Charlotte city council member compares police to terrorists

lawana mayfield

She seems like a nice womyn.

From Fox Insider News: A Charlotte, North Carolina, city councilwoman is receiving backlash after she compared police officers to terrorists on social media.

In the tweet, which was originally posted in March and has gained traction during National Police Week, LaWana Mayfield wrote, “Being black in America under #45 has created homegrown terrorist wearing blue uniforms.”

She posted the tweet, which included the hashtag #AReckoningIsComing, after the deadly officer-involved shooting of an unarmed black man in Sacramento, California.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said the tweet was “offensive” and “hard to stomach.”

FOX 46 Charlotte caught up with Mayfield Wednesday afternoon.

“They find an opinion offensive. When you do the research how many black men and women have lost their lives or been assaulted, then we can have this conversation,” Mayfield said.

This is not the first time the councilwoman has come under fire for a controversial social media post.

In April, she shared an article pushing a 9/11 conspiracy theory, which sparked an online petition calling for her resignation that has received more than 1,700 signatures.

This past October, she tweeted that President Trump is a “disgrace to the nation.”


27 responses to “Charlotte city council member compares police to terrorists

  1. Stephen T. McCarthy

    Well, this womyn is obviously suffering badly from TDS. Another libtarded screwball.

    Nevertheless — although Trump isn’t responsible — I can’t say that I totally disagree with her remark about police officers. In general, they truly are a scourge in the nation. Essentially tax revenuers who are not a whole lot different in their psychological make-ups as the criminals they are supposed to oppose.

    I have a lot of personal experience with police officers, having been a Police Explorer scout for years as a teenager and having worked for a police department. And I am decidedly NOT A FAN of most of them.

    The vast majority of cops have a pronounced “Us Against Them” mentality, and the “Them” is anyone who doesn’t wear the blue.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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  2. Long ago I worked for the police department, they were just one blue color with one common denominator, fight crime, no distinction of whites or blacks. Yes, things have changed thanks to the politicians at city hall that divided and conquered the force that protected the citizens – that division opened the door to the “bad cop” the “shoot the Ns dead” and “beat the whites to a pulp”. Let’s hope this “council woman” is able to handle herself in an assault, and pray her scorn towards the President diminishes her chances when she’s up for re-election.

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  3. I don’t know whqt planet steven mccarthy lives on. IMHO a smaller % of police officers are corrupt than most other professions. A huge % of politicians, media ‘experts’ and internet trolls way out number bad cops.
    If you don’t cooperate with the police when you interact with them then I don’t have much sympathy for you. I have had interactions with police and I’ve never gotten my ass kicked of shot. Whether right or wrong. Some them respect if you want the same.
    See How to avoid an ass whooping. Funny but true. by Chris Rock.

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  4. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    So if I compare her to a money grabbing inconsiderate crooked politician then the odds are about right. Well done Ma’am! You and your mouth are your own worst enemies. Elections will be around shortly. Good luck!

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  5. Then the police should refrain from coming to the aid of LaWana Mayfield should she need it because, after all, the police are terrorists and LaWana should not be subjected to their oppression.

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  6. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Base line starters should be an IQ test for all involved and then go from there and see where the real story stands.

    When you start out with the “hate” button – where do you go from there? There is no “like” button


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  7. What’s with the silly crown symbol in the lower left?

    Also can’t get the Knack’s 80’s hit song “My Lawana” out of my head now.

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    • The crown symbol represents the Charlotte city government. The city was originally named Charlottetowne after the British queen Charlotte Sophia. Silly? It’s just history…….history that so many Americans are ignorant of which is part of the reason why, for decades, we’ve allowed the evil ones in and outside of our government to corrupt and nearly destroy our Constitution and country!

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  8. Michael J. Garrison

    Research; Back to the Future Part Two. You’ll find that Biff the Casino Owner was based on Trump. The opening scenes show a cop car “in the gutter” and out of commission. So, the cops will be “worthless” soon. That’s “worthless to the public” and NOT worthless to the Corporations, whom the cops will be fighting for (depopulation).


    • POLICy-men aka POLICe-men.

      POLICy-men enforce Policies > aka Statutes > not Laws.

      (Or so I’ve heard over the years. True? I don’t know for sure, but I got a kick out of the semantics game.)

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  9. I do not worship the police. I treat them with respect unless they are disrespectful to me. We are not supposed to work for them. I don’t need their permission.

    I have known some good ones. Unfortunately, I have also known a good deal more bad ones. I was a good kid and young adult and I still had run ins with them. It was “normal” where I grew up. They literally harassed anyone below a certain age.

    That said, I am not stupid enough to think I can call them names and show disrespect and expect service. In theory that would be true, after all, we pay their salaries. But, realistically, it doesn’t work that way.

    So, without going into a long discourse on what I think is wrong with police, etc., I’ll just leave it at that. Always show respect. Never argue with a cop. It does no good whatsoever and will probably cause you pain. If you are wronged, get a lawyer. That probably won’t work either but it beats getting beaten down.

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    • Comrade Obama

      Lopphatt must have grown up in a really nice area. The only people I have ever heard remarks like those grew up in Bedfort Sty an area known for its choirboys. And most finished their schooling as guests of the state for their scholarship and good citizenship.

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      • I grew up in a typical area. That was my experience. It was my friends experience and we were all in a “middle class” area of a large city.

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  10. Mayfield reasons the way many progressives do: They have a few of the pieces of the puzzle in their own mental Rubik’s Cube, and they get the matter DEAD WRONG AGAIN—as usual.

    But there is a point that must be duly noted here. That point is this: Police officers of every rank (and I thank them for their service) are but agents of the State: They do not get to pick and choose what orders they shall obey. Police departments are not 4-H Clubs or volunteer societies; They are para-military organizations that are dedicated to maintaining the public order and safety, certainly. But, ultimately, they are agents of the State.
    Therefor, if any law enforcement official actually does perform an act of terror, there are but two choices: Either that police officer acted on his own (against the law) or acted on orders from some official in the State (also against the law).

    Ever since President Truman signed legislation establishing the Central Intelligence Agency, we have been stuck with a parallel government with its own operations and its own agenda. (And it does not exist to protect the sovereignty or interests of the United States). It looks like we’re stuck with it.
    But something else has been going on, ever since Muller, Comey and McCabe have headed the FBI: It, too, has had its own operations and agenda, and it has been credibly alleged that the FBI has orchestrated and cooperated in certain false flag events that involved acts of terror.
    This does not make every employee or agent of the FBI a terrorist or an accomplice to terrorism; It makes these men who headed the Agency terrorists, to the extent they cooperated in—acts of terror. The FBI is, by law, an agency of the State. But when false flag events occur, again, we are left with two choices: Either these men acted on their own, or they acted upon orders from on high. In either event, the Law is broken.

    LaWanda Mayfield is allowed to be stupid: There is no law against stupidity. But she ought to practice her stupidity in PRIVATE LIFE and deal with her own Rubik’s Cube of a mind. (Or a mind that resembles the remains of a dissected fetal pig!) She MUST NOT be free to employ her scrambled stupidity to pass public policy! But then again, neither should Mueller, Comey or McCabe.
    Alas, we do not live in a perfect world.

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  11. Lol at Mayfield the “Womyn”! 🙂

    The cops did a good job early yesterday in Miami. A 42-year-old male, South African-born, raised in Argentina, USA citizen as of August 2017, former porn “performer”/stripper & pin-head body builder, decided to enter Trump’s Doral Resort at 1:30am Friday the 18th, & shoot up the ceiling in the lobby after draping an American Flag over the counter while shouting anti-Trump sentiments.

    Doral & Miami cops arrived, shot dufus in the legs & in the ruckus broke his arm. Awww, too bad.

    Neighbors said dufus seemed like such a normal nice guy who lived alone with his dog. Poor dog!

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    • Yeah, I posted a link to this yesterday. For some reason it didn’t “catch on”. I guess shooting isn’t shooting unless you want it to be, if you know what I mean.

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  12. LAWANA > Law ana gonna obey.

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  13. The law is “passion-free” (IS SUPPOSED TO BE APPLIED EVENLY REGARDLESS OF POLITICS, RELIGION, GENDER, ETC) which, if I’d not been born and raised in an era prior to today’s daily bull-s__t, ..I’d NEVER EVER understand or know at any level—b/c it is NOT the “rigor” today.

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  14. Police are indeed terrorists…..

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  15. Vomit!!!

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