Premature baby decapitated when NHS doctor detached body from head during botched birth


NHS sure is good at killing children.

From Fox News: A premature baby was decapitated inside his mom’s womb when a top NHS doctor detached his body from his head during a botched birth, a tribunal heard.

The hearing was told the first-time mom was then forced to undergo a C-section to remove the head – which was sewn onto the tragic tot’s body so she could hold him and saygoodbye.

It is alleged Dr. Vaishnavy Laxman, 41, should have given the 30-year old patient an emergency Caesarean section at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, as the baby was in a breech position.

But it is claimed the consultant gynaecologist instead attempted to carry out the delivery naturally and told the mom to push while pulling the baby’s legs. This caused his legs, arms and torso to become detached, leaving the head still in his mother’s womb, the hearing was told.

At a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester, the mom – known as Patient A – told Dr. Laxman “I don’t forgive you – I don’t forgive you” as the doctor stared down at the floor.

The mom, holding two teddy bears in her arms, told the hearing it was her first birth and had been assured she would be given a C-section in the event of a breech birth.

She told the tribunal she was not informed about what would happen next, before being told to push. She said: ”The only pain relief I was given was a spray on my tongue. I was told it was meant to loosen my cervix but I was not given gas and air – I was in pain. I had the doctors putting their hands inside me and I had them pushing on my stomach and then pulling me down.”

The grieving mom said Dr. Laxman apologized after she was told her son had died – but as she didn’t know what had happened she told her “it’s alright, these things happen, I forgive you”.

She added: “She went away but I started screaming when I found out the full extent – I was just crying. I was upset because of the severity of his injury. I would never use the word stillborn, he was not stillborn he was decapitated.”

Midwife Mona Chard described the birth as “something you cannot forget and Patient A was very distressed”.

Lawyer for the General Medical Council Charles Garside QC said: “Dr. Laxman allegedly delivered the legs, torso and arms successfully but whilst trying to deliver the head, it got stuck in the cervix.”


31 responses to “Premature baby decapitated when NHS doctor detached body from head during botched birth

  1. Hadenoughalready

    So who was doing the delivery…a mozlem janitor?

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  2. This question is for the pro-choiceaborts:

    A mere “piece of body tissue” doesn’t get decapitated. For decapitation, you need a head. That head didn’t belong to a dog, or bird, or snake. That head is a human head. IS THIS NOT MURDER?

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  4. I thank God every day I was born here. Ghouls is all I can say and yes Doc it is murder there was a way to save the child but they deemed as usual they know best what to do. This child’s father must have the Lords hand on him had it been my child, I would be sitting in jail and everyone would be going to two funerals not one.

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    • Brian, your crime would have been mere manslaughter, because the law recognizes that there are some times when you’re justified in losing control.

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  5. The immeasurable cruelty, evil, and perversion at all levels is seemingly without measure.
    This WILL be the Most High’s judgement on this Masonic sewer. Clearly shown in Yermeyahu 50 and 51.
    The US is the ” hammer of all the earth” with troops in every country and murders without end

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  6. two words. Socialized Medicine.

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  7. Dr. Eowyn, I am for the most part following your emails with great interest, but I wonder if you would consider limiting the percentage of posts containing grotesque or horrific items. St Paul advises to think on things that are admirable and pure, beautiful, etc.

    What is the reason for posting this item? It was one dreadful occurrence, not a trend or hospital policy that might affect dozens or hundreds of patients. That physician should be fired, even lose his license, but this was a freak occurrence and—despite the mother’s grief and suffering (she should sue the guy) statistically not significant. I would chose not to hear about it.

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    • Hadenoughalready

      If the hideous truth is not seen or acknowledged, the good in this world will never be appreciated for its full value.

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    • Progressivism and political correctness do pernicious horrors beneath their good-intentioned (if not sugar-coated) BS.

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    • Margo I have struggled with this too- that we should “think on all things pure , beautiful etc”. I don’t know what to say in these circumstances because I feel Dr. Eowyn’s intent is to try to alert all just how barbaric things are going to be ( they are already moving there as you can see) if we don’t continue to fight against these things, whether abortion, Muslims or whatever. I sometimes see headlines and I know what is coming in the story so I just don’t read the story if I know I am not up to dealing with it.

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    • I always see headlines about stories I prefer to know nothing about (including here on our web site). I just choose not to read the articles.

      As for why I posted this, it’s just another example of the atrocities of socialized medicine that are demonstrated everyday in the UK. Yes, it’s a freak event. But only in the UK could such a horrible doctor actually have a job (or here in the US at the VA).

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    • Yes you are right but in the light of what is going on in today’s world we must press as much about truth although it can be ugly and brutal we must expose the light of God on all truth all things work together in Gods plan and I was seeing what DCG posted and I understand why people do not read them and have compassion for those who can not stomach it so totally understand where you’re coming from.

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    • Thank you, Margo, for being one of our readers. I hear ya! 4 points:

      (1) I didn’t post this. DCG is the author — and I stand behind DCG and this post 100%.
      (2) We need to know the evil that’s being done, in order to fight it.
      (3) As others have suggested, if you find the title of a post repugnant, don’t read the post.
      (4) We really do try to post on things “that are admirable and pure, beautiful, etc.”, which is the reason why I regularly do animal posts. I’ll try to do more of those.

      Take care, and God bless.

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    • TEARS for you, Margo, and the rest of us. I’d like to not hear about things like this, too. But we would like to not hear about it for very different reasons: you’d like to not hear about it b/c it is uncomfortable for you and upsets your serene world by the standards of St. Paul. If you don’t hear about it, it doesn’t exist and your perfect day has a perfect sunrise and sunset on a Disney film-set. I’d like to NOT hear about it b/c it was a preventable, unnecessary death of a viable newborn,,,and it shouldn’t happened in this day and age just b/c of breach birth. I don’t want to hear about a Dr. NOT being able to judge when it is time to do a quick c-section rather than pull out a breach birth at risk of severing the head of the live child.

      Every STATISTIC…which is what this is….IS SIGNIFICANT b/c otherwise, there are NO STATISTICS!!!! Statistics are accrued one point at a time, one occurrance at a time, one situation at a time. Statistics are passion-free. They are what they are. They do not make judgments on the value of one life or another or one mother’s grief or another, or the “fairness” of gas prices on one coast or another. They just show what has happened in a certain matter of time, accrued over time for a set circumstance or perameter.

      I am so sorry that you feel we could marginalize this child’s life or the grief of his mother into being “statistically insignificant.” Statistics accrue, show patterns, show weaknesses and strengths. Statistics as numbers, as you view them, show next to nothing….but they are NOT meant to be viewed/evaluated one point at a time. Statistics prove a preponderance of evidence, one point at a time, and this child died at the hands of this inappropriate handling of a live, viable birth, and furthermore…AT THE POINT OF LIVE BIRTH. In accordance with AMA (American Medical Assn) there is something called , “the scope of practice,” and THIS is what is registered into the stats: the death of this child will be included into stats at to the situation of birth, and the actions of the delivering physician and evaluated accordingly. THESE stats will show far more than the trifle that you are wont to attribute to it. So….more tears.

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  8. “Dr. Laxman allegedly delivered the legs, torso and arms successfully…”
    Oh, THAT’S good, right?

    “… but whilst trying to deliver the head, it got stuck in the cervix.”
    Wait, WHAT? What happened next?

    The odd thing is, I’ve read C-sections are being routinely used for just about every birth; certainly for breeches, but especially for low-income patients. It’s easier for the doctor, less stress on the baby — less danger of lawsuits for birthing-caused injuries. The only ones left scarred are the mothers…

    This sounds like a planned abortion to me. Just sayin’.

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  9. How can this conceivably have happened in the First World? Was the doctor schooled at Dr. Nick Rivera’s school of obstetrics, or somewhere in a camel tent? Since when does a doctor just yank a breech birth baby out by the feet and not try and turn him around? Anyone there ever heard of a c- section in these difficult deliveries? Oh, forgot, my bad, too costly in socialized medicine..

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  10. Doctor should loose it’s license….

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  11. The replacement government is already in place and functional. In looking at these events we must remember that they are all aspects and consequences of living in the New World Odor.

    Even before the coup, we were living in a fantasy. Medical practice is not, nor has it ever been, that great. Just like so many other things, there is a mythology surrounding it. The basics are that everyone’s highly trained, capable, and there is adequate oversight to guarantee our safety.

    Wrong! There is a vast difference in qualifications and standards throughout the “industry”. And that is the main problem. It’s an “industry”. Being an industry it is controlled by accountants, not medical practitioners. Given a choice on any given day between profit and safety you can bet that safety loses.

    I have read that incidents like these were quite common in the fifties. One major problem is that only someone medically trained can provide an opinion on another’s practice. Very few will criticize a fellow physician for many reasons, lawsuits not being the least of them.

    My final comment is to ask yourself, “do you think Sparky Bush graduated with an MBA from Harvard (just like the other grad students)?”. I would be amazed if the same “fiscal pressure” did not apply to medical schools.

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  13. This is something you would think happened one hundred years ago. We have to be aware of what is happening around the world for that is what they are wanting to bring here. If we don’t pay attention, it will sneak upon us before we even realize what happened, then it is too late.

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  14. In all honesty, if you really study it, the British NHS really is the next wave of Nazism in action in Europe: Think this woman. Think little Charlie Gard. Think little Alfie Evans.
    And this doctor is as morbidly curious and sadistic as was “Dr.” Mengele, and that is no exaggeration.
    This all makes sense when one concludes, with historical accuracy, that Nazism was, in fact and in deed, the extension of its progenitor, British Eugenics—which continues with a vengeance.

    Don’t think it can’t happen here? Horrors of different sorts abound—horrors the corrupt media never report on—at least completely. Think Terri Schiavo.

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  15. sixlittlerabbits

    A c-section should have been done; this doctor should lose her license. The NHS is horrible.

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