True warriors: Female stars protest gender inequality at Cannes by posing on red carpet

cannes equal pay protest

“Protestors” from left to right:

Thanks for putting up such a brave fight, ladies! (See pictures of their symbolic protest here.)

From Elle Magazine: On Saturday, 82 women in film stood together on the steps of the Cannes Film Festival to protest inequality in the film industry and at Cannes in particular. Cate Blanchett, Ava DuVernay, Kristen Stewart, and Salma Hayek were among the stars who took part in the symbolic demonstration.

“Today, 82 of our sisters gathered on the steps of the @festivaldecannes to symbolize the number of women who have been featured in the festival’s competition over its 71-year history,” #TimesUp wrote on Instagram. “We are proud to be a part of this action with @5050×2020. #TIMESUP.”

The protest was in partnership with 50/50 x 2020, a group working for equal gender representation in the film industry by 2020.

“We are 82 women, representing the number of female directors who have climbed these stairs since the first edition of the Cannes film festival in 1946. In the same period, 1,688 male directors have climbed these very same stairs,” Blanchett said at the demonstration. “The prestigious Palme d’Or has been bestowed upon 71 male directors, too numerous to mention by name, but only two female directors.”

“Women are NOT a minority in the world, yet the current state of our industry says otherwise,” 50/50 x 2020 wrote in a statement on the protest. “As women, we all face our own unique challenges, but we stand together on these stairs today as a symbol of our determination and commitment to progress. We are writers, producers, directors, actresses, cinematographers, talent agents, editors, distributors, sales agents and all involved in the cinematic arts.”


31 responses to “True warriors: Female stars protest gender inequality at Cannes by posing on red carpet

  1. Who? Where? Who Cares?

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  2. Hammering on this gender inequality does not help women causes at all. To overcome we need to unite and be ourselves instead of posing almost naked and be the WANT and GREED of unscrupulous men for their only purpose of having sex objects. We don’t need fake boobs, fake asses to show our potential, we need to use our brains and put it together, excell in all fields held by men, use their might and we use our potential, if only we wouldn’t let ourselves fall pray to our own sexism. Where there is need there is desire.

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  3. When so many of these women continuously traipse around half dressed, and now they complain that they are not taken seriously. As for me, I don’t necessarily want to see women when watching a film . . . that is not a hard and fast rule that I have. It is just a preference. I guess up until such time as I “switch teams” I will always want to see male performers. Yes, its sad, too bad, how many of the men act like strumpets in order to get work? There may be a few. I cannot off hand think of ANY MOVIE WHERE A WOMAN WAS THE LEAD and that I wanted to watch it. I rather think that there are any number of other women who feel the very same way. Hollywood is there to provide the entertainment that the public wants to watch.

    Yes, I heard recently of a movie where a woman playing a janitor falls in love with a male fish, or something or other . . . believe me, I did not go to that. The story line is ridiculous, and it sounded like unadulterated garbage.

    It is pitiful that the women at the front of the line are high dollar earners . . . so, tell me what’s their beef?

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    When does “‘equality for al l fall into play.” When you have millions in your bank account ($85 million) and your still ” busting your britches” still complainin’ – you all are beginning to sound selfish.

    You are only making women look bad – stop it.


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  5. its hard 2b a star nowadays ,espeacially a woman star…the man was lonely in the Garden,one day God saw him upset,n asked him,y u upset,my son?he sed,Father everything that You made for me ,its wonderful! then y u sad,asked God…Father,im alone i need sum1 2b w me,God says ok my son ,so be it,so God created for man the woman…when he saw it her,he sez God! she is so beautiful,so wonderful,thank you ,Father! after awhile,man cried out for God,here i am ,my son ,whats wrong? Father ,i cant anymore,i work hard every day.i come home ,but the woman you made it 4 me want only love,attention,…i just cant anymore! plz take her away from me…God did it…couple days later,God saw the man ,lonely,sad,n crying ,so God asked what is wrong now?Father, i thank you for all,but please,please bring me back my woman,i miss her so much,i miss her laugh , i miss her love,i miss her touch,i miss her smell, i just miss her so much!!! …we all need a loving n carrying woman n mother,she is our shelter,she is our home ,she is our everything ,all you can say about woman …what we dont need is a star woman or women stars,doing bs politics or bs propaganda,but we all know that the system is useing them for their own purposes and for an evil aganda…too bad! things have changed,but why cant we cry out for Gods help anymore? thats another story sorry for this long comment

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  6. Rolling my eyes so hard.
    Especially with Cate Blanchett at the helm- apologist and supporter of both Woody Allen and Roman Polanski- named her son Roman after the man who drugged and anally raped a 13 year old.

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  7. Michael J. Garrison

    It’s called “working both sides” of the conflict (in order to keep the conflict alive).
    Most Americans could care less about these actresses and what “their script” tells them to do.
    You’ll notice that as soon as the people wake up to the fact that Hollywood is an illusion, Hollywood will collapse under its own corruption, of which these women ARE a part of. Their script is telling them what to do, not their “morals.” (of which they obviously have none)

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  8. There’s enough plastic and silicone in the pictures of those three women alone to keep Mattel supplied for the next 50 years.😎

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  9. I will listen to these women when they walk on the set of their latest movie and announce that they are sharing their mega-bucks salary ‘equally’ with all the employees from janitor to makeup artist to director etc. Yeah… then I will take them and their talk of ‘equality’ seriously.

    Otherwise, their stand illustrates and proves that math proficiency is dead in When there are as many female directors in Hollyweird as male directors, then you can truly have proportionate equality, right? Idiots all.

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  10. Great idea, enforcing statistical equality on all things Hollywood—it couldn’t happen to a better bunch—, but notice they don’t include studio management in that exhaustive list in the last paragraph. You can bet Jewish legal exceptionalism will ensure there’ll be no 50/50 anything in Hollywood management suites in 2020 or ever, which will remain approximately 50/1 Jewish men until it’s time to bail on the nation they’ve subverted since they began pirating films using Edison’s stolen motion picture machine a century ago in the backwoods of Hollywood.

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  11. Wow. A rich women’s pity party! Who’d a thunk? Why do I have a hard time working up any sympathy for this? There are surely women in the world with real problems. These are not them.

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  12. Sorry-I just can’t understand this Gender Inequality issue they’re so butt-hurt about. You take a job you can do,get paid what your work is worth,use your experience to grow into a better job that pays more….as I see it,the issue regarding Gender has been hijacked from “taking a job you can do”,to demanding jobs that pay more,even if you’re not physically or mentally capable of doing the work,then complaining that you’re being discriminated against if you fail to do satisfactory work at that job. No offense meant here,but there are jobs one Gender can do better than the other,which,to me,seems to be a valid reason to be Gender-Selective,which ISN’T discriminatory. I don’t know what they’re bitching about.

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  13. Bravo ladies! I’m all for equality and a level playing field when it comes to equal pay. So which of you is going to send me a check for $85 million so I can be equal?

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  14. Notice, they are protesting inequality in the film industry, nothing about women around the country working for 70-80 % salary of men. Do they have crappy agents? Maybe they should start there. Considering they all make over one million for a few weeks work gets no sympathy from me. Most movies these days have less acting and more shoot em up and CGI than anything else.
    They are doing nothing but setting back relationships a hundred years. I have no problem with male salaries. When these women start showing me how much they are doing for mankind and the environment, and local charities, come knock on my door then. BTW how many of these women have taken in and housed illegals that they are trying to force upon the rest of us.

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    • Are you familiar with that? I retired from federal service and they always paid by the position, regardless of gender. I then went to work for a couple of corporations and they did the same. There was no difference at all for genders.

      I will take people at their word, I’ve just never encountered it. Maybe I don’t get out enough.

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      • If you are asking did I ever work where women were paid less for the same job, yes. In several office jobs in the 60’s and 70’s. Many times. Back then women were a lot newer to many work venues, they were thought to be needed at home raising kids. And we took a lot more guff also. Some men felt they could play touchy feely if they so desired.

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  15. Sorry “gals,” my tear-ducts refuse to cooperate with your Woe-Is-Me pity-party-protest. :)…..

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  16. My God, this is so grandiose. I, for one, do not care about the 82 “sisters” who were awarded at the Cannes Film Festival. Nor do I care about the presumably hundreds of others who WEREN’T awarded anything by the judges at the Cannes Film Festival. Where is Cannes anyway? Is that in France? Who cares about France, really? It’s inhabited by a bunch of insufferable French people who think they gave us ‘civilization’. France hasn’t been worth worrying about since Napoleon was forced to abdicate.

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    • What’s more grandiose? One of the extremely highly-paid “protestors” took off her high heels on the red carpet. “Kristen Stewart made another statement tonight against the festival’s controversial red carpet flats ban. She posed on the carpet for tonight’s Blackkklansman screening in a pair of black Christan Louboutin stilettos. Then when the main photos were done, she proceeded to take the heels off in front of the photographers and climb up the red carpet steps with her bare feet.”

      OMG, she’s SOOOOOOOO brave…/sarc

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      • I wouldn’t worry about the bare feet so much. I mean, if she wants to pick up athlete’s foot or whatever, that’s on her. BUT, her dress was so short that as she took the shoes off, I think some people may have seen more than they’d wanted. If you don’t want to dress according to the ‘rules’ of the film festival, then don’t attend. Of course, your agent and publicist will probably drop you, but that’s the price you pay for your fashion convictions.
        And I guess it’s just me but doesn’t anyone wear stockings or hose anymore? The whole bare leg thing is utterly unbecoming.

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  17. Net worth for women in film is inversely proportional to I.Q. It would seem.

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    • It’s certainly inversely proportional to their morals or lack of. What the #MeToo movement won’t admit is that many successful actresses willingly acceded — and continues — to the “casting couch”, e.g., Jennifer Lawrence.

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  18. Is this now “brave” for liberals?

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  19. ApacheWarrior

    How many of these complainers went to school and studied film or any related studies. Maybe they could design bridges for FIU.


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