Chicago “gun-sharing” station uses art to make point about gun violence

metro gun share program

Not a reality in Chiraq: A “gun share” program

The art though, does not accurately depict truth.

You don’t need “art” in Chiraq to “spark conversation” about gun violence. All one needs to do is take a look at the gun violence statistics in strict gun-control Chiraq to start a conversation.

From MyFoxChicago: An art installation called “The Metro Gun Share Program” is on display at Daley Plaza in Chicago.

The installation looks like a bike-sharing rack but instead of bikes, it appears that AR-15s are available. The guns are not real.

The installation is meant to “spark conversation” and raise money for the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

According to CNN, Brady Center press secretary Max Samis said, “Our hope is to raise awareness of this important issue. We’re hoping the Chicago community can take advantage of this … and learn how simple it is for a civilian to obtain a weapon of war.”

According to Samis, since the Parkland school shooting in Florida in February, the Brady Campaign has advocated for three policy changes:

  • Extending background checks for all gun sales.
  • Banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines.
  • Passing extreme-risk protection order laws that allow courts to prohibit someone from owning a gun if they pose a threat to themselves or others.

Apparently Max has never actually served in war as he would know that an AR-15 is NOT a warfare weapon.

And apparently the Brady Center has not read the MULTITUDE of firearm laws already enacted by the Illinois General Assembly. See the following (which is not all of the encompassing firearm laws in the state):

  • (430 ILCS 65/) Firearm Owners Identification Card Act (which includes background checks)
  • (430 ILCS 66/) Firearm Concealed Carry Act (which includes background checks)

I guess it is much more effective to promote “art” which has nothing to do with the realities in Chicago.

Maybe Max should do some research to understand the true cause of gun violence in Chiraq. It’s not the lack of laws, the availability of “weapons of war” nor the high capacity magazines. It’s the politics and policies and subsequent economic impacts that persuade gangs to flourish.


18 responses to “Chicago “gun-sharing” station uses art to make point about gun violence

  1. Pretty weird when a kid in school flashes an imaginary “gun” and they get put in a school for delinquents . . . but this guy has guns out in the open for the sake of “art” and to start a conversation. My mind is not computing this very well.

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  2. What this “Art” says to ME is that,once again,the Liberals are willing to dance around the TRUE cause of gun violence and to do ANYTHING to NOT address it.

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    • Yeah, that’s very true. But look at how they’ve used things like this to change the narrative. Now they are openly discussing disarming us where before they were talking of “meaningful gun legislation” (whatever THAT means). It’s all manipulation.

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      • I agree and believe the Second Amendment will be effectively repealed because the tiny minority of that “they” Ted Nugent identified control the narrative. The power to own the narrative is so extreme there’s no chance it exists by chance, and it is so disproportionately powerful that all responses presuppose its legitimacy.

        This situation should be unthinkable, right, yet there’s an interesting analogy in nature involving a tiny wasp, Ampulex compressa, that precisely stings the much larger roach in 2 places, then chews off precise lengths of the host’s antenna, and, by literally steering the host by the antenna stubs, takes it to its lair as food for the wasp’s larva. If the “news” regulates, antenna-like, the human host’s perception of the greater, geopolitical world, then ‘liberal’ control of the media makes Ampulex seem like an amateur parasite in the way the tribe controls the minds of its human host.

        Another point is Fox News’ deception of accepting the official narrative regarding these anti-gun hoaxes and false flags, supposedly involving the wanton slaughter of innocents, then subtlety damning the 2A by contrasting these fabricated horrors with the faint praise of abstract rights.

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        • Good analogy. One thing to realize is that they do not do these manipulative things to gain our cooperation. They do them to help soften us up for when they ANNOUNCE what they DONE. They are not asking us for anything.

          They will simple DO whatever they have planned. They hope the outrage is minimal, but its worth it to them to do one way or another.

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          • Thanks. The incrementalist abrogation of our rights goes unopposed and in many cases is the work of the GOP. As for the end of our sovereignty, I agree there’ll be no announcement, just the reality Warburg, Rockefeller, Bush et al. announced as being as ineluctable as night follows day. Civilization, as Eliot put it, will go out with a whimper and not a bang. It may be at hand, too, as the rats like Ryan are jumping ship.

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      • What’s that phrase they use EVERY time they bring up Gun Control? “Comprehensive,Common Sense Gun Laws…” Like the multitude of PREVIOUS Gun Control Laws they’ve caged us in with are just STUPID. (They need MUCH STRONGER Laws…)

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        • To be honest, lately they’re coming right out and calling for disarmament. They are no longer the slightest bit concerned with the consequences. It’s like Pelosi has been running around telling everybody that’s what she’s going to do. That and raise taxes.

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Looks like a good idea to me. A readily available firearm on every corner means no more having to wait for police, who just come pointing guns at every body, may be shooting just any body, any how.

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  4. And leading the charge (maybe this war-like suggestion is a poor choice of words), is the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board, complete with irresponsible, sloppy “journalism” and chock full o’ fake news. They’re still saying that Steven Paddock killed all of those people by himself in Las Vegas last fall, among other BS.

    And perpetuating the myth that any Illinois resident can just drive across the Indiana border, purchase a firearm, and drive back with out a permit, and without a 3-day waiting period.

    Some people who lack impulse control, also do not value the lives of others.

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  5. Maybe someone will finally let it sink in that guns sitting there by themselves, do no harm. That it is the hate and evil in people’s brains and heart that cause the pain.

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  6. That’s a hell of a way to promote more violence in a place already plagued by gangs on a daily doses of murders, assaults, and violent crimes. No need for stricter laws, the are established laws for purchasing guns and Law abiding citizens abide by those laws, instead divert the attention to disband the gangs and take away the stolen guns and the statistics will show the difference.

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    • We know this has nothing to do with crime. Still, as far as an argument goes, their’s is pretty lame. Why, pray tell, would a bad guy care if something were illegal? Murder and robbery are both illegal. Isn’t this where they came in?

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