Saturday Funny: If Hillary were President

POTUS Hillary

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20 responses to “Saturday Funny: If Hillary were President

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    Behind every angry woman is a man who has absolutely no idea what he did wrong.


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  2. Funny and appropriate!

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  3. If I had any photoshopping skills, I’d put in the footage/pics of her slipping on stairs in India, on this pic.

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  4. Geez—where is the oxygen mask and portable oxygen? Pretty sure she went to Chelsea’s house from that 9-11 ceremony collapse and “toked up” on oxygen to be able to emerge hours later looking “fit” and waving to us.

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  5. Michael J. Garrison

    Please remember, folks. Hillary’s antics during the Campaign was all a staged script, designed to make us think that she’s done….toast….finni.
    But the truth is, Hillary RUNS BOTH PARTIES.
    Remember, we don’t see Al and Jesse anymore, but we can definitely tell that they’re still “at the helm” just by watching the news.

    I love this photo-shopped photo in the article. But the seat needs to keep going down….and down…..and down, into hell. Just like the Clinton’s are going down……into hell (unless they repent and give back their stolen monies).

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  6. People think of the Deep state as only “hold outs” still within the government. True but there is more. Former delegates still hold security clearance credentials.. Many meet in New Zealand. Why? US logs all communication US tin US. Does not logs US in NZ. There you have the deep state. Need more? Here you go. The enemy within. The corruption. Watch them, See in the future how they fall. This IS our true enemy. Be sure you click link. This is your target.

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    • So-Am I reading this right? EVERY person mentioned was relatively “unknown” until the early part of the Obama/Soetoro/whatever Badministration,when they were all suddenly up to their shoulders in Obama’s agenda,except Tom Daschel,who’s been a thorn in America’s side since he became a Career Politician?

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    • Forgot to mention that one reason former delegates get to keep their security clearance is so they can legally be spied on. New Zeland is not the safe space they think. 5eyes has that covered. Watch them all fall. Enjoy the show. Can you smell victory? No, you will. Very soon. Such a great time to be alive. During the Obama years I had left the world. I just stopped and the world went on. For 8 years I didn’t exist. Rarely did I venture more than a block from my place of seclusion. There were times where I didn’t have a choice. Some things you can’t turn your back to. But more or less I remained invisible staying as far away from people as I could. People just pissed me off. Dirty cops,corrupt D.A.’s and Judges destroying my world. The Bohemien Grove, Sonoma County. That’s where I was born and raised. Got the opportunity to move out of the area . All the harassing stopped. Lesson was when you discover a land grabbing scam is going on and the main guy running the whole operation is a corrupt judge, have a good attorney on retainer, from out of the area. So back to life in seclusion. Trump came along, then I saw deplorable. a lot of them. I realized that the only people that pissed me off were Obama, Clinton types. So I joined the world and proceeded to do what I could to bring them down, along with the rest of the dirt infesting our country. This battle is almost over. Justice will be served. It is an honor and a privilege to stand beside each and every one of you, and fight so that you and your family have a place to live that is safe. Freedom and Liberty will be yours. MAGA WWG1WGA. Respectfully Brian Humphrey

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  7. Hillary: “Has anyone seen the toilet paper”?

    2 Bill’s and a Bar:

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  8. I thought she was already gone!

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  9. Eject, eject!!

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  10. Actually I would enjoy watching her tumble down those stairs too!

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  11. Did you notice the military at each side of the ramp…


    USMC Vietnam Veteran 68-69
    aka Hardtimes 3/9 3rd Mar Div

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