Breaking the mold: Brazil’s “Miss Bumbum” pageant will allow transgender males

ms bumbum oliveira and spinella splash news photo

Miss Bumbum contestants Oliveira (l) and Spinella (r)/Splash News Photo

This has got to be a buzz kill for the guys…

From Fox News: Brazil’s infamous Miss Bumbum pageant is drumming up even more buzz than usual this year, as the entry of the competition’s first-ever transgender contestants is sparking rage among some participants.

Though the derriere pageant supports the two contestants in question, some of the other 25 hopefuls are eager to have them removed from the lineup ahead of the August event.

On May 10, transgender contestants Paula Oliveira and Giovanna Spinella told The Sun they’re totally confident in their abilities, despite the harassment they are receiving.

“They are feeling threatened because they are seeing a trans who is more beautiful than them,” Oliveira said. “I’m not offended by what they said, because it’s clear they want me out because I’ve got a much sexier a–.”

Spinella chimed in that she is “honored to be able to take part” in the eighth annual pageant and go head-to-head with beauties representing Brazil’s 27 states. The lone winner of the event crowned with the “best bum” scores overnight fame and the opportunity to get rich quick with modeling contracts.

Finalist Ellen Santana is among the ones protesting Oliveira and Spinella’s participation. “The competition is supposed to be 100 percent feminine and yet we’re going to have bottoms which are men’s bottoms. It doesn’t matter if they’ve had surgery, changed their names or sex on a piece of paper,” the 31-year-old biology student told The Sun.

“I’m not intolerant, I know there are a lot of trans people who are more beautiful than lots of women. I just think that they should compete in a pageant for trans, and not be allowed to compete in Miss Bumbum, which is all about the beauty of the Brazilian woman.

“I just think that the competition is for women, not for men,” 29-year-old Debora Porto echoed in agreement. “It’s them who should leave because they are men with a man’s body and a man’s bottom. I think the whole diversity thing has gone too far.

Unfortunately for Santana and Porto, this year’s theme for the competition is “diversity,” with organizers encouraging participants to “break the mold.” Furthermore, Miss Bumbum’s officials have threatened to disqualify the angry entrants if they continue to “prejudice” their transgender peers.

“As long as these women have undergone sex reassignment surgery, and have become fully women, there is nothing that prevents them from taking part. The truth is that, by the law, they are 100 percent women,” Miss Bumbum founder Cacau Oliver said.

According to the Daily Mail, Brazil began providing free gender reassignment operations in 2007 through its public health system, and transgender individuals can legally register their gender change. Nevertheless, the South American nation “has one of the world’s highest rates of fatal violence against transgender people,” making Oliveira and Spinella’s debut all the more noteworthy.

This latest controversy swirling around Miss Bumbum isn’t the first time the posterior pageant has made headlines. In November 2017, hopefuls sported beef bikinis to protest sexual harassment in the wake of the #MeToo movement. And the year prior, promotional photos of the contestants re-enacting “The Last Supper” by Leonardo DaVinci in barely-there swimsuits had Brazilian Catholics up in arms.


38 responses to “Breaking the mold: Brazil’s “Miss Bumbum” pageant will allow transgender males

  1. Miss Bumbum should rename itself the Miss DingDong contest.

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    Is the make up of all of the transgendes systems is to be able to experience both sides of life – as a man and a woman? I guess the next thing will be to make room for both to be hanging side by side and all you do is punch a button like you do at the gas station and pay at the pump?


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  3. Some days, I have no words.

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  4. What a bunch of a$$es!

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  5. For a long time Brazil’s Carnival Tuesday is a grand celebration, favelas (ghetto) compete for big prizes for best costumes, coreographs and musicals, usually it is men that can carry the heavily decorated costumes, and they are made up to look like beautiful women, they are transgenders, that’s Brazil, a very open society, where gorgeous women wear nothing but a thread when they go to their beautiful beaches, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana. They also practice Santeria, voodoo and other expressions or believes mixed with Christianity

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    • While many Brazilians appear white, most are mixed with blacks. The Afro-Caribean culture is apparent in New Orleans as well. When Mardi Gras began there were “clubs”. These were black organizations that were largely based on Santeria imagery.

      The “Christian” aspect is really reflective of their likes. They like statuary and iconography. It isn’t much of a “religious” reflection so much as one of “taste”. Catholicism has always attempted to utilize native imagery to help natives build a faith they can relate to. I’m not certain this worked well in the case of either Brazil or New Orleans.

      These are very much pagan celebrations. It is not right to abandon faith on special occasions. What it really shows is that those who participate do not really live their faith.

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      • “Catholicism has always attempted to utilize native imagery to help natives build a faith they can relate to.”

        Which is why being a Catholic is not necessarily being a Christian. I used to chide a drunken atheistic Scot for claiming that Catholicism incorporated many pagan rituals, until I researched it, and he was right.

        And why I stopped going to Mass years ago.The last few times I did go, it felt so robotic & hypnotic, like just going through the motions.


        • Well, you do whatever you think is “smart”. You must be MUCH smarter than I am because I’m a practicing Catholic and I’m going to stay that way. One thing they taught me when we took a break from all that stuff Protestants complain about was how not to be rude. You should try it some time.

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        • Gosh, THANK YOU for another entirely gratuitous, non sequitur Catholic-bashing!

          I don’t do this to Protestants and have NEVER EVER heard a priest be even slightly critical of Protestants. So why do non-Catholics — especially lapsed Catholics — do this, at every opportunity, no matter how gratuitous? To paraphrase Shakespeare, you do protest too loudly. A psychiatrist would have plenty to say about that.


  6. “organizers encouraging participants to “break the mold.” ”
    um, yeah, the plastic mold…these are dudes….eunuchs…castratos

    ““As long as these women have undergone sex reassignment surgery, and have become fully women, there is nothing that prevents them from taking part. The truth is that, by the law, they are 100 percent women,” Miss Bumbum founder Cacau Oliver said.”
    -this dude has problems….a male can never be 100% female and a female can never be 100% male…plastic surgery, psychiatrists, and big pharma can not make you one sex or the other…a disqualifier statement should be made to candidates: if you have a prostate, you cannot participate.
    all “female” trannies still have their prostates.
    no 100% woman would raise her hand to having a prostate

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    • Is there really a legal definition for when a tranny is considered a “woman”? Personally, I don’t believe that removing organs makes a man into a woman. Women are more than organs.

      They should never have started this. There is no legitimate excuse for this. Men who believe they should be women (and vice versa) need mental help. It’s hard to believe that a medical doctor would even participate in this.

      People should be happy with the way that God made them. If they can’t be happy they should just accept it.

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      • Medical doctors will participate in anything they’re told to participate in if it means keeping their “license to practice” (that’s HOW they get people) and their wages. They’re no better and no different than anyone else who hasn’t convictions by which they live.

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      • “If they can’t be happy they should just accept it.”
        yes, that the problem today (of out many).
        being “happy” didn’t mean changing how God created you, it meant embracing his blessings…today, being “happy” means rejecting God’s blessings and seeing oneself as his/her own master

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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    One would think that a rule, (such as they have in the olympics, or at least once did) banning ability enhancing drugs, or any physical augmentations, would be appropriate in any competition.

    But then, fair play is no longer a parameter.

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  8. Does anyone else wonder how things like this get started? Who dreams up these “there are 53 genders” ideas? “Being a tranny is desirable”! To whom?

    It’s all about conditioning for destruction. Now who would be interested in that?

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  9. If the women (the actual women) were smart, they wouldn’t be participating in this ‘contest’. However, given that they’re not smart enough not to enter the contest, they should be smart enough to band together and not continue in the contest. Let the 2 degenerates “duke it out” for the bumbum title, since in actual fact, they’re bums. I think the rest of Brazil would cry foul over having to watch the judges pick between just the 2 degenerates. The contest would lose a lot steam. Of course, this probably won’t happen because it’s all about the money, the endorsements, the fame, the fortune, blah, blah, blah.

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    • Ha, ha, that’s good. My guess is that the women are “proud” to be “inclusive” and therefore, stupid. You’re quite correct. They should say that having men in a contest designed to compare women is an insult. Why not invite Sumo wrestlers?

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      • Nah, you got it all wrong; women are not stupid, they are creative, men are so easily manipulated they don’t realize they’ve been taken until it is too late. Hahaha! I’m only being mischievous! I have lots of respect for men.

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  12. No, just no.

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  13. It’s simple, really. If you were born with a ding dong, you’re a dude. If you were born without one, you’re a chick. EZ!

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  14. BTW My name is Tim

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  15. Acting quickly, Hillary throws her hat into the ring for the miss Chin-chin competition

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  16. Looking goooood, getting ready for the coffin!


  17. Miss Bumbum? What are they? Three year old children? What sane person talks like that? Oh, wait! Never mind!

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