenager or young man in his twenties goes out and pulls some atrocity on his own, we who are in on “Our Thing” can put on a good show and feign indignation, consternation and disdain! We can truthfully say we did not put this young man up to this! We do not approve!
    Why, Yes, they DO NOT “approve,” for one lone nut—the key player in assassinations the CIA has insisted upon for decades—has surfaced and done this on his own.
    THIS is how the “man behind the curtain,” the “Wizard” pulling all the levers, reasons. This is how he thinks, along with his cohorts, as they run the show with their Luciferianism. Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy spoke out about it. Thousands of bloggers and commenters on the internet have written and spoken about it.
    Ultimately, evil and wickedness have a pathology, and an Evil Intelligence, known to Christians as THE DEVIL, leads men on the path down into his Pit of Darkness known as HELL. An entire Power Structure has been built to promote this, and those in the Power Structure condemn these lone wolf attacks not out of love for God or Mankind, but because these lone wolves risk an unmasking of motives on the one hand, or governmental action in them on the other. In one way or the other, the evil “trickles down” or “leaks out” so that a lone wolf takes matters into his own hands. How does this lone wolf benefit? What does he get out of it, to his own twisted mind? Off the top of my head, it seems to me like he enjoys a “romantic suicide” without actually killing himself: He gets to sacrifice himself—or at least his reputation and his liberty—and gets to enjoy all the self-pity he can muster. In his own way he can imitate Judas Iscariot, in his own mind, and pull it off or consummate it and have his “reward.” He gets to have his cake and eat it, too.
    These are but some of the levels of evil we are dealing with or witnessing in recent years, and the depravity, on every level, knows no end.

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    • Steven, you are of an age to recall when they were closing ‘Institutions for the Criminally Insane’ in favour of juvenile lockups and mandatory sentencing. Makes it seem like the ‘good old days’ all over again, as the nut cases are released to self-care and counselors with chemicals. More and more the role of free will [responsibility] is downplayed in favour of ‘society made him/her do it,’ as if the creep lacked free will or any rational judgement abilities. The 1890’s Victoria, BC, Institution for the Criminally Insane is now Wilkenson Lower Island Detention, as if we’re dealing with what were known as JDs, or Juvenile Delinquents!

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    • That is one side of the matter; another is that the Sirhan Sirhans do not so much choose but are chosen.

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    • Steven, your comment reminded me of an article from Vigilant Citizen several years ago. It was about the Jack the Ripper murders and the fact that most of the police force were Freemasons, as was Jack, so they had to cover for his crimes. Not that they approved, necessarily, of his murder spree, but they had to protect the brotherhood. Here’s the article in case you are interested.


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      • Yeah, my favorite theory revolves around one of the princes, Edward. He supposedly got a girl pregnant and was supporting her. The Queen’s doctor (who was a freemason) was asked to take care of the problem and the rest of the murders ensued from that.

        It should be noted that the royal family are freemasons and the titular head of freemasonry. I’m not a big proponent of freemason scares. I think they’ve largely outlived their usefulness. Their bosses remain, however and those are who we should look at. They rest is window dressing.

        There is little doubt about the killer being a mason. However, so were almost all the cops and judges. This is one of the true dangers of that outfit. The do a lot of damage through favoritism.

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  6. Didn’t anyone think it weird (or notify school staff) that this evil one was entering the school wearing a trenchcoat in hot weather?

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  7. Where’s his NRA pin? I’ve been told it’s their fault…

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  8. Has anything been heard from the shooter’s parents? Where are they? Once again these unstable and unsupervised young men are the instruments of a well organized movment preying on line for the slightest sign of discontent at school and at home, they are taught to overcome their fears, they are indoctrinated and become home grown terrorists, they don’t act alone they they are used as a front.

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    • I think one does micro loans in Indonesia and the other is a furniture salesman…, oh, wrong fraud. As a matter of fact, I haven’t heard a peep about them. Maybe the FBI patsy division has been overworked lately.

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    For your information.


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  10. The photo being shown around by media on that Santa Fe, Texas “event” is not an “Nazi” Iron Cross from WWII, as the media try to portray it.

    It is a WW1 Iron Cross Second Class. Specifically, it is “Picture 2 is the Iron Cross Second Class (Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse, or EK2 or EKII)” – at the link below.


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    • A truly finer point that will be ignored by the “official narratives.” No Nazis yet in WW1 !

      Thank you, as always, Flanders. I often see your comments across the web at various “awoke” sites. You are like a huge vault of information & details, always referenced with source links. I’m always amazed at your endurance & stamina; & how you are able to save, organize, remember, & post such a wide variety of back-up information in comments. You probably get little thanks, so I thank you now for your efforts!

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      • Thank You, TPR! It is good to hear that one’s efforts are recognized by some of our good people. A little recognition always makes things easier. Most people won’t take the time to do it, and it is appreciated that you do that. Thanks again.

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      • OK, yes, BUT they COULD have been there! [Wink wink, nudge nudge].


  11. means he was weird


  12. Saboteur’s post from yesterday says the shooter also had a photo of himself wearing a “BI-SEXUAL PRIDE PIN.”

    So, we now wonder: Was he bi/gay or just a “collector of pins”?

    Article also says he was the son of a “Greek immigrant”:


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    • Here is an Everipedia page which seems to have good factual information on the father and the family, TPR.


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    • Also, some info on the mother, Rose Marie Pagourtzis, Dimitrios Pagourtzis’ Mother: 5 Fast Facts. I didn’t save the direct link, but the site general link is below and the title is, “Rose Marie Pagourtzis, Dimitrios Pagourtzis’ Mother: 5 Fast Facts”.

      “Rose Marie Pagourtzis, who also goes by the name Rose Maria Kosmetatos, is the mother of accused Santa Fe High School school shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis.

      It appears that Dimitrios Pagoutzis’ mother works at a medical center.

      Rosemarie K Pagourtzis is listed in a Texas Tribune salaries database as “Administrative Associate in Pediatric Endocrinology, a department of The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.” She makes $42,201, and her race was listed as Hispanic/Latina in that database, although she shared posts about Greek heritage on Facebook. She was hired in September 2013.

      FacebookThe suspect’s dad and sister

      It appears that the couple have two children, Dimitrios and a female, based on their posts and photos on Facebook.


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    • Anyone that homely, overweight, and dull-minded isn’t attractive to anyone except a lower life form, and there’s


  13. I don’t care how you cut it, to me this type of crap is in some way pushed, supported, encouraged or otherwise directly related to liberals.

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  14. The new nationalist has a good write up on how this is a BS false flag. Its a quick 2 min read


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    • That’s a pretty good synopsis. I only saw the one group of “evacuees”, like at SHES. There were a couple of other vignettes that look phony as hell. There is also, as usual, mention of a drill scheduled for that day as well.

      Why would they immediately scrub the patsy’s social media? Why? These things are really insulting. I suppose the objective is to have people “believe” in spite of their utter ridiculousness.

      Anyway, thanks for the link.

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    • That was a good article, KJF. I found another article about a related matter which raised more questions for me than it answered.

      “Mother of a Texas school shooting victim steps forward to reveal the killer’s possible motive” [19 May, 2018]

      Police do not yet know why Dimitrios Pagourtzis committed a massacre at his Texas high school.

      But now the mother of one of the victims is stepping forward with a possible motive.

      Sadie Rodriguez [Fisher?] is the mother of Shana Fisher, who was killed in the attack. The Dallas News is reporting that Rodriguez said her daughter had spurned Pagourtzis’ romantic advances a week before he walked into her art class and killed her and others.

      “He continued to get more aggressive,” Rodriguez said in an interview conducted with the paper via Facebook. “She finally stood up to him and embarrassed him.”

      Rodriquez is raising money in her daughter’s memory.

      “My daughter was the most sweet and shy young lady,” Rodriguez wrote on Facebook. “She never hurt anyone. This boy. I can’t even do this. I cant even finish this. It isn’t even fair.”


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      • This this mesh’s with the one I posted. I don’t believe mine. I don’t even know anyone who ever lost a child that could be out soliciting for money this soon.

        In mine we are told that he blasted his way into the room with the shot gun (sound familiar SHES fans? ). Then he immediately told somebody he was going to kill them, and did. It doesn’t say what all the rest (I’d guess 30) kids were doing while this was happening.

        Mine doesn’t say if he continued to use the shot gun but it doesn’t sound like it since it claims he missed at least once and a bullet ricocheted and hit a girl in the leg. She later had them apply a bandage and she’s fine now.

        So together with “Iron Head” that’s two “wounded” out of the ten. My article claims that the wounded girl played dead and laid with the dead and wounded for a half-hour or so while he left and came back to shoot more.

        I don’t know what sort of drugs they’re piping into the ventilation system there but I’ll be damned if I’d lie there waiting for death. Am I to understand that out of an estimated 30 young people there wasn’t enough muscle to overpower a smelly fat kid? What are we raising? It’s either wimps or liars, you decide.

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      • That mother seems to have undergone a name change, at least according this Chronicle article and others I have seen, calling her Sadie Baze in the photo credit, but Blaze in the text. If her daughter’s name was Fisher, then she must have had her father’s name, which I assume would be Fisher, and likely her mother’s, too. She could be adopted, but I’ve not seen that reported. The article above calls her Sadie Rodriguez. Am I overlooking something, or somehow off-track?


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  15. Maybe somebody put too much horseradish on his gyro? This love interest may cause him to have to return his “gay pride” button. I suppose this means that he joins and ever growing cadre of ex-patsies down at the FBI archive. At least they didn’t run him down like they did the BMB one.

    I knew quite a few Greeks growing up. Most of them lacked impulse control, but to his extent. I’m so old I remember when guys wearing trench coats were more likely to be flashers than shooters.

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  16. And to top it off, his name sounds foreign and/or russian enough to suit (despite being greek) what a bonus.

    Note the corrupted sexuality pin goes without mention, particularly in the mainstream media. Also… the kid got his symbolism wrong I think, chthulu, besides being hack fictional creature by an equally hack racist occultist jerk, was fear… “power” wouldn’t really be ascribed to that one, I’d say. (I think yog sothoth would be the one with power as a trait, given it is considered of greater power than kalimari-face.)

    Suffice it to say, description as a satanist fanboy is certainly applicable.

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  17. THIS article is baloney from a 2 z–they could not even get the location straight—this occured in Santa Fe, Tx. in GALVESTON county–not Houston, not Harris County–this is your first clue as to the deception involved here. By the way, it was almost 90 degrees outside when this occurred and no one noticed his weird attire? SO many other things spell Sandy Hook and Parkland in is absurd…and boring.

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    • Thank you. You are right! Santa Fe High School is in the city of Santa Fe in Galveston County, 36 miles to the southeast of Houston. I’ve made the correction to my post.

      Of interest is this:

      “On June 19, 2000, the Supreme Court ruled that the Santa Fe Independent School District’s policy of permitting “student-led, student-initiated” prayer at football games and other school events violated the Constitution’s prohibitions against the establishment of state religion.”


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      • Weird. Everything I read said it was just outside of Houston.

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      • How does prayer “establish a state religion”? This country’s gone in the toilet.

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      • “On June 19, 2000, the Supreme Court ruled that the Santa Fe Independent School District’s policy of permitting “student-led, student-initiated” prayer at football games and other school events violated the Constitution’s prohibitions against the establishment of state religion.”
        Sorry-I’m trying to understand how they see the KIDS deciding to pray before a game as “establishment of state religion”. Is it just because the School District isn’t arresting the students? Would the prayers be okay if the students sneaked around with it,praying behind their backs? Would the kids have to become CRIMINALS for the Courts to leave the School District alone? Sounds like INSANITY to me.

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      • It is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to NWD elites that students –of ALL people– must NEVER get any idea of what democracy is about, esp as the NWD defines it as ‘rule by the unruly mob.’


  18. You might also check as to why the police spokesperson for this event was the Sheriff of Harris County-when this event took place in Galveston County-as in where was the LOCAL sheriff? This Harris County sheriff is a big time democrat, former associate and mayor pro-tem of Anise Parker, former dem mayor and openly LGBT. This kid was wearing an antifa hat besides the trenchcoat in 90 degree weather-just NOTHING makes any sense in this case-sounds more like the sandy hook and parkland shows-on reruns.

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    • That’s a very good question. Those of us who aren’t that familiar with the area wouldn’t know these things. I’ve been to Houston a few times but never paid any attention to Santa Fe (TX). The news articles I read said it was approximately ten miles outside of Houston.

      So, different county, different sheriff. Why would the “media” be talking to the wrong sheriff? Sounds like this one is another “Sheriff Israel”.

      We have the miraculous wounds and the “conga line” evacuations. I’m not buying it. I think this one will go silent like the others soon. Their intent is to introduce a vague uneasiness.

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    • On second thought, I noticed a lot of unmarked federal vehicles in the news coverage. I dismissed it somewhat because of the alleged proximity to Houston. To me it would seem strange that federal law enforcement would be active in a local crime. If this is an incorporated area wouldn’t the local police handle it?

      I mean if you dismiss the emotions for a few minutes, it is just a murder. Chicago might have three of these a weekend. I realize that its dramatic to have all the imitation military swarming these things, but jurisdiction used to be an important element of law.

      Apparently the sky’s the limit when it comes to enslaving us. Unless the local police asked for help there would be no reason for anyone else being involved. Of course, if it is a DHS drill………., well, all bets are off.

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  19. It’s true after all. They are not going to give up on the 2nd-Amendment ban until they see it destroyed, and will continuously find patsies – or make them with mental programming – to slaughter sacrifices. I expect these attacks will sadly continue across the country for some time to come.

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  20. Why doesn’t facebook and other social sites immediately report these maniacal murderers as soon as they make their statements of hate and threats? What is the FBI for other than protecting the president’s reputation? Kids and teachers in schools deserve more protection than government leaders!!!

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  22. I just wanted to advise everyone that our lad who was shot in the head in Sante Fe is doing so well that he played baseball today. Miraculous isn’t it?


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  23. Here’s the latest version. Unrequited teenaged love. Girl dumps geek. Geek goes postal:


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  24. According to this, he shot his ex-girlfriend and selected others in his art class.


    It also has another gunshot wound where they put a bandage on her leg and sent her home. It also has him leaving and coming back and holding them hostage for about 30 minutes.

    You decide. I don’t believe this.

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  25. traildustfotm

    Great report!
    When some info first surfaced on who the shooter is, the picture presented seemed perfect to demand all Americans give up their guns.

    An article on Heavy.com said:
    “The parents of Dimitrios Pagourtzis include a father who liked the NRA’s Dana Loesch on Facebook and a mother who works for a medical center. Authorities now say that the guns allegedly used by Dimitrios were his father’s legally purchased weapons.”

    The Left is constantly searching for nuts to support their accusations.

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  26. Figures he is stinking commie-puke scum.

    I hate commies with a flaming purple passion.

    They shouldn’t be allowed to breathe in this country.


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