Trump and the ‘Fourth Turning’ of America

In their 1997 book, The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy – What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous With Destiny, authors William Strauss and Neil Howe describe the history of America — the 13 colonies and the United States — as a fourfold cycle of generational types. People in a particular age group tend to share a distinct set of beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors because they all grew up and came of age during a particular period in history. Strauss and Howe maintained that every 80 years American history has been marked by a crisis or “fourth turning” that destroyed an old order and created a new one. Reportedly, Steve Bannon, President Trump’s former chief strategist and senior counselor, is a proponent of the “fourth turning” idea.

Jay Weidner is a filmmaker, author and radio personality. In the essay, “Trump and the Fourth Turning,” he advances the intriguing notion that the unexpected election of Donald Trump to the presidency began a Fourth Turning — a time of upheaval and an opportunity to push back the Left and defeat their attempt to radically transform America.

Admittedly, however, we don’t really need the notion of a fourth turning to know that we are in the fight of our lives against the Left’s systematic — and thus far, successful — deformation of America.

While long, “Trump and the Fourth Turning” is well worth your read.

H/t maziel


Trump and the Fourth Turning

By Jay Weidner

Chapter One: The Fourth Turning.

Two historians William Strauss and Neil Howe wrote a very interesting book called, The Fourth Turning (1997).  In this significant book the two authors show that the United States goes through a Turning every 80 to 85 years.

The first turn was from 1776 to 1789 when the Republic was founded.

The second turning was from 1860 to 1865 when the civil war erupted.

The third turning was from 1940 to 1945, with the Great Depression and World War Two.

The fourth turning is now. For the next 13 years until 2030 the Fourth Turning of the United States will be in full swing.

What is interesting about these turnings is how each Turn reflects back on the Turn before.  The issues that are unresolved in one turning are attempted to be resolved in the next Turn.  For instance the Founding Fathers, in order to create a Union, more or less ignored and put off the most important problem our young country faced, which was slavery in the south.

The second turning was all about solving that problem, which unfortunately resulted in 600,000 men, as well as many women and children being killed.

If we go to the third turning we can see that the most popular movie at the time was Gone with the Wind (1939), which glorified the antebellum south.  The movie today seems like an oddity, almost surreal. One might surmise that Gone With the Wind was a movie made solely for the Third Turning. Viewing it today through the lens of our modern sensibilities, it is prosaic and almost silly.  Interestingly now as the fourth turning is coming we can see a return to movies about slavery and the civil war (12 Years a Slave, Django Unchained). Civil rights issues that were not solved in the third turning are starting to rise up again as we approach the end of that Turn and the start of the next. 

Chapter Two: The Left Attempts To Manufacture The Fourth Turning.

It is my opinion that Left and the Democrats read and absorbed the book, The Fourth Turning.  Starting in the late 1990’s, just after the book came out, the Left began attempting to construct the Fourth Turning.  They believed that they could successfully change America forever by acting out and consciously manipulating the change they wanted.

And the way that they would do this was a two-fold action:

First they would amp up Identity Politics.  They would label anyone who spoke out against this forced induction of the Fourth Turning as a ‘racist’, ‘sexist’ and ‘homophobe’.  The second part of the forced and manufactured Fourth Turning was to open the borders and flood America with people who do not share our basic values and ethics who due to many factors are poorly educated and due to this are easily controlled.

And so we watched the last eight years in horror as the Left began creating their fake Fourth Turning.

Chapter Three: But Turnings Cannot Be Manufactured.

What the Left does not understand is that Turnings are spontaneous.  They cannot be controlled.  One cannot manufacture a Turning.  It must rise spontaneously from the hearts and minds of the people and it must be a surprise to the powers that be and to everyone else.

Back in 1776, most people never believed that the US revolution, which marked the First Turning, would ever succeed.  Yet it did.  Most people did not want the Civil War, the hallmark of the Second Turning, yet it happened.  No one but our mad leaders, elites, and bankers wanted the Great Depression and World War Two of the Third Turning, yet they occurred.

What I am getting to here is that we don’t know as of yet what the Fourth Turning will manifest. But we can see that the election of Donald Trump was so unexpected, so populist in nature that it has surprised all of the experts.  No one can realistically contradict the obvious fact that the election was a rebellion against the establishment and the endlessly encroaching programs of the New World Order.   Whether you like Trump or not, he has upended the political establishment.  The entire mainstream media has been exposed and the Democrats (read The Left) are not only on the ropes but they have no bench.

Because they tried to manufacture The Fourth Turning, using identity politics instead of a merit system, they have found themselves caught in a conundrum of their own making with no significant leaders and no rising stars.

Their first attempt at Identity Politics was when they brought in Obama and he shamed the majority into voting for him twice.  The plan was to then to finish off their manipulation of the Fourth Turning by electing a woman and attempting to do the same thing with her.  Essentially their approach once again was to shame the majority into doing what the Left wanted using Identity Politics.

But Hillary is no Obama.  Whatever you think of Obama he can still deliver a good speech and he is likable.  Hillary is neither.

But it wasn’t Hillary who lost the election; it was the amazing accomplishment of Trump who perceiving the dissatisfaction and needs of the populace  – against all odds – won.

Chapter Four: The Real Fourth Turning.

So if one were to define a real Fourth Turning I think that this would have to be the one.  And the Trump Wave is only the first part of the Fourth Turning.  Like all Turnings the Trump Wave was spontaneous, surprising, tumultuous. It was dizzying, threatening and dangerous.

It still is all of those things and – if I am right – all of these things will continue.  In fact it could get very dangerous.  Especially when the Left finally figures out that the jig is up and they have been upended. How will they react when they take off their blinders and come face to face with the fact that the majority has come to realize how the Left plays this game and how unfair and deceptive they actually are.

The timing is impeccable.  The Third Turning ended in 1945.  If Trump and his movement can hang onto power until 2024 then that will be almost exactly 80 years from the Third Turning.

This means that Trump’s movement is in control of The Fourth Turning.  We are in a moment that is critical to the future of this country.

This is why the Left is so outraged at the moment.  They thought that they had it in the bag.  They thought that they could indoctrinate and overwhelm us with the ‘change’ that so few of us really wanted.

Chapter Five: What Happened?

The Left has never been more than 20% of the population.  They know this.  That is why they infiltrated the Education System, the Media, and Hollywood.  They tried to change us, and this country, through intimidation, propaganda, and re-education.  The Left, the Establishment Media and Hollywood have spent the last two decades telling us that all of the values that we hold as a culture and as a country are reprehensible, appalling, and downright evil.

Our children were taught in the propaganda mills we call public schools that America was racist, sexist, misogynist, vile, heartless, etc.

But then something happened.  A few years ago much of America stopped listening to all of this chatter.  It was if a giant collective decision had been made to turn off the propaganda mills.  Increasingly, television ratings began tanking, especially on the shows that were filled with the most anti-American propaganda.  Movies also began losing money big time.

Americans were saying ‘no’ to the propaganda machine but the minions who run the propaganda machine didn’t seem to understand.  The movies, media and television shows kept trying to sell us their substitute view of reality. When Caitlin Jenner received an Arthur Ashe ‘Courage’ award from ESPN you could hear the collective psychological backlash.

The Media and the Establishment had just gone too far.

It is like we were living in two separate universes.  In one universe we are told that we are all sexists, homophobes and racists, and that our country is full of hate.  On the other hand, you only have to open your eyes to see that we are living and working with people of numerous races, religions, opposite sexes and openly gay people and we aren’t ruffled by any of it.

In fact Americans were downright puzzled by the insults from the Left as they had openly elected Barack Obama twice.  Clearly many Trump voters had also voted for Obama.

Chapter Six: Dangers Ahead.

The Trump movement had better become steely fast.  The insults are going to get worse as we succeed in dismantling the manufactured BS culture that the establishment has been forcing on us

There is a Fourth Turning and like all the previous Turnings this one will be unexpected, spontaneous and full of surprises.  That is what is in store for us for the next 13 years.  We will come out of this Turning around 2030.

The war is just heating up and the Left is not going to take this sitting down.  Expect epic violence against us. Expect violence against the Police and Military to increase.

Even now the raging activists of the Left are planning for a color revolution this spring.  The elites in the establishment are so freaked out by the spontaneous eruption of the Trump Movement that they will employ a vast number of mindless Social Justice Warriors to try to reverse what has just happened. Outrageous acts by the Left are about to occur and the mainstream media will be behind it and openly support it.

In this we see the insanity of the psychopathic Left.  They claim that they are the rebels and revolutionaries but in reality they are the stooges of the Establishment.  It is the Establishment that educated their minds to believe what they think.  It was the Establishment that fed their brains for the last 30 years.

The Left thinks it is rebelling against the entrenched order but in reality it was their candidate, Hillary Clinton that was supported by the old money, the Banks, Wall Street, the Rothschild’s and the Rockefellers.  It was Hillary that was one hundred percent supported by  CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC. It was Hillary who voted for both the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, not Trump who was against them.

The Left is protesting that the Pro-War, Pro-Wall Street, Pro Banker candidate LOST!

This reversal of the Left’s formerly Anti-War, Anti-Wall Street, and Anti-Banker positions will do great damage to their future.  Does the Left think we are not watching them?  Does the Left think we aren’t noticing their epic hypocrisy?

How can they ever be trusted again if they supported such a candidate?  That they would riot, destroy property and scream obscenities because their Pro-War, Pro-Wall Street, Pro–Banker candidate lost is so surreal, so unbelievable, that it boggles the mind.

What we are about to witness will be a continuous attempt to manufacture and seize hold of the narrative of the Fourth Turning by the Left.  Black Lives Matter will continue to be funded by George Soros; the Establishment will still pay the Social Justice Warriors.

But it won’t matter. Thirteen years is enough time for us to turn the Left back.  Our alternative media is already beating the hell out of the mainstream media.  As one can see from the pushback of the mainstream news, the Left will do everything it can to shut down the alternative media.

What we must do next is to destroy their edifices of power.  We are already doing it with the media.  We must boycott all of their media.  We must boycott their movies.  Just like what is currently happening to the NFL, we must also do this to all of their institutions.

We must collectively decide to quit eating their crappy sugary, GMO food and believing their insane propaganda.  We must home school our kids to keep their minds away from the Leftist infiltrators.  We must remake the education system and root out the Leftists infiltrators.  We must expose them for what they are.  They won’t like it and it will be through their reaction to us that we will discover how truly psychopathic they are.

This is a war and the odds are good for us.  We are strong, united and clearly the majority.  Now it’s time for us to take power and remake our culture.  Let’s ignore the Left unless it is to reveal their own innate stupidity.

Oh and let’s also have fun.

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  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    For your information. We have to identify and convict all of the people who were involved in this attempt to over throw the government – starting at the top and all the way to the bottom of the sole of the last man standing – especially, Obama.


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  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn, although I have not read the article I thank you for this opportunity, I’m saving it for later in the evening so I can absorb all It in the quietness of the parlour. I do believe the Supreme Being has a lot stored for us for the betterment of our future generations, just like the Phoenix, United States of America rises again, and Donald J. Trump will finished the mission he has been chosen to do. God be with YOU Donald J. Trump,

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  3. Excellent reading…thanks so much, Dr. Eowyn!

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  4. if you have not read the fourth turning, you need to do so in order to understand what is going on in the world today.

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  5. So much info thank you for this only hope many see it will re-blog this were I can. Thats a big hammer you got there Doc nail some more of them to the wall. So much you bring is so appreciated for the so uninformed as in me. That was a history lesson in itself.

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  6. Thanks for bringing this article to our attention. I have read other of Jay Weidner’s work, and whether you agree with everything he says, you can’t deny his interesting take on things. A point of possible contention I have in this article though is his claim that Trump’s win was spontaneous is further explained in these two vids. Steve Piczenik a former psychological operative for the CIA lets the cat out of the bag with a Freudian slip when he says ” we placed Trump…” then goes on to admit that there were military and intelligence behind his election. And Brendon O’ O’Connell gets more specific- Israeli Intelligence is who helped Trump to win, which is given further weight by the assertion by many that Julian Assange is an Israeli asset. We only have factions of elites who are warring with each other, but neither of them is really for us, though Trump appears to be. I won’t deny he is my choice and he has done a lot of good, but his first allegiance is to Israel- if it wasn’t, it would be his life, and he would have never been elected.

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  7. Great read- thanks!


  8. I’m skeptical of this sort of unitary explanation that constructs a history of society and makes predictions based on suppressing a myriad of other determinants, or which finds like Darwinism that nothing disconfirms it, leaving it almost vacuous. I only skimmed the article, but it seems everything going on today is offered as evidence of the Fourth Turning rather than meeting the obligation of demonstrating the Fourth Turning caused whatever it is. As Vogoelin pointed out, in times where institutions, civility, ethnic cohesion and culture are breaking down, it’s natural to grasp at simplifying explanations that are satisfying, but which distort rather than describe the real world. Where money’s at stake, investment products are required to warn people that past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Just my offhand take—I welcome correction—and no offense to believers.

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    • I question the whole thing when its all contrived from the beginning. I don’t believe in coincidences or “natural occurrences” any longer.

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  9. Interesting thoughts re America’s “timelines.” But in the excerpts the book authors make no mention of the “JQ” (“Jewish Question”) which was responsible for at least 2 of the 4 “turnings” (Slavery & WW2); & if Slavery really was the cause of the Civil War (vs. “trade wars” between the North & the South), then the JQ was responsible for 3 of the 4 “turnings.” Also, WW1 was actually a bigger, more profound “turning” than WW2 + WW1 was also JQ-driven.

    Within the past few days I’ve learned of this “kid” & former Marine, Patrick Little, who is after JQ-Feinstein’s Senate seat in California. He has his JQ-guns a’blazing, has had six twitters canned so far, had his YouTube channel banned, & Wiki is after him currently. Erin Cruz & Snopes call him a hater of Israel, anti-Semite, White Supremacist, Nazi, yadda yadda. Cruz refuses to debate him re the JQ.

    Below are 3 audio interviews of him I’ve heard so far with a 4th one on my To-Do List; plus my brief opinions so far, fwiw:

    running vs (((Feinstein))) for Calif. Senate. His sites:

    Patrick Little, former Marine, a married man, originally from Maine, is the 21st Century version of Charles Lindberg, Henry Ford, Louis McFadden & others who had the guts in the earlier 20th Century to expose the “International Jewry”‘s stranglehold on America.
    –Little is still “wet behind the ears” age-wise, needs maturity & a little more class.


    __5/16/18 interview w/David Duke (not heard yet):
    [audio src="" /]

    __@KenAdachi1 wrote: 5/16/18~ US Senate Candidate Patrick Little delivers his most electrifying indictment yet of Jewish supremacists as the greatest threat to humanity & white people in particular. Solutions are stated honestly w/total candor. Can you handle the Truth? [LISTEN TO that 38-min. audio interview here]:
    9:50 PM – 16 May 2018
    –In above interview they talked more about current (vs. historical) Jewish-control issues & nukes.
    –When Little says Israel has attacked USA, as you know, he’s referring to the 1967 bombing of the USS Liberty by Israeli aircraft (LBJ knew & allowed & would not send help); the Lavon Affair; 9/11 WorldTrade Center towers; & other smaller “false flags” (Mossad, Israel’s “CIA” > school “shootings,” etc.)

    __@KenAdachi1 wrote: Latest Truth-Cast from CA Senatorial Candidate Patrick Little. This is one of Patrick’s BEST Interviews I’ve heard to date with Nordic Frontier in Sweden on May 15, 2018. LISTEN to this show (some sporadic electronic interference on Pat’s replies) 1 Hour:
    1:28 AM – 16 May 2018
    –In this interview, Little tells how he “woke up” & gives the history of Jewish control of America.
    –All true, great info for those asleep; but audio breaking up was annoying.
    –The male Swedish host, like the below American male host, seem to lack manliness & confidence in their voices. That also is annoying. Man-up, fellas!

    __5/13/18 audio interview at YouTube, 40-mins.:

    –The host sounds very young, slow, not enough confidence, not yet “manly-mature.”
    –The guest, Little, is also younger than I thought (was in elementary school in the 1990s!!) + he’s too vulgar & cusses too much in this one; & says dumb things like “C’mon, man.”
    –Even though his boldness is refreshing, & everything he says is true re the JQ, he needs to polish-up his delivery > give us Truth but Without the crassness & cockiness (& don’t eat & drink while being interviewed! > say, “Yes, mother.” lol).
    –Also, he’s ONLY been “awake” for 1-2 years re the JQ. Shall we say, “Out of the mouth of ‘babes'”?
    –With all that said, good snips of JWO-historical-control around the globe.
    –They also discussed POTUS Trump; Little says Trump needs to “POWER UP” (get real & expose the JQ & White dispossession, etc.) Little says whether Trump is being a coward or whether he’s been threatened or whether he’s a plant, it doesn’t matter because the EFFECT/RESULT will be the SAME (not a good one for America). Good point.
    –Little says he’s already been threatened but Marines are tough (he basically admits that bootcamp is brainwashing > They destroy who you were & create a “new” person).

    Little says vote for Paul Nehlen for Wisconsin; & some guy named Jones for Illinois; & himself for California, since, he says, they are all exposing the JQ.

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  10. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:

    An old high school chum bought this book and sent it to me. Told me I had to read it. Slowly but surely I did, and Dr. E has laid out the book in concise and easy understanding. She’s right!

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  11. Wow! Undoubtedly the best thing I’ve read in a long time. Rock on!

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  12. Didn’t prophecy end with the death of the last Apostle?
    Oh my goodness, “Creator” wins over “Destin” by a photo finish! This husband and wife ‘profit’ team (in the CBN video posted above) relate how she based her belief in this “prophecy” on a horse race? Does she realize horse races are fixed?

    And does she know that August Belmont, for whom the Belmont stakes are named, changed his surname from Schonberg TO Belmont? Or that Schoenberg/Belmont was directly linked to the House of Rothschild during the “civil war”, along with Judah Benjamin, (the man who whispered in Jefferson Davis’ ear and whose critics called him “Davis’ pet Jew’) and who ingratiated himself with Davis to the degree that he was appointed Secretary of War for the South under Davis and ensured the South didn’t capture Washington D.C. after the Battle of Bull Run in order to keep the war going? Do the Taylor profit team know that Judah Benjamin left the U.S. while Jefferson Davis was jailed and Lincoln’s head was blown off, and went to London where he lived, as an attorney, until his death? Judah Benjamin burned his personal papers shorty before his death in 1884, just as he had done to the Confederacy’s secret service papers before fleeing from the U.S.
    So, no Mr. & Mrs. Taylor, I don’t buy the profit-cy and first-to-fourth turning peddling.

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    • What do this shady couple, the Taylors, have to do with the Fourth Turning thesis?


      • I don’t know. SharkFL posted the video about Taylor. And I messed up on the video (in my haste) because the woman being interviewed is Mrs. Colbert, the wife of “Dr. Don Colbert” a “well-known Christian physician” who appears on CBN and from whom Mr. Taylor claims he sought advice regarding an illness. It’s rather convoluted. It appears Mark Taylor “received a prophecy” in 2011 about Trump being elected President. Mrs. Colbert got the Trump prophecy from Taylor (during “a visit” Taylor had with Colbert) and Taylor and Mrs. Colbert co-wrote a book about it titled “The Trump Prophecies”. Mrs. Colbert said she “saw the whole Father’s rhythm throughout the whole prophecy.” She said she started a “prayer chain” and gave the prophecy to “influencers” in churches. She thought it would happen in 2012. It took until June of 2015 for Trump to announce. Later, Mrs. Colbert asked God for confirmation that Trump would win and she said God told her to watch the Belmont Stakes in June of 2016. She thought Trump would REALLY be elected President because the horse named “Creator” won.
        Anyway, all of this IS off topic. The signs and wonders got me riled.

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        • I didn’t like Mrs. Colbert, also. Her interpreting from a horse race that Trump would win the 2016 election was magic-thinking.

          My question to you is why you conflated Mrs. Colbert with the Fourth Turning thesis. It was SharkFL who posted the video.


          • There is no ‘spontaneous’ ‘turning’ that ‘rises from the hearts and minds of the people’ and ‘cannot be controlled’. It’s magic(k) or sorcery for the masses to drink up. Look at the histories of the 2 “historians” who wrote this fourth turning book. There isn’t anything spontaneous about their careers.

            These 2 ‘historians’ wrote something called “Generations” before writing “The Fourth Turning”.
            From Wiki: “Generations helped popularize the idea that people in a particular age group tend to share a distinct set of beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors because they all grow up and come of age during a particular period in history.”

            The key words in that sentence are, “helped popularize the idea”.
            Actually, they helped cement that idea, along with a multitude of other books, movies, plays, and songs. WHO and WHAT runs the “enter-tain-ment” industry? Is the enter-tain-ment industry spontaneous, or is it directed?

            People existed for centuries without “generational conflict”. In fact, people revered their ancestors and the accumulated knowledge, and the sense of permanence and stability the previous generations could impart to the younger people of the tribe or village. Most people are typically quite reticent to go along with or to cause upheaval in society. It isn’t in the nature of normal people. It IS in the nature of those who wish to “MAKE IT SO.” (That’s a freemasonic saying.)

            Only individuals can be spontaneous. “Movements” (so-called) are never spontaneous.


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