Sunday Funny: Cat scold translated

H/t FOTM‘s EddieBG


19 responses to “Sunday Funny: Cat scold translated

  1. Hadenoughalready

    Bwahahahahahahahaha Thanks for the belly laugh!!!!

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  2. sometimes i regret i wasnt born a cat,the funniest cat ever,to have the chance of being on a fellowshipoftheminds’ sunday funny. lol but that one made my day

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  3. I was worried for the black cat cuz I thought sure there’d be a fight.

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  4. Ha ha ha, she didn’t believe he had lost the car keys.

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  5. Wow that’s one mad cat! Whew! (Glad it wasn’t a lion!)

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  6. I just had to watch it twice. Talk about being funny.

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  7. As I watched this, my black cat jumped on my computer desk and listened! He knew what she was really saying, and I don’t think it was peaceful because he tried to nip me when I took him off the desk! LOL.

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  8. They’re behaving like humans .. surely they’ve been watching CNN.

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  9. Nahhhh! Bad translation! “MiahhWaaw” means #meToo, and “Maahhh” means #noMore! The guy who translated that was a fascist, racist, white supremacist, 65 year old, and omitted the important hashtags! The DNC is working on the right version, to be released on CNN and the liberal MSM to get things straighten out! The hashtags for their correct translation release are #neverTrump, #basketOfDeplorables, #Hillary2020 and #foreverObama (he’s working things out with the Chinese despot Xi Jinping, to change the constitution so the USA doesn’t have the 8 year, two term limit either.) Sorry, can’t reveal my sources, matter of ethics, and I want to stay out of the Clinton hit list. This message will self-erase in 10 seconds!

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  10. That was a classic! That is the sound that wakes me up at night and makes my heart pound before I can figure out that it’s a couple of cats having a slight disagreement!

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  11. Thanks, I needed that!!!

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  12. LMAO!! I had my laugh of the day! The translation is what was the funniest part, but watching that black male cat taking it like that was amazing! Poor buddy! He looked like he was thinking “I DARE not MOVE a muscle!! Ok, ok, ok!!! I did it!! SORRRRRYYY! Jeeze!!!” LOL!!!

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