National data bases don’t show 6 adults were killed at Sandy Hook school

We are told that on December 14, 2012, lone gunman Adam Lanza went on a shooting spree in Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) in Newtown, Connecticut, killing 20 children and 6 adults.

The six adults are the principal, teachers and school psychologist at SHES:

  1. Rachel Davino: teacher’s aide; age 29.
  2. Dawn Hocksprung: principal; age 47.
  3. Anne Marie Murphy: teacher’s aide; age 52.
  4. Lauren Rousseau: teacher; age 29.
  5. Mary Sherlach: school psychologist; age 56.
  6. Victoria Soto: teacher; age 27.

Strangely, three national data bases do not show that the above six adults had actually died.

(1) Social Security Death Master File

To begin, neither the 6 adults nor the 20 children show up in Social Security’s Death Master File — the data base for the Social Security Death Index that’s reported on genealogy websites. I addressed this in my post, “No one died in Sandy Hook: Testimony from Social Security Death Master File“.

(2) FBI Crime Statistics

Then, there is the FBI’s 2012 crime statistics for Connecticut, which show the number of homicides (“murder and nonnegligent manslaughter”) for the city of Newtown in 2012 as zero (0). Here’s a screenshot of the table, which I’d taken from the FBI website as recently as April 28, 2018.

Some claim the reason for the zero homicide is because the FBI uses only data reported by city and town law enforcement, but the Sandy Hook incident was handled by the Connecticut state police, which explains why Newtown police reported to the FBI zero homicides in 2012.

Indeed, the FBI does say this about its data sources:

The data used in creating this table were from all city and town law enforcement agencies submitting 12 months of complete offense data for 2012.

But how do we know that the reason why the FBI table shows zero homicide for Newtown in 2012 is because Newtown police left the reporting to the state law enforcement?

The FBI’s methodology for compiling its annual reports on crimes in the USA does not support that claim. The FBI states:

The national UCR Program published the Uniform Crime Reporting Handbook (revised 2004), which details procedures for classifying and scoring offenses and serves as the contributing agencies’ basic resource for preparing reports. The final responsibility for data submissions rests with the individual contributing law enforcement agency.

And who is the “individual contributing law enforcement agency”? According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Handbook, 2004, the city, not state, police is the law enforcement agency responsible for reporting offenses, including homicides, that occurred within that city:

pp. 8-9: “Jurisdiction – The purpose of establishing appropriate jurisdiction is to depict the nature and volume of crime in a particular community, not for an agency to claim or take credit…the national UCR Program developed the following guidelines:

1. City law enforcement agencies should report offenses that occur within their city jurisdictions.

2. County or state law enforcement agencies should report offenses that take place in the county outside the limits of the city….

6. Agencies must report only those arrests made for offenses committed within their own jurisdictions….
In other words, cities having their own police departments, as a rule, report their own crime data to the UCR Program…. In some localities, the sheriff, state police, or a federal law enforcement agency will assist a local police department in the investigation of crimes committed within the limits of the city. Even though this is the case, the city police department will report the offenses, unless, again, there is a written or oral agreement specifying otherwise. The jurisdictional guidelines provide for most local reporting. Whenever possible, the local law enforcement agency of the geographical area in which the crime occurred should report the data.

From the above, it is clear that according to the FBI’s methodology as described in the Uniform Crime Reporting Handbook, it is the responsibility of city police departments, including Newtown’s police department, to report to the FBI their city’s crime data, which include the number of homicides, which in the case of Newtown, CT, numbered zero (0) in 2012.

(3) Bureau of Labor Statistics on occupational fatalities

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics collects and publishes data on the number and types of occupational fatalities, including fatalities from violence in the education occupation — of management (i.e., school principals) and teachers.

But the data for Connecticut in 2012 do not support the claim that six staff members of Sandy Hook Elementary School had been killed.

To begin, the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Table A-5 shows that there were only two deaths (“fatalities”) from “violence and other injuries by persons or animals” of elementary school teachers in the entire U.S.A. in 2012:

↓Click image to enlarge↓

It should then come as no surprise that the Bureau of Labor Statistics show no fatalities of teacher or principal in all of Connecticut in 2012:

↓Click image to enlarge↓

H/t Wolfgang Halbig and James Fetzer

See also “Are Sandy Hook child victims alive and well?


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  1. This is the most incompetent way of reporting data, I’ve ever seen. Intentional or non intentional.


    • Yeah, explain the incompetence and rather than just attacking the messenger (an old tactic of Saul Alinsky) how about telling the reasons why and showing something better, and a bit of kindness goes a lot farther than personal attacks. So what is your knowledge base that makes you smart enough to judge this article? Bet you won’t answer…those who sling unjustified attacks rarely do.

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    • Is your complaint directed against the report itself or this site’s commentary of it?

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      • I think he was referring to the different Agency’s Methodology, not the Post. At least that was my initial take on first read, which is the one I usually go with.

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        • I see nothing “incompetent” about the methodology of the FBI’s crime statistics or the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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          • Dr Eowyn . . . . To steal a line from Killary, “what difference does it make anyway.” Various agencies have set up their methods of report, but the bottom line is “NO ADULT DIED” that day at Sandy Hook. I think the Social Security Death Master File would be a primary source of accurate information. A great deal of adults profited greatly by having their mortgages paid 100%. just after this supposed tragedy. Those two facts ought to be enough to light a fire in the mind of any thinking person about the events in Sandy Hook.

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    • Stephen T. McCarthy

      And, DICK,…
      …YOU are the most incompetent Uncle Scam shill I’ve seen today. Congratulations!

      ~ D-FensDogG
      Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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      • You said it. ” Richard ” is no doubt some gov paid idiot sitting in a facility with orders to search out and oppose any info on this and related subjects. It’s been 7 hours since Dick commented………I hear crickets.

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        • Stephen T. McCarthy

          Precisely, LANA!
          I’ve seen it so many times that I can practically smell it now. The M.O. is constantly repeated: A new name comes out of nowhere quickly, to post some vague but strongly-worded denunciation in the hope of casting a shadow of doubt meant to influence those on the fence who might otherwise be persuaded by the evidence.

          I could smell the odor all around “Dick” immediately.

          It’s not uncommon to find an Uncle Scam shill utilizing multiple “characters” at once, even having them interact with each other, bolstering the impression that their numbers are greater than they are, and that there is reason to doubt the debunkers of the official (false) narrative.

          A lot of times, a person’s vocabulary and syntax will reveal to me that they are fabricating phony dialogues with multiple pseudonyms. In this case, though, it seems “Dick” was just a one-off attempt. We pounced on him so quickly that he probably realized early on that he’d have no success poisoning the water of THIS pond. Most of the folks who frequent THIS site are more informed than most political junkies at other sites. FOTM is not an easy target for government shills like Dick.

          ~ D-FensDogG
          Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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    • I don’t know what your problem is, but I bet it is hard to pronounce.
      You come onto this site as a guest and behave in such a manner. Please by all means read up on all the evidence many people with great knowledge and access has found. And please explain all those Christmas tress hiding behind the fire station. The evidence is overwhelming including the fact the school has been shut down for a few years due to mold and asbestos. On the way back machine there is absolutely no record of any phone or computer use from that empty building.
      Please return with your evidence, we will be waiting with bated breath. BTW look up the evidence the Dr. has accumulated with great care. I think you will change your mind. This wasn’t done lightly.

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      • Sandy Hook was an HSA Capstone Event, period, no theories, just solid facts. The one really sad thing about it is…It’s legal for them to do it now, they can Propagandize the hell out of us now with absolutely zero repercussion. The only way I can see to sting them back, is to bring Discovery some how, with revelations referencing them receiving Donations under false pretense, Millions of Dollars.

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      • Glenn47 . . . . Thank you for fleshing out some of the many other reasons that indicate this was a hoax of monumental proportions! God Bess you

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    • It’s actually laid out in a very concise and easy to follow manner.
      Several sources are used to corroborate the findings.
      Not sure what you’re left wanting for.

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  2. Does anyone remember if any of the numerous Wikileaks releases mentioned anything about Sandy Hook, Boston, or any of the other hoax events that the Obooboo administration was involved in?

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    • None that I know of. But then the Wikileaks emails were of the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and John Podesta. They weren’t involved in the SH and Boston false flags.

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      • It sure would be nice if some patriot out there in one of the agencies that has information about these fake events, would leak emails, etc. to Wikileaks, like Seth Rich did, but without the penalty he paid for doing it.

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        • One thread that I found interesting during SHES was the “Up With People” thread. That group kept popping up throughout the operation. Various, almost coded, correspondence between members showed me that this was basically a secret society.

          SHES brought together a host of these groups. Each apparently had an aspect or two to participate in. The thing had the feel of some religious retreats that are overly organized and secretive. Groups had various assignments and were supposed to look as if they were there spontaneously.

          There simply are no coincidences in these things. The overall planning for this was at very high levels. The details were given to these little groups to sort out. Occasionally that proved to be a mistake. When that showed they just lied harder and pushed on.

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        • Maryaha . . . . He truly was a brave young man, and it is a tragedy that he paid with his life because of crossing the Clinton Killing Machine.

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    • I don’t remember any of them. Of course the actual operational aspects of these were compartmentalized. The various drill scenarios were disguised as drills. Any correspondence related to them would have been through those channels used for that purpose.

      The art of clandestine control demands compartmentalization. These small groups only know those in their immediate chain-of-command and may not know the real purpose for anything they participate in.

      SHES was full of these. BMB did not appear to have the same structure as I think it was directly supervised by Mossad or a similar Israeli group. They contracted a lot of that out to mercenaries. It was also a joint cop training exercise.

      Most of the Wikileaks stuff appears to relate to DNC issues and some Hillary state department scams. There are also the information on their proclivity for oily adolescent boys and such. There are multiple clues in all that to more than suggest that the New Odor is in full swing.

      I think we should never underestimate the importance to them of conditioning. That is really at the heart of these operations. They aren’t so much about “guns” (although they certainly want to disarm us) as they are about conditioning the population to state worship.

      In this the “media” is an arm of the state and must not be challenged. Cops and other authorities, while paid by us, are not responsible or answerable to us. All this demands is simple repetition. If every request for information is treated with contempt, it doesn’t take long for most to accept that as the norm.

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      • They were set up there years prior, like the Body Snatchers, a lot of indicators pointed to 2009, Real Estate Transactions, Families histories, Local Businesses, Individuals Employment Positions, church of satan from the West Coast mothership, School Closing..I can’t remember them all off the top of my head right now while typing, but there were many things that showed the momentum starting back to 2009, and it make sense, they couldn’t do it overnight. I haven’t looked into Parkland as deep, but who knows, that could have all started when the hogg family moved from Ca to Fl, with cousin emma and mom and dad, or when the sheriff was hired, his dialect sounds like NY or NJ. We don’t even know yet, but maybe there were some free houses given in Parkland too? We do know that they sure got a heck of a lot of Donation Money, and a boatload of Funding for Marches and Rallys, plus transportation, food, and housing. I’ll also bet that all of those corp. media interviews were paid gigs for those ‘survivors’ and ‘first responders’…Give me a break.

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        • Early on there was a young man who did videos from Newtown. He later claimed to be frightened and stopped. He really did seem sincere though. He described growing up there and it being basically a working class town. He said people knew each other and helped each other.

          Then, in about the period you describe, strangers started coming in and buying out businesses or getting leases cancelled. They set up shops that were not representative of the customer base. They were the type of thing that might survive in NYC but not Newtown.

          Somehow they stayed. I think he was implying that they were fronts. He talked about significant land exchanges that included houses as well as the gas pipeline right of way. He basically was saying that the locals no longer had any control over their town.

          My point here is that there are at least some who know things. At this point those would be the ones I’d like to see. You could never get those aired, but you could do it through the internet (at least for now).

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          • “there was a young man who did videos from Newtown”

            I’m not aware of this. Do you have the links, or saved his videos to your computer?


            • The old links I had went away when my hard drive crashed. He had stopped making them very early on. U-Tube wouldn’t show them anymore.

              He did three or four quick ones, about ten minutes each. He said he was getting threatened. If I knew then what I know now I would have tried to copy those somehow.

              I’m not computer savvy enough to know if that’s even possible. It would be good to have the video, not just the link.

              I had some contact with a couple of local people there who I promised to preserve their anonymity. They had interesting things to say too, but not really “proof”. I’m reasonably sure that all internet/email traffic through there gets run through a sieve.

              For me it depends on what one wants to show. I “know” its a fraud. To me that’s “case closed”. I strongly suspect that this was a center for other, ghoulish things as well. I’m interested in that and have bits and pieces that tend to confirm that things were going on there for a few years. Each of these players appear to have had interests with this cabal in other ways.

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              • Lophatt, (and anyone else wanting to archive youtube stuff) yep you can save videos off of youtube, although they are quickly making them far too large to be practical (I’ve seen videos int he gigabyte ranges that aren’t even 2 hours long, its the HD scam stuff.) However, there are programs that also do this that are freeware, I’m aware of one, called “ummy” (which you can find here: ) Basically you copy/paste the video URL into the downloader, pick the quality, the place to save it to, and it’ll download the file, I’m not too familiar with it myself, as I use the much older “youtube video downloader”. Suffice it to say the media format may be a .flv (flash video file) or more likely a .mp4 (which can be played with the video lan media player, and likely some other players as well, and I think VLC is also freeware as well.)

                Suffice it to say if you do want to save youtube vids like this, it might be wise to chuck ’em onto a terabyte thumb drive or something with a lot of space, and also to keep the video quality only on a HD setting, (720 seems to be where the blurriness stops, but you may want to experiment and see what turns out best) and not 4k or whatever it is they’re pushing these days, to save space, while maintaining enough quality to not be blurry.

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                • Thanks so much. I’ll give that a try. It’s too late for a lot of the older ones that have “gone away”, but this is good info for the new ones.

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                  • Happy to be of assistance. Also pardon but forgot to say, always be sure to use for things, just on the off-chance its install got messed with at some point. If only one or two scanners “red light” a file, theres every chance the detection is a false positive, just FYI.

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            • Would that be Brendan Hunt? He had a video where he walked on the outside of the SHES fence trying to avoid a couple of guards. I recall leaves crackling under his shoes and he tried to be a quiet as possible.
              ~These articles originally appeared on from 12/23-12/28/2012 following the alleged mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. The subsequent indie documentary by Hunt titled “The Sandy Hook Cover-Up” used this information as a foundation for the script (download available below). The video was gaining hundreds of thousands of views before Youtube censored it.~

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  3. I think most of us know this was a fraud. It is obvious on the surface that establishing reporting requirements, based on jurisdictions, would be essential to accurate reporting. It is also worth mentioning that funding is often tied to these statistics. We have seen examples of that recently with Sheriff Israel and his Chabad Posse.

    There were SO many things awry in the SHES debacle that we were asked to simply accept that it defied common logic. Psychologically I suppose one could say that this was designed as conditioning for those who would dare to question the veracity of The State.

    While this happened in Connecticut, it was most definitely a federal operation. Obongo and his little buddy, Holder, were up to their money-makers in this. All of this could be summed up by “who are you going to believe, us or your lying eyes?”.

    To date virtually none of the questions raised have been answered. The response has been to demonize those who would question “their betters” and threaten retaliation against anyone demanding accountability from their government.

    These questions remain as valid today as they were when first asked. We need to keep the focus on this and never let it rest. This whole thing was an outrage.

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  4. Does anyone know if the famous side by side photos of Dawn, the Sandy Hook principal, and another woman interviewed by CNN who claimed to have been a block away from the Boston Marathon bombings, was ever debunked? They appear to have used the same photo so on the surface, she appears to be a crisis actor whose image was used both places. But I admit I never dug around to do enough research on this to confirm or debunk. Thoughts?

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    • Wow, that’s “interesting”. It is obviously EXACTLY the same photo. One is just blown up a little and a smaller section used.

      I don’t recall this (there were so many). I think “Noah” was on his world tour about this time.

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    Thanks Doc for having the balls to tell the truth.
    SH,vegas,parkland….how many others?
    I tell people to just investigate themselves.
    Youtube has 86′ d many vids that prove the lies.

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  6. Dr. Eowyn, we have the truths presented by you and some others against the fake news (lies) of the CFR directed MSM. Such truths obstruct the Globalist achievement of worldwide full spectrum dominance. Control of our press began early in the last century through J. P. Morgan, was accelerated fifty years ago or so, and then exploded when the FCC approved media outlet horizontal monopolies or cabals. All the news that Globalists deem fit for the public to receive. By the way, did you know that Prince Harry is getting married next month?!

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  7. Although only tangentially related, here is a reminder of how information is used as a weapon:

    They are lying and everybody knows they’re lying. They seem pretty defiant for people who work for the citizens……., or do they?

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  8. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    My opinion – a Democrat/Obama hoax to take away our guns.


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  9. Dennis Godaire

    On the morning of the supposed shooting, I had breakfast at the Blue Colony Diner in Newtown, CT. While traveling home in the late afternoon, again I had stopped at the Blue Colony. The diner is a small mom and pop, just off I-84 (near Danbury) and located not too far from the school. While at the diner, there was not one mention of anything strange happening in town. Odd that I would learn about the shooting from my local news television station and yet the townsfolk said nothing. Just another day at the diner.

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    • Interesting. The day of the “shooting”, another local resident reported that he played hooky from work that day and was going somewhere to eat. He drove by the school early, much earlier than the reported incident, and saw tons of cop and federal cars all over the firehouse parking lot.

      His wife worked at the high school so he called her to see if she had heard anything. At that point she had not. He mentioned that there had been a drill a few weeks earlier that looked alike.

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    • Wow! Thank you for your testimony.

      Nobody in the diner acted like there was anything unusual going on at Sandy Hook Elementary School because the school’s been closed since 2009.


      • Yeah, I won’t rule that out and I know it has a big following. I rather think that they had “something” going on regularly there. I think it was a “special ed.” class or something that may even have provided kids for perverts, who knows?

        The reason I say this is that nobody seemed suspicious with the activity there so they must have been used to comings and goings. I certainly don’t think it was a fully-functioning school. My guess is that some kids came there, maybe every day, for a few hours.

        The computer records are compelling, but they may not have done any administrative work from there. I would rather see the utility and phone records. They should be public information.

        My scenario also removes normal non-faculty staff. All they would need is a janitor to come over once a week or so and maybe a grounds keeper. I think the majority of it was used for storage. In my area we have several of these properties.

        My daughter often attended special ed. classes in such an environment. It doesn’t matter much to me if it was totally closed or not, because I know it was a fraud. It would be interesting to find out conclusively but, for me, the computer activity isn’t “conclusive”.

        I have written before about how easy it is to fool neighbors. My wife worked for our school district at one time and I didn’t know when various schools were closed. She only knew because she worked there.


        • I have a screenshot from the Wayback Machine that shows the webpage activity of SHES before they caught on and removed it, but don’t know how to post the image here. It basically proves that the school was shut down at the time of the shooting. It shows consistent activity up until 2008 then suddenly zero activity at the same time the school was reportedly shut down for demolition due to asbestos issues. Then, there is one spike about mid 2013. then nothing again until around Feb. or March 2014 with regular activity through 2016, but very low activity and almost leveled of, unlike the ups and downs when the school was open. I suspect they realized what was showing and tried to fake it but made it look fake unintentionally, much like the entire hoax.

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          • Correction. The page is still up, my mistake. Here it is:*/


            • I did NOT argue with the fact that the record shows no internet activity. That is NOT the same thing as saying the school is closed. I do not think it was open in the sense that a regular complement of kids attended every day.

              I think if you read what I said, I explained my thinking adequately. I think it was easier to pull this off somewhere where the neighbors were used to seeing activity. I am simply saying the “computer activity” does not equal “school closed”. It may have been closed, it may have been open, but I wouldn’t hang my hat on the record of computer activity to “prove” that.

              I am telling the truth about my daughter an the times she attended special ed. classes at a public school. This is very common. I doubt very much that the school she attended the classes at would have communicated much as there was no administrative staff there.

              I would rather see records of utilities, grounds personnel, kitchen or outside food services contracts, bus drivers, etc.. The reason it even matters to me is because it is a relatively easy argument to blow holes in and the rest of the evidence could go with it.

              Nobody believes this is a fraud more than I do. Among all of the various unlikely to impossible things associated with it, this isn’t the cream of the crop. I have seen the record. I don’t dispute it. There just may be other explanations for it, real or imaginary.

              If any students attended there would be transportation. I have been told that there was a bus that arrived there with some regularity with “blacked out” windows. It may not have been marked “School. Bus”. but it’s a safe bet that it held kids.

              I think that they used at least a small part of the school for something besides storage. There is also evidence of construction or repair work being done there. There were contractor trailers and signs.

              One of the most puzzling aspects of this is that a significant number of people had to participate in this lie. School administrators, for example, either knew it was up and running or not. It certainly was not operating as a normal school.


              • “I would rather see records of utilities, grounds personnel, kitchen or outside food services contracts, bus drivers, etc..”

                We all would. But even appealing to FOIA, Wolfgang Halbig couldn’t get Connecticut to release them.


                • Yes, I know. I’m not arguing. I am simply saying that the record of computer usage is not as strong a piece of evidence as most seem to think it. I don’t dispute it.

                  We all know what’s going on here. I have said since the beginning that it would have been nice to have a real, boots on the ground, private eye involved with this. While we do pretty well with accumulating records and testimony, there are others who specialize in this that can do amazing things.

                  There is NO QUESTION at all that records exist, somewhere. I know the officials are not going to “give” them up. But I’ll bet there are those that know ways to get them. Remember, people must be paid. Records must be kept.

                  I admire Wolfgang’s courage and tenacity. I’m not sure that the “full frontal assault” method will work in this case. There is no honor to appeal to. What’s needed is a genuine “sleuth” who does this with no fanfare. There are ways to get records that are a little “underhanded” but maybe not “illegal”. Think Mueller.

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                  • There are ways to get records that are a little “underhanded” but maybe not “illegal”

                    Such as?

                    Think Mueller

                    Mueller is all-powerful special prosecutor, with limitless taxpayer-paid funds.


                    • I think I know that. Often, when people are involved in lawsuits, for example, they are subject to discovery. It is often easier to get records through discovery because they may not be DIRECTLY related to the suit.

                      That is an example, there are others. I don’t understand the reluctance to simply see that there are other ways to do things than those that have proven unsuccessful. But, it doesn’t matter, I suppose.

                      I said that, despite the “uplift” Halbig provided by attacking them head on, it would be pointless. I’m just one of those weirdos who have seen stuff like this a few times. Don Quixote is impressive but not productive.

                      Secondly, if someone decides to do this, it is MUCH better not to say anything about it. Wait until you have the product.


                    • “I don’t understand the reluctance to simply see that there are other ways to do things”

                      No reluctance here. I’m simply asking follow-up questions for examples of those things one can do that obviously no one has done.


                    • Allow me to provide one hypothetical example (I am not suggesting doing this, but I think it might work). There are many others.

                      Say you sued one of the companies providing services to the school district. As part of that suit you requested either their payroll or other records related to services performed for the schools. How would they avoid supplying those?

                      Now, if they knew your suit was directly related to SHES, they might find a “sympathetic” judge to overturn any challenge to your request. But, in the normal run of things it is likely you’d simply get the records. If they said “we don’t have any”, its a no-brainer to ask “how do you pay taxes, etc.”.


                    • Let’s say I am a relative of a student who attended Sandy Hook Elementary (or another school if you so choose), in early 2012. I have reason to believe that my car was struck (insert cat, dog, child, etc.), by one of your school busses on or about XXX, XXXX.

                      Now, they might settle to avoid discovery. But you can get pretty creative with your story. It is unlikely that they will say “you couldn’t have been hit because no school was in session during that timeframe.

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                    • I forgot to mention that the bus service was contracted. That way you’re not suing the District. The same could apply to the company that provided food or grounds services.

                      If they challenge it you say “I need the employees names and addresses” for depositions. The way I see this, we will never see anyone charged or prosecuted through the justice system. What we can do is expose them on the internet. The more difficult those allegations are to refute, the better.

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            • Well, on checking the archive page for 2-10-2008, the site looks dead as a graveyard at midnight. In my own experience captures for a site as such spanned that many years apart mean that the site was probably derelict or up for sale, which would be a good indicator that the physical building was not functional, especially considering standard for school websites needing to be up for teacher communications, etc. (gotta have an e-mail server, unless they were just using gmail, but since this was in ’08 that was not as prevalent, no?)

              It isn’t a guarantee, of course, but lets think about the terrain here, what buildings and such were nearby, and did they have security cams, etc.? Also, google maps has both satellite imagry, and streetview imagery (the streetview stuff goes as far back as 2007.) so, one wonders if either of those have any yearly captures of the general vicinity?

              Perhaps a bit late to remark on this, but hey, might be worth a shot. After all Terraserver back in the day got shots of area 51, first they were giving ’em away for free, and then they tried to sell prints, and then microsoft snapped ’em up, bit of apparently forgotten history there.

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              • “Also, google maps has both satellite imagry, and streetview imagery (the streetview stuff goes as far back as 2007.)”

                I’ve looked into this. Whereas Google Map enables streetview of a building going back to 2007, they don’t enable that function for past streetviews of Sandy Hook Elementary School. August 2016 is as far back as you’ll get.

                Give it a try: 12 Dickensen Drive, Sandy Hook, CT 06482


    • Goodness interesting. I remember how everything felt off key and fake. But the one thing that stood out was a picture of a man sitting in his house holding a sign saying it was all fake. Never saw him again. When they denied EMT help from neighboring areas, said plenty? Many that are in the first responder service said they parking around the building was off.

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      • Interesting, but not surprising. I know that shortly after 9-11 I saw several little vignettes like you describe that were only seen once or twice. Depending on the context, I wrote them off to either being potential plot extenders that got dropped or subliminal advertising.

        To me EVERYTHING was “off” about this. It still is. I don’t know how anyone can look at some elements of this tale and take It seriously. I mean the ET operation, unauthorized pronouncements of death, no medical evacuation flights, autopsies in the parking lot, not allowing the parents to see their kids, spiriting the bodies away in the middle of the night.

        It goes on and on. From the trivial (all cars parked facing one way), to the more complex, (where are the kids?). Where are the records? Conflicting and/or changing stories. Talking dead people. Confusion over weaponry. Lack of documentation. Who cleaned the scene (bio-hazard)?

        Contractors sworn to secrecy. School and house demolition. Involvement with Our Lady of Lima School.

        Besides all that, there were all those leftist, fringe groups. Satanists, B’ahi’s, Up With People, Shrinks, Artsy/Craftsy operations and more. It was a traveling Maoist circus. All it needed were dwarf cars and dancing ponies.

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  10. “The New York Times, our nation’s newspaper of record, published a story on Connecticut’s “final report” on the Newtown shooting (December 27, 2013).[3] In this article we are told that although the report contained “hundreds of photographs, hours of video, and voluminous crime scene reports… care was taken to conceal the most graphic crime scene images.” Not only that—the final report does not even include the names, ages, or sex of the alleged shooting victims (Figure 2). There was no actual identification of any of the dead.[4] Even the News–Times of Danbury, CT, found it unsatisfying.”

    Liked by 2 people

    • They have essentially published one on the Las Vegas operation too. It is the silliest “official report” I’ve ever read. No names, dates or places. Just imaginary generalities. You have to be pretty lame to fall for these.

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  11. “(So now the school and the house of Adam Lanza are gone, he has not been convicted of any crime) [Posted 30th March 2015]

    The Connecticut home of the man who carried out the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school has been demolished, Newtown officials said on Tuesday.

    Everything inside the home, including rugs and lighting fixtures, had previously been removed and incinerated so that no remnants were available to become memorabilia.”

    The Lanza family moved from southern New Hampshire and bought the new house in 1998.

    The property was given to the town in December by a bank that acquired it from the Lanza family. Since the shooting more than two years ago [14 December 2012], the house stood vacant.”!/2015/03/sandy-hook-adam-lanzas-home-demolished.html

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    • Yes, these things take long range planning. They often cross administrations. It makes no difference what “party” affiliation they claim. They don’t work for us.

      They didn’t do 9-11 for nothing. They would never have been able to take such draconian control of the “media” were it not for 9-11 and various ideas that sprang from it.

      I am very proud to have had the honor to help unveil some of these anomalies. Others did much more than I. It gives me hope for the future that people continue to reject manipulation and lies.

      Liked by 1 person

    • To me, at least, this sort of maneuver screams fraud. Just like the school, tearing down a building because something “tragic” occurred there is rather wasteful and would not happen in real life.

      As I recall, “Adam’s” brother inherited the house. A bank would have it if money were still owed on the mortgage or it were “gifted” back to the bank. In any event the story is that the bank owned it (somehow) and “gave” it to the town.

      I know when I read this that I thought about moving to Connecticut because they had such generous banks. It was hard to reconcile with my earlier experiences there. Those investors must really be civic minded (heh, heh).

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  12. You can be sure that the perpetrators are reading this and adjusting their methodology accordingly to try prevent this kind of discovery. But no matter, A lie leads to another lie and another. They will always be discovered in the end. You can’t cover up every lie, no matter what, but for so long. The truth need not be covered up. I trust and believe that the truth will prevail in the end. Vigilance by many will thwart the efforts of the few. Good WILL defeat evil. Take a peek at the end of the bible. OUR SIDE WINS! Praise God.

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  13. Bravo, Dr. Eowyn for your courage in stating the truth! The hysterical abuse that passes as public discussion is appalling. I questioned the official unemployment statistics on one forum only to be inundated with “tin hat” name-calling and worse. No one actually addressed the issue in any substantial manner. I am embarrassed to be an American.

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    • Back in 1948 Richard Weaver titled chapter 5 of Ideas Have Consequences “The Great Stereopticon,” implying the news is one big fake distortion of reality serving only the elites. The media’s single, unvarying answer is intended to rule out discussion, he noted, and obviously reflects deep state coordination and scripting.

      Going back a full century, Spengler said that no animal trainer has his charges more under his control than the owners of the press do the minds of the most well read. Ironically these fools also fancy themselves the most well informed, as Jacques Ellul put this latter point in his book, Propaganda, the Formation of Men’s Minds.

      This business of denouncing conspiracy realists as nutcases in tin foil hats actually applies to those who do rely on the “news” to author their worldview and their very thoughts about what is true and what is not. One great irony in all this is that the putatively intellectual Conservatism Inc is always telling us that the major anomalies and other overwhelmingly persuasive evidence exposing these hoaxes and false flags is irrelevant because only the mentally unbalanced would question the official narrative, which Conservatism Inc otherwise has nothing but contempt for.

      Fox News encapsulates it’s neoconservative treason and 911 complicity in flag waving jingoism that blockheaded fools swallow whole and then call themselves patriots. Fox and the rest are provable liars on economic matters as well, so let the government toadeaters you run up against, whether on the left or right, howl all they want, since it proves they know they’re licked.

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  14. I’ve just discovered a direct link between Maureen Will (the director of emergency communications in Newtown) and 44 Depot Road–the “Nancy Lanza property.” Maureen’s mother, Anna Margaret Doherty, who died in 2007, used the address of P.O. Box 752, and that is the address typed in on the deed to the current owners of 44 Depot Road, Alexander and Doraliza Isgut. Read more at my blog post:

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    • Yeah, nice work. I wasn’t aware that Rosen was a “psychiatrist”. I thought there was some confusion over whether or not he was a psychologist, one being and M.D..

      Another peculiarity with Fairfield Hills is that Obongo had an SSN issued to a former resident. Obongo never lived in Connecticut.

      While we were looking at this it became pretty clear that there are layers and associations. I think there are a central, local bunch with coordination authority provided by a remote, probably federal, controlling group.

      It is also clear that Holder was up to his money-maker in this. They needed am ideal location to ensure control of the scene. They did not rely on happenstance. They made the conditions. Some of these associations are the result or cause of that.

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      • Oops–thanks, lophatt–that was a typo about Rosen. (I got it right in the first post!) I have changed “psychiatrist” to “psychologist.”

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    • If anyone is interested, they can sign up for the 2018 Nebraska APCO/NENA Conference October 29th – 31st, 2018 in Bellevue, NE.

      On October 30, 2018, you can attend a Super Session with Maureen Will, 911 Director of Newtown, CT, and listen to her version of “about 700 students” present at Sandy Hook Elementary School that fateful day.

      Shannon Hicks, who as of February 2017 is Shannon Will, missed most of the 700 students in her world famous photo. How lovely that Shannon and Maureen are family now.

      Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting
      from the Telecommunicator Perspective
      Maureen Will, 911 Director, Newtown, CT
      Super session October 30th, 2018
      “Classes were underway at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut with about 700 students present when a lone gunman entered the school. In less than 11 minutes, 26 people were shot and killed, including 20 first-graders before the shooter took his own life.” Continue……..

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  15. I see some commenters asking “how far back does this go?” to which I’d say, as far as school “shootings” go, seems like columbine itself was just as bogus, (I’m not informed of any such shootings prior to that event myself.) for those that remember it, which started the crackdown on kids etc.

    As far as psy-ops go, in the U.S.A. seems like the hindenburg event was one (likely to control the development of air travel and vehicles, causing planes to be the default) and the titanic event as well (I’ve heard various consequences of this, the least likely seems to be insurance fraud, because if it was pulled off by monied individuals, why should they need to get insurance money?) psy-ops in general though seems to stretch back into the ancient world, because mankind being a jerk to itself is quite an old practice, unfortunately.

    Far as sandy hook goes, shame nobody managed to sneak around the interior to get photos… however, an angle comes to mind, derelict buildings are almost always a target of bored youth, often sneaking in there to destroy stuff/break windows or “tag” things with graffiti or just hanging out… this is just as true of small towns as it is of big ones, maybe some folks could come forth saying the school was derelict sometime from ’09-2012 when they crept off to monkey around in it?

    Although the chances of such a thing happening at this point are probably very slim, if those people even remember going and doing such a thing, anyway. Glad to see that testimonial of that fellow with the diner, though, if it is indeed valid.

    There is one other thing bothering me though… with all these exposures etc. of other agendas… what of the agenda the schools are pulling with regards to using “sex ed” to indoctrinate kids with sexual corruption, etc.? I don’t think I’ve seen any major exposes of that particular subject, (I think it’d be great for a parent to have their kid do a hidden cam/mic taping of a few classes to see just what is really going on and being talked about, since they seem so intent on keeping parents in the dark.) not that I know everywhere to check around the ‘net, though, and I do wonder if the “shootings etc.” might be keeping heat off that particular subject, as well as pushing other agendas.

    Remember just because a psy-op is a psy-op, it doesn’t mean it’ll only push a single thing, these devil worshipers will likely try to multi-task as much as possible with a singular event to push multiple agendas.

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    • I think that for adults over a certain age, we are now irrelevant. They are concentrating on school kids. That’s what I would do too if I were an evil, Satanic POS with an agenda.

      We’ll all be dead soon enough. We’re collectively a tougher nut to crack. These kids, never being exposed to anything different, will be easy marks. The only ones likely to resist may be some home schooled kids. They will concentrate on them.

      They don’t care what you think or know. They just want to control. If what you think or know produces a threat for them, they’ll take care of it.

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      • Yeah Lophatt, sadly, children are always the priority 1 targets. How can this be countered, though, one wonders? I note they try to take the homeschooled kids out of the equation usually by marginalizing them as potential “shooters”, because of being “loners”, etc.

        Then theres the “pedophile” tactic that keeps adults from communcating with the kids directly, as anyone seen talking to a kid or hanging out with them, if not their parent, is immediately regarded with huge suspicion, especially if male. The parents themselves are generally already set in their stupid, making any cautions, warnings, or advice that much more difficult to get across.

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    • Seumas, I had left a reply and a link for you about 8 hours ago, but it didn’t make it past the cheka guards. I’ll try again a little differently with info going back to Columbine, this way.

      The site : IrishSavantDOTblogspotDOTcom
      The post : Elevator pitch 4 Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan
      Control F: Flanders 9 May 2018 at 09:15 [The comment to search for. It has 2 parts]

      A separate link I have says, among many other things:
      “Denver: The FBI fears that it has only 10 weeks to catch THE SUSPECTED ACCOMPLICES of the two teenagers who carried out the Denver school massacre before they embark on another violent attack to mark American Independence Day.

      As evidence grew last week that Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17,
      were GIVEN HELP IN THEIR GUN AND BOMB ATTACK ON TUESDAY which left 15 dead, police uncovered information on the Internet that the so-called Trenchcoat Mafia (TCM) planned to strike again.

      Police have discovered that several warnings and clues were posted on the Internet and at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, that a
      massacre was imminent.

      An anonymous Internet user claimed last week that another “sacrifice” was planned in Baltimore, Maryland, for July 4. “Death awaits … The stage is set,” wrote TCMJEF…”.

      Yet another link in Flanders files reports:
      “You would never know from the “mainstream media” that Klebold was even Jewish, much less that he was driven to hatred of all of mankind except jews for allegedly heinous crimes like the “holocaust”. Thus the holocaust hoax has become the gift that keeps on giving–12 children and one teacher died in Columbine solely because this Jewish hate campaign, based entirely on a fraud, drove a Jew to insanity. The obvious cover up, conducted by the police and the Jewish controlled media immediately after it was discovered that Klebold was Jewish, should make Christians worldwide suspicious of their entire evil agenda. Even though 24,600 web sites found by Google and 46,400 found by Yahoo state simply and clearly that Klebold was a jew, ONLY Fox News made mention of this, in the VERY small paragraph above, while every other mention of this fact has already been washed from every Google and Yahoo search of every recent news article.

      Is this a harbinger of things to come? Or things that have already happened to our “news” and “history” since jews brought 100% control of it in 1904?”


      • Thanks Flanders, I’ve spotted a few old resources laying around as well, should you find them useful: -allegedly a transcript of harris’ AOL site. -some info on “the columbine cause” although I don’t think Long is necessarily trustworthy either, personally.

        Although it doesn’t seem like much disinformation sorting was done with these, (also seems like investigation sort of fizzled out around ’06) so I’m not quite sure how much is legit in any given place.


        • Thanks to you, too, Seumas. The one file I checked seemed very good with info, better than the three files I presently have, all of which I’ve found are accessible through this one Birdman link below. I also have somewhere in my much, much older files a copy of detailed descriptions of a long line of subversive jews, both male and female, whom Klebold was said to be descended from in his real name. It seemed very much credible as to the information that it had, but I’m not sure I could now even locate it it’s so old. If I come across anything new that way, I’ll try to get a message to you through this same link we are now on, assuming I’ll be able to locate it later. I’m also at Savant’s a good amount of the time.

          With everyone working and exchanging information as we go along, there will be a clear-cut break in one of these, and they will clearly open at some point, but the problem is getting that information through to enough people while in our managed communications situation.

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          • To me it is obvious that they had “adult help” before, during and with the cover up. I have read many theories as to precisely what the reason for this was. There is always the “Gladio B” motive.

            To be honest, I can’t think of one of these that I don’t suspect of fraud.


            • Columbine and others were steps in the agenda to remove the guns, and then once that is done, all self-defense capabilities. There may be other reasons, and I’m sure they are multiple, but that is one which you will find to be always present.


              • Yes, but the “Gladio” idea is to keep a level of fear present at all times. This justifies any “legislation” or other move they may make to “protect” us. It is meant to provide a “reason” for anything they choose to do.

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  16. Children are easy marks also because they change so much, and you can’t even find out if they were born. No one but a relative can get a birth certificate which is less than 100 years old these days, not even when you present an obituary or death certificate.

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  19. If anyone has some time, it would be well spent following the work of Sofia Smallstorm on Sandy Hook.


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