Why you need the Second Amendment: Six men storm into California home during early morning invasion

why I need an ar-15

Hey #GunControlNow crowd, please tell me why you believe one doesn’t need large capacity magazines to defend themselves against SIX intruders?

From SFGate: Six men armed with a handgun and prybar invaded a Bayview (CA) home early Sunday morning to rob three people, authorities said.

The incident occurred just before 1:30 a.m. on the 1900 block of Carroll Avenue, according to a San Francisco Police Department report.

The victims, two men in their 50s and one woman in her 60s, were reportedly sleeping when the suspects broke down the front door. Police said the suspects robbed the victims at gunpoint and made off with a purse, cash, cell phones, laptops and a tablet.

In addition to a handgun, police said the suspects were also armed with a prybar.

The suspects are described as six males between the ages of 25 and 30. At least one of the victims was injured, but none of the injuries were life threatening, police said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the SFPD 24 Hour Tip Line at (415) 575-4444 or Text a Tip to TIP411 and begin the message with SFPD. Witnesses can remain anonymous.


21 responses to “Why you need the Second Amendment: Six men storm into California home during early morning invasion

  1. That’s a great argument for full automatic. Frankly, I don’t know what business they have regulating that either. There should have been a lot of late night coroner activity.

    Gee, why didn’t the cops save them? It’s just by the grace of God that they didn’t all die. I hope I never have to deal with something like that, but I can say that once someone breeches my door, all bets are off.

    If they left my house they’d be perforated.

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  2. And we need clips holding at least 30 rounds. Are we supposed to ask the invaders to wait while we reload?

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  3. Six males between 25 and 30. Well, that narrows it down.

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    • Yeah, let me guess. Dark complected, brown eyes, short cropped hair….

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      • In Florida, MY nephew was home from school sick. His mother, who cleaned other’s houses for her career, was gone for 3 hours in the afternoon. Two people who fit your description, lophatt, broke into the house. My nephew hid in a clothes hamper in a closet and used a cell phone to call the police. The police did not arrive until after the theives had ransacked the house, stolen all the tools, jewelry, valuables, scared my nephew to death….

        Even with good eye-witness description, no one was ever caught, b/c, of course….these people were in high probablility, illegally here in the USA, without any kind of identification……and until they commit a more serious crime against an American citizen…they won’t have any fingerprints or records, or DNA on record…and then…EVEN SO…..they might have been convicted many times, but if it is in a “sanctuary state or country or city”….they will go free until they finally KILL someone….and even THEN…they will probably GO FREE…….THANK YOU DEMO-RATS for your “progressive” culture of death and destruction and welfare state……

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  4. I cannot even begin to imagine the emotional distress at the prospect of six men having broken down your door to gain entrance. People need whatever equipment they need in order to save themselves in this type of situation!

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  5. We need the Second Amendment because uninvited men invade my home I can shoot the MFs dead, one after the other, no remorse!

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  6. Reading some of the comments on the original article, it’s clear some people “get it”, while there’s plenty of others who proudly display their complete stupidity.

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  7. After returning home from Vietnam I never wanted to handle another firearm as long as I lived but when barry became president (sorry, NOT MY PRESIDENT) things have changed. I will guarantee that anyone breaking into my home will leave in a BODY BAG!!!

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    USMC Vietnam Veteran 68-69
    aka Hardtimes 3/9 3rd Mar Div

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  9. Look at the homeless gallery in SoCal


    Some down on their luck, some mentally ill, some criminal.

    Politicians won’t do a thing, so how does one protect themselves and their family? They’re getting money to buy drugs somewhere…

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  10. I’m struggling with finding ANY circumstance where it’d be okay for a stranger to enter my home unannounced or uninvited. So far,EVERY possible scenario I’ve come up with would end with shots fired and me calling the Cops to come and do their reports and have the body removed. Anyone else have a scenario where violating my home with malicious intent should be okay?

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  11. According to a video on the webpage of the SFGate article on the home invasion, these are the 2017 crime statistics of San Francisco:

    Theft from vehicle: 25% increase
    Arson: 18% increase
    Property Crime: 15% increase
    Rape: 7% increase
    Robbery: 1% increase
    Assault: 1.5% increase

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    • What’s happening to the murder rate there? Are they able to prove they’re safer with guns all but outlawed yet? (I hope they start including the causes of death of intruders in their incident reports-I’m curious what will be the NEXT “weapon” they choose to confiscate…..(sarc)

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      • Most likely butter knives will be next, after all we ignorant peasants cannot be trusted with a tactical butter knife what if it kills someone all on it’s own.

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