Homeless dog brings friend to rescuer

Judy Obregon works for The Abandoned Ones animal rescue in Fort Worth, Texas.

Obregon had noticed a female German Shepherd living in the woods near Echo Lake Park, a notorious dumping ground for unwanted pets. With great patience, Obregon worked at gaining the dog’s trust.

Obregon wrote: “At first, once she saw my truck she’d run. Every morning I’d go to feed her.”

Then one morning, Obregon showed up and the dog was there waiting for her. That’s when Obregon “knew we were close” to rescuing her.

German Shepherd and pit bull

After many days of feeding, the dog finally revealed a secret.

She went into the woods and brought out a friend: a frightened pit bull with scars all over his face.

German shepherd and pit bull1German shepherd and pit bull2

Obregon said the German Shepherd made it clear: “If you take me, you take my friend, too!”

No one knows how the dogs got there or how they found each other, but they clearly had become friends and protectors of each other.

Obregon eventually was able to coax the dogs into her car.

German shepherd and pit bull3

Iris the German Shepherd and Clover the pit bull have visited the vet. Happily, neither has heartworm. Clover’s face has already healed. 🙂

German shepherd and pit bull4

On May 10, 2018, The Abandoned Ones posted an update on Iris and Clover — Iris had a cyst removed during her spay surgery; Clover would be spayed the next day. He is healing and is on antibiotics.

The dogs are recovering at the vet. Both need fostering.

  • If you are interested in fostering or adopting the dogs, please contact www.taoanimalrescue.com.
  • To donate to their medical care, call Dr . Gibbs at (817) 294-9798.
  • To donate to The Abandoned Ones animal rescue, go here.

H/t PawMyGosh


16 responses to “Homeless dog brings friend to rescuer

  1. If only humans would mimic these beautiful animals. Doc you made my day again. THANKS

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  2. Animals are brilliant. It was a cloudy day and not a good pool day so I started cleaning house. A ruckus occurred on my wraparound porch and I opened the double doors from the bedroom to the porch to find an agressive bird flittering, screaming at my walls, and bouncing into the walls. I followed the bird to the trees beside the pool thinking her in danger or some such event caused her to call out for help.
    This lasted for a couple hours with me trying to find the culprit to my failure.
    That bird did not give up and my attention went to other household duties and was forgotten.
    The next morning, I went to clean the filter in the pool and found the cause of the bird’s behavior. There were four newborn birds in the filter. How they got there one can only guess; blown out of the nest into the pool by the swaying branch during the storm would be mine.
    That mama was agressively trying to get me to go to the pool and rescue her babies.
    Amazing, huh.

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  3. That is so beautiful, and what good people they are. Moving story. Reblogging you, this should be seen.

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  4. Those beautiful doggies are on the road to recovery, outside and INSIDE, whoever adopts them will be rewarded with love and LOYALTY.

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  5. Reblogged this on Anna Cottage and commented:

    Such a moving story that should be seen. Please help such a good cause if you are able.

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  6. I love dogs, they are so in tune, I’m teared up again at this story, like so many other stories about these amazing creatures. Our family misses our 2,Jasmine and Maude.

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  7. Dr. E–the filter is where the water flows to be carried to the filter cleaner–they were dead before they made it to the filter.
    If they were knocked in where the nest was in the dogwood tree, they had 32 feet to be washed by water flow before the filter.
    They didn’t have a chance.

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  8. We have a pedigreed Beagle and a Lab. My wife was on a trip and found this dog running wild in a little town, almost getting hit by traffic. People were shooing her away. She asked around and they told her they were going to shoot her as she’d been bothering people for days.

    She brought the dog home. We named her Chloe. We had her DNA tested and she’s Mini Pin, Labrador, Irish Setter and Rotweiller. She’s very pretty and one of the smartest dogs we’ve ever had.

    When I took her to our vet I asked if she were chipped (she wasn’t) and she asked me, based on how skinny she is would you give her back if someone claimed her? That was a good question. We’ve had her about a year now and she’s gained weight and turned into one of the family.

    I don’t know how anyone can abandon a dog. They love us unconditionally. I only wish humans could do the same.


  9. I would hope that when these two are ready for adoption, that they be adopted together and not separated. They have formed a bond together that must not be broken.

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  10. So glad these two were rescued. All potential owners must realize that bringing an animal into your home is for KEEPS. You can’t just chuck them out!! Please, parents think twice, and be prepared for the long run – and get your animals spayed. This is the only story I’ve seen with a happy ending today. Thanks, Dr.E. (JJ – so sorry to hear about the baby birds, and the anguish the poor mommy bird must’ve gone through)

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  11. I am humbled, reading this story. The only thing near to this that has happened to us is when a feral mother cat brought her kittens to us, one at a time….for us to find and care for. I know she did it on purpose, b/c the second one, I caught her in the act. She placed the kitten near my chicken house…..he was maybe 4-5 weeks old…..and she sat on the other side of our fence (our neighbor’s yard—where she’d raised them under their shed) and watched placidly, not responding as he cried out for her….but she never budged, but then again–she never took her eyes off of him. I followed his cries and took him in. Mother went off to the rest of the litter (whom she “gave ” to us, too). We ended up with the 3 brothers, the loves of our lives. These boys taught us to NEVER adopt just ONE at a time. They are far more entertaining, loving, well-adjusted….when they come with a sibling or more.

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  12. All of Jehovah’s creations are MUCH MORE than most people believe they are. Animals have emotions, affection, empathy and sympathy, and friendship. Some are more intelligent than others, but ALL of His creatures are wonderful and amazing and love is an integral part of them. Humans as well, but most humans ignore love, and it atrophies within them until they have no natural affection, just as prophecy indicates.

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