What is wrong with Hillary?

I know, I know. The answer to that question is as numerous as stars in the heavens. 😉

Recently, DCG did a post on a strange bulge under Hillary’s jacket.

Hillary had sported strange bulges on her back before — under her green jacket at a private fundraiser on the evening of February 24, 2016 in the home of Lisa and Joseph Rice in Charleston, SC. At the time, Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit thought the bulges are from a defibrillator vest.

Hillary is on another book tour — in New Zealand and Australia, where tickets to “useful idiots” for her talk, An Evening with Hillary, start at $195.

In every appearance, she’s in a coat-jacket with a huge scarf, although it’s not cold. The current outdoor temperature in Sydney, Australia is a mild 61° F.

Here she is, wrapped up like an Eskimo:

Hillary Clinton all muffled up in May 2018

She reminds me of Aunt Marge in Harry Potter. I expect her to keep inflating until she floats away like a balloon.

Is she wearing an exoskeleton suit?

exoskeleton suit

What’s next?

A full space suit? LOL

space suit


44 responses to “What is wrong with Hillary?

  1. Tennyson J. McKinney

    She’s wearing a back brace! I forget the name of the degenerative disease she’s got, which causes all her slips and falls this past year.

    I heard Bill likes to stick magnets on her back when she ain’t looking!

    His favorite one says, “Kick Me! Hard!”

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  2. This is what is being reported to be what has been protruding from Hilarys coat and scarf on recent visit to,Aus. It is a calibrace, a brace worn by people with Parkinsons

    Personally, I thought it was a colostomy bag to drain the shit from her brain.

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  3. To me it looks like a full body brace that is worn sometimes by people also wearing one of those halos around their head with screws tightened to their skull to keep their head from moving and resting on their shoulders. Except Hillary does not have the head brace. What ever it is it is very bulky and noticeable.

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    • Halos are usually used for high cervical spine injury stabilization. With her ridiculous scarf over scarf attire, I could see her wearing a conventional neck brace along with the back/spine stabilizer. Osteoporosis city thanks to drinking like a fish.

      Had she won the election (shudder) the MSM would be in full coverup mode, as they were with FDR being in a wheelchair.

      Pictures speak volumes, but videos of her walking or attempting to sit down / stand up would be even more illuminating. They probably cut to her already sitting I’d bet.

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    • Diplary needs no head brace. There is NOTHING to support in her belfry.

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  5. I believe that bulge is a bullet-proof vest. She’s very aware the truth is coming out about her (a lot already out there) and I’m sure she’s very concerned a US patriot will put her out of our misery…after all…our patriots have guns and they don’t like anyone sexually messing with children or selling our country to foreign interests for her own self-gain.

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  6. I’ve heard a couple different descriptions. She’s clearly highly immobile, so it’s likely a brace of some sort for any one of a number of causes.

    Best description I’ve heard so far (from a doc)


    Keep in mind that she has had years of access to clothing designers and the bleeding edge of ballistic protection afforded the highest level of government official. I doubt this is some massive ballistic barrier that inexplicably leaves her head unprotected. With her known and rumored health problems, logic says it’s something medical.

    She could have an implantable and mostly invisible defibrillator placed in a day. Scratch the idea of carting around a gigantor external defib. It’s possible for it to be something more exotic like a ventricular assist device, but again consider the bulk. There are some underarm battery harnesses for VADs, but it would be easier to hide them around her shapeless midsection. My money is on a thoracic lumbar sacral orthosis (TLSO).

    Tongue biopsy, cough, spitting losenge? into a cup of water —> ?Oropharyngeal or other head/neck cancer?

    Chemotherapy —> neuropathy —> gait instability

    Metastatic disease to brain —> neurocognitive dysfunction +/- seizures

    Metastatic disease to bones —> pathologic fractures

    Pathologic fractures —> cam boots on legs, TLSO braces on the spine”

    “That thing must be digging hard into her armpits to force that chicken-wing. I hope she gets pressure ulcers that keep her up at night, because turning her back on Americans in grave peril didn’t seem to bother her sleep.

    She probably sleeps upside-down anyway, so it’s a non-issue.”

    Thread: https://www.ar15.com/forums/General/Hillary-Clinton-spotted-with-weird-medical-device-on-her-back/5-2108047/?page=1

    Great comments throughout the article

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  7. Richard Daugherty

    Will this device allow her to put on an orange jumpsuit??

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  8. She lingers on like a bad smell in a closed room. I think her ambition was foiled and to her the reason will never be clear. She is simply disliked as a person, her politics are secondary, but her personality and behavior are her biggest enemies. After she’s gone and the Clinton machine winds down we’ll probably learn the ugly truth. That’s still far in the future, though. Right now time is our best ally against her and her ilk. Even they can’t beat old age.

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  9. We could only hope it would be an exo-skeleton and someone could hack an app that would take control of it and make her goose step while she sig-heil as she marched. Just yell Beachtung and she will stop. That would be Attention.

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  10. The problem with Hillary is she is alive

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  11. Whatever she is wearing suits her right, the bad inside her is taking over and it shows -countdown, almost there, tic-toc, tic-toc, McBrain (McCain); Killary Rotten Clinton tictoctictoctictoc.

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  12. I think it;s like that movie, “Men in Black”. If you opened that hideous coat cockroaches would fall out.

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  13. Lots of great and funny comments on this…hahahaha!!!! Enjoyed reading everyone of them! Thanks for the laughs!

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  14. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Hope it’s not a “home made bomb” and she is planning to become another terrorist martyr ? Did the FBI check her out?

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  15. Captain America

    It may be a suit to keep her cool. People with MS can have bad symptoms arise if their body temp becomes elevated. Or, It’s the old colostomy suit. Either way, the old biddy is a train wreck on artificial life support.

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    • And yet NOT ONE of these miscreants — not Comey or Brennan or Hillary — is being held accountable.

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      • I think that’s coming soon. I look at it like this. Why bring charges on them when they have so many corrupt people in the government that will be looking out for them. They would somehow be found innocent . So drain the swamp. Bust, fire, kill , whatever , any people, judges, attorneys, FBI. who are in positions that could compromise any of their cases, thus they end up walking. When honest patriots are have replaced all the swamp rats then you bust all of them. Only way to a almost guaranteed conviction.. A.W.’s laptop will be available now that the AG resigned in N.Y. That is the real honey pot. We are finding new info every hour.. All of them are going down.Unless they get away with faking their on deaths. respectfully Brian humphrey

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  16. I’ve got this: it’s her scapular “ole” devil wings folded in and bound so she can go out into the public domain “undetected.” (Remember, Satan is a fallen Angel). But, alas…..we can see what she wishes to remain unseen even though she tries to cover it with a $500 scarf.

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  17. Wow, Violet from Willie Wonka has NOT aged well!


  18. These expensive scarves are pointless, we still have to look at her face!


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