Seattle renews contract with Wells Fargo because no other bank wants city’s business

wells fargo protest

Seattle socialist councilmember Kshama Sawant protests Wells Fargo

More like no other bank wants to deal with socialist councilmember Kshama Sawant and the attacks on Seattle businesses.

From Seattle Times: The city of Seattle will keep banking with Wells Fargo & Co. after it could get no other takers to handle the city’s business.

The City Council in February 2017 voted 9-0 to pull its account from Wells Fargo, saying the city needs a bank that reflects its values.

Council members cited the bank’s investments in the Dakota Access Pipeline, as well as a roiling customer fraud scandal, as their reasons to sever ties with the bank.

Some council members declared their vote as a move to strike a blow against not only Wells Fargo, but “the billionaire class.”

“Take our government back from the billionaires, back from [President] Trump and from the oil companies,” Councilmember Kshama Sawant said at the time.

The contract was set to expire Dec. 31, but as finance managers for the city searched for arrangements to handle the city’s banking, it got no takers, said Glen Lee, city finance director. That was even after splitting financial services into different contracts to try to attract a variety of bidders, including smaller banks. In the end, there were none at all.

“It became clear this was our best and only course of action,” Lee said of the city’s decision to stick with Wells Fargo after all.

The first sign that it would be hard to make the council’s wish a reality came soon after the vote when Wells Fargo too-hastily informed the city it could sever its ties immediately with no penalty for breaking the contract. The bank even promised to help the city find a new financial partner.

But it quickly became clear how hard that would be as the city reworked its procurement specifications and searched for months.

In the end, the city renewed its contract with Wells Fargo last week, and council members held a public briefing on the signing of the contract in a public work session Monday. The contract ties the city of Seattle and Wells Fargo together for three more years beginning Jan. 1 with two optional one year extensions after that.

The city finance office began briefing the mayor and council about the situation last February as it became clear the city would have no takers no matter how it sliced up the business.

Read the rest of the story here.


12 responses to “Seattle renews contract with Wells Fargo because no other bank wants city’s business

  1. Wells Fargo must have an inside track or why else would they since no one else wants them what is it Wells Fargo wants? Usual the house is the money pit but for this state that city is the money pit.

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  2. Watch a once great city die and blame it all on the voters. They elected these igorant people into office. Seattle has a fatal disease right now and it will drain the vitality out of the city as it dies a slow, lingering death. Eventually, it will go on life support but not before it digresses into something hideous that doesn’t remotely resemble its former self. What the heck, huh? It dies of good intentions crusading for a cause Don Quixote would have called insane. Equality.

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  3. Seattle will be a live reenactment of Detroit.

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  4. Wells Fargo should sever its ties from Seattle also.

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  5. Why offer help of any kind to your adversaries..?? Let Seattle sink.. The Only Advice I would give an Adversary that is continuing to Shoot themselves in the Foot – is to Aim Higher, & aim higher until they get to the “Head” of the Problem..!!

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  6. Why can’t the city of Seattle do business with a socialist bank like the First Socialist Bank of Venezuela?

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    • Tim, bright idea of yours but at this point wouldn’t work for Seattle and Venezuela, they are both in zero, zilch, out! Only the US can help Venezuela out of its misery and Seattle from bankruptcy.

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      • Also “business” and “socialism” doesn’t work either. It looks like Seattle, Portland and San Francisco are the three biggest third world countries in the United States.

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  7. Wells Fargo will open up 6,000 accounts for them and keep all the free toasters…

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  8. Wells Fargo, Seattle WA. Made for each other. Maybe together they will go bankrupt so that there will be no remembrance by man nor history of either.

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  9. I’ll bet they didn’t try “Bob’s Bank and Funeral Home-Deposit $1,000 and get a free Coffin.”….

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