Increase in Black approval of President Trump

A Reuters poll taken on April 29, 2018 found that Black male support for President Donald Trump has doubled in just one week, from 11% to 22%.

Trump experienced a similar jump in approval among black people overall, spiking from 8.9% on April 22 to 16.5% on April 29.


10 responses to “Increase in Black approval of President Trump

  1. yes,the american people is only one,no matter how hard the libtards trying to push their evil agenda thru many,many sick ongs&evil persons,i found the ,,black,,ppl as wonderful as we all are,who trying to say different is a bastard lier

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    I am so glad to hear that after all of those years the Democrats have been stringing them along and playing them for fools and laughing behind their back. One thing for sure – they know the way is not the muslim way. They found out during Obama’s time when he put the muslims before everyone in the U.S. and brought terrorists into the country to kill us.

    Praise The Lord.


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  3. The funny thing Trump really loves this country and from all I can tell he really wants to help all Americans that is ALL so once people see he is sincere I think more and more will cross over. But there are the others no matter if he gave each one a million dollars they still wouldn’t. Go figure satan working double overtime.

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  4. Wonder how much Kanye’s tweet had to do with this- at least them feeling they could also say what they really think?

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  5. Funny how a tax break will loosen folks’ minds. Those who earn paychecks will like him more because less is being taken from them. But there will always be those who would rather the gov’t GIVE them more, so they still hold him in contempt. Easier to curse the darkness and all that.

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  6. I believe the black community finally understands the importance of self worth and walking away from government’s meager handouts, the new generation wants better living and the education their parents weren’t able to afford. Yes there is room for doctors, teachers, lawyers and business administrators and it is attainable through efforts and want. They’ve made it in music, the arts, fashion, they don’t forget who they are and where they come from and won’t be going back -they are breaking off the shackles, all along it has been the government that turned them into slaves.

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    • There’s still quite the uphill battle they have to fight to break the chains – from other blacks such as John Legend, Samuel L Jackson, and worst of all, Barry Soetoro Davis, who are convincing others to remain on the plantation.

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  7. “all along it has been the government that turned them into slaves”
    Democratic/progressive/socialist in Government positions. Not THE Government. If government was operated as designed instead of being perverted by these evil, mentally ill individuals things would be a lot better.
    We need to make America Great Again. And President Trump is doing just that DESPITE these enemies of the state. Stay the course President Trump.

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  8. The conservative and libertarian black people are out there. I have met but a choice few in my travels, but they are there. Perhaps they wish to avoid the consternation of their own family members.
    George Soros was, generally speaking, correct, insofar as he went: “As a group,” he said, “black people are the easiest group to manipulate.” But this post offers some proof that his statement is not tautologously true.

    The plantation or reservation is not physical; It is mental. The university professors and the media owners hold the keys.

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