Breaking: Another school shooting, in Texas; 8 killed

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The school is Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, about 36 miles southeast of Houston.

From New York Post, May 18, 2018:

At least eight people were killed when a shooter opened fire on a high school near Houston on Friday, according to reports.

A law enforcement officer was also wounded in the gunfire, according to KHOU11 News.

The shooter, a male, has been arrested, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The school was placed on lockdown around 8 a.m. following reports of the active shooter on campus, according to assistant principal Cris Richardson.

One student told TV station KTRK that a gunman came into her first-period art class and started shooting. The student said she saw one girl with blood on her leg as the class evacuated the room.

“We thought it was a fire drill at first but really, the teacher said, ‘Start running,’” the student told the television station.

The student said she didn’t get a good look at the shooter because she was running away. She said students escaped through a door at the back of the classroom.

Yesterday, Q Anon predicted the shooting as a false-flag distraction:

Q's warning on Santa Fe High School false flag


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  1. Not knowing the details, my first thought is that the Globalists have to pretend to kill or actually kill our schoolchildren until we are disarmed. For the sake of the children. Northwoods plan for your neighborhood.

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    • Fomenting deviancy and instability– I’m sure progressives have considered (and enjoy the opportunity to push their agenda) with legal guns available. (Unethical of them? Sure, but it’s “for the greater good,” you know.)

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    • “For the sake of the children,” Madeleine Albright, who was clearly speaking for the Neocon deep state, said the deaths of FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND innocent Iraqi children was worth the price of removing a potential threat to Israel. The GWOT has caused the direct deaths of 370,000, and according to Brown U, at least as many by indirect means. Over 10 million are living in refugee camps without life’s basics.

      The connection is my belief that such monsters are enemies of the human race itself and would as readily murder American deplorables’ children in this country as they in fact murder children by the tens of thousands in Arab countries. The outrage to me is that by staging events like SH and Parkland they knowingly trigger real, copycat massacres that cannot be connected to themselves and are then blamed on the NRA and law abiding gun owners.

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    • Why do I have that creepy feeling I have seen that shooter’s face before?

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  2. Have no fear, David Hogg is on the way to blame the NRA.

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  3. Quick, name me an incident, other than a “school shooting” where they have the number of deceased this quickly.

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    • I heard he/they used a shotgun. A shotgun with buck is much more effective at quickly killing than a rifle or pistol, unless the rifle or pistol round is to the head/cns of course. One specific buckshot loading is equivalent to 30 plus rounds of 357mag hitting all at the same time, so you can imagine what it does to a human chest at close range. The buckshot is soft lead that expands on impact making massive wound channels and crushing everything in their path – wich is why the Geneva Convention outlawed soft lead bullets in war. Birdshot at close range makes for a truly nasty deep wound looking much like a pack of rats ate their way through. Pretty much if you have to get shot, you’d want the rifle or pistol than the shotgun.

      Another sad occurrence that will be blamed on the law abiding gun owners when everything the perps did was already against the law. If this isn’t another sandy hoax.

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      • @ Josh-Better rethink your math on this one…00 buck is generally loaded at anywhere from 8-12 pellets/shell in 12 ga and each pellet carries ~ 175 fpe. Even .38 Special has 200+ fpe, while .357 can exceed 500 fpe.

        This is LONG way from “30 plus rounds of 357mag hitting all at the same time”…
        While there is some minor pellet expansion in a gelatin block, I was unable to locate any video that shows much more than .02-.04 expansion from the initial .33 dia.

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      • I’d have to check the drill script to know for sure.

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      • Kevin J Lankford

        Clearly you know nothing of buck shot. Standard 00 buck is 9 33 caliber round balls at just under 1200 FPS, which is devastating enough with in its parameters. But I truly think it is irrelevant to discuss what ever firearm is claimed to be used when it is surely just one more staged event.

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      • Watch for them coining a new term, like “long gun” or “assault rifle”. Maybe “buck gun” or “double-ought killer stick” or something. They have to get them all in there so they can ban them all, or play one off the other to get them all in stages.

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      • However, its my understanding that a shotgun loses a great deal of power the greater the distance it is from a given target, I don’t know the metrics of it, however, but it seems like it would be not practical for distance, so if the story does say shotgun, and does say “at a distance” we can know that something is amiss there.

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        • At close range a shotgun is pretty serious. You don’t have to aim carefully, and if you don’t care about “collateral damage” you can definitely do some serious damage.

          That said, their whole argument recently has been so-called “assault weapons”. Shotguns are as common as lawn furniture. Allegedly it belonged to his father. So, how is some sort of gun legislation going to affect situations like this?

          He could just as easily picked up his father’s axe on his way to school and started chopping away with that. I’m only mentioning this because it is easy to show that their alleged argument doesn’t hold water.

          None of this has, or ever had, anything to do with crime or safety other than the safety of these political parasites. It is illegal for felons to have guns. Do felons commit crimes using guns? How has it been demonstrated that laws control gun violence?

          Members of the NRA are not the ones committing gun violence. So why are they the target? Well, we know the answers. Their desires are not consistent with their hype. I really don’t know how people can watch these propagandists on TV and not know how bought-and-sold they are.

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  4. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Until people realize that we have a problem with “gun free zones” and limiting the people who have access to the inside of the buildings will this stop. Schools are not “range free” but people treat them as such.

    Where are metal detectors for entrance?


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    • Maybe they need to call the DHS on the carpet for running so many drills. I don’t believe ANY of these any longer unless proven to my satisfaction.

      People get all caught up in these and fail to realize that there is NO connection between them, real or imaginary, and “gun control”. If they used axes would they be screaming for “axe control”.

      No that is a parasite safety issue. They want us naked and afraid.

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      • lophatt . . . . . Your very last sentence, “They want us naked and afraid.” says all there is to say about these school shooting incidents. You are right on mark.

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    • Kevin J Lankford

      You insinuate with your name that you are endowed with a more than fair share of good sense. It should be well understood by any and all by now that these events are staged and aimed at accomplishing a purpose contrary to Constitutional values.

      Debating ‘gun free’ nonsense, building access, metal detector nonsense, and all the rest of the surveillance nonsense, is exactly what government and law enforcement is hoping for. Imagine the loss of control and influence over your very own child, when you are prevented access to them for eight hours a day. It will be you, or every parent who is turned away at every door, prevented from seeing ‘your’ child, until the government agents turn them loose.

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    • Because metal detectors at EVERY entrance would be too easy!!!

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  5. There seems to be a lot of stuff going on this morning. The usual suspects are trying to take everyone’s eyes off the imminent release of the IG report.😎

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  6. Well, well, well…

    The school held a Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) training course on March 19th.

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    • Why, shut my mouth. What a “COINCIDENCE”. Have you ever heard anything like that before? My, my, my, damned NRA.

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    • Wow… wondered where, when or if a drill had been held. A drill seems to be a prerequisite to these events, doesn’t it? That being said, the usual time frame is drill/event the same day or week. This is a little bit tardy (two months later) but they got ‘er done anyway.

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  7. Another shooting by a ‘mentally disturbed’ person??? Really ??? When, pray tell, is the mental health profession going to be held accountable for their inability to notify anyone of the danger one their patients may present to the public at large?
    And school boards?? They are happy to increase the bureaucracy of the school systems, devoting more than half of most school budgets to non-school room/teachers expenses. But they won’t put metal detectors and a safety official in each of their schools? Why not? They find money for everything else.

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    • Yeah, the story is that this clown has been writing on social media about torturing animals. He looks like he’s a pallet or two short of a load. Schools are a joke anyway. They always have been.

      I went to high school with a serial killer. A lot of kids complained about his bizarre behavior but they never did anything about it.

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    • We used to lock up the dangerously mentally ill. It was and is a liberial idea to ‘mainsteam’ them. Thanks libatards.

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  8. Rush just said they have the shooter,supposedly a student there,in custody,and another student is being investigated as well.
    Must be the work of the NRA-no doubt the student was just carrying the gun around and IT kept shooting people. (sarc)

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  9. His FB page content has been scrubbed. Looks like an anarchist picture/logo, so no crazy alt-right narrative:

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  10. Children, the most vulnerable citizens are the last on the list of the priority safety awareness, as long as the schools don’t provide security inside and outside of the schools’ perimeters these violent acts will prevail, to the demisle of students and teachers. Nobody knows where the next assault will take place in schools and as long as the attitude that “it won’t happen here” is not changed, there is no school district safe. We cry for our losses, and in short as life goes on……. until the next assault.

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  11. My rights do not end at their emotional break down over gun control. Seems to me as much air time they give all this would it not perhaps bring on a copy cat shooting every now and then as well. As many as there are there as to be a paper or money trail somewhere. My state has blocked the teachers from having weapons and there are a lot who have carry permits. And half of the candidates running for governor will not comment on it we have 3 who are all for it and signed off on the Tennessee Firearms Assoc. who sends out questionnaires to them on their stances on the 2nd and things of this nature.
    When Lord when?

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    • Surviving school shooters, and most other surviving mass shooters, are never asked about their motive. For instance, Jared Loughner is locked up in a psychiatric ward, and has never been asked why he did it by the media. Even a mentally disturbed child, or one with schizophrenia, Downs Syndrome, etc., would be able to articulate a motive. In most cases, I do not believe that the motive would be a bizarre delusion. I believe that there are a lot of cultural issues being ignored. Is bullying being ignored? What about mobbing by the school Administration? These are pervasive issues. The parent administrators who are cubicle bullies, mobbing teachers, aides and other employees foster a pervasive atmosphere of bullying. Did every primary school have an informational link about suicide prevention 30 years ago? Not to my memory. The wider issue of social toxicity, mobbing, etc., is always ignored, except by a few academic researchers who have written extensively on the topic, having their research largely ignored:

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      • Forbid a kid self-defense when attacked by bullies because “all violence is wrong” and, eventually, it’ll be either suicide or this. Just sayin’.

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        • Well, it could get your blank-shooting actor killed.

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        • There should be a zero tolerance policy regarding bullying. This should apply to mobbing by the school administration of both employees and students.

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          • I’m afraid I am reluctant to ask for any additional oversight or restrictions of any kind. I do not want to empower an alleged authority. They have not demonstrated the ability to manage what misplaced trust they’ve been given to date, why imagine an improvement with even more trust given them.

            In the first place, they don’t work for us. That is demonstrable. In the second, I don’t want them any more involved than teaching the nuts and bolts of knowledge. I don’t want to hear what they “think” about social issues. I don’t want them doing sex education. I don’t want to hear what they “believe”.

            Frankly, I don’t know why people keep running to government or the schools to do their jobs for them. The schools should preserve order. First they should make it clear what that means and follow up by appropriate action. If a kid needs a shrink, tell the parents and don’t let them back in until it happens.

            If a kid is a bully or thug, kick him out. Who needs him. It is his and his parent’s problem, not the schools.

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    • My suspicion is that a true answer would be that they are written into the drill script. I see no reason to bother trying to understand a fraud. If they use genuine patsies I suppose we could make distinctions between the mind-controlled ones and the volunteers.

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  12. It was (sadly) not totally unexpected, at least in my mind, that another school shooting would happen soon given that IG Horowitz will be referring the FBI and DOJ to a Prosecutor for breaking the law in the Clinton e-mail/server investigation. Gotta change the narrative, right? Next – Enter David Hogg, stage left. Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees the pattern here.

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    • Oh I’m sure they have a number of these “penciled in” in case they need them. They pretty much wind them up and let ’em go now. The babbling boors on the MSM are fully-trained and know how to hype the propaganda. It’s easy.

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  13. Crisis actors in place and ready to go.

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  14. Well what do you know…the evil monster was 17 (need to be 18 to legally purchase a gun in Texas), used a sawed off shotgun (illegal) and committed murder (illegal).

    Guess we need more laws…

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  15. Q anon predicted it yesterday.

    Either fake or deep state operation

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    • More purple antelope running on fields of rotten tuna fish? I think they have lots of drills in cans. They just take them out, give ’em a shake, and presto!

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  16. Michael J. Garrison

    There is a new and strange “occurrence” happening with these shootings.
    There are three Masonic Lodgers forming a triangle of sorts, with the shootings happening inside this triangle.
    Vegas Massacre.
    Marjorie Stoneman.
    Santa Fe, Texas.
    and on and on.


    • The Masonic Lodges formed a pentagram at SHES.


      • To Michael & Philip: Good to know re the Masonic Lodges “triangles.” How about some screenshots of the maps? Those would make great visuals as additional proof of the “Zio/Deep State” madness.

        Shooting on the 18th day of the 18th year > 666 666.

        Headlines are now saying 10 dead; previously 8 dead = another “18” = another 666.

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        • I have spent many hours researching Satanic connections to Newtown. I believe it was when doing this I found that there were five masonic lodges around Sandy Hook School. They may not have all been active at e time of the shooting. I spent a couple of hours searching the internet today. I will go on youtube later. It is likely that is where I found the message.
          I dislike disinformation. I apologize if I spread it. The Freemasons are not going to reveal their evil. They are masters at obfiscation. Finding Hiram Lodge 18 is easy. Finding former lodges will be more difficult. Newtown has a long history.
          Finding links between Newtown and the Temple of Set are much less difficult.
          The sordid nature of this story creates fatigue. I will continue to seek my source. True or false I will search for it.

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      • You probably are closer to the truth than most realize, Phillip. I’ll have more information to post at the end so that I’m not bypassing others. Look for it beginning: “Freemasons are Noachides”.


    • Interesting if applicable, people also forget that around the same time as the sandy hoax events, the freemasonic lodge there was running a “child identification program”, which I myself suspected might’ve been utilized for them making databases of kids, for much viler purposes than was advertised.


  17. traildustfotm

    How long until the shrill voice of the Left screams for the disarming of all Americans?

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  18. traildustfotm

    Quick! Bring in the Crisis Actors!

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  19. Michael J. Garrison

    As a successful treasure locator, I can tell you that Russia’s secret societies like Freemasonry, use what’s called a “pubic triangle” to bury their treasure accumulation rooms and openings to mines, etc. The pubic triangle leads to the treasure opening, which is called the “vaginal opening.”
    My point here is that triangles ARE VERY IMPORTANT when hiding treasures/mines/openings.
    The same HAS TO BE true when committing these massacre’s, where the triangle of Lodges give “protection” to the assassins.
    ALL of these shootings occur at schools with “access-points” to the underground. Marjorie Stoneman Douglas has this vaginal diamond right on the front of the building.
    These massacre’s will stop when America begins to remove ALL Masonic Lodges and their members from hell.


    • Thanks for that additional edu re triangles/pyramids.

      Agreed re the dire need to Rout Out the Rats of Judeo-Masonry. But how, I have no idea short of pitchforks, torches, & guillotines, since politicians are either one of them, afraid of them, or making $$ from them.

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  20. This will help stop school shootings by teens…..STOP PUBLICIZING THEM!!!

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  21. They’re all out there in MSM land, beating the drums. No doubt they’ll have a gaggle of self-proclaimed “experts” for their dinner hour. They are not going to stop until they disarm us. This is just to provide something that appears “plausible” as an excuse.

    If we let them get away with this we’re toast. This is so over the top it isn’t even funny. Talk about tyranny.

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  22. Very confusing..

    Nov 9th 2017 – Santa fe high school NM shooting threat -3 teens arrested

    Nov 14th 2017- charges dropped for 2 teens involved in Sante Fe High School shooting threat in NM

    Feb 28th 2018 – popping sounds outside Santa Fe High School TX put the school on lockdown for active shooter.

    Today the same TX High School again?

    Eye witnesses saying they were expecting it to happen there ?

    Am I in the twilight zone? Reality and fantasy seem to merge together and you cant tell one from the other when it comes to these “shootings”

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  23. How many days before the bulldozers arrive to pave the way for a brand new school?

    (Wiki entry is lacking details; doesn’t yet show what year the school was built.)

    A schools stats site said for 2017, that this school had approx. 1100 whites, 25 blacks, & less than 300 hispanics. It also said less than 300 were at poverty level. The school is 30 miles from Houston.

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  25. UPDATE from The Olive: NBC News is reporting that 10 were killed and the suspect is in custody. The New York Times is reporting that explosive devices were also found in the school and area nearby.

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  26. Yesterday, Q Anon predicted the shooting as a false-flag distraction:

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  27. Should there be Civil and Criminal liability for the Santa Fe H.S. Shooting FACULTY?

    “I know he’s picked on by coaches and other students. He didn’t really talk to anyone,” he told the station. “My friends from the football team told me that coaches said he smelled, like, right in front of his face. And other kids would look at him and laugh at him … nothing like physical but they still emotionally bullied him.”

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  28. UPDATE: From The Guardian 16:39 Fri May 18, 2018 (on line)

    Guardian writer Tom Dart reported that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott confirmed that there were 10 fatalities and 10 additional people wounded. Dart reported that the governor also confirmed that the weapons used by the shooter were a 38 caliber revolver and a shotgun. The shooter was allegedly a 17 year old student who complained that he had been bullied. The NBC Nightly News, with Lester Holt, reported that nine of the fatalities were students and one was an adult. NBC also reported that there were a number of “explosive devices” found at the school, including a pipe bomb and a Molotov Cocktail that were unexploded. Additional “explosive devices” were found at the shooter’s car, home and elsewhere on his residential property.

    I am interested to know how a shooter armed with a revolver and a “sawed off” shotgun could inflict such damage in so little time. A 38 caliber revolver (and for the sake of this discussion we will say it was a .38 special revolver) contains six rounds when fully loaded. Most shotguns used for hunting contain a similar number of rounds, five in the tube and one in the chamber. That is 12 rounds before the shooter has to stop and reload. Reloading a shotgun requires inserting shells into the magazine one at a time for five rounds, then chambering a round and inserting a sixth round into the magazine. Those actions require both hands. Therefore, reloading the shotgun requires the shooter to set aside the revolver. Similarly, unloading and reloading a revolver also is a two-hand process. The shooter has to open the cylinder, expel the spent brass, insert new cartridges one by one into the cylinder chambers, reset the cylinder and cock the trigger before a single shot can be fired. A speed loader (a clumsy device in the hands of a novice shooter) might speed up that process, but not by much.

    Many breaking news outlets also said the shooter pulled a fire alarm before he began shooting. They also reported that he went into an art classroom to do some of his shooting.

    So, back to the 20 victims. How did the shooter manage to kill 10 people and wound 10 more with the weapons at his disposal? He had a maximum of 12 rounds before he would have to stop shooting and reload. Were his victims just standing around with their arms crossed waiting to be shot? I doubt it. If this were for real, I would expect that the potential victims would have been running all over each other to escape. Even if the shooter managed somehow to reload both weapons and start firing again, how did he manage to place his shots so effectively that he dropped 10 people who were running for their lives, and seriously wounding anothern10 moving targets?

    This is unbelievable. The shooting scenario makes absolutely no sense.

    I think there is another issue here. Every, and I do mean EVERY, media outlet is reporting that the guns were purchased legally. It is as though the anti 2A crowed is trying to make a pitch that now not just “assault weapons” (yes I know they are not assault weapons) need to be banned, but ALL weapons need to be banned.

    Think Britain.

    Think Australia

    Dart’s Guardian article devolves into a series of interviews of and quotes from people associated with the Brady Campaign. It is the usual stuff from the snowflakes. Here is the final quote:

    “What will it take for Congress to step up and do their lobs to protect innocent children from gun violence?”

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    • Yes, I see that too. I mentioned it already. They are “moving the argument”. They want total disarmament.

      So, “being bullied” is now an excuse for murder? Or, being bullied will cause murder if guns are available? Ah!

      Yes, its a scary world out there. No one should ever have to worry about anything in life (not!). So we have the smelly kid who doesn’t bathe and tortures animals. If Dad didn’t own a shotgun and a pistol we’d be reading about how we need better control of lawn implements.

      We don’t need control. We don’t need “help”. We don’t need to “Do Something”. Nothing, that’s what we need.

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    • Have you ever heard the word “planting before the final act is consummated?

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  29. Seriously? Check out this video at 45 seconds and someone please explain to me how the kid was shot in the neck (looks like his mom bandaged the wound) and he’s sitting on his front porch looking almost good as new?? Doctors in the house? I am so confused!

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  30. meager bumble

    This is what happens when you disarm people. Good example of how only the criminal will have a weapon and hold an ENTIRE school hostage.

    Now imagine every teacher (at least) armed or every student armed? The criminal would NEVER battle an army.

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  31. Back in the,..’Olden days’,..when I went to school, you could buy a gun without a background check, & the school owned guns & had a ‘Rifle Team’ & had shooting matches against other schools, & one could win a varsity letter in ,..’marksmanship’.
    And the Boy Scouts also gave out merit badges for marksmanship, In those days, school shootings were unheard of
    They also had archery matches with straw targets.set up on a section of the playground. & their the arrows would fly
    Back in those days, the schools were largely segregated, with , ‘All White’ schools being common, so weapons in the hands of students, was not a problem.
    Back in those days, the thought of pandering to.’transgender’ types whose biology did not match the ‘perceived’ gender, by letting them use the restroom of their choice was not a ,..’consideration.
    Now, today, we have racially integrated schools where metal detectors are needed,& the lesson plans are dumbed down so Jamal & Lee Roy could keep up .
    Back then, English was the accepted language, although there were optional classes in Spanish, or French, or Latin.//
    I was allowed to make a knife in metal shop,..

    But alas,..Those days of yesteryear are but a fading memory of we few old timers, who are still alive t& have the memory of the long gone past, where America was White & Christian & sane,..

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  32. I’ve read four or five accounts now. On all of them I’ve seen the all too familiar conga line “evacuees”. There are about fifteen to twenty of them. Then there are a couple of “focus groups”, very few students with adults. Lots of emotion shots, etc..

    Where is everybody? There’s the kid they interviewed with the cheap, badly applied store-bought bandage. He claims he was shot in the back of the neck and the bullet exited on the side of his neck near his ear. We are left to believe that they just slapped a cheap bandage on there and sent him home. It’s ludicrous.

    I’ll leave everyone to decide whether they think this is bogus or they just have bad medicine and no high school kids in Texas. As usual some of the kids said that they started off thinking it was another drill. If all this were “real” and on the “up and up” I’d have to conclude that these drills were having a deleterious effect.

    In the Las Vegas one we had “civilian” people delivering people to the hospitals while ambulances weren’t permitted. Then they said they invited the drivers in to help treat the patients. Really?

    We all saw the “miraculous” cures and other interventions in the BMB extravaganza. We know from SHES that hundreds of kids go in but only a dozen or so come out.

    I already know what I think. That bandage on the kid looks like a ten-year-old applied it. He must be one of the “ten” wounded. It would have been hokey enough had they just showed him in passing. No, they actually interviewed him with his flesh-colored, band-aid brand bandage flopping on the side of his neck.

    Well, I hope they get their “Smelly Fat Kid” law passed so they can rest easy.

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  34. This seems like columbine redux, just with a single patsy instead of two.

    I also recall, remember a while back when the DHS, post office, etc. were buying up millions of rounds of ammo to stock up on? Perhaps that is related to these incidents in that that was “phase one secure ammo & weapons” while “phase 2” is try to drive disarmament of the citizenry as much as possible, I don’t think they expect to disarm the lot, but rather are trying to remove as much as they can, before they try for “phase 3″… what is phase three? I’m unsure, it might be a bit early for that new civil war they’ve been trying to be trying to foment, but then perhaps that is phase three.

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    • Well the ammo buy out was Obongo’s underhanded way of keeping ammo off the shelves. They later destroyed billions of dollars worth.

      They want us disarmed and they are pushing it. They will do it regardless of what anybody thinks. They don’t work for us.

      They hope that these little operations will provide something that looks plausible enough for them to be doing this.

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  35. Freemasons are Noachides

    “The Noachide Association of Great Britain”

    “In 1738 C. E. …

    ‘The Constitutions of the Freemasons’, by Rev. Bro. James Anderson, D.D..

    Published by the Grand Lodge of England in 1738.

    The Old Charges of the Free and Accepted Masons: Charge 1 – Concerning G-d and Religion.

    “A Mason is obliged by his tenure to observe the Moral Law, as a true Noachida [Noachidae or Sons of Noah was the first name of Masons according to old traditions]; and if he rightly understands the Craft, he will never be a stupid Atheist, nor an irreligious Libertine, nor act against conscience.

    …..They are generally charged to adhere to that religion in which all men agree (leaving each brother to his own particular opinion); that is, to be good men and true, men of honour and honesty, by whatever names, religions, or persuasions they may be distinguished; for they all agree in the…great Articles of Noah, enough to preserve the cement of the Lodge.

    Thus Masonry is the center of their union, and the happy means of conciliating persons that otherwise must have remained at a perpetual distance.”

    “In 1845 C. E. …

    From ‘A Lexicon of Freemasonry’, by Bro. Dr. Albert G. MacKey M. D., Published in 1845.

    Noachidæ, or Noachites – The descendants of Noah. A term applied to Freemasons. Noah having alone preserved the true name and worship of God, amid a race of impious idolaters, Freemasons claim to be his descendants, because they still preserve that pure religion which distinguished this second father of the human race from the rest of the world. And even when his descendants began again, in the plains of Shinar, to forget the Almighty, and to wander from the path of purity, the principles of Noah were still perpetuated by that portion of his race whom the Freemasons of the present day regard as their early predecessors. Hence Freemasons call themselves Noachidæ, or the sons of Noah. [Skip]

    The “proselytes of the gate,” as the Jews termed those who lived among them without undergoing circumcision, or observing the ceremonial law, were bound to obey the seven precepts of Noah.”

    “In 1877 C. E. …

    From ‘The Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia’ by Bro. Kenneth MacKenzie. Published in 1877.

    Noachidæ. – Descendants of Noah. Applied in Masonic legend to the Craft in general, as being derived from Noah, traditionally claimed as the founder and father of Masonic theology, according to some theories, because the Masons preserved the traditions of the one God amidst the corruptions of surrounding faiths. In the second edition of Anderson’s “Constitutions” we read – “A Mason is obliged by his tenure to observe the moral law as a true Noachida.” [Skipping the 7 “Noachide laws, referred to below”]:

    These have been preserved in the Talmud. Maimonides says that the first six precepts were enunciated by Adam, and the seventh by Noah. They are not mentioned by Onkelos, Josephus, or Philo; still, they have been adopted by the Rabbins.”

    “From 1951 C. E. onwards…rebbe13

    The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (1902-1994), began his leadership of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement in 1951, and throughout his career he repeatedly called the nations of the world to fulfill their seven commandments and for Jewish people to inform and influence gentiles to observe them.

    Some of what the Rebbe said about the seven Noachide commandments:” [See the links at the site linked below]:


  36. who among our political class join with jewry in their attempts to impose NOACHIDE STATUS onto every single one of America’s citizens?

    “Beginning with President Carter onward, this collective and individual responsibility to education is proclaimed each year on the date that corresponds to the 11th day of the Jewish month of Nissan (four days before Passover), anniversary of birth of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory. This is done in respect to the Rebbe’s tireless work spearheading this national focus on education, along with the towering personal example his life and teachings provide to direct and apply this educational emphasis.

    Pursuantly, in 2018, 40th anniversary of Education Day, the president of the United States signed the traditional declaration of the Rebbe’s birth date (March 27, 2018), as Education and Sharing Day, as did the governors of all 50 states in the Union:”


    • Flanders, just FYI in my own investigations, while the judaic cult does have it’s tendrils in many places, (ugly menorahs aroudn Christmas instead of nativities, etc.) I have yet to find any back up of head-choppers, unfortunately, I had heard of this back in the ’90’s, and tried to dig up as much info as I could about it, the idea eventually was conflated with shackle boxcars etc. I was able to trace it back further than snopes, though (and found they were lying about something else outright, but its been long enough that I don’t remember what I busted them for, go figure.). haven’t trusted them since.

      Apparently it showed up around ’92 on the BBSes for linda thompson who had become active in the conspiracy stuff by then (I suspect she was like alex jones, and spread a bunch of disinfo.) and was similarly parroted by “‘bo’ gritz” who was involved with the whole ruby ridge incident. (I greatly suspect he was similarly a disinformation pusher, false opposition and all). I never found actual proof that guillotines were being manufactured or shipped, personally, nor that boxcars were being manufactured and shipped either.

      I mention this since sometimes this disinfo is mentioned with the stuff about noachides. (Don’t believe any stuff about an alleged “super volcano” in yellowstone either btw, that hokum is still being peddled by one pamela shuffert, who looks to be a disinfo agent as well.)


      • Seumas, I had hesitated to give that link for the reason that people do not yet have the capability to understand and have not discovered yet for themselves what the true intents are behind this Noahide deception. In fact, the law that is spoken about in that report has, I think, now been repealed. I decided to leave it anyway, despite it’s seemingly “alarmist” nature which makes it sound like “another of those!”, but because so many people are ignorant about Noahide I decided to leave it anyway. Some aware people among the general public need to have this awareness for future times when they will need this information.

        The public also needs to become knowledgeable, too, about LUBAVITCH CHABAD, which is the group who are most intently spreading this, bypassing the “grassroots” public and going to the top political classes.

        While you own investigations don’t seem to have discovered confirming information, I have uncovered several instances which confirm it fully, and I assure you that they are very serious. I’m sure you must know that a reconstituted Sanhedrin was set up during the 1990’s, which are the ones who would rule on the capital “offenses”. This they will not do until the tribunal procedures have been finalized. I have sources and links in my older files, and will get those to you when I’ve had a chance tor get to them again for my own use. For now, here is another link with much the same type of information, but with a little more detail:

        “The Pharisees also succeeded in killing Jesus Christ on the basis that He blasphemed God, which is Noahide Law # 2. Remember Jesus’ words, in Matthew 10:24-25, that the disciples of the Master will be treated in just the same way as the Master has been treated. I wonder if this Scripture has any bearing upon this current situation? Public Law 102-14 sets the foundation for American and United Nations Law to be established in such a way as to uphold these Seven Noahide Laws. These seven laws are a counterfeit of the Ten Commandments, and are promoted by the Neo-Pharisee occult group, the Lubavitchers.”


      • Just to be clear, Seumas, without getting onto you too much, I do not follow alarmist sites and dis-information sites, as your own comment seems to implicitly imply.

        Just because you do not find information does not mean that others have not found it either, and you need to remember that. I’ve been doing this, I suspect, for a much longer time than you have, and I generally have some type of reasonable documentation, either with me or in my older files which back up the information which I post. I repost links which have the information which I feel that people need and can understand, sometimes along with my own opinions which they then can either heed or reject it for themselves, based on their own experience levels and understanding. You may yourself go to Alex Jone’s, or to that disinfo site Snopes, but don’t imply that I do.


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