Irish urged to house ‘refugees’ in their spare rooms

Virginia Hale reports for Breitbart, May 16, 2018, that the Irish Red Cross has launched a national campaign urging homeowners in Ireland to “put empty space to better use” by pledging to house “migrants” in their spare beds, spare rooms, second homes or any vacant properties for periods of up to a year as part of the government’s Irish Refugee Protection Program:

“Pledging a vacant property or spare room will play a significant and valuable role in helping Syrian refugees rebuild their lives and settle in Irish communities.”

Any asylum seeker or refugee housed through the scheme would be given a caseworker who provides them with education, healthcare, and employment support, explains the Irish Red Cross on its website.

Founded by Dublin nurse Elizabeth O’Herrin in 1939, the Irish Red Cross is administering the Refugee Protection Program as part of Ireland’s effort to resettle 4,000 asylum seekers from camps in Greece and Italy.

The Irish Red Cross and Irish media used the “success” story of Mary O’Reilly to propagandize the refugee resettlement program.

O’Reilly claims to being “enriched” by her decision to welcome a 26-year-old Syrian man named Wassim into her home looking out onto Dublin Bay. She told Dublin Live that Wassim has become “like one of the family”:

“I have a house here with a spare room and I heard somebody say — and it was so true — the only difference between them and us is luck and it is, it’s just luck. Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s my nature, but lots of people take in an Irish person. What’s the difference, are we not all the same?

I love different cultures. I went to Cuba this year. I love travelling and I would love to have gone to Damascus, but now I have this culture come and live with me.

If there’s one downside to having Wassim stay with me it’s that he gets on a little too well with Lolly, my Tibetan terrier. It’s double the tidbits for her.”

A similar appeal was made in 2015. In that campaign, although hundreds of free rooms and vacant homes were pledged, only 88 translated into actual accommodation for migrants, with many people withdrawing their offers once they were contacted by the Irish Red Cross.

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43 responses to “Irish urged to house ‘refugees’ in their spare rooms

  1. And, unfortunately, most Irish are dumb enough to fall for this. I wonder what the translation of Erin go bragh is in arabic?

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  2. More of soro$$ open borders and the destabilization of the EU to further the islamic effect into the western culture to break it down from within.

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  3. Patrick Cornell

    Who is Wassim going to rape first? The Irish harpy or the dog?

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  4. Patrick Cornell

    Virtue signaling Irish tart is going to live to regret shacking up with Wassim.

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  5. Why aren’t government officials housing the refugees in their homes? After all, they have the necessary connections to “help” and resettle all of these people. I wonder if ANY volunteered to help?

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    • Diane Wilson . . . . You have just posed the 64 thousand dollar question! “Are any of the government officials housing refugees in their homes?” I would just imagine that we can safety say . . . . “NO!” It is far too dangerous to the official, and his family members, particularly any females residing in the residence.

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  6. RED FLAG🚩 Look out motherland England -housing “immigrants” in Ireland may wake up sleeping cells and the separatists resurgence! These days, experts say the INLA (Irish National Liberation Army) is known as much or more for its participation in the drug trade and other criminal activities as it is for outright terrorism. Mixing these two is dynamite ready to explode.

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    • England is not the motherland of Ireland. Ireland is an entirely separate and independent country. Only Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. UK = Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland) and Northern Ireland.

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      • In Northern Ireland, there is still a nationalist movement that wishes to separate Northern Ireland from England and join with the Republic of Ireland. There have been many conflicts around this issue, with some being military (mostly due to the involvement of the Provisional Irish Republican Army guerilla/terrorist group) and many of the ongoing ones being political. The separatist movement is still active, if not significantly more tame in their modern tact.

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      • Patrick Cornell

        Don’t forget Cornwell!


  7. I’d rather have a nest of killer bees in my spare room.

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    • THAT is hilarious! 🙂

      Since the story originated at the official Irish Red Cross site, it must be true, though it would not surprise me if they made up the Mary O’Reilly story as a guilt-tripping/shaming brainwash to dupe others.

      Back in 2006 a USA “satire newsman” wrote a similar “house aliens in USA homes” story as the Irish Red Cross one, & many of us fell for it.

      I’ll repost that info below under CalGirl’s comment since she mentioned the British “quartering” which was also included in the USA hoax story.


  8. Why on earth would the Irish or any nation want to willingly welcome a people who oppose goodness, health in spirit and soul into their country and now their home???? These people have a goal of world domination and destruction of every other culture not like their’s. This is insane! I’ll bet this Syrian changes her and her family much, much more than they change him, if at all. The change began the moment she entertained the thought of bringing him into her home. She doesn’t have a clue who or what this guy is – would she do this for a poor Irishman??? I’ll bet not. There’s so many homeless Irish – why hasn’t she done this for one of them? This displaced and totally unrealistic idea of taking in middle Easterners, a warring and tyrannical people is accepted without any discernment or discrimination. They are not seeking asylum but invading every country they can. They are not weak and helpless people and are completely capable of changing their country if they so choose. But that isn’t their goal, is it? The globalists are strategically placing these false asylum seekers into every nation so as to take each one down into an abyss of death and hell, and then bring in their evil one world as the answer to earth’s problems. People really must stop being so gullible and stop allowing themselves in being manipulated and used all to their detriment and detriment of their nation. This idea of a one-world with no borders is insane, and I really the difference in cultures. If we all become the same, why would I travel anywhere. This is just one more attempt by the global elites at making our lives dull, boring, hellish and mechanical (like a machine). I’m still praying for Earth and her people. Do the rosary daily for the conversion of souls.

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    • Well said. Not just no borders—“and no religion, too.” Until Felix Frankfurter’s appoinment, the Supreme Court ever categorized religion in America as the bulwark of our civil society, and ever since then has cast “religion” (meaning only Christianity) as divisive and a cause of violence.

      So these Muslim sleeper jihadists, if need be, can eventually be armed and organized through the mosques to create real violence and divisiveness that will be attributed to both Christian and Muslim intolerance, requiring the marginalization leading to extinction of both in any public forum.

      Jewishness, on the other hand, even though its power structures further Zionist racial supremacism, is ultimately a matter of ontological victimhood, so we’re told, and despite the facts, and therefore is forever exempt—so utterly incapable of wrongdoing that even the mildest criticism should have the legal presumption of a hate crime motivated by envy.

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    • Aside from the sheer idiocy of allowing THESE particular strangers to live in their homes,as you pointed out,WHY don’t they put their OWN Homeless ahead of these alleged “refugees”. We CAN’T help outsiders until we’ve given our OWN people our first consideration.
      It’s like seeing a traveler with a broken car on a street corner,you want to help,so you give him enough money to have a good meal,get a room for a couple of days and get his car repaired. But when you go to pay your bills and your utilities and your house payment,you discover you’re not going to be able to pay the utilities,or you’ll have to miss a house payment,or you’ll have to leave several creditors unpaid. So many people now are just one paycheck from losing their homes;even if the make their Mortgage payment,but a utility or two,they’ve used up all their professional leniency,in finally getting a handle on the bills,so the water gets shut off,then a neighbor you might have ticked off parking in front of their house last Summer calls the health department and reports you for not having water,and they lock you out of your home for not being healthy to reside in. (No lawn watering,taking water jugs to a gas station or store to fill with water,etc.)
      I made this mistake once,helping a guy out,with a WRITTEN NOTARIZED AGREEMENT to have me paid back as soon as he started his new job. He swore the owner of the Company would reimburse all his moving costs as soon as he arrived.Turned out the job fell through and he moved not just elsewhere in Utah,but to New York, For the next year I was up to my elbows in alligators,but I finally dug my way out of that nightmare. I STILL help people when I can,but I make sure I’M covered first.

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  9. Soft in the head. Lay off the John Jameson. Or, if she doesn’t drink, maybe she should start. (I don’t really mean the last sentence, she is bad enough off as it is. She and everybody else should read chapters eight and nine of the Qur’an, required for the most basic understanding of Islam.

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    • marblenecltr …. I certainly agree with that! I wonder if she is seeking her “15 minutes of fame?” Why would anyone take in a person from a land where it has been well established that the indoctrination of these individuals from the time they are born . . . is to hate, and annihilate all those who will not come around to their way of thinking! Why does she think she has been singled out in the entire Cosmos for some kind of different treatment?

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      • Why would a woman take in a strange man to live in a spare room in her home?

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        • My thoughts exactly. As someone else above pointed out, how many homeless Irish men would she take in? Stupid is as stupid does. This is why some are saying, if Europeans are this stupid they deserve to die. Not sure I agree with that sentiment as I think so much of this behavior is the result of out and out brainwashing. Still, one can certainly see how this behavior qualifies for a Darwin award.

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          • It’s all “conditioning”. Most don’t stop and question things. If someone says accusingly, “you’re not doing enough for the ‘refugees'”, they don’t say “what are you talking about?”. They just say…..”ooooh, what can I do better…”.

            Our would be masters didn’t spend all our hard-earned money on studying human behavior for nothing. People respond differently to; “terrorists” than “freedom fighters”. Of course, depending on who one talks to, these may be one and the same.

            When Karl Rove gave his impromptu, much-quoted comments about “inventing reality”, he was being uncharacteristically honest. When the demand to know what the citizenry has done for “the refugees”, most begin to sputter and make excuses.

            Of course the answer to this is to ask why they are working for others when we are paying them.

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            • Of course you are correct about the brainwashing, but think about the gender aspect of this. I personally don’t know a women who would have a strange man into their home, save someone who was borderline mentally ill or mentally ill proper. I guess one could say brainwashing again, in the form of presenting “refugees” as cuddly innocent teddy bears in need of compassion, but I still say that takes a special kind of stupid for any woman to suppress or ignore her own natural instints to this extent.

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              • Well, not to be argumentative, because I’d really rather agree with you, I think we have multiple examples in Sweden recently as well as in Germany. While of course most women (the ones who haven’t lost their minds yet) would not invite strangers home, there were many examples of those who were actually advocating forgiveness for rape if it involved their “guests”.

                I completely agree that it would take a woman who has had her natural defenses stripped away by conditioning and the desire to belong. I’m not happy to see this, I’m just remarking on what I’ve seen.

                There is a generational issue as well. While there are always exceptions, I think the more current generations have different baseline beliefs. They seem to take a lot of ridiculous ideas on the say so of authorities despite their obvious, provable falsity.

                “Morals and ethics” seem to be related to government-defined concepts rather than religiously or even philosophically defined concepts. In other words, they simply agree with whatever their “superiors” tell them.

                How else do you account for things like the statements made by your own Jewish example stating that “Europe must change….”? Why? Because the Jews want them to? “Want” and “Must” are not the same things.

                I completely agree that a woman should not invite these creatures into their homes. What does it say about their “leaders” that they would even suggest such a thing?

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  10. “Luck” is not the only difference between this useful idiot and refugee migrants. Girlfriend needs to learn how to Google.

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  11. I hereby nominate the Red Cross for the HYPOCRITE OF THE YEAR AWARD: They are all-too-willing to get others to surrender their rights of Castle Doctrine by allowing strangers—who wish to kill them!—into their homes. Meanwhile, for all the money it collected, they managed to build only SIX houses in Haiti!
    Yes, the elitist mentality of superiority of these bureaucratic jackwagons is showing loud and clear! Let the whole world see them for the Thurston Howell’s they are! Gilligan! GILLIGAN!!!

    How I wish it were only a “three hour tour”….

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    • Not to mention all the Clinton buncome they bought on Haiti…

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      • YES. And this is the difference between the Clintons and Ronald Reagan: Had Reagan ever gone to Haiti, he NEVER would have used it as a venue to hawk his own brand. Yes, Old Ronnie had his flaws, but he knew his limitations. He had something the Clintons have yet to produce evidence of: HUMILITY.

        And this is not to bring up the awful matter of LAURA SILSBY, who was CAUGHT trying to soldier out 33 children out of Haiti. The same Laura Silsby whose first phone call was to the Old Horndog himself, Bill Clinton, who proceeded to BAIL HER OUT.

        No child trafficking to see here, Folks….

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  12. Once they are done raping your wives, daughters (and sons), ya’ better hide the goats! I disagree with Trump .. these kinds of people are not “animals;” they are savages. Animals never do such things.

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  13. I can’t get over how they are selling this. “Syrian refugees”? Most aren’t, and if they are, why don’t they stay home? The NWO is conducting warfare in Syria, not because they HAVE to, but because they WANT to.

    A cursory look at the European invasion will confirm that very few are “refugees”. They are opportunists brought on the promise of a free ride and all who white women they can rape, consequence free.

    Then they have the audacity to suggest that the victims house their invaders? The response ought to be “turn the boats around or they will be shot on sight”. Irland has its own problems, as does everyone else. Nothing like a Jew to steal your money and complain that you left your checkbook at home.

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  14. Dennis Godaire

    I wonder if Mary O’Reilly realizes that the potential for her to be raped and beaten is quite high. And once this occurs, she will be blamed for encouraging the assault. Wassim will be seen as the victim.

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  15. Part of jihad on a national level involves bringing in peaceable, affable Muslims to build up acceptance in order to bring in more. When enough are in the country, they make demands, and the demands increase as their jihad succeeds, and then even more Muslims come in. Part of human nature is the fact that even moderate believers will be energized by the success of the extremists, and they may drift to extremism as well.

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  16. By all means bully us into taking in those that won’t even use the toilet, refuse to assimilate, hates to bathe, and is probably feeding her dogs extra treats, in order to fatten him up for consumption. They hate being in the company of such a vile animal. She should watch for signs of him moving in his friends and family and suddenly wake up raped and dead.
    I see nothing but a bad ending here. The lady is a loon.

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  17. The Irish Red Cross will become the Irish Red Crescent soon enough.

    It’s sad to see them completely tone deaf to what’s going on all across Europe (except for a few eastern European countries who are awake).

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  18. Oh sure,,, Why not,.?

    ..Muslims or black Africans in the home alone, with the ‘lady of the house’,

    What could possibly go wrong,.?

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  19. Well, it could probably come to this here in the good old USA, except for…the colonies rebelled against a government that forced “quartering” upon private citizens…… that case “quartering” of British soldiers in private homes in the British-held colonies. Not a far cry from that to “quartering” of illegals or foreign nationals herded into the country by the government who thenceforth does not provide for them b/c they do not enforce the law that says “you can not enter into this country and become dependent upon the citizens of this country to provide for you…you must demonstrate that you have an ability/means to provide for yourself.” So, they then put out the “pity cry” for citizens to voluntarily quarter these excess peoples……meanwhile, issuing them the welfare and health benefits that nullify the OTHER part of the immigration laws…….

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    • CalGirl, you’re on the ball there re the “quartering” of British soldiers. Back in 2006, a hoax “news story” traversed the web re Ted Kennedy sponsoring a Senate bill for Americans to house aliens in their spare rooms & it mentioned the British “quartering” history.

      “For the record” in case the political loons ever REALLY attempt to pull the same stunt in USA (as the Irish Red Cross is doing in Ireland):

      Satire Warning!

      First seen by me in 2006 at Last Trumpet Newsletter’s 09/2006 edition under the subhead:

      “America Under Antichrist Management!”:
      …the Amnesty Immigration Bill #S.2611, which was recently approved by the United States Senate. If you have ever wondered why the U.S. Census forms have changed so much and ask so many personal questions about your home, number of rooms, square footage, and so on, we now have our answer. On May 26th, 2006, the Senate voted to require U.S. citizens to board illegal aliens in private homes! The legislation was introduced by Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass) and is modeled on the troop boarding practices employed in Boston during the 1770’s. Under this plan, the Department of Housing and Urban Development will compile a database of U.S. housing including square footage, number of inhabitants, and location. Illegal aliens would be assigned to homes where the square footage per inhabitant exceeds the national average by 20% or more. Kennedy had the following to say about this new law: “Two problems faced by these immigrants are homelessness and racism. This bill will fix both. Instead of roaming the streets or crowding into ghetto apartments, immigrants would enjoy a secure roof over their heads. They’d be clean, well-rested, and more readily employable. They could also use the address when registering to vote. We are a wealthy country, and many Americans have a surplus of living space. Sharing that space with our brown brothers from Mexico would be both humane and enlightening. Bringing people together like this bill would help promote understanding and tolerance. Segregating immigrants in Latino ghettos is racist. Any critic of this bill is a racist!” (32)
      –Last Trumpet referenced the original source as:
      (32) “American Family Voice, Jul. 2006, by John Semmens:

      –I had also found a copy here at that time:

      “Legislation Would Board Illegals in Private Homes” – May 26, 2006:
      The Senate has voted to require citizens to board illegal aliens in private homes. The legislation, introduced by Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), is modeled on the troop boarding practices employed in Boston during the 1770s. “Two problems faced by these immigrants are homelessness and racism,” said Kennedy. “This bill will fix both.”

      Under the plan, the Dept of Housing and Urban Development would compile a database of U.S. housing including square footage, number of inhabitants and location. Illegal aliens would be assigned to homes where the square footage per inhabitant exceeds the national average by 20 percent or more.

      “Instead of roaming the streets or crowding into ghetto apartments, immigrants would enjoy a secure roof over their heads,” said Kennedy. “They’d be clean, well-rested and more readily employable. They could also use the address when registering to vote.”

      Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) called Kennedy’s bill “mind-boggling.” “Senator Kennedy and the 49 other senators who voted for his bill want to grant special privileges to lawbreakers,” said Ensign. “This goes beyond amnesty to insanity.”

      Kennedy dismissed critics as “racists.” “We are a wealthy country,” Kennedy said. “Many Americans have a surplus of living space. Sharing that space with our brown brothers from Mexico would be both humane and enlightening. Bringing people together like this bill would do helps promote understanding and tolerance. Segregating immigrants in Latino ghettos is racist.”

      Kennedy said he was inspired to do this so that “whatever happened to ‘Little Billy’ wouldn’t happen to ‘Little Pedro.'”

      –LOL! That last sentence was the dead giveaway that the entire thing was a hoax (plus the “brown brothers from Mexico”).

      –The latter two links are no longer active but there is an archived copy here with 70+ comments, with many who fell for the hoax (self-included!): .

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  22. I live in Ireland and I have never heard of this! I don’t know of anyone who has done this nor would do.I saw a group of black African Muslims, 3 women and one man once.a few months ago in Lidl in Tipperary Town but I haven’t seen them since nor do I see much evidence of these so-called “refugees” around this area, though there may be some in Limerick City which has a noticable Muslim population. If this is a genuine story the woman is a pure fool and a hypocrite. There are so many homeless families all around the country,living with their kids in tents and cars because the government and banks have repossessed their houses- she should have housed one of these families! I despise Leo Varadker and the referendum to repeal the 8th was rigged! We are going to fight back and one way or another, we will take this country back or it will be destroyed by God! NO OTHER OPTIONS! As for the person at the top calling us Irish “dumb”, tell me about how superior YOUR country is! I presume YOUR country is abortion-free and has no Muslims, total free speech, no LGBT lobby, Christianity still openly taught in schools?? Unless your country has all this and more,beware of calling all the people of a whole nation “dumb” because you’re only the pot calling the kettle black! Ireland is only being dragged down to the level of Britain, America and other Western nations and there are still many decent, pro-life,genuine practising Christians in this country- I met them canvassing for the Save the 8th Pro-Life movement,at the doors and wandering on the streets.

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