Reporter exposes Molenbeek, Belgium mayor’s indifference to Muslim terrorists

Katie Hopkins is an English reporter who frequently appears on Tucker Carlson’s show. The other night I saw her report on how Molenbeek, Belgium is being invaded by Muslims.

About Molenbeek, from Wikipedia:

In 2015, the municipality gained international attention as the base of Islamist terrorists, who carried out attacks in both France and Belgium. The municipality’s mayor has described it as “a breeding ground for violence”.  The commune of Molenbeek has gained a reputation for being a safe haven for jihadistsin relation to the support shown by some residents towards the bombers who carried out terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels.

Katie spoke with the Molenbeek mayor, Francoise Schepmans, and asked her why she ignored the list of terrorists. She stammered her way through the question and offered this response: “…it was not the job of the local police to follow those people. This is the job of the federal police and still now is the job of the federal police.”

Way to look out for the safety of your citizens, Mayor Schepmans.

Watch both videos and you’ll understand why Europe is toast.


21 responses to “Reporter exposes Molenbeek, Belgium mayor’s indifference to Muslim terrorists

  1. Belgium holds the NWO Luciferian capital of Europe. Home of The Mother of Darkness and its castle with the thousand points of light. The Bushes and others of that rank and higher were in it.

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  2. I’m so glad I was fortunate to tour Europe before these people invaded. I don’t understand the indifference to loosing your country and heritage.

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  3. I’m certain I don’t have to state the obvious here. The New Odor has taken control. Anyone wishing a seat at the table will cooperate. Obviously, the mayor, as well as most of the political parasites in Europe and America have pledged their fealty.

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  5. That mayor sounds like an imbecile, and also like a west-coast sanctuary city mayor (or the sheriff of a certain city named Austin in Travis County, TX). OTOH, the 2nd video makes me think the interviewer is herself a bit nutty.

    FWIW, based on her appearance in the Muslim garb in the video,
    I thought I saw Katie Hopkins on Face the Nation (FTN) today, but it was Liz Palmer… who said, to my astonishment, that although the “hard core” crowd in Iran was hostile toward us after the Trump Dump (does that change anything?), the actual Iranian PEOPLE are mad at their GOVERNMENT for the conditions plaguing their country — electrical shortages, bad drinking water, high unemployment, etc. May be time for another revolution there…

    BTW, Margaret Brennan on FTN has quickly become my favorite Sunday morning network news-show host. She really does seem to be trying to keep things balanced. And she’s hot. So there’s that. But I fear if she keeps up her “un-biased” style, the network bosses will sack her. Then again, it’s CBS, so who knows, since it’s a Sinclair Broadcast Group station here (recall them having news anchors read statements on-air recently RE: fake news, and how the left took it personally —

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  6. (((Schepman))) All you need to know

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  7. Progressive Europe doesn’t give a crap about survival, just virtue signaling.

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  8. It is indeed a puzzle as to why Europeans have little to no feelings about losing their culture and putting their families into danger. I don’t care who you are or what group you belong to, this is a puzzle. Do they think the little people will protect them, do they think the invaders won’t kill them for their property since they have destroyed their own countries?
    Put any spin on it you want, those doing evil deeds will not be exempt when the danger hits full force. Right now, they are just playing with them.

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  9. Slow but sure. This month’s National Geographic has dedicated a full and very complete repot on muslins living in the US. I understand Nat.Geo. stance in reporting worldwide occurrences, people, science and the like, but I find the report biased. They are NOT integrating to the American way of living, all they have done is locating from one country to another. Mosques are all over, and spreading, there are police officers, firemen, sheriffs, and getting government jobs, while we are occupied with illegals they are moving rapidly taking over the northern states.

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  10. It’s not so much the muzzies themselves who are the problem – yet. It’s the “people” who enable them to be inside our countries after creating the conditions for them to be imported (they prefer to call that “immigration” or “asylum seekers”). They control the political processes in all our countries which CAUSE (not just allow) the importations to happen, and it is done on purpose and with a plan in mind.

    The people who control the politicians also control the media and the social apparatus whereby the Politically Correct labellings are enforced onto people, in Europe, just as they do here. It’s been going on longer in Europe and people are afraid to speak out. They are that way here, too, or haven’t you noticed? It’s the label fears which are worse, and in Europe the guns have already been removed, so people delude themselves with rationalizations since that is all that they feel they can do.

    Those same people also control the military and the primary police forces, as well as the key social institutions. They try to remove people’s abilities to assemble together in order to rightfully act or resist, and removing their speech keeps people under control, keeping them to the point where their speaking is mainly about items provided for them by the controlled media. It is little different here in America. People voice their thoughts on the internet and privately, but they are afraid to use their voices in public, or to act together on the same convictions which they and their forefathers once had. People hate public criticism of themselves, and those in control are masters at intimidation.

    The Muslims and the negroids and other coloreds will be used against White people everywhere, inside all our countries. It’s only a matter of time. The only choice is to stop the “immigration” and to begin removal of the ones who are already here, but the primary need is to remove those from control who control the actions of our own politicians and who control the media and the MSM along with key positions within social institutions. If we don’t all of the imports and the coloreds will be actively used against our people. I can guarantee that is their plan, and it won’t be fun times when those forces (as well as many of our own) are set against our own people inside our own lands. That time edges closer every day.

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  11. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    This isn’t any different than when Hitler was the menace in Europe. The politicians in Europe would run into their fox holes and let someone else fight their fight. They are as scared of the muslims as they were of the germans. They are trying to appease the muslims by giving into them. It is easy to tell the citizens’ families – sorry for your loss – when their family member is killed and then go pat the muslims on the back.

    Sorry for your loss words are not good enough – it is time for actions to help this world issue. Obama, Hollande, Cameron, and Merkel got us into this world mess with the three of them kissing up to Obama. Now fix the mess you put us in – mams and sirs – by shaping them up or shipping them back to where they came from.

    Because you are or not doing anything – it is making the whole world more dangerous.


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  12. Jeebus, girl, Hitler was never the menace in Europe. Is it too much to ask to read up on some real history and maybe even learn a morsel or two instead of repeating an age old canard which has long been found wanting?

    Old propaganda points like that don’t really cut it anymore.

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  13. Ever notice how Europe is following the history of the Catholic Church? Just as the Church became lax, elected a number of Masonic Popes and changed her liturgy, all the LUNATICS invaded and subverted Her. As the Church surrendered, the rest of the sheep followed. (In fact, Paul VI did enormous damage by just 1968).
    Evil is winning because the Church is lost. Europe has followed.

    Lenin said the one institution he feared was the Catholic Church, because he admitted it was the only institution with the fortitude to stand up to the Communists. Pius X did what he could, and bought the Church 50 years’ time. Europe does not have another 50 years.
    And Elizabeth II is not the only monster responsible: So is Beatrix of the Netherlands.

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    • “Lenin said the one institution he feared was the Catholic Church, because…it was the only institution with the fortitude to stand up to the Communists. ”

      The Catholic Church in U.S. and Europe has already been taken over by Communists.

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      • Yes, Dr. E. But it had already been taken over by the Masons first. It’s been many years since I’ve read “The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita,” but the Masons at that time taught they would infiltrate and subvert the Church, and this was, if my memory serves me correctly, PRIOR to the Bolshevik Revolution.
        My point is this: YES, the Communists have already taken over. But this is the fine point many Catholics miss: It’s not that the commies took over and “announced” that they were the commies who were taking over; The Masons already had taken over, and they let the Communists in. Both had already insulated themselves from public view, and it was during the Reign of Paul VI that the lunatic fringe filled the pews.

        From my reading of Dr. Makow over the past nine years, this is how I see the progression of events. This is how I have assembled the jigsaw puzzle: I was STUPEFIED for many years, then I gathered information—already skewed—from many sources. I was SCREWED UP for many years over all the confusion.
        It was not until I plugged into the internet and found Dr. Makow until I was able to assemble all the pieces. I am still working on it.

        Communists are CUNNING. They can even learn to be COOL. Commies they remain. We have to “give the Devil his due”: They will always front someone else—anyone!—to deflect attention away from themselves. Yet the facts remain. I worked it backward from the loonies: The Lunatic Fringe DID NOT enter the Church uninvited! They DID NOT enter the Church on their own!

        Lenin—monster that he was—actually had a moment of candor here, a moment of truth that God Commanded him to admit. It was AFTER he admitted this that the Church began to fall. St. Pius X may be the most important Pope in All of History, because his Election prevented Cardinal Rampole—a Freemason—from becoming Pope. If my memory serves me correctly, St. Pius X won by ONE VOTE. (Despite the proceedings of any Conclave being secret, this information had still been leaked, and this was what I read, many years ago).


  14. if u put this on whole europe scale,u have the biiig picture !!! this is one of the maaaaaaaaaaaany problems,we the europeans faceing every blody day!! she sez she cant arrest them-then go home and let the others do it,beach(volleyball)-but u really think she cant??but how u can protect urself?by these hordes of muslims?u cant say anything about anything(sorry)otherwise u an extremist,a fascist,a racist,but if u sit still n relax the everyday show,u a normal citizen,and thats the pb today we facing here ,the normies took controll on everything! the normies just sitting ,watching ,eating seeds,but im sure out there some patriotic movement,like we see today in America,are ready to take action,we cant stand n watch how out beloved Europe and our beloved countries are constantly decimated by hordes,with the help of our corrupt,traitors,criminal politicians!! WWG1WGA! God Bless!

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  15. This is happening all over Europe now:

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