NY governor Cuomo goes after NRA; gun manufacturer Hornady fights back

The New York Daily News reports that on April 18, 2018, New York governor Andrew Cuomo warned banks and insurers to stay away from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the gun industry because of the “reputational risk” they will incur if they do business with either.

NY Department of Financial Services Superintendent Maria Vullo issued a press release with a direct quote from Cuomo:

“I am directing the Department of Financial Services to urge insurers and bankers statewide to determine whether any relationship they may have with the NRA or similar organizations sends the wrong message to their clients and their communities who often look to them for guidance and support. This is not just a matter of reputation, it is a matter of public safety, and working together, we can put an end to gun violence in New York once and for all.”

In response to Cuomo’s threat, the president of gun manufacturer Hornady, Steve Hornady, announced on Facebook they will stop doing business with the New York state government and state agencies (source: Guns.com):

Who does Gov. Andrew Cuomo think he is, telling New York banks and insurers to blackball the gun and ammo industry?

The State of New York did one of the most despicable acts ever perpetrated by any state by asking New York banks, financial institutions and insurance companies to stop doing business with the gun and ammo industry. While it may not make a difference to New York, Hornady will not knowingly allow our ammunition to be sold to the Government of the State of NY or any NY State agencies. Their actions are a blatant and disgusting abuse of office and we won’t be associated with a government that acts like that. They should be ashamed.

In recent weeks, big-name lenders such as Citi and Bank of America have adopted new policies that could see them cut ties with partnering businesses unwilling to adopt new policies for selling firearms or manufacturing some types of semi-automatic guns — which has in turn brought calls for more regulatory oversight of the institutions with respect to government contracts.

Hornady is one of the premier ammunition suppliers to law enforcement in the country. The company recently was awarded a $19 million contract to provide a new generation of 9mm duty rounds to the FBI.

H/t Clash America


NRA is also fighting back, with a lawsuit!

On Friday, May 11, 2018, the NRA filed a federal lawsuit against Gov. Cuomo and the state for blacklisting. (New York Post)


22 responses to “NY governor Cuomo goes after NRA; gun manufacturer Hornady fights back

  1. Michael J. Garrison

    Folks, it’s time to just let it all go. Let the NRA go. Let the firearms factories go (and let them work it all out themselves). To us, these stories are nothing more than a distraction. We have enough weapons, and enough God-given-rights to just say “get off my television screen.” Better yet, use your television for target practice (while Hillary is on it).

    As the truth drags Russia, and Her satanic secret societies, from their hiding places, more and more top officials will fall (in sacrifice) as distractions from the truth TRY to prevail OVER the truth. But it won’t happen, at least not with me.
    If my Father wants me to have a weapon (I was a small-arms repairman in The Corps), then He’ll provide me with one (hopefully it’s a machine gun with a semi-load of ammo belts and extra barrels). Otherwise, Father IS the Best Weapon (and His Son).
    In Father I trust. Screw everyone else. Even the NRA. And especially screw Cuomo the Masonic homo.


  2. New York and California two sisters different fathers, who knew?

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  3. Did Jeff Dunham use bernie as a model for Walter?

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  4. Dang that was a blistering rebuke. I may have to pick up a box of Hornady now. Gonna be difficult disarming people when your cops got no ammo me thinks.

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  5. Everyone of the other firearms and munitions manufactures need to also proclaim that they will no longer do business with the State of New York. Let their police officers get proficient at using sling-shots.

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  6. Good on Mr. Hornady!

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  7. I see some lawsuits here. This is disgusting. Restraint of trade? What is the NRA accused of? Cuomo should team up with Hillary.

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  8. meager bumble

    This man is a SICK moron. He should NEVER be in office. He wants you disarmed so he can rule you with a BOOT on your neck.

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  9. Seems like New York Government violation of interstate commerce.

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  10. Update:

    NRA is also fighting back, with a lawsuit! On Friday, May 11, 2018, the NRA, led by new president Oliver North, filed a federal lawsuit against Gov. Cuomo and the state for blacklisting.

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  11. There are 70 million law abiding firearms owners in the USA. I would like to see and I would certainly support a boycott by firearms owners of vacationing in the state of New York, or purchasing products made there. No more hunting in upstate, lodge/guide packages, no more Broadway shows, no more sight-seeing, no more trips to Niagara Falls, no more hotel registrations, no more sold out games for the Yankees, the Mets, the Knicks, the Jets, the Rangers, the Brooklyn Nets, the New York Islanders, and so forth. Leave the New York produced wine on the shelves. Cancel your subscriptions to The New York Times, and the New Yorker magazine. And finally, for the firearm industry, no more sales of ammunition, gun parts, safety vests, or firearms sold to any government agency in the state of New York.

    We need a slogan. How about “Just Say No to New York?”

    And we need to let people know why.

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  12. I would think using threats to banks to destroy another’s business is about as unAmerican as you can get. Not sure his position gives him that right, as he stands there with armed guards.

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  13. Dumbest strategy ever > Asking Banksters to “play God” on behalf of the Commie version of “law & morality.”

    (That’s as dumb as having Hollywood do the same.)

    Banksters, Celebs, Libtard Politicians, Libtard Churches, etc., cannot & will not win the the “war.” Everyone whose “eye is perfect,” can see right through their tyrannical schemes.

    Good for Hornady & NRA for their quick responses. No time to waste.

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  14. What the hell was Sanders doing at this little demonstration? Doesn’t he belong in Vermont, the state where one can open carry with no permit? Is this a quid pro quo between him and “Gov.” Blowmo?

    Here’s the “Bern” on CNN in 2015 wherein gun control is ok for other places, but not in VT:

    Here’s “Bern” the hypocrite — a write up in the New Yawka:

    In this very recent article, (April 2018) Bern wants the Feds to take care of the “gun problem” for him, so he doesn’t have to keep addressing the issue.

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  15. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Cool! Now NY will have to find a new supplier. Good job gov. You, my man, are a twit!

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