Abortionist: Women who abort should get a Mother’s Day card

Ghazaleh Moayedi, D.O., is an abortionist — an obstetrician-gynecologist at Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

This twisted woman says that motherhood made her a better abortionist, and bemoans the fact that there isn’t a Mother’s Day card for women who abort, i.e., kill their child because “abortion is an act of love”.

Ghazaleh Moayedi

From her op/ed, “How Motherhood Made Me a Better Abortion Provider,” Glamour magazine, May 11, 2018:

“Are you still planning on doing abortions after you have your baby?” a colleague asked. I was visibly pregnant in my third trimester and pushing a patient to the operating room. I was surprised at the question. We were friends, and most of my coworkers knew I became a doctor in order to provide abortion care. “Of course I am, why?” I asked her. She replied: “I just thought it might be hard to do abortions once you have a baby yourself.”

“Nothing’s going to change,” I said with a smile.

I became pregnant halfway through my second year of ob-gyn residency training. Despite working in a profession dedicated to the care of pregnant women, I was surprised to find that having a baby as a female resident is strongly discouraged. I immediately came under scrutiny from my superiors. There were “jokes” about forcing other residents to be on birth control to prevent spreading the disease. I was determined not to show any weakness in my training as a result of my pregnancy . . . . Nothing was going to change . . . .

I am often asked whether providing abortion care is hard as a mother . . . . Holding my baby’s tiny hands in my own not only strengthened my commitment to providing compassionate abortion care but also exposed how I needed to commit to supporting mothers in all aspects of my care . . . .

There is no Mother’s Day card to celebrate abortion. There are Mother’s Day cards to celebrate giving hugs, wiping noses, and kissing boo-boos—actions that are seen as the core of how a mother expresses love for her children. For my patients who were not parents, and did not want to be at that moment, or who never want to be a parent, I recognize their abortions as an act of intentional motherhood. Choosing when to parent is an act of love. For my patients that were already parenting, I feel the deep love they had both for the children they had and for the pregnancies they were ending. Choosing an abortion is an act of love.

Abortion is an act of love!

Yeah, I love you so much, I killed you. That’s how much I love you.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” –Isaiah 5:20

On this Mother’s Day, thank your mother that she didn’t abort you.

“Thank You” and “God bless you” to all the mothers of Fellowship of the Minds who chose not to abort.

H/t LifeNews and FOTM‘s stlonginus


36 responses to “Abortionist: Women who abort should get a Mother’s Day card

  1. She is a depraved demon. What ever happened to the Hippocratic oath??!! She would have no problem killing her child at any age. Low life!!

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  2. Having tried for five years for a Baby, crying every month when I knew it would not happen. When finally I had my Son I felt the most amazing sense of love and devotion, four years later I was blessed with another Son, they are now Men. Women have many reasons for abortions, some I may not understand, others I do. This woman will one day have to answer to a higher power.

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  3. “How Motherhood Made Me a Better Abortion Provider”

    I literally cannot read anything further.

    It’s not my emotions, bur rather my refusal to go down this path, that makes me choose as much.

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  4. Happy Mother’s Day to all beautiful gals in FOTM, and to the fellas, they too have been a mom sometimes. 😌

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  5. Liberalism is truly a Mental illness

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  6. Whacky, delusional lib.

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  7. The card should read: To the negative Mother
    that was
    and was NOT —
    And will NEVER Know my love for her.

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  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for the Mother’s Day wishes 🙂
    Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who believe it is a blessing from God to be a mother.

    now for this female who has been murdering babies (3-5 years) for about as long as she has called herself a “mother”:
    “my coworkers knew I became a doctor in order to provide abortion care.”
    -there is no “care” in murder…she must be a euthanasia supporter as well.
    this female is the poster child for “hypocrite”. she even tweeted a
    picture showing how to perform an abortion using a papaya
    (probably a GMO papaya).
    “I was determined not to show any weakness in my training as a result of my pregnancy . . . . Nothing was going to change . . . .”
    -if she became a “doctor” because she wanted to murder babies, then
    why did she herself not abort? she must be a sadist and a satanist to
    abort other people.
    considering she has an iranian name I will make an assumption that she
    has a muslim background….considering how high sex-selective abortion
    for girls is in the muslim community, here is a muslim female calling
    herself a “doctor” while aborting babies….simply pathetic.

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    • Quite a few Iranians left that country because they despise Islam. Under the Shah the country had become quite Westernized. Supporters of the Shaw fled and I have heard from Iranians only about 15 % of the populace support having an Islamic state, so who knows what this young ladies beliefs are. In fact I would bet that she is one of many who, once free of the tyranny of Islam, let go of everything moral because they associate it with oppression, just like a person who had been oppressed by a radical cult like Christian sect (like those loony Mormons sects that have multiple wives) might totally turn their back on Christ. I have talked to doctors from India who go whole hog for liberalism here because they hate what their former countries/ religions do to Gays like killing and persecuting them. It is the same principal- they go from one extreme to another
      Still the woman is a nut job as you can tell she is ” all in” with all the denial of differences in women’s body, particularly while pregnant. The comment she made, “I was determined not to show any weakness in my training as a result of my pregnancy . . . . Nothing was going to change . . . .” shows this. Few women are able to work right up to the end of their pregnancy esp if they have a physically demanding job. This shows her denial of biology like the rest of the liberal scum. Women’s bodies do what they do when there are huge hormonal changes going on.


      • I always wonder if these stories are real or made up anyway with these stupid brainwashing magazines. You know darn well they run these kinds of stories to make all these attitudes acceptable to the masses consuming them, and I have no doubt that if they can’t track down someone to say this brain dead crap that they quote in the article, they are not beyond fabricating it and using a fake photo or whatever.


      • My Iranian friend, who as a young man had escaped Iran when the Ayatollah overthrew the Shah, tells me most Iranians are against the current theocratic regime.

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      • Lana,
        I briefly looked online for any info pertaining to this female’s belief system. Everything I came across about her embraced abortion, esp through twitter (her pinned tweet acknowledges being pregnant at the same time as an eleven year old child and how that child had “the most beautiful delivery” she had ever attended…sick) and I guess whatever her beliefs are (she could be an atheist based on another tweet about a “non-religious doctor”), she’s insane and a misogynist and a murderer of innocent life.
        All of it is satan’s work….
        She definitely does not embrace Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and follow His Word. Her soul is damned unless she repents, is baptized to allow the Holy Spirit to enter her dark heart, and follows the Lord.

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        • No argument here, I was simply saying that we often think of all these Middle Easterners as Muslims, but many, esp. those from Iran do not embrace Islam. For example the below very compelling interview with an Iranian woman who fled Iran as a teen to get away from the oppressiveness of Sharia..


          • Lana,
            definitely not an argument, not even a disagreement.
            I respect what you write.
            The only iranians I’ve personally encountered have been Christian.
            that so-called “doctor” is a disgrace to not only women everywhere, but mankind.

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  9. Happy Mother’s Day! To all of the wonderful moms, concerning the womyn who thinks she should get a mothers day card for murder well when you meet your maker you’ll get everything you deserve ;p

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  10. Dr Eowyn . . . . Excellent article, even though the subject is gut-wrenchingly sorrowful.

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  11. Left/libtards’ lack of basic sense/taste knows no bounds here…

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  13. Her name sounds more zionist to me than Iranian, not to mention she looks jewish. Does anyone else see that too?

    Time to flush the toilet Lord…

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  14. Kevin J Lankford

    Makes me wonder; just what is the difference between an abortion doctor and a serial killer?……….I can’t think of any, other than they are never prosecuted.

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    • Kevin be sure they will be prosecuted. It would be better for them to have a millstone tied around their neck and they be thrown into the sea. Justice is a false god in this world. Surely God most High will deliver true justice at the Last Judgement. I pray that these poor brainwashed sinners will repent before it is too late for them. Many women repent of killing their babies. God forgives some seemingly repugnant people but wide is the road that leads to destruction and there are many who go there.
      Christians are to be salt and light in this dying world. The Holy Spirit works through people as sure as Satan likes for sick doctors to murder babies. The weapons of our warfare are mighty for the tearing down of strongholds. It is time for Christians to speak the truth and be bold. The time is short.

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    • “Kermit Gosnell; America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer | Author Ann McElhinney & TJ Hale”

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  15. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Rather than a Mother’s Day card she and all of the abortion mothers need to receive a sympathy card unless the abortion was necessary to save the mother’s life.

    We don’t have to worry – this abortionist will receive her “justice” when she gets to the pearly gates. She is just a socialist harpie.


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  16. Sorry chickie, the minute you abort a baby, you lose all rights to call yourself a mother. You are a murderer. You are one sick twisted POS.
    Your mind set should put you into question as to whether you should be allowed to keep your child. I fear what would happen if your child needs critical care.

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  17. Moyahedi is criminally insane, and she is wicked, and I believe she knows it. I hope she burns in Hell!!!

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  18. Question? Who is going to sign and send the card? You know a great hospital was founded for people such as her. It was called Bedlam.

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  19. Captain America

    The sweet, smiling face of a mass-murderer. She will be in my nightmares.

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  20. This woman is an abomination to mothers and children.

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